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How One Scot Nearly Launched a War with Kyrgyzstan

michael_mcfeatWell, that’s what they told him. Michael McFeat was a welder from Perthshire, Scotland, enjoying an exotic tour abroad working in a Kyrgyz gold mine. (A literal gold mine; Kyrgyzstan’s economy is largely based on extractive industries).

McFeat enjoyed the job and his mates, a mixed bag of Kyrgyz local workers and expat professionals and skilled laborers, mostly Europeans like himself. Due to dietary preferences, perhaps, there were separate chow halls for the expats and the locals.

McFeat enjoyed the exotic aspects of working far from home in a place of which his Scots family and friends not only knew nothing, but wouldn’t reasonably expect to.  And one story circulated among the expats about the national delicacy, Chuchuk. Here’s Chuchuk in the butcher’s shop:

Kyrgyz Chuckuk national delicacy in shop

Errr…. what is that? And here it is, “serving suggestion.”

Kyrgyz Chuckuk national delicacy

The expatts’ not knowing what went into Chuchuk led to a number of leaps of faith, bold assumptions and ribald suggestions. One of which McFeat mcfeatured in a light-hearted Facebook post:

Kyrgyz McFeat Facebook postWith that, the horse you-know-what hit the fan, and the great-many-times-grandsons of fierce steppe horsemen more or less demanded satisfaction. McFeat lived to be hidden by cops (who were just about as angry at him as the lynch mob was, but determined to do their jobs) and smuggled out of the country. “And stay out!” was the verdict, as he was warned against returning for five years.

You see, something got lost in translation. Chuchuk is not horse you-know-what. It’s a savory sausage made from horsemeat in a natural casing (which is horse intestine, if you didn’t know).

McFeat, back with his family and safe, has since learned about Chuchuk, apologized profusely, and wants everyone to know the guys in the picture — his friends and co-workers from the mine — had nothing to do with his “horse penis” Facebook post.

Indeed, it looks like they enjoyed the treat, even if they did have some doubts about where on old Dobbin’s anatomy it came from.

But this was in a class with stepping on a Thai coin (which has the image of the king on it — big no-no) or touvching an Arab with your left hand — a nuclear cultural awareness fail in the megaton range.

Two Big Victories for the Religion of Peace

Item: Cop Ambush and Attempted Murder, Philadelphia

010816_shooting_1200We couldn’t figure out how to embed the video, and the Philadelphia PD have not put it on their YouTube channel (and they probably won’t, now, because the shooter is in custody). But on this page, ABC has one of the more chilling videos you’re ever going to see. And a pretty horrifying audio embed from the police radio. The stills in this article were taken from that video.

Philly Cop Ambush 2016Officer Josh Hartnett was sitting in his car when a guy in Muslim dress and ski mask ran across the intersection, shouting allah akbar and shooting at him, to end up standing over his open car window with his arm and gun inside, blasting Hartnett at point-blank range.


The man arrested after shooting and wounding a police officer in an ambush in West Philadelphia Thursday night confessed he staged the attack “in the name of Islam,” police said Friday.

Capt. James Clark, homicide unit commander, said the suspect, identified as Edward Archer, told detective “he pledges allegiance to Islamic State.”

“He confessed to committing this act in the name of Islam,” said Police Commissioner Richard Ross said at a news conference Friday afternoon.

He said the suspect said he believed police enforced laws counter to Islam.

Ross also disclosed the shooter used a police gun stolen in October 2013 from an officer’s home.

Mayor Kenney stressed whatever the gunman’s motive, it had “nothing to do” with Islam.

No kidding, Kenney? That’s not what the guys who call themselves the Islamic State think. That’s not what the Shi’a scholars at Qom think, or the Sunni clerics at al-Azhar. That’s not what every single wahhabi/salafi mosque in America teaches its members. Above all, it’s not what freakin’ Mohammed thought.

But who’s gonna listen to all those jamokes, when you have no less an authority on Islam than an American career politician?

The recently elected Mayor Kenney is a De Blasio like lefty who campaigned on contempt for the police and corncern for Philadelphia’s black criminal class, of whom Archer is a sterling example. Kenney also demanded more gun control, afte one of his cops was shot by a criminal who armed himself with a gun stolen from one of his cops. From the ABC link:

Jim Kenney, who is in his first week as mayor of the nation’s fifth-largest city, said, “There are just too many guns on the streets and I think our national government needs to do something about that.”

Remember, the Glock 19 G2 that Archer used to shoot Hartnett was a Philadelphia cop’s gun, stolen from his home.

You can’t stop people like this crumb from getting guns. The ATF sells guns to Mexican cartels (not knowing the Mr Big of the network buying the guns is a paid informant for the FBI, and therefore untouchable, even after ATF and the cartels murder two Federal agents and hundreds of Mexicans with the guns). The Philadelphia police department gets reckless with gun storage and winds up with a cop missing being murdered only by dint of the would-be ghazi being a crappy shot. When cops have guns, criminals will have guns. (One of the worst mass shootings in recorded history happened when a Korean cop took his own weapons and went on a murder spree).

Archer’s mother said he’s been a “devout” mohammedan for a long time, but the family thinks he’s mentally ill. He has a lengthy criminal and prison record, and is a prohibited person from acquiring firearms for that reason.

One thing that not all the stories have mentioned is that Hartnett, a Coast Guard veteran, got off some shots of his own, three of them connecting with the Allah Hu Akbar Kid, which is how the cops were able to bag him — they followed the blood trail and found him cowering with an empty pistol.

ITEM: Get the Censored Report

Meanwhile, one of the most insightful analyses on how home-grown terrorists get radicalized is being deleted from the net in an attempt to appease the Islamic Terrorist lobbying group, the Council on American Islamic-terrorist Relations or CAIR.

CAIR supports Islamic extremists and terrorists — a number of its own officers have gone to Club Fed for direct involvement in terrorist training and fund-raising — and opposes any American resistance to the bloody sword of Islam.

The De Blasio administration in New York has just folded to the terror supporters of CAIR. We received the following from a retired senior Special Operations officer.

