Assclown of the Ides: John Giduck

Because we only bust a wannabee once a month, on the 15th, when any sentient former SOF type could bust a dozen a day every day for the rest of his life*, we try not to waste your time.  So we don’t mess with the eighteen year old who’s claiming “Delta Force” or the 400 lb. bag of suet failing to impress women in a bar. We only attack the most egregious cases.

John Giduck, come on down.

Giduck, like celebrated phony Bill Hillar before him, has parlayed a series of overweening tall tales into a gig training law enforcement about things, like counterterrorism, that he’d only know about if he actually was who he says he is.

He has claimed repeatedly that he is a Special Forces soldier (sometime, an SF officer,because if you’re awarding credentials to yourself, why not be generous?) He never was. He’s a liar and a fraud.

He has claimed repeatedly that he was a Ranger. Army Rangers keep meticulous records — they not only know every man who has served in the units or attended the school, they have retained every attendee’s grade card since the school opened. Giduck doesn’t have one. He didn’t even rise to the level of a quitter, because this complete waste of his parents’ sperm and egg didn’t even try. He’s a phony and a wannabee.

He has claimed “SAS Bodyguard.” Nope, not this either. He’s a fake.

He was never actually a soldier. He flunked out of boot camp and was sent home. He’s a four-flusher.

He claimed to have been trained by Russian Spetsnaz, and even had a certificate to prove it — one that uses graphical items from the internet, and that a fluent Russian linguist identified as an inept and uncurated Google translation. Does that make him a обман ? We don’t know, because we freely admit that’s an internet translation of “phony, n.”

Giduck is a fraud, and every agency he’s ever “trained” has been ripped off, whether they want to admit it or not. His book on the Beslan massacre is a fraud (it includes a lot of details that never occurred), the “doctorate” of one of his associates turns out to be from a pay-for-play diploma mill, as are many of Giduck’s own relevant credentials, at least, the ones that aren’t totally imaginary.

His new story is that the twenty years of false claims, including ongoing “Special Forces” claims, were all made by someone else. Even the ongoing seminars and speaking gigs which bill him as a Special Forces officer or veteran. He has no idea how they all chose to make it up — even though venues typically ask  speakers to provide their bios. 

Unfortunately, Giduck has, by generous/strategic (pick one) gifts, ingratiated himself with the leadership of the Special Operations Association and Special Forces Association. He has been an honorary member of the SOA for his (presumably financial, although the head of the organization is mum about it) assistance. Being John Giduck, he has misrepresented that honorary membership as actual membership.

And rather than slink away, he used his contacts at SOA to “out” a serving Special Forces soldier (you know, the thing Giduck claimed to have been but never was because he boloed basic training, leaving him about 18 months and any shred of character short of SF qualification). And the guy he chose to pick on — and threaten with a suit — was not just any Joe, but a guy whose Silver Star citation reads like the award was about one medal low.

And rather than slink away, he’s mobilized various of his hirelings, including one for-sale SF sergeant major, and one disgraced-SEAL-turned-felon-and-informant, and one former Navy special-boat guy whose himself has a problem with exaggerating his background,  to defend him.

And rather than slink away, he’s frantically erasing his claims from the net while threatening everyone who writes about them with lawsuits (law school is what he did while the men were doing SF and Ranger school). Lotsa luck with erasing your past boasts from the net, son, let us know how that works out.

It turns out that even some of the claims in his celebrated book on Beslan are fake. And his analysis of the UVA shooter incident was bogus. (Well, there’s a shock. Guy with zero tactical training sets self up as tactics expert. Hilarity follows).

Like every Assclown of the Ides, Giduck is a complete waste of skin. SOCNET has the whole sad story. So does Professional Soldiers. There are websites (& social media) getting the story out here, here and here (and probably lots of others, too). The word is also percolating around the closed websites and email lists of the SOA, SFA, and the Special Forces community in general.

* You think we’re kidding. We’re not.

Updated: We went live a little before ready. We’ve added a few lines where a paragraph trailed off, tuned up a little language, and added some links to support our statements. The added text is in in italics. We’ve also put this post in the “Phonies and Assclowns” category where it belongs.

PS: We were going to include a picture of Giduck, but he’s ugly. If you don’t believe us, try your google-fu, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

PPS: Major hat tip to the usual suspects at for exposing this guy. SOCNET is a place where the real guys hang out and , among other things, make life hard for the posers and their pals.

10 thoughts on “Assclown of the Ides: John Giduck

  1. Heywood Jablomi

    Nice post, WeaponsMan.

    I like your site. The only thing that would make it better is if you could get Natasha Yi (google, please) to let you post some lingerie shots every Monday to start our week off right.

    Fraternally yours,


      1. Trailboss

        Depends what you call “real”…it that comment was directed toward me. Folks do have nicknames…and thats what folks call me…Yours is…unique!

          1. Hognose Post author

            The question was about Heywood! Actually, from their IPs shall I know them, as the KJV might have put it. In my case, this is a very public callsign and I’m not the least bit stealthed. I’ve been retired since 2010.

  2. Trailboss

    Great read Weaponsman! I have been following the story for weeks now and I must say, this Geedunk, I mean Giduck dude is a SERIOUSLY poor sham artist! What a tool! It’s funny to read all the shills stuff, on Amazon and his “lies” site! They have drowned themselves in the JG Kool-Aid! I cannot BELIEVE any of our law enforcement or GO/NGO agencies give this phoney a damn dime to listen to his drivel! And thats what it is: drivel! If you have no education, no certification, and no experience and you tell people your a mathematician while spouting 2+2=4, its DRIVEL! This guy is about as “anti-terrorist” as Santa Claus!!

    Nice site: keep up the good work!

  3. Meso Horn Knee

    Awesome post. John Giduck is a moron ( or a “maroon” as Bugs Bunny would say).

    This mornng I found a John Giduck primer and a set of questions that people (including journalists) should be asking John Giduck himself at his seminars here:

    Maybe John Giduck himself will step out of his self created shadows and actually start answering some real questions for those he peddles his trash to for a change.

    1. Hognose Post author

      We usually require full names for comments (unless you’re an SOF guy known to us, then a nick or callsign is fine), because it cuts down on the trollage, but given GI Duck’s threats we understand.

      Will look at your link when time permits. I note that he has been running around half-correcting his bogus SF claims. HE never comes out and admits he had fifty-eight days service before being bounced for failure to adapt.

  4. Meso Horn Knee

    Here an even better one. For all of his huffing and puffing, John Giduck doesn’t appear to have been the first American on the scene at Beslan. He doesn’t appear to have arrived for several weeks

    This “difference” speaks directly to John Giduck’s credibility as an author. He’ll need to produce some sort of response as it is hard to say that the Congressional Record is lying.

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