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Seven Guns for Seven Bangers

Nickaury-DejesusThat’s what this homely critter, one Nickaury DeJesus, aka Nickaury DeJesus-Montanez (no, we cannot provide a pronunciation key), 22, of Allentown, Pennsylvania provided: seven guns for seven gangbangers, who, in a positively Biblical flush of sevens, used them to knock over seven convenience stores (maybe even seven 7/11s?) in the hard-luck industrial city and its environs.

She did it for her ex (who preceded her into the war embrace of the Bureau of Prisons), and for the money, although it wasn’t ever a whole lot of money. Lehigh Valley Live:

DeJesus bought the five semi-automatic pistols of varying calibers in April and May 2015 at two Lehigh County businesses: Eagle Arms Sport Shop in Upper Macungie Township and the Army & Navy store in Whitehall Township.

According to court records, DeJesus is the ex-girlfriend of Victor “Self” Morales, who is accused of leading a crew of armed robbers that terrorized Allentown stores over five weeks last year.

DeJesus told prosecutors she bought the firearms to pay rent at a Law Street home she shared with her four children, her sister and a family friend. In one purchase, she only made $11, records say.

Four children. Zero baby daddies. The State is those kids’ father now, and we know how that’s going to turn out.

Despite her “entitlements,” she can’t make rent. (Where did the money go?)

You would think three generations of criminally inclined, idle welfare drones would be enough.

Two of the pistols bought by DeJesus were used in the armed robbery spree in Allentown. DeJesus denied knowing that some of the firearms were used in the robberies.

Two other firearms were found during arrests in Allentown and Brooklyn, prosecutors said.

The amazing thing is that the US Attorney’s Office actually prosecuted a straw buy case. Normally, they can’t be shifted to do it for love nor money.

But, now Nickaury is off on a three-year all-expenses-paid tour of the Federal prison system. Wave goodbye!

Hat tip: /r/Firearms and This Ain’t Hell.


An earlier article at the Allentown Morning Call describes the recipients of Nickaury’s guns:

In the crimes targeting Allentown convenience stores, Victor Morales, 21, of Allentown is charged along with five others with conspiracy to commit armed robbery. Federal prosecutors allege he and others used guns with serial numbers matching two of those that DeJesus allegedly purchased illegally.

Between May 7 and May 29, Morales; Jacob Pabon, 19; Lytic Fauntleroy, 19; Ruben Tarrats, 23; and Adrian Tosado, 22, all of Allentown; and Jose Rapalo, 20, of Bethlehem, stole cash, cigarettes and phone cards from city gas stations, delis and grocery stores, according to an indictment with details of the alleged crimes.

In addition to conspiracy to commit robbery, each man is also charged with robbery interfering with interstate commerce, and carrying a firearm during a violent crime. A seventh man, Kairashaad Johnson, 21, of Allentown, is charged with a single count of robbery.

Morales, who was previously convicted of a 2008 robbery, was also charged with possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

And identifies some of the guns by caliber (.380, 9mm, and .40), further unspecified. Generally, criminals like compact guns.

I looks like Nickaury DeJesus was also not in the running for Mom of the Year:

DeJesus, who was in the home, told police she had given the guns to Morales because she had an ongoing issue with children and youth services and needed to get them out of the house. She admitted that there were numerous other guns in the home and a search revealed the 9mm pistol listed in the federal indictments, a police affidavit says.

During an interview with police, DeJesus admitted that she bought guns legally and traded in other guns on Facebook, the police affidavit says.

Doubt a 3-year sentence will put this woman on the straight and narrow (she also got just under two years in state pen for receiving stolen property. That’s not going to do it either). How ’bout 10-20-30 and permanent loss of her kids to adoption by non-criminals, which is the only chance that those kids could ever have at a normal life?

Smart Diplomacy!

"Wait, wait, I've almost got it..."

“Wait, wait, I’ve almost got it…”

According to Foreign Policy, Secretary of State John Kerry is in Moscow to negotiate a military alliance with Russia. Objective: some Smart Diplomacy! to take on the campaign trail for their party in the fall.