Invite your attention to following article:

NYPD settles lawsuits over Muslim monitoring – The Washington Post

The most important part of the WaPo article, IMHO, is the next to last paragraph, which reads:

The department also agreed to distance itself from a controversial internal study it published in 2007 called “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat.” As part of the settlement, the NYPD agreed to take the study off its website. The report was criticized for “faulty conclusions” that would lead to “racial and religious profiling.”

This action has apparently been coming for some time and is not universally embraced; see:

Hiding In Plain Sight: Radical Islam’s Threat To America |

Before that report goes down, it is still available at the following link and I attach it FYI in PDF.

At the moment, we’ll reiterate that the NYPD Report, Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat is still available at that link, albeit in the version that contains language inserted earlier in an unsuccessful attempt to appease CAIR:

When NYPD goes radio-silent on it, we’ll put a copy that we’ve archived up in its place. We’ll also try to find our original copy in our backup archives.

NYPD earlier caved enough to put a mealy-mouthed statement in there — we’re looking for our older version without the statement — but that still wasn’t enough for CAIR, terror’s Fifth Column.

Whether they fight in court with our laws, or sneak up on cops with a stolen pistol, treachery, subversion and disloyalty are the tools of radical islam.

We have not seen their statement yet, but it is entirely predictable at this writing (about 20 hours prior to press time on this story, while the Phila. PD press conference is still going on) CAIR will make a statement with a mild and pro forma condemnation of their jihad cop-killer wannabe pal, along with a statement that he was not a moslem, an expression of concern about “anti-moslem backlash,”  and a thinly veiled threat against any person who will call a crime what it really is, when the criminal is following the dictates of his conscience and his allegedly holy koran.

A Mess of Accidents, 2nd Half 2015; Cop-Heavy Edition

ND-shot-in-footWe haven’t done one of these in a while, mostly because new people are still just having the same old accidents. So what’s the point?

But every once in a while we feel tempted to mention a few, because they’re typical, or galactically stupid, or just plain heartbreaking.

An awful lot of these negligent discharges seem to happen to cops. Recently when we looked at the LA County Sheriff’s Office, we saw that they were remarkably blasé about 10 to 30 reported ND’s a year, and they don’t report an ND when it’s within hailing distance of a clearing barrel, unless the round hits somebody. You have to wonder if those curious bullet holes we see in the overhead target tracks at the Indoor Range are the result of mere yahoos, or yahoos with badges?

As far as we can tell, the principal difference is, yahoos without badges get in trouble if they hit somebody. With badges, they’re immunized.

But they’re still yahoos. LEO readers, Don’t Be That Guy

19 Aug 15: Cop Shot Himself, Tried to Frame a Black Guy

A Durham, NC officer named Kelly Stewart pulled over a guy for DWB. You may remember the stumblebums of the Durham PD from their attempt to frame the Duke lacrosse team. Turns out, they’re not any better at gun handling.

…Stewart accidentally shot himself in the leg with his firearm. Soon after, the police department logged the gun’s discharge: “1 shot fired by officer.”

After firing the shot, Stewart dropped his gun in the motorist’s car. Convinced he’d just escaped summary execution, the driver took off.

Crooked DA Roger Echols hid that report and most other evidence, and charged the motorist with shooting Stewart with his own gun. When it became clear the “suspect” had a good lawyer, Echols tried to get the attorney thrown off. The motorist was acquitted on the charge of shooting the cop who shot himself in August.

However, the motorist blew it when he drove off with the panicky cop’s gun in his car. For that, he was convicted of robbery, and the Feds charged him with felon-in-possession for that gun on his car’s floor.

Meanwhile, Stewart, and other cops trained as badly as he, are what you get when you call 911 in Durham. Good luck.

24 Sep 15: NYC Court Officer Shoots Himself in Hand

The Daily News:

Don_Knotts_Barney_and_the_bullet_Andy_Griffith_ShowA state court officer shot himself in the hand Wednesday when his gun accidentally discharged in a Manhattan courtroom, officials said.

The officer, who is in his late 50s, had removed the weapon from its holster in the civil courthouse at 111 Centre St. when the weapon unintentionally fired, said Dennis Quirk, the president of the New York State Court Officers Association.

Gotta love that. “His gun accidentally discharged.” And “the weapon unintentionally fired.” What, now God has reached out His mighty finger and imbued these creations of ore and polymers with the spirit of life, not to mention, free will? Do the guns have minds of their own?

Maybe they do. In this case, the cop didn’t seem to have one of his own. Don’t be that guy.

11 Oct 15: Michigan Golfcart Shooting

The 57-year-old Grandville man, Terry Apol, was the passenger of the golf cart at 6660 20 Mile Rd. The golf cart was driven with a gun being carried on the back of the golf cart.

While driving the cart through a field, the gun went off. The shot hit Apol in the upper left arm.

“The gun went off.” Unexpectedly, eh.

16 Dec 15: Swansea, IL: Retired Police Captain Shot by Gun in Bag

Wow: this appears to be that rare case where the gun did “just go off,” that is, after being dropped. (Many older guns are not drop-safe). Sherman Jumper, 70 was a retired captain in the East St. Louis, IL, Police Department.

Swansea police said the incident happened Wednesday in Jumper’s garage. He was carrying a bag with a loaded gun in it. He reportedly dropped the bag and the gun fired, killing him.

There are precautions that would have prevented this. Is not safe, is gun, but there’s a lot to be said for keeping it one of only two states: in a holster, loaded, or in a case or safe, cleared.

22 Dec 15: Burlington, Iowa Negligent Shooting of Civilian

Autumn Steel absorbs mortal wounds on officer's body cam. He testified he had fallen and was flat on his back when he fired.

Autumn Steele absorbs a mortal wound on officer’s body cam. He testified he had fallen and was flat on his back when he fired.

In this case, the Burlington, IA police department used the, “bleep had it coming” defense to explain why officer Jesse Hill, supposedly firing at a dog, instead killed an angry woman during a domestic dispute, narrowly missing her 3-year-old. The police and prosecutors ruled in days, perhaps in minutes, that it was a good shooting, and have ever since suppressed all records of the shooting except for a few seconds of edited video.

