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When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Chevy Pickups

Of course, the average Chevy pickup driver never kills anybody. But the Rat Fink that takes one street racing just might.

That’s what Alexis Sosa did, last year, along with another guy who was driving a Dodge Charger. Blowing through a red light in the heat of the race, they hit the car driven by a Baptist preacher and his wife, who were killed instantly. And then they ran.

Sosa turned himself in later. The other suspect has not been identified and has not come forward.

A Houston man was sentenced to 12 years in prison Tuesday for his part in a street-racing crash that killed a Baptist minister and his wife last year.Alexis De La Rosa Sosa, 22, pleaded guilty to two counts of felony racing and two counts of failure to stop and render aid in exchange for the sentence.

After he was sentenced, and one of the couple’s adult sons gave a victim impact statement, Sosa turned to the gallery and spoke to dozens of friends and family in court for the sentencing.

“I would like to ask that you forgive me. Since that day God has transformed me,” Sosa told them through a translator. “I ask that you forgive me.”

The couple, who had been married more than 30 years, were killed in northwest Harris County after returning home from visiting a niece and her newborn baby at a local hospital.

The couple’s 2004 BMW was struck by Sosa’s 2006 Chevrolet pickup as he ran a red light while street racing with another vehicle on April 12.

Jesse Estrada, 60, was co-pastor at Iglesia Nuevo Amanecer Bautista and owner of J J & Sons Remodeling. Maria Sabillon, 68, was a retired home caregiver for special needs children.

During the sentencing in state District Judge Catherine Evans’ court, one of the couple’s sons said he forgave Sosa.

“I don’t hate you, I actually pray for you and your family,” Allan Sabillon said from the witness stand. “Because that’s what my parents, and God, would want.”

Allan is a veteran of the Submarine Service. It’s in the nature of things that the victims of crime, and their families, contribute so much more to our nation than the perpetrators, and their families, do.

After the brief hearing, Sabillon and two brothers publicly urged the other driver in the race to turn himself in.

That driver, who was in a dark-colored Dodge Charger, has never been identified.

via Houston man gets 12 years in street-racing crash that killed Baptist minister, wife – Houston Chronicle.

Hey, in 12 years maybe he can learn English. He could be one of the 10% of ex-cons that does get the word. It happens.


When Guns are Outlawed, only Outlaws will have Child Services (again)

Mother Of The Year™ contestant Sara Packer

This is one of those cases that’s so depressing that it seems like the only solution is more bleach in the human gene pool. One more Mother Of The Year™ story, although the year was probably 2016.

Mom — an adoptive mom — and her new boyfriend (her husband went to prison for previous child abuse) plotted for over a year to rape, kill, and dismember her daughter. Then, they did it. 

Tell us again why society does not need the death penalty. What lesser measure will rid us of these mutants? The Morning Call (annoying autoplay video):

Sara Packer, the adoptive mother of 14-year-old Grace Packer, is charged in Bucks County along with Jacob Sullivan, Sara Packer’s boyfriend, in the brutal death of the teen who had been reported missing last summer. Prosecutors said Packer and Sullivan acted out a rape and murder fantasy when they killed her in Richland Township last summer and dismembered her body.

They did just about everything but eat her. That’s against the law.

Needless to say, so is all the stuff they did, and they’ve got charges to match.

Sara Packer, 41, of Horsham Township in Montgomery County, was charged Sunday with homicide, rape, conspiracy, kidnapping and abuse of a corpse. Authorities also charged Sullivan, saying he and Packer plotted for nearly a year before the girl was killed in July.

Northampton County officials issued a news release Monday stating Packer worked for the county from 2003 through 2010, but did not include further details. “Regarding the charges against Ms. Packer, the county cannot comment regarding ongoing job investigations,” the statement read.

Victim Grace Packer

Yes. Sara Packer was the county adoption coordinator, who apparently had many foster and adoptive kids over the years.

And they couldn’t give two farts in a diving bell about the kid, but they’re concerned about the killer’s privacy.

District Attorney John Morganelli said his office is not investigating Sara Packer because there are no allegations against her at this point.