Kerry, of the double-digit IQ, gigolo reputation and “Gentleman’s C-minus” education as a “legacy” at Yale, is a diplomat without historical peer. He was last involved in negotiating a pact to end Iranian nuclear ambitions, the secret terms of which are emerging to have been, (1) paying Iran approximately $150 billion and (2) accepting Iranian terror-sponsorship and hostage taking, in return for which Iran has redoubled their nuclear efforts under the Farsi banners of Marg bar Amrika and Marg bar Yahud, which probably don’t need translation to this erudite audience. Such a deal!

"Aw. Thought I had it. Those sneaky Iranians. I paid what for the rug?"

“Aw. Thought I had it. Those sneaky Iranians. I paid what for the rug?”

So now, off to Russia to try to cut a deal on Syria and perhaps, relations beyond that point. Since the US’s point of departure is that Boy Assad must go (leaving what? The Moslem Brotherhood President Obama and Secretaries Kerry and Clinton tried to install in Egypt? The terrorist-spawning vaccuum they’ve left behind in Libya, Syria and Iraq? The benign, no, malicious, neglect they’ve delivered to the AfPak region?), and the Russian position is that Assad must stay, where’s the point of compromise?

You heard it here first: the US folds. It’s all Kerry, a moral and intellectual zero, has ever known how to do.

The AP’s Bradley Klapper notes:

Russia would be getting what it wanted since it first intervened in Syria on Assad’s behalf last September — to be a leader in an international alliance.

"Honestly, it's just coincidence that my entire career has served foreign, not American, interests."

“Honestly, it’s merest coincidence that my entire career has served foreign, not American, interests. Because Americans are Jenjhiss Khaahhhn.”

And Kerry is getting what he has wanted all his life — some boots to lick.

Meanwhile, Assad noted in an English-language interview reported in Lebanon that the Russians have given him absolute support, and never asked the de facto king to step down.

While the US and RU have places that they can, reasonably, cooperate, one needs to recall that the Russian president and foreign minister are skilled at foreign and military policy, and their American counterparts are neither competent or even, in the President’s case, very interested in it. And the principal place for principled cooperation — against Islamic terrorism that threatens both our nations — won’t work when the American President and his men of hench deny the very existence of Islamic terrorism.

With the Iranians having gotten Kerry’s pants, one wonders what’s left for Vladimir Vladimirovich to take from him? Rectal virginity? (Wouldn’t that have been sacrificed in prep school already?)

Two Training Firms Accused of Stiffing Instructors

burning-wasting-moneyOver the weekend, an interesting situation began to develop in the training community. It was kicked off by a message from Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts, breaking off his longstanding relationship with Alias Training & Security due to longstanding nonpayment and bad communication. Soon, several other top-level trainers had joined Jeff, including Pat McNamara, Mike Pannone and Larry Vickers. Jeff wrote:

As many of you are aware we have been utilizing the services of Alias Training and Security (ATS) over the last 20 months. Recently, we have experienced some major problems forcing us to reconsider our association with ATS. They have been delinquent on paying us for the last several classes and more than likely will not be paying us for our CQB class in Alliance, OH I am currently getting ready for this coming week.

I am not the only one who has experienced these problems, good friends and fellow trainers Mike Pannone, Pat McNamara and Craig Douglas have all had similar experience both in delinquency of revenue owed as well as lack of communications with ATS. I feel and I know I echo the others my level of frustration has reached a point where I have exhausted all avenues and the benefit of the doubt has reached the reasonable limit.

Alias was slow to respond (which, if you’ve ever had any dealings with them, is par for the course) but finally stopped taking deposits on all open courses, marking them “sold out.”

Finally they posted this to their Facebook page:

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that as of Monday July 13, 1016 Alias Training & Security Services, LLC will be closing its doors. An ongoing dispute with our merchant services financial company has made things untenable. Our apologies to all affected students, instructors, etc. To all students of upcoming classes please expect an email early this week to explain the situation in more detail.

Again our most sincere apologies,

Alias Staff

What makes this interesting is the claim that “an ongoing dispute with our merchant services financial company” is the root of their problem. That certainly sounds like a Choke Point attack, the kind the DOJ, IRS and banking regulators have used in the past against the Administration’s political “enemies.”