After Hill shot Steele, he and other responding cops let her bleed out, only attempting to treat her with chest compressions after she’d stopped breathing. Her husband, a combat vet with Combat Life Saver training, was held back.

Hill has a history with dogs, having tased two of them in the past. He may have an unnatural fear of the animals.

Des Moines County Attorney Amy K. Beavers wrote in a hastily-assembled whitewash that Hill’s negligent shooting of an unintended human target, fatally to the human, was “reasonable.”

The story reached even to New York, where the Daily News wrote:

Hill was responding to a disturbance on Jan. 6 when he found Steele in front of her house hitting her husband, police said. The 34-year-old mom spent the previous night in jail after being arrested on domestic abuse charges, the Des Moines Register reported.

The cop fired his gun when the family’s German Shepherd, Sammy, pounced on his back and bit him, police said. The bullets hit Steele instead of the attacking dog, police said.

According to the animal control board, the dog was upset and agitated (as were the humans) but the full video shows that it didn’t attack Hill. (They found the dog Not Guilty and returned him to his surviving family members). Hill also had no bite wounds. In fact, even in the short, edited clip released by Hill’s defenders, the dog is visible in front of him moments before he opens fire into the woman right in front of him, but supposedly on the dog that supposedly was on his back. (Some news stories said the dog had a non-life-threatening GSW).

Officer Jesse HillHill (left) and Burlington officials, have since changed their story, and now say that he slipped and fell and that’s why he fired into Steele at near-contact range. An Iowa public records board has filed suit against the agencies standing between Hill and accountability. (This is a separate action from any the family pursues for damages; this is about transparency).

For Hill, there were no consequences, at least, no negative consequences. Burlington Police Chief L.D. Beaird gave him seven weeks of extra vacation as a reward; he returned to duty a month after the whitewash absolved him of any criminal charges.

Since then, Hill has still been stumbling around Burlington with –by his own account and by the reading of the evidence most favorable to him — a gun he can’t handle safely. Call 911 in Burlington, Iowa, and that’s what you get.

That’s a real confidence builder.

Exit thought: you should probably comport yourself during break-ups in such a manner that (1) Officer Friendly needn’t drop by; (2) if he does, he leaves his hogleg in the holster; and (3) your dog doesn’t get all amped up. If Hill hadn’t been negligent, Steele wouldn’t be dead, but if Steele had be in control of herself, the situation would have never reached the point where Hill thought he had to draw.

For More Information:

23 Dec 15, Des Moines: Officer practicing ‘quick draw’ fires shot inside Des Moines Airport

Don_Knotts_Barney_and_the_bullet_Andy_Griffith_ShowProbably shouldn’t have done that. Bet he thinks so, too. Now.

Is it just us, or does this story remind you of a famous TV policeman who “meant well, but…”

Lucky for him, he didn’t hit anybody and it doesn’t appear the Des Moines PD is taking any action on this, or even taking it seriously. However, they do deserve credit for releasing his name. Most departments don’t do that.

23 Dec 15, Poway, CA. Man wounded in San Diego County gun range accident.

There are several clear safety violations in this, another “dropped gun went off” incident.

A 12-year-old boy was target shooting with a .22-caliber rifle when he was burned by a hot bullet casing and dropped the weapon.

When the rifle hit the ground, it fired and the bullet struck a man in the leg.

You could supervise youth shooters better (this is hard to do on a busy commercial range as the RO. It’s really the responsibility of the kid’s adult). You could warn shooters about the fact that a hot case is painful and uncomfortable, but it won’t kill you, whereas muzzle control is an iron law. You could look into whether your guns are drop-safe.

Or you can just put it down to a freak accident of no relevance to you, which is what most people who hear about this will do. (We hear about similar accidents on outdoor ranges with bee or hornet stings). But in our opinion, half the trick to handling an unexpected situation is having expected, or at least thought through, the situation before it presents itself.

26 Dec 15, Chicongo: Chicago police say woman, 55, ‘tragically killed’ when accidentally shot by cop

The various “reverends” and “community leaders” are going to be in the news over this one:

A Chicago police officer responding to a domestic disturbance call Saturday accidentally shot and killed a 55-year-old woman, who was among two people fatally wounded,

It’s not entirely clear what happened, but it appears that family members called 911 because their son, home from college, was acting crazy and swinging an aluminum baseball bat. The police arrived and fired a barrage of shots, hitting him 7 times and the lady in the downstairs apartment, in a case of manic disregard for backstop, once. The PD is lawyered up and not naming the officers, saying how many shots they fired, or even saying what race they are, the first question the reporter from the AP had (raaaaacist!). The two responding officers have been given 30 days’ vacation and need only make a statement on their return, after working with union lawyers to work up the best possible story.

Meanwhile, embattled mayor Rahm Emanuel took the opportunity to bash the police, again.

The cops have reacted predictably, going into “fetal mode.” December, 2014 saw 6,700 arrests, and December ’15 only 2,000. Meanwhile Chicago is likely to break 500 murders (most, but not all, by gunfire) and 3,000 criminal shootings for 2015 — it’s at 497 at this writing. And the press is wound up about the 5 or 6 people — all, apparently, except this one lady, career criminals — who are shot by cops in a year, not the 3,000 that get nailed by crims.

28 December, Las Vegas NV. Las Vegas Cop And Husband Shoot Relative, Won’t Face Charges

If you did this, you’d be in big trouble. And you’d deserve it.

The husband and wife were home sleeping when the relative, a woman who also lives at the residence, came home unexpectedly, [police spox Officer Aaron] Patty said.

The pair went to see what was going on and in the process shot the woman multiple times, he said.

But the lady of the couple that shot the living daylights out of their own relative is a cop, so despite the fact that she and her husband negligently opened fire on an unknown target, and despite the fact that (fortunately for the relative, who survived) neither one of them has minimal marksmanship skills, nothing’s going to happen to her. She’s going to get some extra vacation and then will be back on the streets of LV, threatening the lives of all citizens with her bad judgment and marksmanship.

Maybe the LVPD just doesn’t aspire to any higher standard than this. Could be.

Back From Bubba’s Brink on a Budget

Here is an AK as prepared by Bubba the Gunsmite. It has been given a good gun smiting, both in its tacticool appendages, and in its horkworthy finish. That paint job — is Bubba actually blind from a bad batch of white lightning?


