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G4S Security Theater Strikes Again

G4S logoFor those of us who lived through it, we’ll never forget the curious spectacle of a post-9/11 Congressional lynch mob demanding that lousy security theater firms like Argenbright give up their responsibilities to a new Federal entity, the polyincompetent TSA — which then gave all the duds and losers from Argenbright preference in hiring.

Argenbright’s spirit lives on today in G4S, formerly Group 4 Securicor, which bought it out, and seems determined to be the private-sector TSA. As is well known, no one good, decent, honest, competent, moral, ethical or intelligent has ever been employed at TSA in any capacity whatsoever. The same seems to be true of their private opposite number, G4S.

We’ve mentioned G4S here before a time or two. Let’s run them down first before we get to what’s new:

  1. One of the soldiers who had to cover G4S's unperformed Olympic contract.

    One of the soldiers who had to cover G4S’s unperformed Olympic contract.

    19 July 12: We take note of G4S botching a half-billion-dollar security contract for the London Olympics so badly that Britain had to fill the gap with 20% of the British Army, large hunks of other counties’ cops, and — all the way to the bottom of the barrel — TSA gropers imported from the USA. Yes, they were so screwed up that the TSA was a step up.

  2. 16 March 13: We beat up on Richard Branson and his pretentious Virgin Airlines for their mistreatment of a British soldier, and for blaming it all on G4S — while pointing out that G4S isn’t a particularly competent outfit.

Indeed, our explanation of G4S’s history and proven performance from that one deserves to be quoted, just so we don’t have to explain the Great Wall of Fail that is G4S, completely de novo.

G4S is a massive global conglomerate, which digested Wackenhut and Chubb among others. It is optimized to win governmental, lowest-bidder contracts. As a result it provides, almost exclusively, low-paid, low-skilled, questionably-credentialed bozos as security guards; you might remember G4S getting caught napping (literally) at Oak Ridge last year, following up within months by getting caught napping (figuratively), which led to a re-examination upon which they got caught cheating (literally).

The "S" in G4S is for sleeping on the job.

The “S” in G4S is for sleeping on the job.

They’ve also been caught napping (literally) in Britain (Image). G4S was also in the news in 2012 for completely botching Olympic security, requiring a bailout from the same British soldiers they’re insulting now. It’s impossible to find a single link that covers the entire shambolic disaster that was G4S’s Olympic non-performance; just brew up a bag of popcorn and Google or Bing up “G4S Olympics,” and settle in for an hours-long Lord Love a Duck session.

…G4S is descended in part from Argenbright Security (through Securicor and Group 4 Falck), a similar bottom-feeder security firm whose serial lapses enabled 9/11 and inspired the creation of the federalized United States alternative, the Transportation Security Administration (which recruits from the same pool of minimum-wage substance abusers and roughly matches G4S’s bottom-feeder performance).

OK, that was then, so why are we bringing all this up now? Because the latest G4S Security Theater fail involves the one identified Orlando massacre shooter.

He worked for G4S. So did a guy named Dan Gilroy, an ex-cop.

Daniel Gilroy said he worked the 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. shift with G4S Security at the south gate at PGA Village for several months in 2014-15. Mateen took over from him for a 3 to 11 p.m. shift.

Gilroy, a former Fort Pierce police officer, said Mateen frequently made homophobic and racial comments. Gilroy said he complained to his employer several times but it did nothing because he was Muslim. Gilroy quit after he said Mateen began stalking him via multiple text messages — 20 or 30 a day. He also sent Gilroy 13 to 15 phone messages a day, he said.

Hey, but just because he was a extremist Muslim, didn’t mean he wanted to kill people, did he?

“I quit because everything he said was toxic,” Gilroy said Sunday, “and the company wouldn’t do anything. This guy was unhinged and unstable. He talked of killing people.”

Gilroy said this shooting didn’t come as a surprise to him.

The company didn’t want to lose a preferred employee like Mateen, who received his five-year-employee shout out in 2012 already. They can always get hold of former cops who don’t want to kill anybody, but a loyal mohammedan with murder on his mind is a rare find indeed.

As it turns out, this case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome was years in the making. It involves a jihad preacher and enabler whom a soft judge sprung from prison extra early, (and the FBI just declined to arrest again, because Moslem).

Finally, G4S is also in the news because it’s got a very, very rich contract (almost a quarter of a billion, or half what it got for not supporting the London Olympics) to run a bus line transporting criminal aliens away from border arrests, shifting the resulting crime wave into interior cities and spreading it around.

Naturally, another imam warned that the most horrible outcome was if people stopped trusting mohammedans:

Imam Muhammad Musri, the president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, urged restraint in the hours and days following the attack in Orlando.

