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In Which We Fisk the Worst Article on the M17 Selection

Somebody had to write the worst article on the M17 Modular Handgun System program. And this guy did it, at Strategy Page. He knew just enough not to sign it, whoever he was, so he may not be a complete dullard. But almost every fact that’s in the story is wrong, demonstrably wrong, I-was-too-lazy-to-Google wrong, I-was-too-dumb-to-ask-anybody wrong.

We used to say in the Army “as wrong as two boys kissin’,” or maybe a slightly stronger version of that, but we can’t say that any more. But that’s how wrong this article is.

Let’s hit some of the high points:

First, the title: “The Low Bidder And The M9 Tragedy.” Er, what tragedy?

The U.S. Department of Defense has finally, after a ten year search, decided on a new standard pistol, to replace the much hated Beretta M9.

“Much hated”? Meh. Lots of guys prefer another pistol. We could always work with the M9. A pistol is too inconsequential to waste hatred on, and any professional just takes the pistol he is issued and works with it. That’s how the game is played, by the people for whom “game” is only a metaphor, not something executed on a colorful board, with cardboard counters and a polyhedral die.

The new pistol is a variant of the SIG Sauer P320, which lost out to the Baretta in 1985 because the Baretta 9mm was a little cheaper.

One brief declarative sentence, multiple factual errors:

  1. It is a P320, not a “variant” except in that it has the safety and anti-tampering options SIG has offered to “fleet buyers” all along.
  2. The P320 did not lose out to anything in 1985 as it was decades from being designed. Indeed, its forerunner the P230 P250 (which has little in common with the P226) was decades from being designed, and the 230 250 was on the market for a long time before the 320 design began.
  3. Beretta is not spelled Baretta. They’ve been spelling it with that first “e” since fourteen-hundred-and-something. Repeating the misspelling doesn’t make it correct. (But wait, he’ll misspell it twice more, but misspell it differently, down the page).
  4. The trials in which SIG and Beretta were both judged as suitable took place in 1984. And yes, the Beretta was less expensive. (Significantly, not “a little.” Especially when you’re buying hundreds of thousands of the things). Beretta won a previous trial outright (JSSAP), but SIG did not participate. Cost is a real-world part of every weapons buy, whether it’s a billion-dollar ship or a buck-fifty bayonet sheath.
  5. Some units had been using Berettas earlier than official adoption, and that may have given Beretta an edge, back then.
  6. The pistol that SIG entered was a P226. This is exactly like a P320, except that its frame is made of different material and designed differently, it was designed from the bones out for modularity, it has a completely different trigger system and controls and manual of arms that the 226, and has exactly zero parts that interchange with its SIG stablemate.
  7. For the innumerate, study this arithmetic: 226 ≠ 320. There will be a test.

We note that most of the errors this guy made seem to come from the Wikipedia page on the M9, which is almost as messed up as the Strategy Page article… but not as messed up, because copying guy didn’t understand what he was copying. One of Strategy Page’s 400-lb aspie wargamers?

Whew, that was the first sentence. Hey, are you guys ready to move on and try another? Because this whole fisking is around 4,400 words  (Holy Wall O Text Batman!), we’ll continue it after the jump.

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He Didn’t Know it was Loaded!

From the land of chocolate, cuckoo clocks, and lots of guns, comes a heartbreaking gun mishap story. At first glance at the headline, it looked like a new story. But, reading it, we had a sinking feeling: it’s just new people having the same old stupid accident.

The facts are simple: On 2 August 2015, a 23-year-old man was goofing around with a friend who was visiting from Brazil. The 23-year-old’s roommate was a qualified soldier, recently returned from basic training, who had hung his service rifle on the wall. The 23-year-old pointed the gun at his visiting friend’s chest and pulled the trigger.

The gun did what guns do.

“I didn’t know it was loaded!”

That’s what the accused told the court, and expressed his deepest regret  “for using the weapon as a toy.” It was too late for the friend, who was mortally wounded and died in minutes.

Both the shooter and the gun owner were found guilty of negligent homicide and sentenced to “conditional imprisonment,” a peculiarly Swiss penalty for major misdemeanors and minor felonies, that allows the convict to pay a fine in lieu of incarceration. (The fine is adjusted to the individual’s finances and the nature of the crime). The shooter’s “conditional” sentence was 18 months and the gun owner’s 360 days; if you don’t pay the fine, as we understand it, you do do the time.