It was posted to Arfcom by a guy wondering what it was, and whether he got a good deal swapping a police trade-in Glock worth maybe $350 for it (and a bunch of low-quality mags). The AK is a Bulgarian kit with its original barrel, built up on a high-quality Nodak Spud LLC receiver. (Yes, their AK stuff is just as outstanding as their AR stuff). Apart from the sprayed on crapkote finish, front rail with a questionable VFG, and love-it-or-hate-it Hogue grip, the 5.49mm rifle has a homemade bumpfire stock, on a cheap plastic (polyethylene?) “buffer” tube held on with (we are not making this up) a wood screw. The new owner wanted a “tactical” AK with rails and all, but didn’t want an eyesore. 

As bad as the gun looks in overview it’s worse close up:

Bubbas AK-74 action

You could call that the “Been there, done that, got tagged by a Bronx graffiti ‘artist'” look. But as bad as the outside of this Bubba job was, the inside was worse yet:

Bubbas AK-74 internals

The collective wisdom of the Arfcom thread was to strip and refinish it — or have a pro do it — and install Magpul Zhukov furniture in a Bulgarian-like plum finish. The Zhukov allows the use of a top rail only.

AK-47 (not 74, obviously) with Magpul Zhukov furniture in black. Magpul photo.

AK-47 (not 74, obviously) with Magpul Zhukov furniture in black. Magpul photo.

But the guy was on a tight, tight budget. He couldn’t swing the Magpul stuff ($200 plus shipping)

Can you heal a sick AK in a tiny home workshop, on a rock-bottom budget?

Here’s what Adam decided to do:

  1. Strip the old finish;
  2. Refinish with a modern coating. He chose Norell’s MolyResin in semi-gloss black;
  3. Replace the Bubba-built bumpfire rig with a conventional stock, perhaps a Magpul CTR in due course;
  4. And do it all himself.

Skip ahead to Results

Here it is “afterward,” still well endowed with tactical gingerbread, but at least not so badly finished as to make Mikhail TImofeyovich weep:
De-bubbad AK74

Although, not exactly well finished either:

De-bubbad 74 2

But still, let’s compare that to the status quo ante: 

Bubbas AK-74 action 2

Not so bad in that light, eh? Really, this thing started out looking like all five of the Lee Sisters — Ug, Home, Ghast, Beast and Gnar. Indeed, the finish was so bad it made the underlying metalwork look bad (which it wasn’t): for example, the rear trunnion rivets look like they’ve got a “smiley” on them (a common result of using an undersized set tool) but it’s just an optical illusion produced by the paint and wear.

The bare metal pins were an oversight, but — that’s the way they are on a factory AK-74, either bare metal or blued.

The finish was done with Norell’s MolyResin ceramic-metallic coating, and the orange peel can caused by a variety of things, including too much paint to quickly, not preheating the work to 100ºF or so, and not properly preparing the work. For any spray-on coating, metal needs to be prepared a little differently than it is for a soak-in coating like Parkerizing. Norell highly recommends abrasive blasting. (Or, if you’re equipped to do it, you can simply parkerize the bare-metal firearm — but you need to remove the old finish first).

Here’s how Adam did it. The longest journey begins with a single step, disassembly. Fortunately, the gun-disassembly tricks and tips that were gunsmith secrets a generation ago, are now available to anyone with a computer. Of course, this has just made more work for gunsmiths as guys (sorry ladies, it’s always a guy) who can’t follow instructions or a video, take short cuts, break things, or can’t reassemble them continue to bring them in — in a basket, or a brown paper bag. If you see a guy in Market Basket tonight answer the checkout question with “paper,” he’s probably bringing us his Glock in the morning.

Bubbas AK-74 disassembly 2

Here he is using the Tipton Gun Vise in the one role for which it’s really suited, a photo stand.

When we see the tight spaces guys like Adam work in, we are more grateful for our second-class (at least) workshop, which we don’t have to share with a water heater. (Or an F150, or lawnmower, snowblower, washer and dryer, or any of those other things we see guys working around). Having lived in small apartments and government quarters we will say that when you have to work in a small space, it helps a lot to keep it picked up and organized — that makes it seem bigger even though it takes a lot of time to be constantly shuffling things in and out of “put away.” We believe that in the end, organization saves more time than it costs.

Here’s another view of the AK at about the same stage of dismantling.

Bubbas AK-74 disassembly

And here it is further along, after most of the weird paint job has been stripped. It clings grimly to the trigger guard and internal parts, but you can see the factory blued finish on the Bulgarian barrel and trunnions, and the Parkerizing on the Nodak receiver. It looks like it took a little scrubbing (note how shiny the rivet heads are).

Bubbas AK-74 semi stripped

At this point, if you want to strip the finish, you have no options but bead blasting and/or chemical warfare. Adam went all chemical. He made a solvent trough out of a section of steel gutter from the hardware store, two end caps, and epoxy to hold them in place (in fact, he used leftover Brownell’s glass bedding compound. It worked fine). He lay the AK barreled receiver, with the barrel plugged at both ends, in there, and added a gallon of acetone. Almost immediately an black chemical began to swirl away from the barrel, like an octopus squirting ink. As the acetone evaporated away, the remaining chemical turned purple with the “octopus ink” that’s the old bluing salts leaving the barrel.

If you look real closely, there's an AK in there.

If you look real closely, there’s an AK in there.

With the old finish off, he resprayed it with MolyResin black semigloss, and baked the finish on, with the results you’ve already seen. In a few days’ part-time work he’s removed an unwanted personalization from a Bubba’d gun and made one that is not only more to his own tastes, but also more readily sold to the next owner, and certainly worth more than the $350 value of the Glock plus the ~$150 value of the materials he bought for the project (some of which, like the stripping solvent trough, are reusable).

