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Gun Free Zones Arming MO Murderers

gun-free-sitting-duckThe AP missed the lede of a recent story: one of the biggest contributors to an explosion of homicides in Missouri is, indirectly, the state’s network of Victim Disarmament Zones, often misleadingly called Gun-Free Zones (the Zones are only “free” of legally carried gunsl; they don’t alter criminal behavior). Missouri’s robust criminal networks, formal and informal, have put the word out that the parking lot outside a school, court, stadium or other VDZ is an excellent place to go trolling for guns.

Auto burglary, even if a gun is stolen, is not taken seriously by the courts there, or almost anywhere else. Likewise, Felon in Possession charges are unlikely to be brought except against the Great White Defendant; violent felons usually get a bye on this charge from their enablers, prosecutors. The Associated Press’s Jim Salter (link is to US News version, which is illustrated with a picture of — guns in a legal gun shop, which are not the subject of the story):

More than 170,000 Missouri residents hold concealed-carry permits and many bring guns when they venture to high-crime areas like St. Louis. Numerous city-dwellers, too, own firearms. But once they arrive at their destination, they often have to leave their guns behind.

“When they go to a baseball game or an event at the convention center … they can’t take their weapons in with them and they leave them in cars,” Dotson said. “Criminals know there are guns in cars and they break into cars.”

More guns are around overall. Both sales and applications for concealed-carry permits have spiked in the St. Louis region in the past year, after unrest that followed the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown led to safety concerns. Brown, who was black and unarmed, was fatally shot by a white officer last summer, leading to protests, some looting, fires and violence.


This is the usually dishonest Jim Salter from Associated Press, so he doesn’t mention that Brown, while unarmed, attacked the officer, nor that the riots (not “protests, some looting”) were fed by dishonest reporting and fabrications from reporters, like, for instance, the AP’s Jim Salter.

When a grand jury declined to indict the officer in November, violence sparked again.

Fed once again by false media reports by Jim Salter, who even today a year after the incident keeps preserving The Narrative™ of innocent “unarmed black man” murdered by a white (therefore, in AP world, evil, unless you’re one of AP’s almost all-white staff, like the fishbelly-white Jim Salter).

Experts say that, inevitably, with more guns come more gun thefts. Remy Cross, a professor at Webster University in suburban St. Louis, said those who steal guns often sell them to other criminals.

“It’s easy to move them,” he said. “If you have a gun and don’t intend to use it yourself, because of the loopholes in laws around gun shows and resale, it’s relatively easy to get these guns into criminals’ hands.”

“Experts say” = “This reporter’s opinon is…” most of the time, but this time he has found an expert to agree with him. So Prof. Cross thinks St. Louis urban skells that steal guns take them to a gun show to sell them to their own social circle of urban skells? There are some ideas so retarded that an innocent retarded person couldn’t possibly form them: you need the advanced retardation that comes with a PhD.

Police say stolen and illegal guns are at the root of violence across the country.

Which leads us to another inference that Salter, in his adhesion to The Narrative™, will never make: restriction on legitimate owners can’t have a meaningful impact on criminal use, because the only intersection of the two groups is when the second (crims) victimize or try to victimize the first (legitimate, peaceable owners).

In San Francisco, the gun used to kill Kathryn Steinle, who was fatally shot in July as she walked with her father along a scenic pier, was stolen.

Salter here uses the passive voice, which the AP Stylebook these days apparently suggests that reporters use when lying about events. He makes “the gun” the subject of that sentence. And he never mentions the rather key data point that the unsecured gun was stolen from a Federal agent, who remains to this day lawyered up, uncooperative with the investigation, and who has gone (and will go) completely unpunished. But yeah, the gun did it. Preach it, Jim.

Chicago has already seized nearly 4,700 guns – nearly all of them stolen – this year.

That is, nearly none of them bought legally. At a gun show or otherwise.


Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said that’s seven times more guns seized than New York City, and three times the number in Los Angeles.

“They’re the engine of violence in Chicago,” Guglielmi said. “These are guns that are on the streets used to fuel the violence in Chicago.”

We submit that leniently-handled Chicago career criminals are the engine of violence in Chicago. Maybe the guns are the transmission, but they would commit no crimes, absent a criminal’s intent. (Even Bubba the Gunsmite knows how to apply Loc-tite to the loose nut behind the trigger. When will Chicongo learn?)

In Jacksonville, Florida, gun thefts from cars are so common that police have launched a social media campaign to persuade people to keep their weapons at home.

Yeah, ’cause criminals never steal guns in residential burglaries — which is what they would do if this idjit campaign was 100% successful and everybody left their guns at home. What, do they assume criminals do not react to incentives unlike every other known life form?

“It’s a big issue,” Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Melissa Bujeda said. “Criminals are just going car-hopping, looking for unlocked doors and people who are leaving their guns in their cars.”

There is no updated national data on gun thefts, but a U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics report found that 1.4 million firearms were stolen across the country from 2005 through 2010. It also found that the vast majority – at least 80 percent – were never recovered.

