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When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will Fall for Anything

Attempted murderer, Anissa Weier

If you raise your kids not to believe in anything in particular, except, perhaps, for the messages of popular culture, don’t be surprised when they fall for one of pop culture’s fictional characters.

That’s what these two kiddie creeps, mugshotted here, did. Where were their parents? Not involved enough, apparently.

Now they’re involved. Now they want to get their murderous daughters out of lockup. (One is in jail, one has been moved to a nuthouse, as they’re using the “crazy dodge” to duck responsibility for their actions). The Daily Mail:

A teenage girl who was stabbed 19 times and left for dead in what is believed to have been a bloody homage to the fictional internet character Slender Man is thriving, two years after the horrendous attack.

Attempted murderer, Morgan Geyser.

Payton Leutner, 14, was 12 when her friends Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser allegedly stabbed her in woods in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on May 31, 2014, apparently in fear of the Slender Man.

That would be a Friend Selection Fail in the 12-inch-blade range.

The pair have pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to attempted murder and are awaiting trial.

via Payton Leutner two years after Slender Man stabbing | Daily Mail Online.

She wasn’t just stabbed by these two little savages, she was stabbed nineteen times. And most of the story at the link is about the sufferings of the poor suspects and their poor families, who are trying to get them out of jail and freed to kill again (well, to kill period, because their first attempt failed).

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Cigarettes

Nope, this has nothing to with all the devastation that smoking visits on a body over 20, 30, or 40 years. This has to do with the devastation that smoking can bring in one big red FOOM if you’re a knucklehead about where you throw your butts.

Here in the ‘Shire, you’re about equally likely to burn to death as you are to be murdered, which is to say, not terribly likely. But just like your odds of murder go up with certain lifestyle choices, such as gang membership or dope dealing, your odds of dying screaming in fire or silently in fumes (before your already-dead body gets the luau treatment from the flames), go through the roof if you start throwing around things that are lit and burning. 

The article doesn’t say, but what are the odds Jungle Juice® is also present at the scenes of these crimes?

Eleven New Hampshire residents died in unintentional residential fires last year. And every one of those deaths was preventable, according to the state fire marshal.

Eight of the 11 deaths were related to smoking, including the deaths of four members of one family in Manchester last June. Six involved smoking materials; two victims died after smoking while using oxygen.

Fire Marshal J. William Degnan said the toughest thing for those who investigate fatal fires is “seeing the pain and anguish of the surviving family members.”

via Eight fire deaths in NH last year linked to smoking | New Hampshire.

In the case illustrated left, there probably weren’t any surviving family members to grieve because Mama Bear, Papa Bear and both Baby Bears crisp-fired to a crackly crunch in their own body fats. Cause? One of the adults (presumably) dropping their cigarette in the ratty old sofa on the porch. (Pro tip: outdoor furniture doesn’t have a lot of highly inflammable upholstery on it, a safety benefit you throw away when you use indoor furniture as outdoor furniture).

But we’ve got Moms Demanding Action here demanding that defense contractors in the state stop R&D, because gun deaths. Meanwhile other moms are throwing their damned cigarettes in all direction, cooking their own kids.

Manchester Fire Chief Daniel Goonan said … improper disposal of smoking materials continues to be a big problem in the city. And it’s especially dangerous on the exterior porches that are a common feature of multi-family buildings.

Residents often bring upholstered furniture outside and sit on the porches to smoke, he said. “It’s just a recipe for disaster,” he said.

That was determined to be the cause of the June 6 fire on Wilson Street that killed a couple and their two young sons. While the apartment had smoke detectors, the fire started on the outside porch, and by the time the alarm sounded, it was too late to escape, the chief said.

Fire is a powerful servant, and a terrible master.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Trees (again)

How can a tree kill a person? They just sit there.

So to get a tree to the scene of the crime, either the tree has to topple over, or the victim has to be the one that’s moving.