Some suggestions, if he ever does it again:

  1. Using a more reliable thermometer than the one built into any non-industrial oven. They’re built to a price, not to a quality level, and the difference between 300º and 325º F matters a lot more to a MolyResin job than it does to a pork roast.
  2. More cycles of stripping and baking the firearm. It’s amazing how much gunk hides in the little interstices of a
  3. Completely stripping the firearm, until there are no vestiges of earlier paints, bluing, or parkerizing.
  4. Thoroughly removing all the finish solvent. This usually suggests another round of baking.
  5. Metal-preparation in accordance with the intended finishing medium. For bluing, you want a high gloss. Norell’s makes very specific recommendations for media-blasting pre-MolyResin. Those are based on many years of experience — it’s a lot faster to learn from their experience than from your own.
  6. Pre-heating the gun before application of MolyResin. (This depends on the specific MR product and degree of gloss you’re shooting for).
  7. Using an airbrush instead of an HVLP sprayer (although Norell’s recommends either).
  8. Very thin coats, not trying to get the thing to finish color in one application.

Still and all, the post-refinish AK is considerably better than the original Bubbafied state. And one has the impression that the owner will not be content with this stage of affairs, but will further improve the firearm.

Bubba Builds a Tactical Shotgun

This is about as wrong as a guy dating a sheep.

Bubba The Gunsmite Makes a Shotgun

Clearly Bubba is a subscriber to the theory that the more clutter in the photo, the more seriously the abortion at its center will be received. So we will treat this Tactical Operator CQB Death Shotgun with all the respect that it, and its creator, are due.

We thought the digital caliper on the desk was a nice touch. Hell of a prop to display when showing one of the gaudiest excesses of design since the tailfins of ’59. And what exactly is a caliper used for when snapping random parts together?

With this shotgun, you are equipped for all eventualities that you must face in your life as an Airsoft-trained Operator. Unfortunately, it is so crusted with 10 pounds of catalog gingerbread that we can’t make out what brand or model of shotgun it is.

From rear to front, those accessories include:

  • a folding stock;
  • a pistol grip for maximum tactical control;
  • a supply of ready ammunition;
  • a scope made in gen-yoo-wine China;
  • a rails system designed by a committee of tactical operators on tactical operations in the chat rooms and blogs of the world;
  • a Magpul Angled Fore Grip, positioned to give you some hope of controlling this nose-heavy monstrosity;
  • a visible light laser pointer for sniper accurate scattershot shooting, also from that quartermaster of all the world’s elite, to wit, China;
  • a regular light for when you need to keep looking for the laser pointer after dark, when your first shots shake it off;
  • a bipod for when you are assigned the toughest shotgun sniping missions;
  • a breaching-oriented muzzle device; and,
  • the pièce de résistance: the bayonet, to compensate for shotguns’ well-known deficiency in close-range stopping power.

On the plus side: Bubba does not seem to have permanently harmed the shotgun in doing this. And people seem to have fun with it. On the minus side… well, just look at the thing.

Stag Arms Guilty Plea and Fine — the Background

stag_armsRecently, the Stag Arms case has been resolved with guilty pleas by the firm and its founder, forfeiture of two Federal Firearms Licenses by the manufacturer, and a ban on FLL ownership for the founder. The company continues to operate while seeking new owners, and the founder only pled to a single misdemeanor.

Here is part of the US Attorney for the District of CT’s statement.

Deirdre M. Daly, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, and Daniel J. Kumor, Special Agent in Charge of the ATF Boston Field Division, announced that STAG ARMS LLC, a firearms manufacturer in New Britain, pleaded guilty today in Hartford federal court to violating federal firearms laws.

“It is critically important for those who are responsible for manufacturing firearms, especially high-powered semiautomatic rifles, to diligently comply with federal firearms laws throughout the production and distribution process,” said U.S. Attorney Daly. “Stag’s misconduct has resulted in hundreds of these weapons being lost or untraceable. In addition, Stag’s possession of dozens of unregistered machine guns is particularly egregious. Federal firearms laws exist to ensure that all legal firearms are properly accounted for and don’t wind up on the street, and in the hands of those who shouldn’t possess them. Gun manufacturers who don’t follow the rules and violate federal law not only face license revocation, but criminal prosecution. I commend the ATF for expertly investigating this matter.”

“What occurred in this case is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” said ATF Special Agent in Charge Kumor.

Yeah, right. What Kumor really opposes is the manufacture and private ownership of firearms, period. He’s a Party member, and that makes him a square peg in a square hole in ATF management.

“ATF relies on individuals and corporations who are licensed to manufacture firearms to mark them in accordance with the law, keep thorough records of the manufacture and disposition of all firearms and maintain their inventory in secure facilities to prevent their theft or loss. When firearms licensees fail to comply with these federal regulations and laws they open the door for untraceable firearms to wind up on the street in the hands of traffickers and criminals. Today’s guilty plea and the license revocations demonstrate our commitment to hold firearms licensees accountable when they place public safety at risk.”

The whole statement is here at ATF. Be aware that these statements are often argumentative in nature, and contain claims that the USA and the LE officials never took to court — they’re spin, basically. Remember that Daly, Kumor and the AUSA who handled the case, S. Dave Vatti, are all anti-gun political partisans committed to an aggressive gun control agenda. They all supported the ATF’s Gunwalker program that provided at least two to three thousand firearms directly to Mexican cartels, so their outrage about Stag’s record keeping is a bit… selective. The statement also contains some claims that are definitely not true.

Here is Stag’s statement; it’s very brief.


NEW BRITAIN – Tuesday, December 22, 2015 – Stag Arms, LLC today announced that the company and its founder, Mark Malkowski, have reached a resolution with government officials stemming from an investigation that began last year relating primarily to the timing of recordkeeping during the manufacturing process and compliance with federal firearms manufacturing and registration requirements. Both Stag Arms and Mr. Malkowski cooperated fully with the government throughout the investigation. While both Stag Arms and Mr. Malkowski believe that public safety was never compromised, they have agreed to enter guilty pleas and to pay significant fines, because doing so is in the best interests of the company and its employees. Mr. Malkowski has also agreed to transition the business to new ownership and is in advanced talks with a potential buyer. Mr. Malkowski will continue as a marketing consultant to the business and the industry for a period of time following the sale. Stag Arms takes its obligations to comply with all laws and regulations very seriously and has made comprehensive changes to ensure that similar problems cannot happen again and that best compliance practices are maintained in all of its operations.