But the problem with that is this: while Choke Point could keep you from paying Gonzales, Pannone or Vickers what you owed ’em, it can’t stop you from telling them about it. If that was the case, would Jeff really be talking about

…lack of communications with ATS…

…the rest of the group and I went above and beyond trying to remedy this situation. I take this matter very seriously and I’m sure you will all see how the group and I have acted in the most professional manner, but now it is time to move forward…

instead of criticizing the regulator?

By the way, it looks like Jeff is planning to go forward with the Alliance class even though he has not received and doesn’t expect to receive the money the students paid (through Alias’s web site).

Meanwhile, Paul Howe has been fighting his own battle with Pantaeo Productions. In his July newsletter (.pdf), he writes:

It is with regret that I ask CSAT followers not to purchase or stream any CSAT content at Panteao at this time. This is reference to not receiving compensation for my work.

Life is a people business and I try to give everyone chances and support them until I see things go in the wrong direction. Even then I still try to correct issues give positive advice. At some point I must step in and do what I think is right.

Pantaeo has made some dynamic videos and has an excellent e-commerce website. However, its principal, Fernando Coelho, is a convicted felon, and what’s more, what he was convicted for was, specifically, financial fraud. This was in relation to the long and drama-rich collapse of an ammunition firm, Triton Cartridge Corporation, he once owned in upstate New York. (The newspaper headline called him, “Swindler,” not an epithet we’d want to wear). He got five years’ probation and was ordered to repay $328k he had essentially embezzled from a creditor and/or stolen from his own employees by not paying them. We’re unaware of whether he ever paid that money back, or any of it. Maybe he did.

Unlike Alias, as far as we know Pantaeo hasn’t even tried telling a story about why they’re stiffing Howe.

So — are Pantaeo and Alias being squeezed by Operation Choke Point or some nameless, more deniable successor? Or are they themselves doing the squeezing, to the instructors they haven’t paid?


This story continues to develop. Soldier-Systems has a story with comment from both Mike Pannone and Larry Vickers (LAV is actually in the comments, not the story). Do read the comments — some of the background on Alias is, well, let’s just say it’s no wonder they called it “Alias.” They seemed to be planning on needing one.


An Anti-Gun Gun Store

They’re out there, of course; and the media loves them. For years, one of the most relentlessly self-promoting ones was Mike Weisser of Massachusetts, who billed himself in media as “Mike the Gun Guy” and never met a ban he didn’t like, even though he was an FFL. (Apparently he wasn’t a very honest gun guy, which will surprise no one who ever argued with the slippery Weisser. He is reported to have surrendered his FFL, and his records, deficiencies and all, to the ATF rather than face charges some time ago).

Now, Mark Patinkin of the Providence, Rhode Island, Journal, has found another anti-gun gun shop.

anti-gun-gun-store-midtate-coventry-riThe owner and employees of Midstate Gun Shop in Coventry, Rhode Island, hit the media hextifecta:

  1. They hate the NRA; if you’re an NRA member, you’re not only not “intelligent”  but also an “extremist.”
  2. They don’t care for hunting, mostly;
  3. They wish they could vote for Obama for a third term;
  4. They believe all guns should be locked up unloaded at all times, and no one should want or use one for self or home defense;
  5. They support a one-week waiting period for gun sales;
  6. If you disagree with that, you’re “crazy” and an “extremist.”

Patinkin thought he had died and gone to heaven: proof positive that gun people all agreed exactly with him!