“I want to also caution many of the media from rushing to judgment,” he said. “We are mourning. We are sad. We are heartbroken, and it’s not really time to…rush to judgment.”

Musri, who is also president of American Islam, said he does no know what could be done for what seems like one mass shooting after another.

Meanwhile, Chicago has to take second place in the killing stakes for one week, although there were more shootings in Chicago last week — 150! — the Chi-town ERs have a lot more gunshot trauma experience than Orlando, and it shows.

Chicago doesn’t seem to have a big problem with Mexican cartels or Mohammedan masscres. But it still has a big problem, period. Maybe that proves that we ought not to be importing more waves of criminals and terrorists?

Nah, that’s crazy talk. G4S will keep us feeling safe, and it’s all about the feelz.





If You’re an Idiot, Don’t Go on Radio

If you're a well-meaning troglodyte, please stop helping. Now would be good.

If you’re a well-meaning troglodyte, please stop helping. Now would be good.

Hey, everybody who wants to help out at this time when gun rights are under attack?  Ask yourself, or better yet, ask a close friend who doesn’t care about hurting your feelings, this one question:

Am I an Idiot?

If the answer to the question is 1) “Yes”; 2) delighted laughter; or, 3) An attempt to talk 360º around the question without actually answering it, then

You are an idiot

And from that conclusion should follow this course of action:

Don’t go on radio.

You’ll only make your cause suffer. This idiopiphany came to us whilst taking a vehicle to the dealer for service, and we turned on the radio, to hear a host we normally don’t listen to, one Jeff Kuhner. Kuhner was eagerly interviewing some guy who represented himself as a gun expert, and was going to tell us all about the gun used by the Orlando shooter this weekend. Over the next approximately two minutes we learned:

  1. The AR-15 is gas operated because the gas blows back the slide.
  2. Just the same way a pistol is gas operated like that.
  3. It’s really nothing but a really big pistol.
  4. It can’t be used effectively without training like you get in the Army or Marines or a course you sign up for.
  5. But it’s not really any more dangerous than any other pistol.

There was probably more of that, but that’s all we can remember from the two minutes of this we could stand.

Now, poor Jeff Kuhner appeared to be eating this up, and trying to work it back to some sensibly coherent pro-gun point. As he hails from Canada, where gun knowledge seems to be increasingly narrowly distributed, we can excuse him for not realizing that he was on the receiving end of  a tale full or sound and fury, signifying nothing. For all we know the idiot he was talking to had good intentions, but either did not have two brain cells to rub together, or suddenly lost the synaptic connection between those brain cells when he was told he was live and on the air.

In any event, he ID’d himself as a gun guy, he went on the radio and spouted idiocy for longer than we could bear to listen to him, and gave all listeners who were not gun guys (and not, therefore, cringing through this whole call) the firm impression that gun guys are industrial-strength idiots.

This kind of “help” is not helping.

No doubt, based on our experience with gun guys in public, some other idiots stubbed their short, grubby fingers dialing the show to correct Gas-Operated Slide Idiot on minute and arcane points of firearms terminology, probably introducing new errors, convincing any undecided listeners (and, perhaps, the host) than Gun Guys are indeed industrial-strength idiots.

So we came up with the idea of advising idiots not to go on radio.

And there’s the rub. How futile is that? If they listened to good advice, they wouldn’t be idiots.

DHS Official Ran Interference for Terrorist Suspect — Won’t be Punished


Irene Martin was promoted after obstructing the arrest of one of the San Bernardino terrorist conspirators.

This one gets complicated, so bear with us a minute. It’s a story of dysfunction in Federal immigration policing that stands out even in an era when those are the bulk of any stories one could write about Federal immigration policing.

The federal bureaucrat who blocked armed law enforcement agents from apprehending a man involved in the San Bernardino terror attack last December, then allegedly lied to investigators about her actions, has been reassigned to another post, but likely won’t face further investigation….

It actually appears she’s been promoted. Lord love a duck.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services supervisor who an Inspector General’s report did not name but blasted for keeping Department of Homeland Security agents from Enrique Marquez is Irene Martin, who, according to her account, has been with the agency for at least 16 years, 13 years as a field supervisor.

When the HSI agents came to a scheduled meeting with a criminal immigrant under “Martin’s” supervision — the guy who supplied the guns for the San Bernardino terrorist attack, Enrique Marquez. Marquez and his “wife,” a woman with whom he has not ever lived, were a blatant case of immigration fraud, which Martin seemed determined not to “see”. Rather than assist the agents, Martin ran interference for the terrorist, doing all she could to stall the HSI criminal investigators and help “Marquez” and his “wife” get away.