If you haven’t got vines to swing from, skis will do. This mishap took place in Colorado, where some guns (and all standard-capacity magazines) are outlawed.

Sean Haberthier, 47, was reported missing at about 5 p.m. Thursday. The ski patrol found him at about 8:30 a.m. Friday and he was pronounced dead soon after being found.

Haberthier died of a severe skull fracture. Summit County coroner Regan Wood reported he was not wearing a helmet.

Officials have not yet confirmed what run he was on.

On Monday, Haberthier’s nephew, Nicholas, 20, said his uncle was an expert skier and was on a black run.

via Denver skier reported missing found dead at Breckenridge Ski Resort – The Denver Post.

Like they say — Black Runs Matter. (For non-skiers, slope difficulty is color-coded.Difficult slopes are marked with one or more black diamonds. Hence, a “black run.”)

Turns out the late Mr Haberthier is not even the first Coloradan felled by a tree this season.

Haberthier’s death is the second Summit County fatality this ski season — both at Breckenridge. Longmont resident Kevin Pitts, 48, collided with a tree on Dec. 19. His death is the third casualty on a Colorado ski hill.  Kelly Huber, a 40-year-old mom from Texas, fell to her death from a chairlift at Ski Granby Ranch on Dec. 29 in an accident that was blamed on a mechanical malfunction of the Quickdraw Express lift. Huber’s 12- and 9-year-old daughters also fell from the lift, but both survived.

In a surprising development on the death of the Mrs Huber and the injuries to her daughters, the initial reports that blamed the passengers for raising the safety bar have been repudiated. An official investigation seems to have fingered a mechanical failure as the cause of the mishap.

“The circumstances indicated that environmental factors, weather and the occupants of (the chair) did not contribute to the cause of the incident,” the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board report says, adding: “The facts of the incident show that, on Dec. 29, 2016, an unreasonable hazard existed in the continued operation of the lift.”

The report, released after more than a week of investigation by the board, police and the resort, provides the first official details of what led up to the fall. Granby police say witnesses reported Huber and her daughters were not involved in any horseplay before they came off the chair, nor did witnesses report any kind of intentional or user-caused accidental fall.

The lift will be reopened, but will operate at a lower speed henceforth.

There are 30 to 40 snow skiing deaths in the USA in a typical year, about 11 of them in Colorado; and the median decedent is a 30-year-old man wearing a helmet, on an intermediate (blue) run.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Arm Braces

If firearms suicides are caused by the gun — work with us here — was the suicide of Roger Ward, who cut his own throat with the aluminum reinforcement from an arm brace, the fault of the arm brace?

But do read on before you start feeling too much sympathy for the late Mr Ward.

A Merrimack County jail inmate awaiting trial on sexual assault charges committed suicide by using a piece of metal from an arm brace he wore after a recent injury, according to investigators.

Roger Ward, 52, of Henniker was found unresponsive in his single-occupancy cell in the early morning hours of Dec. 20. Authorities say he slit his own throat.

Ward was living in a unit where inmates are checked every 30 minutes. He was not on suicide watch because he hadn’t given any indication that he was suicidal, jail Superintendent Ross Cunningham said Tuesday at the Boscawen facility.

“Typically there are flags and concerns that we can see in the person and that the offender is telling us,” he said. “In this case, there were none of those activities, at least that we’ve discovered to date.”

via Investigators: Merrimack County jail inmate arrested for sexual assault died in suicide.

Of course, any time someone kills himself, one’s first instinct is to conclude that it was a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Ward had some legal problems, sure, but how bad could those problems be?

Well, this bad:

Ward was facing 15 felony charges, including aggravated felonious sexual assault, felonious sexual assault, indecent exposure and lewdness, and endangering the welfare of a child, according to court documents. He was accused of sexually assaulting two girls under the age of 13 between May and August of 2016.