I told myself it had to be a fluke. Aren’t gun people all mean survivalists with an anti-government chip on their shoulder?
I sat down with the owner, Kyle McCarthy, 44, and admitted to having that stereotype. It got a smile.
“People consider this to be a back-alley secret society of dangerous and evil people,” he said.
I asked where that comes from.
Mostly the media, he said: “They like to equate the criminal element of society with sportsmen.”
I asked if any media outlets are more fair — like Fox News?
McCarthy shook his head. “No, I don’t agree with Fox News. Fox likes to quote sensationalist NRA extremists.”
Wait a minute — I thought a gun shop owner would love NRA extremists.
“Intelligent people don’t like extremists on either side of the fence,” he said.
Then McCarthy told me he wasn’t even an NRA member.
He said the NRA is as guilty of sensationalizing as the extreme anti-gun side.
“It seems they’re against any law that could be productive in keeping guns out of the wrong hands,” he said.
Such as?
“A proper storage law.” He said owners should be responsible for keeping their guns locked up and secure.
McCarthy also welcomes Rhode Island’s law requiring a week-long gun-purchase waiting period while both the FBI and local police departments do background checks.
One of his employees, Dave Champagne, joined us. Champagne used to be in restaurant management, including at the Cowesett Inn, until the recession.

We’re still trying to figure out how locking guns up keeps them out of the hands of criminals. The best safe we ever had — it was approved to keep Top Secret stuff in, materials which could do exceptionally grave damage to national security if they were lost — guaranteed to delay an attacker for half an hour. The gun safe you buy at Walmart or Dicks (or, if you’re exceptionally self-loathing as a gun owner, from the anti-gun Midstate Gun Company in Coventry, RI) will delay a dumber than usual burglar three to five minutes, max. Storage has to be part of a layered physical security plan, or it just keeps honest people out.

Back to Patinkin’s delight at finding kindred souls in an anti-gun gun shop….

via Mark Patinkin: In gun shop, stereotype gets shot full of holes – News – – Providence, RI.

I asked Dave Champagne if he was an NRA member.
“Hell no,” he said.
Then he ruined my stereotype even more.
“I’m a liberal who works in a gun store,” Champagne told me. “I voted for Barack Obama twice, and I’d vote for him a third time if I could.”
And get this — Champagne doesn’t even own a gun.
“I don’t hunt,” he said. “My recreation is here at work, and I don’t fear someone kicking in my door and stealing things they wouldn’t want anyway.”
Of course, plenty of the employees have gun collections, including store manager Claude Lefebvre, 50, a Coast Guard vet and La Salle Academy grad.
He got his love of the sport from his dad, Donald, 79, who happened to be in the store. Donald Lefebvre has been hunting since he was 15, mostly deer and ducks.
“I don’t shoot anything I’m not going to eat,” the elder Lefebvre said, adding that shooting relieves stress for him.
Another employee, Eric Lunardelli, 42, told me much the same thing. He went to Toll Gate, has been a competitive trap shooter, and he doesn’t like the NRA, either.
I chatted with them for an hour as customers came in and out and, finally, I had to go.
I thanked McCarthy, and told him I was disappointed — I’d come down looking for gun nuts.
He said he was sorry. “We don’t cater to crazy,” he explained. “Or extremists.”

We thought this might be one of those cases where a reporter wanted that to be true bad enough that he just made the story up. Reporters do that all the time; that’s what Gersh Kuntzman of the NY Post did in the story where he claimed he gave himself PTSD and a bruised shoulder by firing an AR-15. (He later stealth-edited the PTSD claim, lie upon lie: again, that’s what reporters do). But while Patinkin found a store that matched his prefab narrative, a careful perusal of the Midstate website indicates that they really, really, are anti-gun.

From their lame instruction/test booklet (.pdf), there’s a bunch of real fright about using a gun for protection:

anti-gun-gun-store-01 anti-gun-gun-store-02

While asking a lawyer who practices in this field might be a good idea, asking a cop isn’t. Most cops have too many laws to keep track of. You might get a guy who knows the statutes and case law, or a guy who’s pulling it out of his nether regions.

There’s also this:



Hey, how did that sear get into a 1928 Thompson?

If you don’t know what you’re writing about, guy, stop writing. (This may have come from the State of Rhode Island, an operating subsidiary of La Cosa Nostra, because the test is for a Rhode Island “blue card” required to buy pistols).

In any event, there you have it. Mr McCarthy does not want any crazy extremists, any NRA members, anyone that wants a gun for defense, or any one that is against a third term for President Obama to buy from him.

Make it so.

TSA Beats Sick Kid

No one good, decent, moral, ethical, competent or intelligent has ever been employed by TSA in any capacity whatsoever… but in this case the brutality, criminality and lack of accountability in the Government’s most incompetent organization has plumbed new depths. This incident happened over a year ago, and TSA spent the intervening year covering it up.