This is a case where an ATF master list of stolen guns could be a national benefit, but it would only work if ATF were a trusted broker; instead, ATF leadership is content to have their bureau be known as a politically partisan and untrustworthy (even to its own most courageous agents!) organization.

Suspects who authorities say were wielding stolen guns were shot by St. Louis-area police in two recent high-profile cases, worsening racial tensions that have simmered since Brown’s death. Both of the 18-year-olds shot this month by police also were black.

And, of course, the media has been all over the cops shot blacks version of the narrative, and has soft-pedaled the a couple black career criminals pointed or fired stolen guns at cops version, which is at least equally true (and a hell of a lot more complete).

During a protest in Ferguson on Aug. 9 marking the one-year anniversary of Brown’s death, Tyrone Harris Jr. shot at undercover officers using a semi-automatic 9 mm gun that was stolen last year from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, police said. Officers fired back, striking Harris several times. He was critically wounded.

Last week in north St. Louis, Mansur Ball-Bey ran out of a home during a raid and was fatally shot after pointing a gun at officers, Dotson said, though the attorney for Ball-Bey’s family claims that he was unarmed. Investigations by an internal police unit and the city’s Circuit Attorney’s office continue. Dotson said Ball-Bey’s handgun had been stolen in Rolla, Missouri, about 100 miles southwest of St. Louis.

via Guns stolen from vehicles increasingly used in violent crime.

Gee, who are we gonna believe, the cops holding the dead skell’s stolen gun, or the ambulance chaser hired by the family to get some money out of their expired former member’s kamikaze assault?

And on a final tactical note, does the predictable snuffing out of these sub-geniuses have a knock-on effect of raising criminal mean IQ? We mean, most people are aware banzai charges didn’t even work for the Japanese, and they executed them with considerable numbers and unmatched verve. Guys like Tyrone Harris Jr. and Mansur Ball-Bey must have been the other kind of retarded from PhD retarded.

TSA Protected the Living Daylights out of Her

tsa checkpointWhat would a GEICO ad featuring the godawful Transportation Security Administration say? Probably something like this: “If you were a TSA agent, you’d steal stuff and molest people. That’s what they do.”

That’s a pretty good shot at it, as we have documented their normal behavior here over the years. And we continue to believe, based on a mountain of evidence, that no one good, decent, honest, competent, moral, ethical or intelligent has ever been employed at TSA in any capacity whatsoever. Case in point:

A TSA agent is accused of sexually assaulted [sic] a woman at LaGuardia Airport after telling her she needed to be searched in the bathroom.

According to authorities, the suspect was arrested following an investigation of claims by the 22-year-old victim, a college student from Korea.

The victim was in Terminal B at around 8 p.m. Tuesday when she was told by the suspect to go into the bathroom for a search.

Once there, the agent molested her, said police.

After the attack, the victim found witnesses who recognized the suspect. The suspect was wearing a TSA uniform at the time of his arrest and she picked him out a photo array.

via Police say TSA agent molested college student traveling through LaGuardia in airport bathroom |

Naturally, TSA officialdom had nothing to say about this, not even the usual banal boilerplate bullshit about “isolated incident” that they issue daily as their mouth-breathing bottom-feeding employees create one “isolated incident” after another.

Don’t forget that the only reason this particular TSA rapist is being prosecuted is because the victim went to real law enforcement, not to TSA management, who would have covered the whole thing up, maybe fired the rapist, and not even given him a bad employment reference. Because a TSA job is a form of welfare, an entitlement, and you can’t take it away from one of them just for raping somebody! What, have you no heart?

Given the degree to which all TSA personnel are evil, the degree to which all TSA personnel are incompetent turns out to be a good thing.

The Thin (and Neat) Blue Perv

Newton PDQuick, what would happen to you if systematically used the threat of force (or abused the color of authority) to try to intimidate people into sex with you?

If you’re a gay cop, apparently, not much. A cop named Jason Miller in Newton, New Jersey (where guns are outlawed and the cops are the worst people in a state that starts off with its average below average) used to use blue lights and intimidation as a way to get oral sex from random men and boys.

He’d pull over some guy he took a shine to, and approach the motorists car with, instead of a ticket pad, something, uh, else, in his hand; you could take the ticket or you could kiss him there and make it all better.

Miller either unzipping or (more likely) zipping up. Little of this video was available because he customarily turned his camera off.

Miller either unzipping or (more likely) zipping up. Little of this kind of video was available because he customarily turned his camera off. As you can see, he’s not thin and neat, so the Seinfeld reference in the title doesn’t fit. But we couldn’t resist it anyway.

If a regular guy used a power relationship that blatantly to get sex — say, a professor greeting co-eds at office hours, unzipped and tumescent — the State of New Jersey would zang him so far back in the cellblock that his gruel would have to be delivered by GPS-enabled drones. But a different set of laws apply to the law’s insiders.

Indeed, Jason Miller is a perfect storm of two minorities beloved by prosecutors and courts — gay rapists, and dirty cops. He got away for it for a very long time, until two of the motorists he’d waggled his truncheon at called a tip line and exposed him (pun definitely intended).