Somewhat more ominously for Swiss in general, the prosecuting and defense attorneys in this case have found something to agree on: they are trying to end the century-plus-old practice of Swiss soldiers keeping their weapons at home. Accidents and crimes with these guys are very rare, but their consequences and rarity give them tremendous resonance in the Swiss media. Being neither Swiss nor resident there, we can’t gauge the likelihood of such an initiative succeeding in the Alpine nation.

What are all guns, always, people?

Story in The Awful German Language (mandatory Mark Twain reference). Story in the Even More Awful Google translation.  Thanks to the tipster in this case, who prefers to remain anonymous.

Remember Cop-Killer Markeith Loyd?

Sure you do! Who could forget that face? We could have run his mugshot again like we did last Friday, but for some inexplicable reason we find the image of him on the right more satisfying.

Maybe it’s because he’s a cop-killer, who shot down police officer Debra Clayton, and whose flight led indirectly to the death of another police officer, who crashed pursuing him.

He had already killed a former domestic partner, and is also charged in the death of her unborn child.

He was aided to escape by his friends, relatives and “The Community,” if you know what we mean, and we think you do. Well, as we wrote last week:

When the cops finally caught up with him, he ducked inside the home where he was being hidden — and came out in body armor and with two guns.

Despite that, the cops took him alive to face justice. In the process, Markeith got tuned up a little.

C’est dommage, as they say in France. Here are his two guns:



The reporters, whose angle on the story has generally been how the bad, bad, baaaad white cops (because all cops are honorary whites, when a lily-white newsroom has anything to say about it) set Markeith up the bomb beatin’, also found another angle, thanks to an uninformed police bureaucrat: he had a 100-round drum magazine of death and doom!

As you might expect, this sent the newshounds and their straphangers into a feeding frenzy that might require the rest of us to get a bigger boat:

John Cohen, an ABC News contributor who is a former U.S. counterterrorism official, said the massive magazine Loyd allegedly had can hold an “extraordinary amount of bullets.” Cohen said a weapon like the one Loyd was alleged to be carrying “only has one purpose — to allow the shooter to fire continuously without having to reload.”

You’ve probably never heard of the Obama Administration’s John Cohen, but you’ve heard of his major initiative while he was    TITLE — recasting DHS counterterrorism efforts as “Countering Violent Extremism” and outsourcing the definition of Violent Extremism to the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center, which is most opposed to poverty for its founder and de facto owner, Morris Dees. Dees has made tens of millions personally from fundraising campaigns that mostly scare nice old Jewish people with the news that the black curtain of fasicism is drawing down on a benighted land, in the person of some unlikely Klansman Mike Mitt Romney. (In the SPLC’s future, everyone will be famous for being in the Klan for 15 minutes).

The point of Cohen’s Countering Violent Extremism campaign, of course, was to lift and shift the fires of the Department of Homeland Security and also Justice from the terrorists that really existed, but that didn’t really bother the last administration, namely Islamic terrorists, and focus it on a phantom threat that let Cohen and company target their real enemies, like veterans and anybody who actually carries a copy of the Constitution around.

So Cohen is a partisan hack. But he just exposed himself, also, as a fool.

Cohen said these drum magazines — which are readily available online — pose a real challenge for law enforcement because violent criminals can use them to carry out attacks or to defend themselves while they’re being sought.

Cohen said the high-capacity magazine — in addition to the fact that Loyd was wearing body armor — shows Loyd was “prepared to take on the police” who came to arrest him.

But, he actually didn’t use the gun, apparently; he dropped it. He was “prepared to take on the police,” until he had a whole bunch of police and not just one woman. And the logical leap that Cohen takes from this: all you people who haven’t ever even thought about harming a cop? Cohen demands you be disarmed.

“In the hands of a violent criminal, this type of high capacity magazine could be extraordinarily dangerous, and result in the death of people including police officers,” Cohen said.

“In the hands of a violent criminal” freaking anything is extraordinarily dangerous, not because of weapon, but because of criminal. They don’t teach that wherever Cohen went — probably Harvard. You can’t get that dumb without Harvard, can you?