They beat a sick little girl who was traveling for cancer treatment into a bloody pulp in Chattanooga, and then threw her into jail. “Respect my authoritah!”

Hannah Cohen beaten by TSA

Now, they’ve lawyered up — and sent one of their six-figure-salary-and-benefits public relations dollies out to abuse the victim and her family — and then refuse to answer press questions.

WREG, Memphis:

Hannah set off the metal detector at a security checkpoint

“They wanted to do further scanning, she was reluctant, she didn’t understand what they were about to do,” said her mother Shirley Cohen.

Cohen told us she tried to tell TSA agents her daughter is partially deaf, blind in one eye, paralyzed, and easily confused, but said she was kept at a distance by police.

“She’s trying to get away from them but in the next instant, one of them had her down on the ground and hit her head on the floor. There was blood everywhere,” said Cohen.

Hannah was arrested, booked and on the night she should have been celebrating the end of her treatment, she was locked up in Jail East.

“Here we were with nowhere to go, not even a toothbrush, our bags had gone to Chattanooga,” said Cohen.

via Disabled St. Jude patient sues airport and TSA after bloody scuffle with Airport Police |

Some TSA spokesbimbo named Sari Koshetz sneered that it was all Hannah and her mom’s fault; they could have called “ahead of time to learn more about the screening process for their particular needs or medical situation.” Which apparently involves having your head used as a kettledrum by some mouth-breathing TSA mall cops.

The story is in the news because, stiff-armed by the TSA Security Theater thugs, the family’s finally suing.

Reason intern Alex Thomas notes that this wasn’t a trip to Disney World for Hannah and her family, but the latest in 17 years of life-extending, but side-effect-rich, treatment for brain cancer that struck Hannah in infancy.

For 17 years, Hannah Cohen and her family have traveled between their home in Chattanooga and Memphis so she could receive treatment for a brain tumor at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. After completing the end of her treatment on June 30 of last year, then-18-year-old Hannah and her mother, Shirley, made their way through Memphis International Airport to get on a flight home, as they had so many times before.

However, the Cohens did not make it back to Chattanooga that night. Instead, Hannah was locked up in a Shelby County jail, her face bloodied and bruised after a confrontation with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents.

Her years of treatment left the teenager partially deaf, blind in one eye, and limited in her abilities to walk and talk. She also, according to her mother, can become easily confused.

That means she’s about 100% superior, cognitively, to any TSA employee or executive.

Remember, these edge cases are not rare instances where the TSA went off the reservation. These are cases where the TSA ran their usual procedures, and the rare bit is that the press found out about it. (In this case, a year later when a suit was filed). The nation would be better off if every single one of these bums was off the payroll and back on welfare where he came from.

After all, no one good, decent, moral, ethical, competent or intelligent has ever been employed by TSA in any capacity whatsoever.

Striker-Fired Gun Loose in a Bag = Bad Idea

It wasn't his foot this time.

It wasn’t his foot this time.

Unfortunately for a former member of the Indianapolis Colts, this is one of the cases where Experience gives the examination before the lesson, and since the student has assumed ambient temperature, the retest will not be scheduled.

A former NFL player died Tuesday after accidentally shooting himself in the stomach.

Zurlon Tipton, 26, a former Indianapolis Colts running back, was dropping off his car at a dealership in Roseville, Michigan when he reached into a bag, firing a gun inside.

Tipton was hit in the abdomen and taken to the hospital. He was alert and able to talk during the transport, police said according to the Detroit News.

But officials confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that Tipton had died.

Not that unusual. Exsanguination internally; he popped the round into a major vessel or an organ that was heavily vascularized.

Tipton, who had a young daughter, went to get a transmission leak on his vehicle fixed between 9 and 9:30 Tuesday morning, the car dealership’s manager Mark DeMara told the Detroit News.

He was putting his personal belongings inside the bag when the shooting happened, authorities said.

via Zurlon Tipton who played for the Indianapolis Colts, dies after accidentally shooting himself in a car dealership in Michigan | Daily Mail Online.