The prosecutor forbore to charge Miller with any felony. Furthermore, he’s only asking for sixty days, and, Miller has to promise not to work as a cop any more. In New Jersey. (Hey, the Chester, PA Police Department has room for guys like this).

Jason Miller, 37, appeared before Judge Thomas Critchley in Sussex County Superior Court Monday with his attorney, Anthony Iacullo, for the first time since being arrested in November 2014.

Under the terms of the agreement, Miller pleaded guilty to turning off the video and audio components of his patrol car’s dashboard camera system “to conceal unprofessional and inappropriate conduct” between March 1, 2014 and Oct. 23, 2014.

If there’s no video from the dashcam, the cop’s story is always a lie. That needs to be written in to the Rules of Evidence. But as the photo above shows, there was some dashcam video of Patrolman Perv.

Additionally, Miller, who is currently suspended indefinitely without pay from the Newton Police Department, will be barred from seeking employment as a law enforcement officer in New Jersey, Sussex County First Assistant Prosecutor Greg Mueller said.

The state is also seeking that Miller serve 60 days in county jail, as well as be subject to a probationary period of between one and five years, Mueller said.

via Newton cop, accused of exposing himself during traffic stops, takes plea deal |

His mouthpiece — it’s not clear is Iacullo is the go-to defense attorney for gay rapists, or if Iacullo is the Police Benevolent Association’s retained guy for dirty cops — is no doubt pressing to let him off with Time Not Served.

You have to wonder how many other cops on Miller’s department knew about this behavior before a couple of citizen’s complaints did him in.

Remember, in places like New Jersey, police like Miller are the only ones who can be trusted with firearms. The same way they’re the only serial rapists who can be trusted to walk free in two months or less.


Here’s an incident at LiveLeak, that answers, in part, the question in the initial paragraph of this article. (Note, badly digitally-clipped audio). In the video, a guy is being arraigned on charges that he impersonated a cop for sex, or, more specifically, used the threat of arrest to get a hooker to give it up to him without him using a condom. His attorney does his best to spring the guy, arguing that the words of the statute imply that what his client, Dindu Nuffin, dindu is not a crime. But you can see this suspect get hammered a lot harder by the judge (even in the arraignment phase) than Miller did — because he wasn’t really a cop using his cop-hood to get laid, he was pretending to be, and mere impersonators don’t inherit this droit du seigneur that New Jersey law apparently extends to the state’s dirty cops.

(Editor’s note: looking for an illustration for this we googled ‘gay cop’ thinking (1) there was probably such a thing as gay cop pr0n, and (2) the search results would probably a G rated but suggestive image to use here. Answers: (1) oh yeah, and (2) not really. There is not enough brain bleach in the liquor cabinet. Worse, it now is in google’s memory of the crap we have searched for. We’re going to see some, can we say, queer suggestions in the weeks ahead. Dumb, dumb, dumb. –Eds.)

Does Prison Look Better, if You Can’t See It?

behind barsIt began with a typical 21st Century stroke of criminal genius, and ended with a bullet to the brain, although the denouement is still playing out in the courts.

at about 9 p.m. June 26, 2011, [Mark] Sanders, [Chancier] McFarland and a third man drove to Green Street near 40th in Powelton. As part of the robbery plan, the third man responded to a Craigslist ad to buy a Suzuki dirt bike and agreed to meet the seller on Green Street. McFarland acted as a lookout as Sanders and the third man approached the seller.

After the third man pretended to inspect the dirt bike on the porch of a home, Sanders drew a gun from his waistband and pointed it at the seller and two of the seller’s relatives. Sanders’ co-conspirator, who was inspecting the bike, then drove it away.

Meanwhile, another relative of the seller saw what was going on and took out his legally owned firearm and pointed it at Sanders, telling him to stop.

Sanders instead pointed his gun at that man, who then fired in self-defense, hitting Sanders in the right temple. After Sanders collapsed, the man who shot him called police.

via Blind defendant sentenced to 10-plus years behind bars.

Coached by his sleazebag attorney, one Rocco “Consiglieri” Cipparone, Sanders threw out all the usual mouthpiece-says-I-gotta phony stuff: he’s now found Jesus, he’s sorry he did it (or at least, that he got shot, and caught), and, magnanimously, he’s over being angry at the guy who shot him for just trying to kill him for a motorcycle. Cipparone had all the usual arguments why his current pet pathogen shouldn’t go back in the freezer: he’s already suffering and will suffer for all his life. Don’t put him in jail, argued Cipparone: “[H]e put himself in his own prison of blindness.”

“He will walk blind for the rest of his life. He will eat blind for the rest of his life. He will drink blind for the rest of his life.”

Yeah. Pity this crumb lived. He could have found Jesus before trying to murder somebody for a crap motorbike; but they never do that.

The prosecutor had a few points of argument, too:

Sanders, when he had his gun pointed at the victims, had the gun’s hammer cocked and could easily have fired it.

Sanders has “steadfastly refused” to identify to law enforcement who his accomplices were.

And then, there’s Sanders’s own lengthy violent criminal history. Including this:

In 2010, when Sanders was being arrested for marijuana possession, he grabbed the wire cord of the cop’s radio and wrapped it around the officer’s neck, suffocating him. It wasn’t until the officer was able to grab his gun that Sanders stopped suffocating him and fled.