In response to a question, a Stag spokesman confirmed that the company is up and operating.

The federal government has agreed to allow Stag Arms to continue operating with an effective firearms license during the transition to new ownership and the plan moving forward is for business as usual during the transition and beyond.

Stag is noted for reasonably priced, entry-level AR-15s. Its most unique products are probably its near-mirror-image left-hand models.

Stag Model 1L (left-handed).

Stag Model 1L (left-handed).

Lefty Stag Receiver

The dust cover, inverted so the same spring can be used on both sides, is the only give-away that this is not a flipped picture rather than an image of a mostly-flipped firearm.

ATF has its marching orders, which are to destroy FFLs, especially manufacturers. It gets froggy about this when its own party controls the executive, and eases up when its preferred politicians are out. But today, the mission is, “Get licensees!”

This is why they’re not taking MG cases that state investigators or other Feds develop, unless (1) the case is a slam dunk that the AUSAs won’t whine about, (2) the guy is a licensee, or (3) manufacturing without a license or (4) can be leveraged to inform on a manufacturer or dealer. That’s also why they’re not prosecuting straw buyers, instead running them as paid CIs against one dealer after another, trying to get one to agree to break the law.

Back in May we wrote this about this case, in a roundup of industry bad news:

Stag Arms is in a Legal Jam

Once again we’ll go to for the tale of the tape, as it were.

Federal agents seized thousands of gun parts and documents from New Britain gun maker Stag Arms LLC today.

According to court documents, an investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives revealed that Stag failed to comply with the National Firearms Act when agents found 3,000 unserialized machine gun lower receivers, and that the company failed to maintain documents for 136 unserialized receivers.

Stag’s owner, Mark Malkowski, was named as the claimant in the civil suit filed in Connecticut federal court on May 6.

ATF inspectors discovered the alleged violations last July and August during a routine check of Stag’s facilities and the inspector subsequently informed the company.

Tadeusz Malkowski, the federal firearms licensee for the Stag facility where the unserialized parts were found, told ATF inspectors that the receivers had been on the premises between seven and 30 days because the employee who serialized the receivers was on vacation, according to the filing.

This sounds pretty bad, but so far there have been no criminal charges. What is really happening here is that Stag’s Industry Operations Inspector seems to have gone wild on the firm.

The IOI reneged on a verbal OK previous IOIs had given the company about keeping spare receivers on hand to retro-serialize to replace damaged receivers for warranty or other repairs. If you do this, expect ATF to target you (not that they’re consistent at all from one office to another). If you want to keep receivers to be serialized as replacements, keep those receivers in an incomplete state, which ATF has generally interpreted to mean no milling or drilling of the fire control pocket (partially finishing the pivot and takedown pin recesses, broaching or EDM’ing the magwell, finishing the mag release and bolt release recesses, and partially finishing the buffer tower (drill and tap for receiver extension), have all been ruled OK in the past). Go beyond that without a serial number and maker name, city and state on the receiver and they will violate you.

ATF Managers and US Attorneys, including the ones involved in this case, have been given marching orders to destroy firearms companies, and especially, makers of Modern Sporting Rifles, by any means necessary.

Here’s the .pdf of one forfeiture complaint. As is customary with forefeiture proceedings, the “defendants” are the seized guns and they are guilty until Stag proves them innocent. The file is courtesy of


The forfeiture complaint makes little sense to us, as they charge that these receivers were unserialized, but they list them by serial number. There are also many fewer receivers listed in this complaint than the 3,000-plus that the ATF supposedly seized. Three thousand receivers are a staggering number but as Stag produces about 150,000 a year, it’s really only a week’s production.

The anti-gun reporters at the Hartford Business Journal breathlessly reported that, “a large cache of gun parts” was found — at the gun factory. Layers and layers of editors!

In court filings and to the Hartford Business Journal, ATF agents charged that Stag is “suspected of ongoing illegal activity” and “unauthorized trafficking of guns.” They have also called all the receivers the company had on hand “machine guns,” and have obtained an opinion from the ever-flexible Firearms Technology Branch supporting that position.

Nothing in this seems to be changed by the case’s resolution, except that Mark Malkowski was charged with one or more felonies, did enter into a plea bargain to plead to a single misdemeanor, and did enter into a consent agreement not to apply for an FFL. He is not barred from working in the industry, working for an FFL, or owning personal guns.

To recap, the problem was caused by the receivers being processed in two separate locations — separately licensed as 07 FFL manufacturers — with the serial numbers added only after completion. This meant that at any given time there was work in process that was literally not legal because it consisted of complete, unserialized receivers. This process had been approved verbally by previous IOIs, but even a written opinion from ATF is not considered binding or precedential by ATF, when they want to get you; a verbal opinion is not worth the paper it isn’t written on.

It looks in the end like it was an expensive, near-death experience for Stag. The large fines paid will be put to work to further persecute industry firms and lobby for more gun control. As a GEICO ad might say, if you’re the ATF, that’s what you do.

Moral of story, bend over backwards to be in compliance with the letter of the law, and put no faith in any variances from untrustworthy people at an untrustworthy agency. Then maybe they’ll make someone else the example. Like they did to Malkowski and STAG.

They left themselves open to this difficult case by their efficient, but literally illegal handling of AR receivers. They were probably singled out due to Malkowski’s high profile on 2nd Amendment issues, and opposition to the Governor of Connecticut’s anti-gun platform.

Mass Armory Theft Investigation Continues

A third suspect has been charged in he theft of 16 firearms, including six burst-capable M4 carbines, from a US Army Reserve Armory in Worcester, Massachusetts. According to the FBI, Tyrone James of Dorchester, MA (a Boston suburb/neighborhood) was involved in burglar James W. Morales’s attempts to sell off the weapons.

One of the stolen weapons, an M4 burst-capable carbine, that has been recovered.

One of the stolen weapons, an M4 burst-capable carbine, that has been recovered.

Former (and, surprisingly, honorably-discharged) reservist Morales and friend Ashley Bigsbee have already been charged in the case: Morales with the thefts, which were done by cutting into a vault whose alarm had been turned off, and Bigsbee with possession of stolen firearms and lying to Federal investigators.