Holsters, people. Also, one gun in your car and your little ditty bag of personal stuff you don’t trust your car dealer with is plenty.

Tipton has some history with guns, says the Detroit News:

Early Christmas morning Tipton was arrested for firing a gun outside his girlfriend’s home in the Indianapolis area, according to police. The Indianapolis Star reported Tipton was charged with criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. According to media reports, the prosecutor’s office declined to pursue charges against him.

Tipton told Greenwood police he went to the home after he received threatening texts from his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend stating the woman was going to be harmed. Believing the ex-boyfriend was inside the home, Tipton fired one round from an AR-15 assault weapon, police said.

The Colts put him on waiver last December, although what relation (temporal? Causal? None?) this has with his 2015 gun problem is unknown.


Between writing this and it going live, two young (23-24 years old) knuckleheads in Stoughton, Mass., were playing with several things that ought not to be mixed:

  1. A firearm, to wit a pistol, legally licensed to one of the individuals;
  2. Judgment Juice™, which both of the worthies had consumed in super-therapeutic quantities; and,
  3. Some kind of camera(s) with which they were filming their tomfoolery.

It is our observation that the presence of a camera lowers the IQ of all within range approximately 30%. And the dyscognition produced by ingested ethanol is well known. While private drunkenness is not society’s business, private drunkenness  with firearm escalates the behavior from Mere Stupid, which is the normal operating level for a large part of society, to Felony Stupid.

As you might expect, one drunk pointed the gun at the other drunk, pulling the trigger and expecting a “click.” It gives a new meaning to the term Dead Drunk.

Dead Drunk his ownself is on a mortuary slab, awaiting autopsy, and Dead Drunk’s Buddy is on house arrest with an ankle bracelet, awaiting trial. His license to carry has been revoked and the local cops have divvied up his other guns, if any with one of the two politically connected “bonded warehouses” that scam guns with the help of the police.

Mama Gump used to always say, “Stupid is as stupid does, but not for long if stupid does it with booze and a gun.”

What Do You Do with a Traitorous Journalist?

hangmanIn Egypt, they’re finally getting around to addressing Islamist-terrorist propaganda, and one way they’re doing it is sending two Al-Jazeera “journalists” — news producer Alaa Omar Mohammed Mohammad and news editor Ibrahim Mohammed Hilal — to the gallows, along with Asmaa al-Khateib, a “journalist” for Rasd, a Moslem Brotherhood front.

That’s, if they can get their hands on them — the journalists have reportedly bugged out and the court sentenced them in absentia. 

The same trial also sentenced former President Mohammed Morsi, who did his best during his one-year reign, during which he seized absolute power, to turn Egypt into a Moslem Brotherhood Islamist state (with the support of a certain United States President), to death. It probably makes little difference for Morsi, as past trials have already sentenced him to death for terrorism and the Wadi el-Natrun prison break of 2011, to life in prison for espionage for Qatar, and to 20 years for arresting and torturing protesters and incitement to violence during his brief and bloody reign.

Naturally, American media are appalled that journalists should be held accountable for what they do.  The New York Post:

An Egyptian court has sentenced six people, including two Al-Jazeera employees, to death for allegedly passing documents related to national security to Qatar and the Doha-based TV network during the rule of Islamist president Mohammed Morsi.

Morsi, the case’s top defendant, was also sentenced to 25 years in prison. He was ousted by the military in July 2013 and has already been sentenced to death in another case.

Saturday’s verdicts can be appealed.

The two Al-Jazeera employees – identified by the judge as news producer Alaa Omar Mohammed and news editor Ibrahim Mohammed Hilal – were sentenced in absentia along with Asmaa al-Khateib, who worked for Rasd, a media network widely suspected of links to Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood was banned and declared a terrorist group after Morsi’s ouster.

The Brotherhood was also a banned terrorist group for most of Egypt’s history as an independent state. (Morsi was a member, and his brief and disastrous interregnum resulted from its unbanning). It’s also banned as terrorist organization in Bahrain, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Syria, as well as Russia. Note that Qatar, the national sponsor of Al-Jazeera and the recipient of the journalists’ pilfered secrets, is one of the few nations in the region that is Moslem Brotherhood-friendly.