So he’s not exactly a cherry at the attacking-people gig. And it turns out that there’s another attacked-cop nexus in the case.

Sanders’s accomplice Chancier McFarland and another hood rat named Rafael Jones:

…robbed and killed off-duty Police Officer Moses Walker Jr. on Aug. 18, 2012, in North Philly.

McFarland is now 22 years old; he was twenty when he and Jones (who was 24) murdered Walker.

Rafael Jones’s brother Jerome Jones is suspected (and was indicted, but the prosecutor dropped the case) of being the third man in the motorcycle robbery.

On the bright side, the police seem to have recognized the shooting from the start as an open-and-shut case of self defense, and the defender does  not seem to have been prosecuted.

It was unpossible for any of these guys to get guns, because they were all felons, several were too young to buy in a store, and their state, Pennsylvania, requires all handgun transfers to go through an FFL and has for years.

Yet somehow these four contemptible young wastes of sperm and egg managed to gun up anyway. Imagine that.

Not Everyone Should Carry a Gun

queens_subway_piranhaConsider, for instance, this lady:

A woman pushed, scratched and bit a subway rider who tried to sit in a seat that had her bag on it, according to police.

The alleged subway rage occurred aboard a Manhattan-bound F train from Queens last Friday at about 9:45 a.m.

The 45-year-old victim asked a woman to move her bag so she could sit down. When the woman ignored her, the victim attempted to sit down anyway.

That’s when police say the seated women flew into a rage. They say she scratched the other rider on the chest, pulled her hair and bit her forearm, causing bleeding.

The suspect fled when the train stopped at the 21st Street and Queensbridge station in Long Island City.

via NYPD: Subway rider asked to move bag bites another passenger – Story | WNYW.

Stop and think about this for a minute. This creature flew into a scratching, biting rage over not getting a seat to herself and one for her precious bag, which is probably full of pilfered handi-wipes from cheap restaurants, not to mention a bottle of the anger-management meds she’s clearly gone off.

Maybe she saw “Queens” on the subway line and thought it was a promotion for her, not an indication of the borough that’s at one end of the line.

Anyway, some people should not have guns. This includes the mentally ill, the intemperate, those lacking impulse control, and anyone who sucks up to bosses and treats peers and subordinates like crap — i.e., every reporter in the media, which explains why they’re foursquare for gun control.

Come to think of it, where do you think the Queens Subway Piranha works?

  1. Some downtown print or broadcast media firm;
  2. Aide of some kind to a politician;
  3. At some high-minded nonprofit;
  4. Works? Bwahahahahaaa. She collects. 

Everyone Named in this Story is a Dirty Rotten Something.

Donald Trump called dirty rotten traitor Bowe Bergdahl a “dirty rotten traitor,” which caused Eugene Fidell to call Trump “contemptible and un-American.” With us so far? The media, like Thomas Gibbons-Neff in the Washington Post, quickly rushed to amplify Fidell’s comment. Who is Fidell, and why is he defending Bergdahl’s somewhat tattered honor? The Why bit is pretty simple: Fidell is Bergdahl’s lawyer. Bergdahl is facing the 21st Century version of this:

(It could be worse. He could be getting the full Danny Deever).

Funny how a mere sergeant can afford very expensive legal representation.  Think a guy at Fidell’s level represents other NCOs about to get the Big Chicken Dinner for wife-beatin’ or messing with drugs? Nope, there must be something special about Bergdahl. Maybe he has something in common with some of Fidell’s other cases. (We’ll get to that).

Fidell went on to say of Trump’s comments:

They are a call for mob justice. Sergeant Bergdahl cannot speak out in his own defense because he is facing a preliminary hearing in the military justice system. Nor, as a practical matter, is he in a position, for the moment, to bring the defamation lawsuit Mr. Trump richly deserves.

You don’t say. Of course, Bergdahl can speak in his own defense, there’s no gag order. It is this very lawyer that is encouraging him not do it — because, of course, he’s a dirty rotten traitor, and anything he says has a high probability of screwing up his mouthpiece’s efforts to help him walk away from it without a penalty.

As far as a defamation lawsuit is concerned: we’re not lawyers, but a guy who walked out of his base and joined the enemy, to the detriment of his unit and former colleagues, would seem to us to be defamation-proof. Of course anyone can file a defamation lawsuit — military poseur John Giduck did (and wound up settling on unfavorable terms, paying his opponents’ legal fees), and convicted terrorist, bomber, perjurer, and not least adjudicated pedophile Brett Kimberlin makes a habit of it. You can sue anybody for anything, in a country where all the rules are made by lawyers. But you have to have something like a case to win. Bergdahl suing for being called a “dirty rotten traitor” would be like Michael Jordan suing for being called “tall and athletic.”

No American should have to put up with this kind of unprincipled behavior, especially from a person seeking public office

Fidell is expected to support the highly principled Hillary Clinton. And we weren’t aware that one of our duties as citizens — office-seekers or not — was to keep mum about scoundrels. To find that in the Constitution, the poor document not only must be “living” but also “out of its mind on drugs.”