Rumor has it that this was not his first rodeo, as a kiddie diddler. In Massachusetts, these charges might have led to a cozy plea bargain and a two year sentence, but up here in the ‘Shire, his life was all over but the incarceration. (Assuming, of course, his guilt; we think his suicide lets us assume that).

The officials are all worked up about how they prevent these prison suicides in the future. Why?

“If someone is intent on doing something like this, they’re going to do it, and that’s my opinion of what happened here,” [Deputy Sheriff Jim Ryba] said.

Though the external investigation by the sheriff’s department has wrapped up, the jail is still conducting an internal review of the incident, which is expected to conclude within the next week or so.

[Jail superintendent Ross] Cunningham said Tuesday that corrections employees responded exactly as they should have, following the department’s policies and procedures to a tee. He said Ward’s death was difficult on everyone.

Department officials are monitoring employees’ well-being in the wake of the incident and will continue to do so in the weeks and months ahead, Cunningham said.

“I’ve been in this business for 28 years and, unfortunately, this is probably my 12th (suicide) or so,” he said. “They’re few and far between, and they should be. We learn and adjust from errors, but the reality is, it does happen.”

We say again, why? Is the world better off, or worse, with Roger Ward out of it? Perhaps it was an act of atonement. “In balance with this life, this death,” to steal a line from Yeats.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Screwdrivers

Actual crime weapon, recovered by NYPD.

Our maternal grandfather was the sort of self-taught engineer and self-made man that his era produced in great quantities. And one of his most irritated sayings, at least when we were misusing one of his large quantity of tools, was, “Always use the right tool for the right job.”

He’s been gone for decades to that Great Workshop Beyond, but his shade still spoke to us over this article, reminding us that, if the job is attacking the police, even in NYFC where guns are just about outlawed, the screwdriver is not the right tool.

“A screwdriver,” he would pronounce in Charlton Heston-in-character-as-Moses tones, “is for turning screws. Full stop.”  And sure enough, as an assault weapon, this screwdriver demonstrated its limitations.

Cops shot to death a man armed only with a screwdriver after he attacked his mother outside her Queens home early Saturday, officials said.

“It’s a dangerous weapon,” NYPD Chief of Patrol Terry Monahan said in a predawn press conference at the shooting scene. “A screwdriver you can be struck with the same way you can be stabbed with a knife.”

Police rushed to 28-year-old Jahlire Nicholson’s home about 3:15 a.m. Saturday after a woman called 911 to say she heard the man’s mother screaming in distress behind their home on Westgate St. in Springfield Gardens, officials said.

A witness heard Nicholson’s mother yelling “He’s gonna kill me, he’s gonna kill me,” according to cops.

Two responding officers found Nicholson threatening his mom with the screwdriver in an outdoor stairway leading to the building’s rear basement apartment, officials said.

The cops managed to free the woman and then tussled with her son after he refused shouted commands to drop his weapon, according to Monahan.

The dead man allegedly attacked his mother with this screwdriver, but she and the responding officers are believed to have avoided injury in the incident. (DCPI)
One cop fired his stun gun at Nicholson but missed as the man lunged at the cops with the screwdriver.

The two officers fired one shot each, striking Nicholson in the shoulder and leg, police said.

via Cops gun down man who attacked his mom with screwdriver in Queens – NY Daily News.

Obviolusly, the Rodney King Day long weekend has been tainted by another assault by cruel white hispanic, white white, and white black police officers on an innocent angel of color who was just practicing alternative dispute resolution, street-style. No doubt he will now be disabled from his life of productive toil and civic engagement.

Hmm… perhaps the story enumerates Mr Jahlire Nicholson’s many contributions to society? Indeed, it does:

Nicholson, who split his time between his mother’s house and a home on Long Island, was on probation for gun possession.

He had been arrested 10 times since 2003 on charges including assault, robbery, weapons possession and pot possession, sources said.