As far as its ties to terrorists go, who murdered Egyptian President and Middle East peacemaker Anwar Sadat? An Islamist group, inspired by and closely aligned with the Brotherhood.

Say what you will of the Egyptians, they know exactly whom they’re fixing to hang.

Larry Correia Channels Gersh Kuntzman

Yes, these words are a direct quote from Kuntzman's article. Wet, or what?

Yes, these words are a direct quote from Kuntzman’s article. Wet, or what?

Kuntzman (we wonder what his name was, before he changed it?) is the infamous New York “reporter” who wrote a story claiming, among other things, that firing an AR-15 made him lose control of his bladder and gave him PTSD, or words to that effect.

Everyone in Gun Universe has been jeering at this guy, but along comes Larry Correia (yes, the author of the Monster Hunter series of books, and the author of the infamous “HK: Because you  suck. And we hate you” explication of HK marketing in Ernst Mauch days) to apply the Kuntzman brand of quivering and quailing to questions the Great Man might address next. Larry, take it away:

Dear Kuntzman, big fan. I am trying to go green in order to save the Earth. Dying polar bears make me sad. Should I buy a Toyota Prius?

– Carbon Neutral in Carson City

Dear Carbon, I drove a Prius once and it changed me forever. As soon as I climbed inside the minimalist brutalist interior of this carbon fiber Japanese death machine it was as if I was driving a monster truck. I pushed start. The engine was a throaty roar like a thousand nuclear jet bombers. I immediately soiled my trousers to prevent this beast of the land of hentai from raping me. Tentacles are NOT OKAY. In my haste to escape, I touched a lever, and the windshield wipers began beating like a reaper’s sickle threshing horror.

Seriously, go Read The Whole Thing™ — because that’s just a taste, to give you the flavor of Larry’s satirical curb-stomping of this clown. If that doesn’t put you in a great mood to start your day, you’re a bigger curmudgeon than we’ve got (and that’s saying something). As for Kuntzman, no, we won’t link him — he was looking to bait clicks, let’s break his palpitating little heart. He apparently doesn’t realize that millions and millions of actual girls learned to shoot the “horrifying, dangerous” AR-15 in the last 50 years when a version of it’s been the service rifle. (And millions more actual girls as civilians, plenty of whom shoot really well).

We’d call him an anatomically explicit female pejorative, but we’d be demeaning both women and cats — who have a small part to play in Larry’s ASK KUNTZMAN! story too.

Personally, we hope he makes it a regular feature.

As for Kuntzman, this is why you should teach your sons to fight for their lunch money. Giving it up to bullies for 12 years of NY public schools clearly leads to malnutrition that stunts the mind. Not to mention the ‘nads.


No Fool like an Old Fool Dep’t

Future Feds of America

Future Feds of America

A retired priest from Dresden, Maine, fell for the oldest trick in the book — the honey trap. But then, he didn’t have to carry the 3+ pounds of cocaine she asked him to, through the international airport, did he?

But that’s OK. Senator Susan Collins, R-ME, who was in the news recently for believing that all the gun owners who didn’t do it should be punished for the Orlando massacre, was able to get the international drug smuggler sprung.

Martin, who is staying with his son in Las Vegas, had been in a Spanish prison since July 2015, serving a six-year sentence. In March, Collins and eight of her Senate colleagues had asked Secretary of State John Kerry to negotiate his release.

Officials say Martin was one of more than 100 Americans over the age of 60 who were duped into serving as drug mules for international criminal enterprises.

Martin was arrested and sentenced in January after Spanish customs and border agents found him in possession of 1.4 kilograms of cocaine. The drugs were concealed in real estate documents that Martin had agreed to pick up in South America and was trying to deliver to a woman he had fallen in love with online.

via Retired pastor from Maine back in U.S. after release from Spanish prison – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.

Why Collins did it, God only knows. Maybe she has a personal interest in keeping the coke channels open.

It would have harmed no one but a felon to leave Martin in prison, and it would have been a salutary message to other would-be drug haulers.