… six soldiers died searching for Bergdahl — something Fidell said the Army found to be untrue.

What, they’re not dead?

Now, as to who Fidell is, as you might expect for the guy that some aspect of trying to get a dirty, rotten traitor off somehow rewarding, he’s a key member of the al-Qaeda and terrorist detainee bar, whose millionaire lifestyle and low workload as a Yale professor allows him plenty of time to work diligently to spring the Taliban and al-Qaeda detainees that Gulf Arab terror sponsors are interested in springing. Indeed, he and his wife, a New York Times columnist, worked hand in glove to try to enable these men’s return from Guantanamo to their homelands (where many if not most of them predictably reverted to their prior terrorist behavior). The conflict of interest at the Times went undisclosed until they were caught, and then was given a high-handed brushoff by the Times’s then- ethical-criticism goalkeeper, Clark Hoyt.

As to why he’s defending Bergdahl, well, we don’t know why, except he has a lot of experience defending other enemies of America, which he says he does out of the good of his heart — but damn, he sure does live well.

Maybe Bergdahl isn’t the only dirty rotten traitor.

Still… did it have to be Trump?

He’s hardly our role model of martial virtue — he’s a dirty rotten draft dodger!

Judge: 3D Gun Files Will Start a War, and Justify Dropping Bill of Rights

Digital files for the Liberator pistol have been ruled a casus belli by an anti-gun judge.

Digital files for the Liberator pistol have been ruled a casus belli by an anti-gun judge.

We mentioned Defense Distributed’s case against the Department of State last week, not knowing that an initial document was about to drop from the judge. The document has dropped, and we won’t sugar-coat it: it’s not good.

Here’s the story at 3D (complete with a dose of anti-gun editorializing, slant and dishonesty from writer Scott Grunewald1et tu, and here’s the injunction denial at Scribd. It has also been added to the documents at Defense Distributed’s legal page.

We also host the denial here, for those of you nervous about going to a page associated with Administration target Cody Wilson:


The judge’s opinion shows his anti-gun bias, for example when he suggests that availability of firearms information is a cause of war:

Defense Distributed admits its purpose is “facilitating global  access to, and the collaborative production of, information and knowledge related to the three-dimensional (“3D”)printing of arms.”  Facilitating global access to firearms undoubtedly “increase[s] the possibility of outbreak or escalation of conflict.” Defense Distributed,by its own admission, engages in conduct which Congress authorized Defendants to regulate.

The judge does two things here. First, he equates “access to… information and knowledge” to “access to firearms.” That is like saying that having Das Kapital in the library is equivalent to perpetrating the Katyn Massacre. Then he suggests that providing this information causes wars. By this succession of mountain-goat logical leaps, propelled entirely by bad faith, he gets from providing information and knowledge”  to the conduct the State Department is allowed to regulate, the very different “increasing the possibility of outbreak or escalation of conflict.” 

The game is not over yet2; we’re just in preliminary injunction stage, and an injunction is hard to secure. But the judge, Robert Pittman, has telegraphed that his sympathies are entirely with the Department of State, and that he considers both the first and second Amendments to be dead letters, mere junk DNA in his ever-evolving Living Constitution, and having no weight against the decree of an unelected, unaccountable bureaucrat.

This is far from the only issue with Pitman’s opinion; his 2nd Amendment analysis marshals a number of cases to render the amendment a dead letter, and he similarly dismisses the 5th Amendment as having zero weight wen balanced against a bureaucrat’s preference.

By Pitman’s reasoning, and by the State Department’s, this entire blog is an export and a violation of law.

Pitman, a liberal, anti-gun Democrat, received his judicial appointment from President Obama a few months ago as a reward for political loyalty as a US Attorney, a political contributor, and a gay-rights activist. As US Attorney for San Antonio, he ran a partisan shop that made prosecution decisions on racial and political lines, and at times joined in racial-quota cases. As a judge, his decisions have broken entirely on partisan lines; for instance, in June he swept away a challenge to new NLRB rules that rewrote the law to erase employee privacy and require their contact information be disclosed to union organizers.

Getting a fair trial from this judge is not going to be possible, and the plaintiffs are probably going to have to plan for a battle that encompasses an appeals fight. That means they’re going to be more dependent than ever on our support.

In addition to the vital court fight, We the People, to use another archaic phrase deprecated in the law library of  have a way of cutting this negation of the first two items in the Bill of Rights off at its bureaucratic knees: we can appeal to Congress.

Yeah, we know. Not an ideal position to be in, between a judge who worships bureaucratic Authoritah and a bunch of Student Government nerds grown arrogant in the corruption of their power, but that’s where we are. Before we approach Congress, we need to know what we want, and how to operate the only two levers that move a Congressman (bribery and fear) to bend them to our will.

For More Information

Here are two stories with some of Cody Wilson’s, and his co-plaintiffs the Second Amendment Foundation’s, reactions also.


  1. Since Grunewald’s a liar, we expect him to lie about this, too. But he wrote: “The 3D printable AR-15 rifle receiver allows a standard AR-15 to be modified to shoot larger, more destructive ammunition.” It does no such thing, of course. Grunewald just made that up.
  2. “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” — Sen John Blutarsky.