Cops were called to his mother’s home at least four times between 2002 and 2006 because Nicholson was fighting with his family, sources said.

But unfortunately, he did not survive the consequences of his ill-judged attempt to tighten up whatever screw loose the NYPD might have; he was hurried to the hospital and they did their best, but he has uttered his last truculent, “Not guilty.”

But hey, he only had a screwdriver. Like this career criminal who was bagged in NY in November. After being bagged on 16 October. After being bagged the time before that on 12 October. (In the second case, remember that “undocumented workers” are only undocumented in the Social Security labor system; they often have plenty of paper in the criminal courts). At least they can finally write “Nothing Follows” on Nicholson’s criminal record, thanks to some better-than-usual NYPD shooting. (Two shots, two hits on suspect, no rounds unaccounted-for, no citizens or cops harmed, suspect slabbed? We’ll take that).

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have BB Guns and Rubber Mallets

This douchenozzle is one Derrick Hurni, from the San Antonio area (Bexar County, Texas). And he has some… unusual ways… of interfacing with his girlfriend.

Indeed, you might say it’s an unhealthy relationship. For her, and now that he’s in jail where he belongs, for him, too. Local TV:

An arrest report said that the victim, a 35-year-old woman, arrived home Thursday evening when her boyfriend, Derrick Hurni, 38, started beating her with a rubber mallet.

Hurni then shot his girlfriend with a BB gun more than 70 times, the report said.

The suspect left and went to a friend’s house, where he was later arrested, the report said.

The victim went to a neighbor’s home for help. She was taken to South Texas Regional Medical Center, where she was treated for wounds to her legs, arms and upper torso, the report said. She also suffered cuts to her head that required stitches. She was released from the hospital.

Hurni was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

via Man shot girlfriend 70 times with BB gun, BCSO says.

The “deadly weapon” may be a bit of a stretch for the BB gun — if you can take 70 shots with it and live, how deadly is the thing, really? — but this guy really seems like he’s, how should be put it, not right in the brain housing group.

We suppose it’s fortunate he didn’t have an actual firearm, and we wouldn’t be surprised to learn he’s a prohibited person. This goes beyond a simple Anger Management Fail into dude-belongs-in-neoprene-wrap territory.

Any guy has known some woman who was completely and utterly infuriating. But if you let it get to you to the point where you physically harm her, you aren’t much of a man. 

Unfortunately, the nature of criminal law in our self-destructive society being what it is, this goon is going to be let out of prison, sooner rather than later.

What’s the over-under on the probability he’ll commit a violent crime again? Whatever it is, we’ll take the over.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Commuter Rail

How many more, Mister Speaker? How many more must suffer before this bloody scourge is brought to an end?

Item: Philadelphia, 4 January.

The crash involving the Route 10 trolleys happened about 1 p.m. near 38th Street and Lancaster Avenue, SEPTA said.

Both trolleys were traveling west toward 63rd Street and Malvern Avenue and one rear-ended the other.

The transit agency said 46 people – the two trolley operators and 44 passengers – were hurt in the crash. None of the injuries were believed to be life-threatening. They were taken to Hahnemann University Hospital for treatment.

What will happen? One thing’s for sure, no consequences will befall the good union member who motored his or her trolley into the one parked ahead. Consequences are for the commoners — like the poor throgs in the trains.

Item: New York, 4 January

A Long Island Rail Road commuter train crashed at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn, New York, this morning, injuring 103 passengers, officials said.

The worst injury is believed to be a broken leg, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at a news conference this morning.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said none of the injuries were life threatening.

According to a representative for the New York Fire Department, “One of the rails actually pierced the bottom of the train … We are fortunate we didn’t have more serious injuries.”

Cuomo said the train hit the track’s bumping block. “When it hit the block, the block knocked it off the tracks,” he said. “It was a train that didn’t stop when it was supposed to [and] hit the block at a fairly low rate of speed.”