Tyrone James, 28, Dorchester is facing charges of lying to federal investigators and being a felon in possession of a firearm in U.S. District Court. He is expected to appear in federal court in Worcester on Monday. [21 Dec 15 — Ed.]

Authorities investigating the theft of six M-4 rifles and 10 M-11 pistols from the Lincoln Stoddard U.S. Army Reserve Center last month searched an apartment in Dorchester as part of their investigation.

The man accused of stealing the weapons, former U.S. Army reservist James Walker Morales, allegedly went to the apartment the day after the robbery, according to authorities.

Morales allegedly met with Ashley Bigsbee and James at the apartment. Bigsbee is facing charges of unlawful possession of a stolen firearm and lying to federal investigators in connection to the weapons theft.

Morales told investigators Bigsbee introduced him to James, who arranged the sale of five of the stolen guns to some men, according to records on file in federal court. James was allegedly given one of the pistols and one of the rifles for helping, authorities said.

Ah yeah, that’s the limit of cooperation they’re getting:

“Who bought the guns you were selling?”

“We dunno, just Sumdood.”

Yeah, riiiiight.

James, who has armed robbery and assault convictions on his record, allegedly told FBI agents that he did not help Morales.

“Tyrone repeatedly denied assisting Morales or anyone else with selling guns,” FBI agents wrote in federal records. “Tyrone further claimed that he did not know why Morales would tell law enforcement that Tyrone facilitated the sale of guns for Morales.”

Investigators did not find any communications between James and Morales on James’ cellphone. He told authorities if there were any messages to Morales, it was because Bigsbee used his phone.

James allegedly had messages on his phone where he appears to ask people if they are looking to buy guns, records said.

“Bro hit me if u know anyone lookin for any blicks,” one message read. Another message read, “Bro hit me if u no anyone lookin for hammers.” Both messages are contained in a federal affidavit.

via Third person faces charges in connection to theft of weapons from U.S. Army Reserve armory |

Blicks? Hammers? Who did this knucklehead think he was, Home Depot?

ashley_bigsbeeMeanwhile, because it is Massachusetts, Ashley Bigsbee, the women busted in the case, has been released with conditions including an ankle bracelet.

Those are the same conditions Morales was supposed to be under at the time of the burglary. He was out on parole or probation at that time.

Bigsbee (left) had photos of the stolen guns on her cell phone when arrested in November.


Oh, the Humanity! …Uh, wait… Animanity?

You can envision Nature as this if you like...

You can envision Nature as this if you like, the Biblical Lion and the Lamb…

If you want to find examples of illogic, magical thinking, and just general irrationality, you really don’t need to look any further than the animal rights movement. And as just about all of them are university-educated — you can’t get that ignorant without professional assistance — they are also a great proof for the proposition that universities no longer teach logic, except perhaps as a very sparsely attended elective.

Comes now Vox, the unintentional-humor website in which the callowest of youth lecture their declared inferiors in the supposedly deep subjects of the day, and presents to us one Jacy Reese, an airheaded child who proceeds to lecture us on what the beasts of the field really need, and that’s some good old Animal Lives Matter consciousness-raising.

Drum circle, ho!

She does have some auspicious moments:

Nowadays many of us have little contact with the wilderness, making it easy to view nature with rose-tinted glasses.

Speak for yourself, child. The wilderness here begins three meters behind our groundskeeping shed; the wilderness ate our beloved cat Khalid bin Mahfouz a couple years ago. We know the wilderness. We daresay we have more nights logged under the stars of four continents than an entire convention of sunken-chested, monitor-tanned environmental activists. But that line, risible though it is, was a rare moment of orbital near-approach of self-consciousness to tender Jacy; mostly, her piece is worse than that. If you dare, Read The Whole Thing™: she plows on in the same sort of glassy-eyed True Believer fervor you encounter near urban universities, mostly because that’s where the Scientologists and meth addicts are.

..but it's really more like this: a cougar locals call Doug has his way with a bighorn sheep in Banff National Park.

…but it’s really more like this: a cougar locals call Doug has his way with a bighorn sheep in Banff National Park.

And she’s “educated” in the sense of having high verbal skills — she uses “enormity” in its most correct original sense, for example — but on the evidence of this essay, lacks any ability to organize her thoughts coherently and argue from principles. It’s all rhetoric, in Aristotle’s sense of the word; meant to persuade with no necessary attachment to truth or logic.

In any event, to the extent her stream-of raised-consciousness writing has a thesis — no, let us not tell you. You would not believe it, coming from us; you would think we are twisting her words to make her look childish and stupid. So here are her own words:

The natural suffering of wild animals is real and breathtaking in its enormity, but incredibly little is being done to reduce it. Although many organizations work to preserve ecosystems and biodiversity, few focus on the well-being of individual animals. And despite more people taking notice of the torment wild animals endure at the hands of humans who hunt and poach them, little thought has gone into the question of how to help wild animals avoid natural agonies.

Wild animals aren’t that different from the dogs and cats we love, and they deserve the same level of compassion. We must try to help them, if possible, with careful consideration to be sure we don’t cause further harm by disturbing the ecosystems on which we all depend.

What can we do to stop wild animal suffering?

Wild animal welfare is a new and unexplored field, so the most important actions we can take now are a) spreading the idea of helping wild animals, and b) researching possible interventions.

See what we mean about her skills as a writer, or lack of them? Her thesis statement is in there somewhere, suffocating for want of an editor to let in any life-giving oxygen, and maybe a clear subject and an action verb.

But she seems to be assuming that the PETA crowd has won the battle of “human exploitation of animals,” you know, the exploitation that’s brought us rising wealth and life expectancy globally, and now we have a duty to prevent wild animals from hurting each other, and being hurt by God’s microscopic creations.

Good luck with that.

Her proposed solutions are, as you might expect from a product of today’s university Safe Spaces, callow, shallow, and jejune: we should vaccinate wild animals against diseases, and we should offer them birth control to prevent Malthusian consequences to their population (which will presumable come when we’ve locked up all the hunters, and got the predators all noshing on lentil gorp and singing Kumbayah with us).