We realize that there’s no math arithmetic (let’s not make it too hard for the dears) requirement in J-School, or in whatever ticket punch makes a cop into a politician police chief, but when we went to real grad school, you couldn’t get away with 50=100. Note that this is the exact same magazine, but it seems to have lost half its capacity in the hands of the numerate:

Layers and Layers of Editors. Or is it liars and liars of editors? If you hear the story about Markeith Loyd and two dead cops and your eyes well up with tears for Markeith, You Just Might Be A Journalist.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Teeth

True, with only teeth, he didn’t kill the guy.

He just bit his ear off.

Who does he think he is, Mike Tyson?

Both men are from Mexico, Pittsburgh’s Action 4 News reported. According to the victim, the accused attacker was in a rage over “what could be coming for him” under President Donald Trump. Salatiel Marcos Ortiz suffered through a very traumatic ordeal. “He want to kill me. He going crazy,” he said.

Ortiz told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 that his roommate — whose name has not been released by police — was drunk, angry over repeatedly losing money on the lottery and worried about what Trump will do as president.

Someone wiser than us once said that a lottery is a tax on stupidity. Anyone whose plan for advancement involves a game of chance with astronomical odds needs to direct most of his efforts to polishing Plan B.

Ortiz said that he and his roommate are from Mexico, and that the roommate feared Trump would force him and other immigrants out of the United States.

“He is paying his money on lottery, and now Donald Trump say, anybody got to go,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz said the roommate broke his finger, pushed him down a flight of stairs and chomped off a chunk of his ear at their Amber Street apartment.

“He take my ear and he bite it,” Ortiz said.

When the roommate went for a knife, Ortiz was able to run to a nearby gas station and seek help, he said.

“He tell me, ‘Don’t move, because I gonna kill you,'” Ortiz said. “When he goes, like, (to) take (the) knife is when I knew the chance and run away.”

Yeah, that’s basically the left-edge-of-the-bell-curve version of the part where the evil mastermind painstakingly explains his plan, then leaves the hero right underneath the air duct grate.

You can watch the video here.

via Enraged About Trump, Man Bites off Ear of Roommate.

Unfortunately, it’s not a video of these two chuckleheads re-enacting the Holyfield-Tyson bite, we mean, fight. It’s just a typical TV news video of stand-up patter and a short clip of one chewed-up Mexican complaining about his hermano’s cannibalistic tendencies, as quoted above.

We watch these things so that you don’t have to.

It gives a whole new spice to the term, “Mexican Food.” Like Soylent Green, it’s people.

The name (or alias, probably) of the ear-eater is being withheld by Pittsburgh police, as it is a sanctuary city, and he was only eating the ear Americans wouldn’t eat. He was getting a knife and coming back for the heart, Your Honor, but he was just being true to his Aztec culture.

Police are looking for him, and so are scouts for the Cincinnati Bengals.

No, the Army Will Not Make a Man out of You

That’s an old myth: the Army makes men out of boys, or the Navy, or the Marines. It’s an enduring myth, that’s even cemented in recruiting posters.

What the services do is help a youth find his inner man, his adult that has been suppressed by our society’s smothering, mothering tendency that produces such miserable neoteny in our youth. (Note that we’re saying, “man,” but there’s a lot of young women who are a no-go at the growing-up station, too).

What it does, more, is give one a chance to be a man among men — an adult among adults, to accommodate our many excellent service women, or xjies among xjies for those of you who can’t fit into one bin or the other because your genderfluid is a quart low.

Just as David the Good can teach you how to make seeds and cuttings grow, but you can’t do it without the seeds or cuttings in the first place, the Army can’t develop your character if your character is hollow to start with. We’ve all known a few guys in the service who were just not right, and it’s usually the case that their problems pre-dated their service, and will continue long after they get the last check on their outprocessing sheet.

Manning in Basic — note, facing the wrong way. Huweiler has the story. Jay Huwieler photo.

Case in point, failed soldier and successful traitor, Bradley Manning. A guy named Jay Huwieler was also some kind of MI weenie who went to Basic with Manning (Huwieler, a product of millennial political correctness, refers to the skunk by female names and pronouns. If he wants to write about Your Humble Blogger, tell him we identify as Aton the Sun Disk).