Assclown of the Ides: Rudi (Hans Rudolph) Gresham


Gresham in a photo that used to be on his own website — wearing someone else’s junk. The beret, captain’s rank, CIB and Master Parachutist badge, to name a few, are all phony.

This poser was so incredibly slick that even experienced Special Forces commanders were fooled by him. We’ve been watching this case develop for over two years. Until we first heard about it, we had taken Gresham — who was everywhere, man, like the guy in the old country truck-drivin’ school — as a blowhard and a self-serving crapweasel, but even we’d accepted his SF bona fides.

It didn’t occur to us to FOIA his amazing record, but it did occur to several SF online veterans’ groups, like Guardian of Valor and SF Brothers, that have a public-facing side and a private side, as well as others that have no visible overt presence at all. And they began seeking his records.

As the waves from the active reconnaissance reached Gresham, he began to delete incriminating claims and documents to cover his tracks. But he was too late. Guardian of Valor has the story, although it’s far from completely posted yet.

Hans Rudy Gresham, who, up until about a year ago, was also with Burch in this charity, has also claimed for years to have been Special Forces, and a number of times claimed to have been retired at several ranks.  During the investigation, which was conducted in conjunction with our counterparts at Green Beret Posers Exposed,  and SF Brothers, we found that he claimed to have retired as a Lt, all the way up to a Col.

Well when he was supposedly still serving in the Green Berets, he was also selling ads on the radio as seen in this photo we grabbed for WTMA’s memories from 1971.  WTMA is a radio station out of Charleston, South Carolina where Rudi is from, the caption from the photo reads, “WTMA salesman Rudi Gresham poses in the WTMA control room (1971).”


It looks like even there and then he’s posing: as DJ Johnny Fever. Back to GOV’s tale.

Rudy has spent years spinning webs of lies, telling people he served with General Yarborough in Vietnam, he has been able to get people to believe his lies to the point that he has gotten thousands and thousands of dollars from high profile people.  He even had the Green Beret community fooled for many years believing he was a retired Green Beret officer, some had their suspicions but couldn’t prove it.

Up until about a year ago Rudi was also a board member of that National Vietnam Veterans Foundation, he was listed on their website as Director of Charity. Now we find out that he was also not what he claims to have been all of these years, telling people he was a Green Beret that served in Vietnam when his official records paint a totally different story.

via Hans Rudolph Gresham, Former Senior Advisor To The VA Secretary, Posed As Special Forces Alongside Thomas Burch – Guardian Of Valor.

So what did his records say? Go to Guardian of Valor and check ’em out. He seems to have made PFC more than once (suggesting that for him, rank was a 2-way road). And that’s it. No Vietnam time, we’re sorry to say. Is something missing? The Archives insist that there are no further records.

Go to Guardian of Valor and Read The Whole Thing™.

We’ll leave you with one exit thought:

Here’s the man, the myth, the legend in his own mind, Rudi Gresham, recently:

Gresham in a photo that used to be on his own website -- wearing someone else's junk.

and here’s some other dude. Now compare the two pictures!


Separated at birth?

But it’s not really fair to compare Gresham and former President Carter. Carter really was an officer in the Navy; he didn’t get out as a Seaman Second Class and then spend he rest of his life conning people that he was a  Lieutenant Commander or Captain. Carter really was President; the country elected him, which in retrospect isn’t the dumbest thing the electorate has ever done, or will do, even though we thought it was for a while. But he was and is almost painfully honest.

On the other hand, Gresham has pretended to be a retired Captain (see the image above), a Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Colonel, you name it, anything but a PFC. He’s awarded himself SF qualification, and a Master Parachutist badge. (Your humble blog host doesn’t have the Master Blaster wings, unlike many of his peers, and yet it never occurred to him to do a Gresham and just pin the ever-lovin’ thing on). If Rudi Gresham ever told the truth about anything, it’s probably because he got confused about which lie he’d told to which person or media outlet.

But Gresham was good at two things — impersonation and self-promotion. He weaseled his way into the Special Forces Association and Special Operations Association; he conned people including SF legends and general officers that he had served with them (!) and convinced them that they must just have forgotten him and his unctuous ways.

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