“As a result of the impact, the lead wheel assembly derailed, as did one additional axle,” the MTA said in a statement.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Passenger Aaron Neufeld told ABC News, “It didn’t seem like we were going unusually fast … I don’t think it was anything out of the norm.” He described the impact as a “substantial jolt.” He said he was thrown against the seat in front of him.

A different passenger told New York ABC station WABC that after she heard a big thump, the scene was total pandemonium, with passengers falling on top of others, screaming and crying.

Hey, but they’re only injured, right?

Item: National Death Toll, as of 4 January

The deadly September incident was one of five fatal commuter train crashes to occur in the tri-state, and Pennsylvania, since 2013.

Country-wide, more than 70 people have been killed in commuter train crashes since 2000, including about 20 in the northeast.

And this doesn’t even count all the poor wretches whose drunken driving on the train tracks, or narcotic slumber upon same, was tragically and permanently interrupted by a speeding commuter rail juggernaut.

We need some common sense train restrictions. First, who needs a deadly assault train with over 100 passengers to be injured? Andrew Cuomo ought to restrict the trains to only seven passengers. If it saves only one life, it’s worth it!

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Chevy Pickups

Of course, the average Chevy pickup driver never kills anybody. But the Rat Fink that takes one street racing just might.

That’s what Alexis Sosa did, last year, along with another guy who was driving a Dodge Charger. Blowing through a red light in the heat of the race, they hit the car driven by a Baptist preacher and his wife, who were killed instantly. And then they ran.

Sosa turned himself in later. The other suspect has not been identified and has not come forward.

A Houston man was sentenced to 12 years in prison Tuesday for his part in a street-racing crash that killed a Baptist minister and his wife last year.Alexis De La Rosa Sosa, 22, pleaded guilty to two counts of felony racing and two counts of failure to stop and render aid in exchange for the sentence.

After he was sentenced, and one of the couple’s adult sons gave a victim impact statement, Sosa turned to the gallery and spoke to dozens of friends and family in court for the sentencing.

“I would like to ask that you forgive me. Since that day God has transformed me,” Sosa told them through a translator. “I ask that you forgive me.”

The couple, who had been married more than 30 years, were killed in northwest Harris County after returning home from visiting a niece and her newborn baby at a local hospital.

The couple’s 2004 BMW was struck by Sosa’s 2006 Chevrolet pickup as he ran a red light while street racing with another vehicle on April 12.

Jesse Estrada, 60, was co-pastor at Iglesia Nuevo Amanecer Bautista and owner of J J & Sons Remodeling. Maria Sabillon, 68, was a retired home caregiver for special needs children.

During the sentencing in state District Judge Catherine Evans’ court, one of the couple’s sons said he forgave Sosa.

“I don’t hate you, I actually pray for you and your family,” Allan Sabillon said from the witness stand. “Because that’s what my parents, and God, would want.”

Allan is a veteran of the Submarine Service. It’s in the nature of things that the victims of crime, and their families, contribute so much more to our nation than the perpetrators, and their families, do.

After the brief hearing, Sabillon and two brothers publicly urged the other driver in the race to turn himself in.

That driver, who was in a dark-colored Dodge Charger, has never been identified.

via Houston man gets 12 years in street-racing crash that killed Baptist minister, wife – Houston Chronicle.

Hey, in 12 years maybe he can learn English. He could be one of the 10% of ex-cons that does get the word. It happens.


When Guns are Outlawed, only Outlaws will have Child Services (again)

Mother Of The Year™ contestant Sara Packer

This is one of those cases that’s so depressing that it seems like the only solution is more bleach in the human gene pool. One more Mother Of The Year™ story, although the year was probably 2016.

Mom — an adoptive mom — and her new boyfriend (her husband went to prison for previous child abuse) plotted for over a year to rape, kill, and dismember her daughter. Then, they did it. 