Rick Pearlstein Hates Vietnam Vets, Unless They’re NVA

Rick Pearlstein likes a red flag, not this one.

Rick Pearlstein likes a red flag, not this one.

The first question you’re probably going to ask is, “Who is Rick Pearlstein, and why do we care?” And when we answer the first question, you might wonder why we bother with the second. Pearlstein is one more wealthy media Manhattanite, raised in a family that sent poor black city kids and white country boys to the coal faces of freedom, while they rode deferments and dodges and Wall Street duplicity to personal comfort and self-satisfaction far removed from a plot in Arlington and a line on a slab of black granite.

Like any well-heeled debtor who does not want to pay the debt, he loathes his creditors. He is a type, one that may be found in widest distribution across the newsrooms and faculty lounges of America, and not any place that physical or productive work is taking place, or that risk is borne.

Pearlstein, further, writes for Newsweek, the forgotten-but-not-entirely-gone news magazine that sold a few years ago at an absurdly high P/E ratio, which is to say, for $1. So hardly anybody reads his drivel, unless the dentist doesn’t have Sports Illustrated or Highlights for Children. We will spare Newsweek the link from our small (but, we suspect, less dentally-captive than theirs) readership, and requote a quote that David French of National Review, a Pearlstein detractor, picked from out of Pearlstein’s word goulash to illustrate Pearlstein’s latest argument. Ickle Rick’s position is that the POW/MIA flag is evil and should be taken down — because Rick Pearlstein hates it, as much as and for the same reasons as he hates the Stars and Stripes. (So, what flag does he fly? That of personal self-aggrandizement, cloaked as concern-trolling for the downtrodden workers and peasants: a red one).

During the Nixon years, the Pentagon moved [missing, downed pilots] into a newly invented “Missing in Action” column.

Um, Perlstein is simply making that up. Here, for instance, is a link to the American Battle Monuments Commission describing, among other things, how the names of roughly 4,400 Americans who were classified as Lost at Sea or Missing in Action in World War I are recorded on tablets at the Commission’s WWI cemeteries. For Rick Pearlstein, of course, this may just be a symptom of just how deep Tricky Dick Nixon’s tentacles reached, polluting the ABMC before Nixon was out of triangular pants.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary notes that the first use of the abbreviation MIA for Missing In Action dates to at least 1944. In Rick Pearlstein’s world, which began when some doctor delivered him and slapped his mother, that’s before the Original Event Horizon, so everything has to begin with Nixon somehow.

That proved convenient, for, after years of playing down the existence of American prisoners in Vietnam, in 1969, the new president suddenly decided to play them up.

Wile-E-Coyote-Genius-Business-CardYou may recall that the guy before Nixon, LBJ, whom Pearlstein here conflates with Tricky Dick his ownself, had no idea what he was doing in Vietnam, just that he didn’t want to lose, didn’t want to win, and didn’t want to make a decision. LBJ was abetted in this by a bunch of Harvard geniuses he’d inherited from the JFK administration. Most of them were geniuses in the Wile E. Coyote mold: Robert S. Macnamara, for instance, after screwing up Ford Motor Company, gave the DOD the colossal TFX program that needed 25 years and an electronics revolution to become a working airplane, then created the Vietnam quagmire, and then proceeded to drive much of the Third World into default by screwing up the World Bank. And he was the high achiever of the pack.

He declared their treatment, and the enemy’s refusal to provide a list of their names, violations of the Geneva Conventions—the better to paint the North Vietnamese as uniquely cruel and inhumane. He also demanded the release of American prisoners as a precondition to ending the war.

The tortures systematized by the People’s Army of Viet Nam are quite literally violations of the Geneva and Hague Conventions. Not because Tricky Dick said so, however much Pearlstein imagines that to be true.

It is worth noting that the thoroughly criminal Nazi government observed these conventions to a much greater extent than the Democratic Republic of Vietnam did.

This was bullshit four times over:

This is projection four times over, as we will see.

first, because in every other conflict in human history, the release of prisoners had been something settled at the close of a war;

It is something that is always discussed between civilized combatants, usually through neutral Powers, and is always covered in end-of-war agreements. So Pearlstein is lying about this, too.

second, because these prisoners only existed because of America’s antecedent violations of the Geneva Conventions in bombing civilians in an undeclared war;

Pearlstein’s attempt at barracks-room lawyering fails just as you would expect someone whose entire life has been dedicated to sending others to the barracks in his stead. “Bombing civilians” of the sort that happened in the Vietnam War (or that happens now, in drone attacks) is not unlawful, if the force is intended to strike military targets and not grossly disproportional to the target. And there is no requirement that a war be declared (or even, for both of the warring parties to be states, and how can you declare war if you are not a state?) for the Laws and Usages of War to attach.