County Controller Stephen Barron Jr. on Monday said Packer worked as a supervisor of adoptions in the county’s Children, Youth and Families Division. He said Packer last worked for the county in January 2010.

Packer’s employment status was listed as “suspended,” but Barron said he had no additional details why she had been suspended. Packer’s salary was $44,600 at the time, he said. Barron, the elected controller, said he spoke out because the public deserved to know about Packer.

Hey, there’s nothing more sacred to a payroll patriot than the privacy of another payroll patriot, even a murderous one.

She left that job nearly a year before her husband at the time, David Warren Packer, was charged by Allentown police in the first of two separate child sex abuse cases.

On Sept. 23, 2010, he was charged with indecent assault of a victim under age 13 from a 2006 incident. On Nov. 24, 2010, he was charged by Allentown police in a separate filing of statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse of someone under age 16 and corruption of minors from a 2008 incident.

via Woman charged in killing, dismemberment of daughter worked for Norco child services, had foster kids – The Morning Call.

Prediction: even the kids who weren’t actually killed by these crumbs have a tough road ahead.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Water

We’ve seen plenty of cases where a human expired from too much water — drowning. But water is a funny thing — you can die from too little of it, too. That’s what happened to a young member of the vibrant diversity on Staten Island, New York, according to the Medical Examiner, and the New York Post.

The 7-month-old Staten Island boy whose mother brought him to the hospital more than 24 hours after he died was dehydrated and weighed a mere 8 pounds, police sources said Monday.

The city Medical Examiner’s Office determined that little Dameen Mohammed’s body did not have any signs of trauma but his condition may point to neglect, sources said. The average weight for a child his age is about 18 pounds. The baby experienced an “extreme weight loss” in just the last month, sources added.

A cause of death is pending further studies by the ME, sources said.

via 7-month-old boy was severely underweight when he died | New York Post.

A previous article in the Post suggests that they didn’t just kill him by denying him fluids — they also abused him in other ways.

A 7-month-old baby with bruises across his body died at a Brooklyn hospital Saturday morning – and cops are questioning the infant’s family, police sources said.

Dameen Mohammed was unconscious and unresponsive when his 25-year-old mother and grandmother took him to Lutheran Hospital at about 6:45 a.m., sources said.

Hospital staffers noticed the boy’s bruises and immediately phoned cops.

By the time police arrived, the baby was declared dead.

It’s not even mid-January, and the Mother Of The Year entrants are already going all out for the trophy.

Naturally, this happened in New York City, where guns are functionally outlawed. For the children!

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Ponds

In New York, where guns are as outlawed as Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-Five Families), former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Inmate Number 72196-054) and former House Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Inmate Number 71915-054) can make them, criminals still manage to kill people.

In this case, it was a gang of car thieves, and the people they killed were themselves — with an assist from cold weather, overestimation of  their evasive driving skills, and a pond that God strategically placed to call some of his, or The Other Guy’s, small-time hoods home. The New York Daily News:

Three people trying to escape state police in a stolen car took a fatal plunge into a Long Island pond Sunday night, according to cops.

The car went into a pond near the intersection of Searingtown and I.U. Willets Road in Albertson at about 6 p.m., officials said.

A state trooper using a license plate reader on Northern State Parkway scanned the 2010 Honda, and realized it had been stolen from Hempstead on Friday, state police told Newsday.

The trooper started following the car, and the vehicle sped up, crashed through a fence, flipped over and plunged into a pond.

One of the victims was pulled from the pond, while two more were found in the Honda after authorities pulled it from the icy water, police said.

via 3 dead after fleeing cops, plowing into Long Island pond – NY Daily News.

Now that’s one heck of a dynamic way to break the ice. Although it does limit your ability to continue the discussion.

The handprints on the inside window are priceless.

Note also that they ran from the cops in a little Civic — with at least one wheel replaced with a spare-tire donut, a thing with the traction of a hog on ice, even if it wasn’t on ice, which it was — until the ice didn’t hold it any more.