Tell us again why society does not need the death penalty. What lesser measure will rid us of these mutants? The Morning Call (annoying autoplay video):

Sara Packer, the adoptive mother of 14-year-old Grace Packer, is charged in Bucks County along with Jacob Sullivan, Sara Packer’s boyfriend, in the brutal death of the teen who had been reported missing last summer. Prosecutors said Packer and Sullivan acted out a rape and murder fantasy when they killed her in Richland Township last summer and dismembered her body.

They did just about everything but eat her. That’s against the law.

Needless to say, so is all the stuff they did, and they’ve got charges to match.

Sara Packer, 41, of Horsham Township in Montgomery County, was charged Sunday with homicide, rape, conspiracy, kidnapping and abuse of a corpse. Authorities also charged Sullivan, saying he and Packer plotted for nearly a year before the girl was killed in July.

Northampton County officials issued a news release Monday stating Packer worked for the county from 2003 through 2010, but did not include further details. “Regarding the charges against Ms. Packer, the county cannot comment regarding ongoing job investigations,” the statement read.

Victim Grace Packer

Yes. Sara Packer was the county adoption coordinator, who apparently had many foster and adoptive kids over the years.

And they couldn’t give two farts in a diving bell about the kid, but they’re concerned about the killer’s privacy.

District Attorney John Morganelli said his office is not investigating Sara Packer because there are no allegations against her at this point.

County Controller Stephen Barron Jr. on Monday said Packer worked as a supervisor of adoptions in the county’s Children, Youth and Families Division. He said Packer last worked for the county in January 2010.

Packer’s employment status was listed as “suspended,” but Barron said he had no additional details why she had been suspended. Packer’s salary was $44,600 at the time, he said. Barron, the elected controller, said he spoke out because the public deserved to know about Packer.

Hey, there’s nothing more sacred to a payroll patriot than the privacy of another payroll patriot, even a murderous one.

She left that job nearly a year before her husband at the time, David Warren Packer, was charged by Allentown police in the first of two separate child sex abuse cases.

On Sept. 23, 2010, he was charged with indecent assault of a victim under age 13 from a 2006 incident. On Nov. 24, 2010, he was charged by Allentown police in a separate filing of statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse of someone under age 16 and corruption of minors from a 2008 incident.

via Woman charged in killing, dismemberment of daughter worked for Norco child services, had foster kids – The Morning Call.

Prediction: even the kids who weren’t actually killed by these crumbs have a tough road ahead.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Water

We’ve seen plenty of cases where a human expired from too much water — drowning. But water is a funny thing — you can die from too little of it, too. That’s what happened to a young member of the vibrant diversity on Staten Island, New York, according to the Medical Examiner, and the New York Post.

The 7-month-old Staten Island boy whose mother brought him to the hospital more than 24 hours after he died was dehydrated and weighed a mere 8 pounds, police sources said Monday.

The city Medical Examiner’s Office determined that little Dameen Mohammed’s body did not have any signs of trauma but his condition may point to neglect, sources said. The average weight for a child his age is about 18 pounds. The baby experienced an “extreme weight loss” in just the last month, sources added.

A cause of death is pending further studies by the ME, sources said.

via 7-month-old boy was severely underweight when he died | New York Post.

A previous article in the Post suggests that they didn’t just kill him by denying him fluids — they also abused him in other ways.

A 7-month-old baby with bruises across his body died at a Brooklyn hospital Saturday morning – and cops are questioning the infant’s family, police sources said.

Dameen Mohammed was unconscious and unresponsive when his 25-year-old mother and grandmother took him to Lutheran Hospital at about 6:45 a.m., sources said.

Hospital staffers noticed the boy’s bruises and immediately phoned cops.

By the time police arrived, the baby was declared dead.

It’s not even mid-January, and the Mother Of The Year entrants are already going all out for the trophy.

Naturally, this happened in New York City, where guns are functionally outlawed. For the children!