Also, in his credentialed-but-ignorant view of history, he doesn’t even note that only some of the tortured prisoners were airmen. The longest-held POW, Floyd Thompson, was a Special Forces officer captured in South Vietnam in 1964.

third, because, as bad as their torture of prisoners was, rather than representing some species of Oriental despotism, the Vietnam Communists were only borrowing techniques practiced on them by their French colonists (and incidentally paid forward by us in places like Abu Ghraib): see this as-told-to memoir by POW and future senator Jeremiah Denton.

Got one of these? Got tortured? Rick Pearlstein an Newsweek say you had it coming, and is glad you were.

Got one of these? Got tortured? Rick Pearlstein and Newsweek say you had it coming, and they’re glad you were. They were never “anti-war”; they were just on the other side.

This is, of course, the tu quoque logical fallacy, used twice; typical of Pearlstein’s shallow, juvenile, poorly-educated reasoning skills. How torture by the French, if such existed, prior to 1954, justified torture by the Vietnamese in the 1970s as payback to a third party is unclear. Moreover, just because someone tortured you doesn’t get you a Commit War Crimes Free Card. (That is, in fact, what the Americans at My Lai 4 argued in their defense, a defense that failed. Note also that we put our war criminals on trial, however imperfectly; Pearlstein’s pals in the PAVN showered theirs with honors). Second, his second shot at tu quoque, the misconduct by a poorly led MP unit at Abu Ghraib (led, incidentally, by a female BG that the same Manhattan media scrum liked to hold up as a model for the New Amazon Warrior Woman) was not a systematic, top-down torture effort approved at the highest levels of the nation, but was the creation of one mouth-breathing staff sergeant and his guard shift of unthinking inbreds, who were tried, convicted, and imprisoned. It’s like, we dunno, blaming the New York Bar for Joel Steinberg murdering his daughter. Or blaming all reporters because Pearl Rickstein subscribes to Jayson Blair standards of integrity.

And finally, our South Vietnamese allies’ treatment of their prisoners, who lived manacled to the floors in crippling underground bamboo “tiger cages” in prison camps built by us, was far worse than the torture our personnel suffered.

via So Now the POW/MIA Flag Is Under Fire — as a Symbol of ‘Racist Hate’ | National Review Online.

Ah, it’s another tu quoque. And a false one. And one that has its basis in wartime enemy propaganda, for whom some reporters are still the willing Tannoy, fifty years later.

We get it. Rick Pearlstein hates the POWs, because they criticized his commie pals (the side he and his always wanted to win), and also criticized his candidate for president, the one that did the bidding of those commie pals in 1970-72.

Rick Pearlstein hates the POWs. Newsweek hates the POWs.

Rick Pearlstein hates American soldiers. Newsweek hates American soldiers.

Rick Pearlstein hates the POW-MIA flag. Newsweek hates the POW-MIA flag.

Rick Pearlstein hates the American flag and what it stands for. Newsweek hates the American flag and what it stands for.

And that’s about all you need to know about Rick Pearlstein and Newsweek.

Preppers: This is Not the Publicity you Want

The article in the Toronto Star is long, detailed — and scathing. It’s hard to say it makes the local preparedness community look weird, because, frankly, we have only the article to go on: maybe it’s completely on the level and they all are weird.

The schedule for the weekend is packed: archery, GPS and mapping, first aid, “firearms 101,” and a two-part lecture from Doug Getgood, who spent over a year living in a cabin in the Ontario wilderness. Six rabbits huddle in a triangle formed by blue pipes. “Dispatching and skinning rabbits” is scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday.

Your typical suburban mom will read that and think: poor bunnies. As she’s preparing lunch. Pro tip: if you’re going to do this, use chickens. No one gets emotionally attached to a chicken. And it’s a good time to make the point that all North American birds are edible (although they are not all palatable, nor large enough to be worth the preparation effort). The same is true of NA mammals.

Saturday kicks off with opening remarks from Robert Studer, a co-organizer who became interested in prepping in the lead-up to the year 2000, which arrived with none of the predicted digital disasters.

The reporter is having fun with this. Why? Because Studer let him. Wait. It gets worse.

“That was kind of a downer,” said Studer. And 2012 was “another disappointment.”

If you are disappointed in a bizarre prophecy of doom from a long-extinct civilization failing to come true, your head might not be on entirely straight.

He told the audience that he had struggled with drinking and a painkiller addiction and spent years immersed in conspiracy theories.

Grrrrreat. This is just the representative you want in the press, trying to persuade people to develop their self-reliance.

“Some things just didn’t look right (about the 9/11 attacks),” he said, declining to elaborate as a man in the audience shot video.

That would be the rep from RCMP, probably. This side of the border, who’s the paid FBI informer/provocateur at meeting like this? About 2/3 of them, going by past experience. (Remember Fast and Furious? The ATF master plan to get upstream into the cartel cratered because their cartel CWs’ (Cooperating Witnesses’), CIs’ (Confidential Informants’) and UCs (UnderCover Agents’) entire upline was FBI CWs, CIs and UCs. The ,gov had agents and informants from different agents spying on each other, to the point where it was hard to get their hands on any pure-D criminals, and they wound up busting the CIs in the end).

But today Studer’s prepping is grounded in positivity.
“The more preppers there are, the better the world becomes,” he said.

Imagine how much better that would have sounded — without the lead-up of longing for disaster and drug abuse.