The taxpayers are the big winners here. They’re not only saved the cost of the trial of these worthless bums, but they’re saved all the costs of their ongoing lives of crime, which would have been resumed as quickly as the state’s correctional Revolving Door could spin.


This post has been corrected. We erroneously wrote that Dean Skelos was a Democrat; he is, in fact, a Republican, but we cut-and-pasted ourselves into trouble. Yes, Albany Republicans are just as crooked as their Democrat counterparts.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Harpoons

We’ve got a whale of a tale to tell you, lads. On the rivers of Brazil, where harpoons (meaning, we think, what is called in English “spearguns” — we distrust the translation, but “harpoon” is a marvelous word) are outlawed — at least, from November to February — a spearfishing outlaw let loose one of the ¡proibido! devices. Then he and his buddy had to traipse in to the hospital to get the spear taken out of his buddy’s head.

“Unfortunately, they were not careful with the positioning, the distance,” Araguari fire department Deputy Lt. Lucenildo Batista Alves told the site. “And the waters of the river in our region are murky, especially in the very dirty rainy season.”

The metal shaft — which was just inches away from causing more serious injuries or even death — was removed and the man was released from a hospital Wednesday.

Alves said it was not immediately clear exactly how the man was struck, or whether his friend — who was fishing on the opposite side of the dam — had fired the spear. Authorities are investigating the fishing trip, since it’s illegal to use harpoons from November through February.

“We do not know if the friend saw any fish or if the gun fired alone, but it hit the face of this boy,” Alves told, according to a translation of the page. “He was very lucky, as the harpoon crossed the soft part of the mouth, did not reach any bone or more sensitive part, such as the brain. It could have been fatal.”

via Man gets harpooned on fishing trip | New York Post.

It gives a whole new meaning to “he got hisself some ‘poon,” doesn’t it?

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Cars

The driver of this 0230 hit-and-run fled on foot.

In New York City, guns are outlawed, which means no one has them but the cops, the crims, and the connected (and the big intersections between those sets). Yet they still seem to have plenty of murders, mostly in the city’s thriving drug industry.

But New Yorkers don’t need guns to kill one another. In a span of barely two and a half hours on New Year’s morning, three men in their fifties were killed by separate motorists — two pedestrians nailed by hit and runs, and one taxi passenger killed when a drunk slammed into his cab. The New York Post tabloid:

The mayhem began in Queens about 2:30 a.m., when a 52-year-old man was killed by a driver as he tried to cross South Conduit Avenue near Rockaway Boulevard. The driver continued on after the crash, cops said.

Less than an hour later in Brooklyn, a taxi initially collided with another vehicle on Avenue P near West 2nd Street, police said.

The cab’s fare, 56-year-old Abraham Shmailov, died in the Bensonhurst crash.

The other car’s driver Michael Peter, 24, and the 66-year-old man behind the wheel of the taxi suffered non-life threatening injuries, and were treated at Lutheran Hospital.

Peter was arrested Sunday night and charged with driving while intoxicated, vehicular manslaughter, and criminally negligent homicide for causing the crash that killed Shmailov.

Also about 5:10 a.m. Sunday, a 53-year-old man was struck and killed by a car on a Brooklyn street.

The victim was hit as he tried to cross Conduit Boulevard near Crescent Street. The driver subsequently lost control and crashed.

The driver got out of the vehicle and fled on foot.

via Three dead in separate car crashes across the city | New York Post.

That last guy put the run in the hit and run. The other hit-and-run killer was driving a Mustang, which later turned up somewhat the worse for wear.

We heard the late model Mustang was hot, but this is ridiculous.

Not going to get much evidence out of that one.

One interesting side effect of all the CSI shows imputing supernatural powers to crime scene evidence technicians is that more and more of your savvy crims and corrections system frequent flyers are torching their crime cars, and some of them are lighting up their victims and scenes, too. Usually there are still plenty of other leads, but in comparatively rare stranger crimes (like, for instance, a hit and run), the crumb might actually get away with it.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Bayonets

When the 1994 so-called “assault-weapons ban” banned, along with “the shoulder thing that goes up,” bayonet lugs, the shooting community shook its heads in wonder.  This was a true “tell” of the motives of our opponents… because no one could find a single case, anywhere outside of combat, where some unfortunate wretch had met his Maker at the point of a bayonet.

