You’re Killin’ Us

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The Atlantic, a magazine that prides itself on being an opinion leader but is actually more of an opinion follower, specifically of the opinions of the Acela Corridor highly-verbal, nigh-innumerate Credentialed Class, found the perfect vessel for its latest progressive gun-control argument: a convicted murderer, in the early stages of 28 years to life in Attica, which was the predictable culmination to his life in crime.

They even found a white murderer in Attica, which is a small minority within a minority, perhaps 20% of all Attica-dwellers are white (.pdf), and some of them are nonviolent felons — white collar criminals and such. (But this fits with Atlantic sensibilities: they seldom have more than their one token black writer).

Of course John Lennon (his real name!) is looking to get out closer to his minimum parole eligibility date, which is January 4, 2030, and not his max date, which is never, so he expresses  remorse for his life of crime in the leaden, learned tones of the inmate, something the Atlantic’s editors, having never been closer to a criminal than the Senate gallery, completely failed to detect. He cries crocodile tears for his victim, a friend whom he blew away in the routine course of conducting his drug business. (Stray thought: was he somebody at The Atlantic’s dealer, and that’s how they know him?)

He goes on to express his desire for — in a most remarkable coincidence — the exact gun control measures desired as a first step by The Atlantic and the Democrat Party’s leadership.

But the shootings and killings in the world I know have continued and will continue unless we refocus on the root of the problem: our gun culture, and the easy access it affords criminals.

Where the Atlantic turns for public policy perspicacity: Attica.

Where the Atlantic turns for public policy perspicacity: Attica.

Wrong answer, Yardbird. The root of the problem is not the existence of these tools, and it’s not even the use people like you make of these tools; it’s the existence of people like you.

He committed his murder, of course, with a weapon that was not legally accessible to him. He says he used an M16, which is subjected to strict Federal regulations and a complete ban in New York. And of course as a many-times-convicted felon, he couldn’t buy a gun anywhere, let alone in extreme anti-gun New York, where only the criminals need not fear the police. And he makes the laughable argument that he and his fellow criminals are primary drivers of drug demand.

Bottom line, criminals create an indirect demand for gun manufacturers and merchandisers. Like most criminals, I created an extraordinary demand for the gun sector.

Don’t flatter yourself, dirtbag. Every gun used by every criminal in every crime doesn’t add up to a half-percent of gun sales a year. Your whole, worthless, life is a rounding error, in economic terms.

He blames the guns, not himself, for his current plight, even as he acknowledges, in the formulaic phrases of a well-coached parole-seeker, formal responsibility. 

Engulfed in an orgy of violence, my last month of freedom was chaos. Home invasions, robberies, murder — at the center of it all were guns…. [W]ithout a gun I would not have killed….[O]ur free-market gun culture is out of control.


3 thoughts on “You’re Killin’ Us

  1. Aesop

    Noted for emphasis, the recidivism rate of executees post-injection (strangulation/shooting/gassing/electrocution/etc.) remains at the incredibly effective 0.000000000%, from 1603-present in America, with no sign of abatement.
    That sort of record streak leaves Lou Gehrig and Cal Ripken’s records in the dust.

    Mr. Douchebag ought to consider his good fortune at not attempting his spree in, say, Texas, Florida, or Oklahoma, as he’d now likely be dead, dead, dead.

    Boo frickin’ hoo.

    It’s also yet another argument for the death penalty rigorously enforced in all 50 states: not having to listen to the rectal squirtings of inmate BS like what this guy’s putting out to sell copies of The Atlantic.

  2. Samuel Suggs

    this isnt hard to counter; see, “is violent criminal is an avid supporter of disarmed populace is not surprise”

  3. AndyN

    John Lennon claims that he used an M16 to murder an unsuspecting target at short range. He also claims that, contrary to popular belief, most criminals get guns from people who purchase them legally and that he always used new guns. I won’t say that one or both of those assertions is definitely a lie, because it’s theoretically possible that Lennon’s gun supplier found a straw purchaser who was willing to submit to all the additional scrutiny required to buy an M16, and that he went to a great deal of extra expense to commit a crime that he could have committed just as easily with a handgun for a fraction of the cost, but it seems rather unlikely.

    I suppose that being published in an opinion journal doesn’t necessarily require a strict adherence to the facts, but you’d think that as professional writers they’d realize that their fables would be much more compelling to readers who aren’t laughing out loud at them.

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