The weekend takes place against the backdrop of a possible nuclear war, with many presenters speaking in front of the doors to Bruce Beach’s fallout shelter, called Ark Two.

Don’t take our word for it.  Read The Whole Thing™, and you tell us if the preppers don’t come across as paranoid, juvenile and weird.

Great Googly Moogly. All the nuclear powers in the world could push all the buttons they have and the need for a bunker in rural Ontario would remain just about zero.

Now, if you get your mail in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, it might be a good time to build a bunker and lay in some iodine pills. Likewise, if your address is in Teheran or Bandar Abbas (what, you think Israelis will just take a nuke on the chin and come out negotiating? Those guys are not your self-effacing shtetl Jews who just hunker down between pogroms… push them hard enough and they’ll pogrom you right back with first-world efficiency. Which is why they’re still here despite all those mullahs’ calls for Jihad to extermination).

But regardless of the facts, the New York cynic who said all publicity is good publicity needs to have a long talk with Monica Lewinski about that. These Canadian preppers just got used like Monica, except she at least got used by a powerful politician, not a staff reporter for a struggling provincial paper.

Don’t bother keeping the blue dress.

This is Why We Don’t Click on faux-viral Clickbait

Lame, lame, lame. One of those buzzfeed- and gawker- like “clickbait” aggregators teased customers with this come-on:


The airplane, of course, is a Dassault Rafale, and while it’s homely from this angle, it’s probably one of the most beautiful fighter planes flying today. It flies, primarily, for its nation of origin, la belle France, where it’s the latest product of Dassault Systems, formerly Avions Marcel Dassault and before that, before The War, Avions Marcel Bloch. 

It’s hard to imagine what the USA has to do with France’s latest and best-ever fighter jet; the picture is why you don’t want to mess with France. But the idiots who posted that image remind us of the founder of Dassault, and thereby hangs a tale.

Marcel Dassault, née Marcel Bloch, is definitely someone you should know, unlike the miniwit marketeers who come up with these unimaginative, stupid (and in this case, dishonest) advertising come-ons.

Bloch, a son of a successful doctor, was captivated by aviation in his youth and studied under Louis Breguet, and then at the novel École supérieure d’aéronautique et de constructions mécaniques, which had just opened in Paris. His first success was a propeller that produced greater thrust than previous models, and came to be widely used in French aircraft of the First World War. Between the wars, his company Société des Avions Marcel Bloch became successful and provided several of the Armee d l’Air’s key types.

Two calamities befell Bloch in short order: the Communist Front Polulaire government seized his company in 1936, expropriating him and his family; he was kept on, on salary, to oversee production of his designs in the new firm, SNCASO. Meanwhile, Bloch started over from zero with a new start-up to promote new designs — they could seize his work product, but not his mind. But then came calamity #2: Germany invaded France in 1940. The Nazis were willing to overlook Bloch’s Jewish ancestry if he would be willing to build airplanes for the Greater German Reich. He refused, and life got harder. His brother Darius Paul Bloch (who went by Paul, and was a senior military officer) went underground with the Resistance, but Vichy collaborators seized and imprisoned Marcel and his wife and children.

Marcel was sent to a Vichy-operated concentration camp at Drancy, France, then to the authentic SS-run variety at Buchenwald. The camps were incubators for many all-but-forgotten pathogens, and at liberation Marcel was 53, infected with diphtheria — and paralyzed.

He did not recover from paralysis until 1953, but by 1949 had already restarted his company, and changed both its, and his, name. Paul, now a General in the French forces, had used the code name “tank” while underground: in French, “Char d’assaut.” Marcel liked the sound of that, and with a slight twist he and his family became Dassaults, and their firm Avions Marcel Dassault.

Dassault’s personality was said to be somewhat stiff, proper, aloof and formal, yet he has a relaxed smile in most portraits, even formal ones where he’s posing stiffly. He was described by many as “driven”; certainly he drove his company to success after success. This RAND paper (.pdf) describes the company’s unique culture as of the 1980s: quintessentially French, and yet completely unlike any other business in that laid-back, bureaucratic nation.

AMD produced the famous Ouragan, Mystère, and Mirage jets, which equipped French forces and many export customers, including Israel. Israeli success with these jets definitely produced more orders, but after 1967 De Gaulle, who was not significantly less anti-semitic than the Nazis he’d once fought, embargoed further jets and seized the money that had been paid for them.

Somehow, after that, the Israelis managed to get their hands on enough documents to start production of Mirage clones. Certainly an espionage operation in Switzerland was part of it, as was a Lebanese defector who brought his jet along. But there were already charges that Marcel Dassault had helped the Jewish state, under the table, although we’ve never seen anything a court would call “evidence.”

Some people said that Dassault wanted to help his fellow Jews. But he had converted to Roman Catholicism soon after the war.  A private man, his reasons were his own.

Marcel Dassault retired in 1971, after a career that spanned from wood-and-fabric biplanes to Mach 2+ jets. The company he established today exports, along with the beautiful Rafale, the successful Falcon business jets and industry-standard CATIA and Solidworks engineering and modeling software.