Here’s what Huwieler has to say about his experience:

Manning and I enlisted in the U.S. Army during the Surge in the fall of 2007 and attended the same U.S. Army Basic Combat Training (BCT) at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. As new recruits, we were assigned to Charlie Company, 82d Chemical Battalion, 3d Chemical Brigade. Training began 12 OCT and for me, it ended 14 DEC. For Manning, however, graduation from Charlie Company never came. Her problems began the moment she arrived on station.

Manning actually was a no-go at basic training, an evolution that is almost impossible to fail. He managed it. The basic problem was that he was a quitter, unwilling even to try:

For the trainees of Charlie 82d, the sound of Manning’s voice may forever elicit the two words so commonly overheard from her during her six weeks: “I can’t.” In our comparison of memories over the years, fellow recruits in C Co. have confirmed for me: when the going got tough, [Manning] said, “I can’t.” ….Selfish acts which caused others to suffer were dealt with swiftly within the platoons.

Huwieler has much more detail on Manning, including incidents of lying and malingering (faking illness, in this case, choking). The drill sergeants were not impressed. (Pro tip for future malingerers: if you can say, “I’m choking,” then you’re not choking. You can’t talk without air).

Do Read The Whole Thing™, but here’s one of Huweiler’s main points:

What is not accurate is the false and felonious image of the U.S. military on which the defense of her conduct has been, at its root, predicated: that somehow everyone in her formative years in the military was practically part of a tribe of 6’2”, overly-aggressive Alpha males pumping testosterone out their pores who ganged up on the smallest in the group and tore her apart out of hyper-machismo intolerance; that War is so brutish and nasty, that Warriors too must be. That is simply not accurate. Chelsea Manning wasn’t being picked on at the Shark Attack when the Drill Sergeants said she had to lift her own bag like everyone else, and she said she couldn’t. She wasn’t being picked on when those Soldiers tried to help motivate her to lift the Jerry Can over her head and even picked up their own and did the exercise again, with her, out of solidarity. And when she faked a choking fit in the middle of the Dining Facility, it wasn’t because someone else was tormenting her – she was tormenting herself.

In other words, the service admitted a youth with severe mental problems, gave that person a security clearance, and reaped a somewhat predictable (but unspeakable in today’s PC enviroment) whirlwind.

Plenty of people who are small and physically weak join the Army. “Small” is less a handicap than you might think (many military tasks demand endurance and agility, and the short and wiry excel). For young people, “weak” is usually a lack of training, not potential; the service can fix that. The freshly-minted private or seaman who has to discard his or her pre-service wardrobe that no longer fits is a story told in practically every military family. But the Army, or any other service, can’t build your character except on a foundation of character.

We can fix your ignorance, we can grow and shape your body, we can bring out the team player that rested heretofore unsuspected inside you. But restoring your soul is not in the portfolio that is Rendered Unto Caesar.


You Can Always Trust the FBI

Fidelity… Bravery… and we forget what the “I” is, but it sure as hell isn’t “Inventory Control.”

An HK MP5 in 10mm has been lost by a southern California special agent. According to the agent, the submachine gun, the mag and ammo, and a protective vest were stolen from his or her car (the agent remains unidentified… when they screw up, FBI Special Agents are secret agents).

That was January 8th, in Lafayette. Or maybe it was January 9th, in Concord. Wait, it was the 8th or the 9th, in Concord, Lafayette or maybe Orinda. But, whatever, it’s missing now. 

Have you seen this lost puppy? Dial 1-800-FBI-CLUE (OK, that’s a joke, call the number in the actual post).

The Bureau snuck the press release out at the witching hour of all Washington embarrassments, Friday night, so there have been only brief stories in the San Francisco Chronicle (warning, autoplay video) at about 11 PM Friday, and Fox News even later, on Saturday.

Meanwhile, if you’re a SoCal WeaponsMan reader, and happen to stumble across the missing MP5-10, the Bureau requests you to call them at (415) 553-7400 or online at They certainly don’t want you to, say, take a picture of it for the media, and call the media after calling it in to your local Law Enforcement, who can get the pleasure of making whichever SA or manager snubbed them last, beg for its return.