She reminds us quite exactly of the customer that refused to listen to the vet who told her that her application of human fad diets (vegan, macrobiotic) to her cat was killing the poor animal, whose biology is built to break down and metabolize meat.

“But… it’s got electrolytes!”

It’s all written in vague, gauzy, wordy and indirect verbiage that’s characteristic of so many young graduates who have spent four years honing their ability to suck up to radical professors, but now expect me to offer a job despite their inability to think, organize, lead or even express themselves clearly.

Another potential way to improve wild animal welfare is to reduce population size. The issues of predation, illness, and starvation can be even worse with overpopulation. In these cases, we might be able to humanely reduce population numbers using contraceptives. In fact, this has already been tried on some wild horses and white-tailed deer. Fertility regulation might be used in conjunction with vaccination to help animals while preventing overpopulation that could affect individuals of different species in the ecosystem.

We don’t think that Cecil Freaking Rhodes, never mind Cecil the Lion, had such a high opinion of his powers on his most imperialistically overweening day. Her view of the environment owes more to Bambi than it does to Darwin.

Jacy, dear child, the Wilderness just called. Seeing as we’re fresh out of cats here, perhaps you could send them yours? Don’t bother sending the macrobiotic cat chow — Fluffy won’t be needing it.

Survival tip: Don’t Bring a Brick to a Gunfight

bye-gravestoneKeon Allison, the pastor of the City of God Church in no-man’s-land-looking northwest Detroit clearly believes that the Lord helps the believer who helps himself. When a man (who had already attacked him (and his wife) repeatedly) interrupted services to charge him with a brick, Allison responded with deadly force from a Glock pistol.

The Wayne County prosecutor’s office said in a news release that the pastor of City of God church on the city’s northwest side “had an honest and reasonable belief” that he and others were at risk of death or harm Oct. 18, when Deante Smith rushed at him with a brick.

Authorities say the 25-year-old Smith forced his way inside the church, pushed the pastor’s mother to the ground and rushed past men restraining him and toward the pastor, brandishing the brick. The pastor shot him once, then multiple times when Smith approached him again.

via News from The Associated Press.

The AP chose not to name Allison, but Detroit media did. Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy, no steady friend of self-defenders, didn’t find any reason to charge the pastor. Worthy:

The alleged facts in this case were salacious to some because they happened in a place of worship and the person who discharged the weapon was a man of God. The provable facts in this case showed that Rev. Allison’s actions … were done in lawful self-defense and there will be no charges.

Allison and Smith had once been friends, and Smith had looked up to the older pastor. They fell out, and Smith made several attacks on Allison up until the one culminating in his death, because Smith came to believe that his wife Takia’s kid was not his, but Allison’s. The pastor and woman both deny any affair.


Anti-Gun Publicist Closes Shop to Fight Sexual Assault Rap

Trevor Fitzgibbon got laid by forcing himself on employes and clients' employees, and his charm, style and intermittent personal hygiene, but mostly by forcing himself on them.

Trevor Fitzgibbon got laid by forcing himself on employees and clients’ employees, and his charm, style and intermittent personal hygiene. But mostly, by forcing himself on them.

The “go-to PR firm” for “progressive groups,” FitzGibbon media, has shut it doors and canned all its employees so that its founder and president can fight a barrage of sexual harassment and sexual assault charges. Daily Variety, the Hollyweird trade paper:

FitzGibbon Media, a Washington public relations firm that represented progressive groups like MoveOn, Everytown and NARAL, closed its doors on Thursday after allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Trevor FitzGibbon, its president.

A group of the firm’s former employees issued a statement in which they said that “the team that comprised FitzGibbon Media is incredibly sad and disappointed to confirm that allegations against Trevor FitzGibbon, FitzGibbon Media founder and president , for sexual assault and harassment of multiple female staffers. Staffers reported over a half dozen incidents of sexual harassment and at least two involving sexual assault committed by Trevor FitzGibbon against his own employees.”

The company issued a statement in which it said that “after much discussion and deliberations, and in consultation with legal counsel, it is with great regret that we have announced our firm is closing.”

FitzGibbon Media was the publicist for Shannon Watts and various Bloomberg anti-gun fronts, including Everytown and Illegal Mayors Against Guns. At least, until it folded amid revelations that all-purpose prog hero Trevor Fitzgibbon was trying to fitz his gibbon into enough unwilling women — mostly subordinates, eeewww — that it finally lashed back on him.


It’s rather fitting that Watts, who considers that your safety is enhanced by refusing to defend yourself, selected an abusive accused sex offender as a professional services provider. Both things betoken a certain poverty of judgment.

Gun control was a cash cow for Fitzgibbon. Variety notes:

Among other things, the company had helped promote the rollout of Everytown for Gun Safety’s Creative Council, led by Julianne Moore, including a recent video featuring celebrities and President Obama.

The employees finally stood up, en masse, when that one applicant stood up. Each had thought that she alone had put out (or refused to) for The Boss.

In their statement, the ex-employees said that they “could no longer continue working” under FitzGibbon’s leadership.

“We lost our jobs standing up for what’s right, to ensure a safe workplace for all — and while we may have been left without jobs, benefits and long-term healthcare, we have our integrity and each other.”

That really sounds more like they were fired for whistleblowing on their Rapey Fitzrapin’ of a boss.

Along with gun controllers, FitzGibbon’s clients are a who’s who of left wing groups, including the anti-defense “project on government oversight” which incorporated the Soviet-front Center for Defense Information after Soviet funding petered out, and several Democrat partisan veterans groups, including IAVA, IVAW, and VoteVets. His victims came mostly from the staffs of his own company, and from applicants for whom he kept a casting couch in a hotel room, but also from among his clients’ personnel.

It was an applicant’s resistance to his crude advances that led to the fall of his company.

FitzGibbon (or remaining staffers, if any) seemed to spend the weekend nuking the company’s long social media tail, to limit backlash against the groups that provided its funding (and Fitzgibbon’s unwilling dates).

Still, there are no indications that Fitzgibbon groped everyone he came in contact with. At least one of his clients never was groped. So we’ll never know the answer to the question of just how horny the horny old goat was.

You see, the client he never groped? He never got a contact visit with client Bradley “Chelsea” Manning, either.