Well, it has finally happened, in Rapid City, South Dakota — where guns are not only not outlawed, but they’re so embedded in the local culture and economy that one of the advertisers in the paper that reports this story, the Rapid City Journal, is a taxidermy shop. Yep, somebody went on a shoot-and-bayonet spree, and the guy who’s dead is reported to have been bayoneted to death, along with two others who were taken, as the song goes, half the way there.

In Rapid City’s first homicide of 2017, Joseph David Rich, 26, was charged Tuesday in Seventh Judicial Court with second-degree murder. Prosecutors said Rich used the gun and bayonet in the fatal stabbing of Juan Legarda Jr., 20, a couple of hours into the new year.

Rich is also facing two counts of aggravated assault for injuring Trevor Chief Bear and Bradley Randall in the same incident, according to court proceedings.

That’s a pretty neat name. Nobody in New Hampshire is named “Trevor Chief Bear.” But then again, our forebears implemented the Final Solution to the Indian Problem over 300 years ago. (Well, Your Humble Blogger’s forbears were fending off starvation on mud and peat farms in Europe 300 years ago, but you get the idea).

Deputy State’s Attorney Emily Lessin told Magistrate Judge Scott Bogue that Rich “admitted to stabbing or shooting the victims.”

Police said they found Legarda, of Rapid City, dead at a home in the 300 block of East Adams Street around 2 a.m. Sunday. Also found at the scene were Chief Bear and Randall, who were taken to Rapid City Regional Hospital for treatment of shooting or stabbing injuries.

Rich was arrested later that day in a residence on the same street.

Second-degree murder carries a mandatory life sentence, and each count of aggravated assault is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

via Bail for accused bayonet killer set at $100K | Local |

Gotta love a state where pleading out to murder two still gets the guy life. Another story has some more details, including that the other two bayonet-ees have non-life-threatening injuries, that this is what passes for a rough street in RC, SD, and that the crime took place on that quarter of the clock your sergeant major warned you about:

The call came in around 2:11 a.m. on Sunday regarding “a disturbance,” according to a release.

The home is across the street from the location of a murder that took place two years ago.

Because of the date, time, and presence of an apparent Indian, we’re detecting a whiff of Judgment Juice® around this one. Judgmental of us, innit?

But no matter what your social lubricant of choice, if you’re fixing bayonets at 0200, and a banzai charge, or North Korean human-wave attack, isn’t imminent, you’re wrong.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Bike Helmets

Tomball, Texas police are looking for the career criminal in the mugshot (right, vintage 2012) in connection with a murder. The lead-up, the crime, and the escape were all caught on store surveillance video; apparently the killer and the victim knew each other from somewhere in the murderer’s criminal milieu.

A man accused of using a motorcycle helmet to kill someone at a Tomball Walmart on Monday has been charged with murder.

Surveillance video from the store shows 29-year-old Michael Brandon Jemison and Justin Jones arguing with each other, Tomball police said. According to investigators, Jemison hit Jones with the helmet, causing him to collapse inside the store.

Jones died at the hospital.

The video also caught Jemison stalking out with the murder weapon still in hand.

He hit the doors, got on his bike, and apparently, kept on going; the crime happened Monday, and here Wednesday he’s still on the run. Makes you wonder about the wisdom of the courts, turning him loose in the first place.

Police say Jones was inside the Walmart early Monday morning with a friend, then had a conversation with Jemison.

“We have reason to believe that they knew each other. It appears it has been an ongoing feud between people in that group,” said Sgt. Gary Hammond, with the Tomball Police Department.

[The victim’s girlfriend, Lindsey] Stover says the friend Jones was with was withdrawing money to give him before the encounter with Jemison. She believes it was only about $60.

“I don’t think it was spur of the moment. This guy saw an old enemy,” Stover said.