Heard at the range: “Ah, he probably got tired of not having 10mm ammo and tossed it in San Diego Bay so they’d give him one in a caliber they could give him ammo for.”

The news stories linked above both reference a California law meant to address the epidemic of police carelessness with firearms, but CA has no authority over Federal LE. And, after all, they are the Only Ones dependable enough to be trusted with the careless storage of such terrible firepower. Because the FBI agent has always been a model of integrity.

If the agent was a local cop, a soldier, or God help him a citizen, he’d be getting the third degree right now. But he won’t. Because the FBI agent has always been a model of integrity, his word stands without question.

Top Ten Things Nobody Ever Said About Bradley Manning

With the creepy little critter about to be sprung from prison by leaders that, in the end, privileged treachery over loyalty, Bradley Manning has been much in the news lately.

People are saying a great many things about him. But what about the things that they are not saying? Without further ado, we present the Top 10 Things Nobody Ever Said About Bradley Manning.


10. “I want to be just like him/her/it when I don’t grow up.”
9. “He’s logical and rationally grounded.”
8. “Ex-private Manning is a keen analyst of military strategy.”
7. “A poster child for loyalty.”
6. “Well done, the clearance adjudicators.”
5. “Bradley Manning: America’s secret weapon.”
4. “A credit to his uniform.”
3. “A great American and an exemplary soldier.”
2. “The textbook case of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, from being his unit’s worst intel analyst, miles from any action.”

Bradley Manning as he (?) sees him(?)self.

And, the Number One Thing that Nobody Ever Said About Bradley Manning:

1. “I’d hit that.”

Remember, this is the person that the DC plutocrats found to admire in the US military — a traitor.

Dual-Wielding Bozo Meets Trained Shooter w/1911

The event took place at Dixie Gun and Pawn, in Mableton, Cobb County, Georgia, on Boxing Day. The day after Christmas is apparently just another work(?) day for the criminal element.

Here, the owner Jimmy Groover (white haired guy) and his employee (blue sweatshirt guy) are confronted by two masked bozos, one of whom has one pistol in his right hand, and pulls out a second with his left to really threaten Groover.

Who shot him dead as a mackerel, and chased the other crim out with rounds flying.

The criminals in Georgia, in particular urban crime gangs, have been making an intensive attack on gun shops for several years now. Groover has been burgled and robbed before, and so he prepared.

John Correia (who has yet to weigh in on this, we think) normally tells you not to draw on a drawn gun — wait for your chance. But the criminals’ own self-absorption was exactly the distraction the shop owner needed to slab the two-gun robber.

Hat tip, Peter Grant, who also has a news video in which a customer of the shop, Terrance Coner, dryly notes, “It was amazing, to see someone come into a gun store, to rob a gun store. I mean, that was a really un-thought-out plan.” Yeah, well, Terrance, criminals don’t tend to think things out like you and the rest of us do. They tend towards the impulse decision.

Peter also does his own analysis, concluding:

Nice work, sir!  That looked to have been a head shot, too, on the fallen robber, or perhaps a hit on the spinal column.  One doesn’t collapse so suddenly unless the central nervous system is taken out.  A heart shot wouldn’t have done it.

Yep. He went down like he was poleaxed. Or like he suddenly got a 230-grain headache pill at about 950 feet per second. An impulse response to an impulse decision, as it were.

Also, see how the robber’s two guns slide away from him when he falls? Doesn’t matter in this case, as he was already learning the bitter fact that his name was not written in the Book of Life, but had he been alive and inclined to resist, a nice polished floor makes a dropped gun scoot away out of reach. Bet you never thought of that as a crime-fighting tool.


National Guard Troops: 5,000. Armed? Zero.

The very last thing that will be executed under Jeh Johnson’s leadership, if that’s the word, of the Department of Homeland Security, is the 2017 Inauguration. The Secret Service plans to flood the DC zone with armed defenders. The Washington Examiner:

Washington is beefing up security in the run up to President-elect Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration, including the deployment of 5,000 National Guard troops downtown amid security concerns.

Mayor Muriel Bowser said despite increased security concerns, the city is prepared and ready for the event, she said Friday at a press conference with U.S. Secret Service and other security forces.

“We prepare for the biggest number possible,” Bowser said. Secret Service special agent Brian Ebert said the Washington field office is “well-prepared and ready for this inauguration.”

In addition to the 5,000 National Guard troops being deployed in the city, 3,000 security officers from multiple jurisdiction will also be on the ground, according to security officials.

Many of the 3,000 LEOs are detailees from other Federal agencies, assigned to scut work and standing posts by the Secret Service. (That’s pretty normal for any big even the Secret Service is protecting). These law enforcement officers will be armed with their customary sidearms.

But the National Guard soldiers? Some of them may have weapons, but most will be unarmed. Even any that do carry weapons will simply be window dressing: neither Johnson nor the Secret Service considers them sufficiently loyal or well-trained to be trusted with firearms.

There is a technical term for a soldier in uniform, but unarmed. This technical term is understood by the soldiers, and by the would-be lone wolves and homegrown wolves of ISIL.


They’re not “beefing up security.” They’re beefing up security theater. They might as well put the TSA in charge.

They Paroled a Serial Killer — And Then Let Him Slide

Yep, it really happened. In Pennsylvania. They paroled a violent felon — a guy who drew down on cops with a sawn-off shotgun — who immediately began violating the conditions of his parole. And they didn’t finally bring him in until after he’d blazed a trail of bloodshed.

Byron Allen was on parole. He’d been out a year, and nothing – not the troubling sexual behavior he first displayed in prison, which had caused officials to treat him as a sexual predator, nor the porn obsession and erratic behavior witnessed by parole staff shortly after his release, nor the consecutive positive results for cocaine around May and June, nor the skipped required treatments – made parole supervisors deem this man a threat.

Then he came up hot on a piss test for the same drug he was on when he attacked cops in 2002, PCP, “angel dust.”

[But] agency supervisors did what they had done for months in the face of Allen’s increasingly troubling behavior: They let him walk free. …police now say he was also on a one-man spree of murder and sexual assault.

When they turned him loose after that, he almost killed a Kensington, PA, woman. It wasn’t for lack of effort.

Philadelphia police have charged him with four sexual assaults between April and October – the last one, the 23-year-old Kensington woman, only two days after he was found with PCP in his system at the parole office in Northwest Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, police say, he’d lure woman who worked as prostitutes, then slit their throats, beat them with bricks or choke them unconscious. In most cases, he’d sexually assault them.

Three suspected murders, four assaults.

Why didn’t his parole officer revoke him? He wanted to, but couldn’t get approval from supervisors.

…the officer could not spur his supervisors to action.

This fits with what parole agents have been telling me for a few years: In the state’s effort to decrease swelled prison populations – and reduce recidivism rates – it’s harder to lock up some people who really should be off the streets.

 The unstirrable supervisors

Leo Dunn, the chairman of the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole… couldn’t comment. Neither could the supervisors who kept Allen on the street. Dunn called the case a “tragic situation” and said that board has launched an internal investigation to “ensure no policies were violated.”

Sure, at least three women are murdered and four more raped, but it’s all okay if all the policy tick-boxes had ticks in ’em.

Some of the same people were involved in this that paroled Rafael Jones,  a name that still makes Philly blue shirts see red.

Like back in 2012, when Police Officer Moses Walker Jr. was killed by Rafael Jones, a parolee who’d been released ten days earlier. I wrote how parole officials had failed to fit Jones with an electronic monitoring device or lock him up after failing a drug test. Hearings were held, three officials were fired (one of whom now has her job back). Reforms were put in place.

One of the people that turned Jones loose to kill Walker was back on the job to let Allen loose to kill at least three.

But naturally, there’s a bleeding-heart judge at the center of it all, whose very being thrums with sympathy for murderers like Allen and Jones, and who cares about their victims … something less than any measurable amount

Former Common Pleas Court Judge Benjamin Lerner, who now serves as the city’s Deputy Managing Director for Criminal Justice, says that move toward treatment and rehab nationwide reflects recognition that for too long we have been locking up people for longer than necessary. Excessive incarceration is not only expensive, he notes. It destroys families and communities.

Yeah, unlike, say, the murders that he prefers, as a matter of public policy.