She says the incident should have never ended like this.

“Stand up, act like a man, you take another man’s life, turn yourself in,” Stover said. “Own up to what you did and quit hiding.”

via Man charged with murder after attack at Walmart |

Another news story notes that Jemison has been in prison for a long string of felonies, both violent and drug-related. That might explain some of the tats, and his low body fat percentage (left). But this grim incident is also a living lesson that even a scrawny druggie is strong enough to kill an unprepared and unarmed human being, even with an improvised weapon — a blunt instrument — like a crash helmet. There are dozens of better weapons in every home or workplace, and you best defense against any of them is ATF: Alertness, Training, and Firearm.

Jemison remains at large at press time. However, the Tomball PD (a notably forward-looking and imaginative force) is looking, and they’ve also called in the Texas Rangers. Next time Jemison strikes that come-hither selfie pose, he’ll be doing it for his cellmate. Next few thousand times.

And that’s the best case scenario — assuming he doesn’t wind up on the next slab to his victim, Jones. Either outcome couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Chair Lifts

It happened on a lift called the Quickdraw Express, at a ski slope called Granby Ranch, in the State of Colorado: where guns aren’t entirely outlawed, but they’re as restricted as antigun zealot Governor Hickenlooper can make them.

Kelly Huber, of San Antonio, was riding the chairlift at the Ski Granby Ranch, in Colorado, with her girls – aged nine and 12 – on Thursday when all three fell.

The 40-year-old plummeted more than 20ft to her death, while her daughters were seriously injured.

There’s a safety bar — how can this happen?

The Texas mother who fell to her death from a ski lift while her two young daughters were seriously injured did not have the safety bar down, a witness has claimed.

Oh. Thats how. Complacency kills? Or a murder-suicide attempt? They only fell 20 feet, but as the saying goes, it’s not the fall that gets you but the sudden stop at the far end. That was certainly the case for Ms Huber, who decelerated sufficiently abruptly to compromise her aorta.

Her nine-year-old daughter was airlifted to Children’s Hospital Colorado and her condition is not known.

Huber’s other daughter, 12, was treated and released at Middle Park Medical Center in Granby, where her mother was pronounced dead, the Denver Post reported.

The chair remained attached to the cable, according to witnesses.

Yeah, but the skiers didn’t remain attached to the chair.

On Saturday, the coroner determined that Huber died from blunt force trauma to her torso and a traumatic rupture of the aorta.

There’s eyewitnessws to the accident, if accident it was.

The witness, Allen McGirl from Greeley, who was three chairs back from the family, wrote on Facebook: ‘I am so sad to have witnessed the 3 people fall off the chair lift at Granby Ranch this morning.

‘If only the mother would have lowered the safety bar, this would not have happened.

‘Now the mother is dead and the two little girls will never be the same. My heart goes out to their family.’

He continued: ‘I was three chairs back and saw everything and was warning my group I was with.

‘Terrifying. Warning about the swaying side to side. No other chairs were swinging like that.

‘The bar hit the sign on the pole and they dropped out. I can’t get out of my head watching that moment and cpr for 5 to 10 min.’

‘My heart sunk and it just took me very hard,’ McGirl, who is a father of young children as well, told Denver 7 TV station.

He said it was obvious that Huber was not breathing when she hit the ground.

The fatal fall is the first in the state in over a decade.

Slope officials immediately shut down the lift to make sure there were no problems with it.

Authorities have not yet weighed in on whether this was the reason the family tumbled out.

‘Granby Ranch continues to work cooperatively with authorities to determine the cause of the incident. Our thoughts and prayers also go out to everyone involved in this tragic event,’ the ranch wrote on Facebook Saturday.

Huber had been vacationing in Colorado with her daughters and other family members when the tragic accident occurred, authorities say.

It has not yet been announced how high up the mountain the victims were when they fell from the lift, but Schelly Olson, spokeswoman for the incident command, said they were the only ones on that chair.

But she said many saw the horrific accident: ‘People on the chairs in front. People on the chairs in back. People on the hill.’

While the rest of the resort is now operational, the high speed Quickdraw Lift will remain closed until the inspection by the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board and lift manufacturer is complete.


via Texas mom who died after fall from Colorado ski lift ‘didn’t have safety bar up’ | Daily Mail Online.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Self-Absorbed Moms and Negligent Nannies

She’s pretty, and people have been filling her head with praise all her life. Result, narcissistic tendencies.

This story has it all: a victim that’s going to recover, thank God; a perp who was apparently careless, not evil; and an enabler — the newborn victim’s mom, first entry in the Mom Of The Year® stakes for 2017 — who’s so self-absorbed that 1), her kids are being raised by nannies; and, 2) she’s seeking therapy for herself for the trauma caused by her kid’s fractured skull.  The C-List celeb-obsessed New York Daily News:

[Actress Eva] Martino — daughter of Susan Sarandon and Franco Amurri — shared details on a horrific incident that occurred just weeks after she gave birth to her son Major James in October.

The “Happily Eva After” actress said that a few nights before Thanksgiving, a night nurse accidentally fell asleep while holding her son and dropped him on his head, where the baby suffered a fractured skull.

Ah, the N3 (Nameless Night Nanny), the costumed and caparisoned villain of many an upper-class child abuse story. Now if this was, say, a poor family in Queens where the babysitting aunt dropped the kid accidentally while Mom was working the night shift as a nurse’s aide in a charity hospital, the Forces of Good Government™ would be going all-out to take the kids and place them with some knuckle-dragging foster family, where the abuse and neglect would at least be by selected and trained professionals.

But because it was a rich actress’s kid, the goo-goos™ are just asking for autographs, and the celebrity suckups in the media nodding and typing as Mom Of The Year® whinges about how awful her kid’s skull fracture was — for her. 

“Let me tell you — the guilt I bore in the days and weeks after this accident was more intense and more damaging than anything I would wish upon my worst enemy. I had all those same thoughts and more,” she revealed.

“I chose not to share [FOR] fear of judgement … The internet can be a peculiar place, where some people forget about humanity and go for the jugular.

That would be us, apparently. Jugular, tally-ho!

“I know that this news might reach many, and of those many there will always be the people who say that this accident was my fault. That if it had been me in there holding him instead of a night nurse, that this never would have happened.”

Well, that’s arguable, but it’s a counterfactual. Fact is, the nanny that she can’t bring herself to call a “nanny” (because no fiction is more grimly gripped by the 1% than that they’re “middle class”), dropped the kid and the kid got hurt. It happened, learn from it. If you can.

“That I deserve this for allowing my child to be in the care of somebody other than me.”

Notice that it’s all about her, not the child? That is a case of Olympic Level narcissism right there. If your kid gets damn near killed by the person you hired to take care of him, that’s a tragedy; but if you (and your publicist?) spin it so it’s all about you, that’s a tragedy and a person of some questionable character exploiting it. Is it really all about you, Mother Of The Year®?

Martino announced that while baby Major is “healing well” with no signs of brain damage, she is seeking help for emotional distress following the scare.

All about her. Sheesh. “The kid’s OK, let’s keep talking about me me me me me!”

Lord love a duck.

We wonder how the nanny feels — awful, we’d bet. And with that sentence, we bet we’ve had more of a care for her distress than Mom Of The Year® here.

“If you read my post about choosing Homebirth, you know that I have an (irrational) phobia of hospitals. To be in one for two days under such circumstances was nearly unbearable for me, not to mention how scary and emotional those days were for the entirety of our family,” she wrote.

OK, so she’s in emotional distwess, and going to the hospital with her baby was “nearly unbearable.” Any thing else about you, lady?

Martino said she plans to seek therapy for possible postpartum depression.

Of course. via Eva Amurri Martino on son’s broken skull: ‘The guilt is damaging’ – NY Daily News.

Lord love a duck.

Hey, at least the kid’s OK. Sometimes, the children of neglectful or self-absorbed parents turn out just fine, so he’s got a shot, poor little guy.

On the other hand, sometimes they become actors.