Marquez and his Russian wife Mariya Chernykh were scheduled for an interview with Martin’s staff on Dec. 3, the day after Marquez’s friend Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, killed 14 people at an office Christmas party.

Hey, Vibrancy is Our Diversity™. You Americans reading this, none of you was going to get off your dead ass and shoot those 14 people. It takes a couple of hard-working refugees or immigrants.

After the FBI learned Marquez allegedly supplied the guns, they sent five armed Homeland Security Investigation agents to the USCIS building to detain Marquez.

Martin refused to allow the agents access to Marquez.

Instead, what did she do?

…the report last week faulted her for making agents wait more than 90 minutes before she gave them access to related files on the suspected terrorist, and then she dismissively ordered them to hand copy files, according to the federal report. Agents told building security they intended to arrest Marquez to prevent him from killing anyone, but Martin had them wait 30 minutes just to see her.

She must have had a reason. Mustn’t she?

When questioned by IG investigators later, Martin repeatedly changed her story and also contradicted what other witnesses said.

So now she’s in trouble, right? If you lied about material facts, to Federal 1811 Criminal Investigators in the course of a criminal investigation, you could expect to be indicted, arrested, and see every newspaper in town retype the US Attorney’s press release about you. Your mother would not recognize the desperado in that press release. And that’s even if you just lied. How many successful Obstruction of Justice prosecutions have fact patterns this solid…? Help us out with that, lawyers in Federal criminal practice. Because we’re not lawyers, we might be missing something, but it looks to us like a “disposition case” — a slam-dunk prosecution.

So when will we get the press release on the indictment of Martin?


Jeff Carter, chief of media relations for USCIS, told late Monday that “to his knowledge there is no further investigation into Martin,” and her transfer become acting deputy district director was planned before the audit was released.

You’re right, she was promoted after obstructing a terrorism arrest. Because the promotion was planned already, and the Government never interrupts itself while making a colossal cock-up.

Maybe it wasn’t really that bad, what she did?

“When agents show up to CIS for a criminal investigation, they should never be impeded. That is obstruction of justice,” said Claude Arnold, retired special agent in charge for ICE’s Los Angeles bureau of Homeland Security Investigations.

“When interviewed by OIG, [Irene Martin] denied telling the agents they were not allowed to arrest, detain, or interview anyone in the building,” the report states. “However, her account is contradicted by that of the other HSI agents present.

“She also gave inconsistent answers about when she discovered that the HSI agents were investigating the shootings from the day prior….Either version is contradicted by the building security officer….”

Arnold said the allegations in the Inspector General’s report indicate criminality.

“It is pretty standard across the federal government that if someone engages in criminal misconduct related to their professional duties, it is also a removable offense,” he said.

The report notes Martin had no authority to hold up the agents who were justifiably concerned that Marquez and Chernykh may pose a threat to the occupants and visitors of the USCIS facility. Marquez, who is now in jail and awaiting trial on charges related to supplying the guns as well as marriage fraud, has pleaded not guilty.

OK, now Martin is obviously the worst (and usual) type of Federal bureaucrat: an eighth of a ton of lard, greed and attitude motivated solely by personal gain, self-aggrandizement, and turf protection. But why would she do this?

The lying is probably explained by the fact that she’s probably a Valuable Diversity Bean™ and therefore substantially less bright than the pretty-dim norm for her position and grade (even the old one; imagine what a disaster she’s going to be, promoted). But the underlying action? Why play games and score points, even if you let a participant in a violent crime go?

Because there’s a turf war in progress. This means absolutely nothing to the faceless millions of us who toil in the productive economy, but small indicators of status — like Martin making the HSI gang cool their heels for a half hour while she browsed Facebook or picked her nose — are a big thing to the overpaid, underworked Burke’s Peerage of GS grades. And HSI and CIS don’t get along.

Why don’t HSI and CIS get along? They were once part of the same bureaucracy, but the post 9/11 national security reorg, in which problems caused by too much incompetent bureaucracy and too many incompetent (or corrupt) bureaucrats like Martin were “solved’ by creating lots of new bureaucracies with room for lots more unaccountable bureaucrats. And ICE (HSI) and CIS spun off one another, both under the bloated, mismanaged Department of Homeland Security, and compete for resources. As a result, line employees often try to cooperate but are obstructed (that word again!) by managers at every level — including low-level drones like Irene Martin, who would be a WalMart cashier but for the fact that the government is an equal opportunity employer, not for race, creed or class, but primarily for ability.

Everyone Was Equal for Two Days

rangerette-benjaminBLUF: A new commander decided he was going to really get his MI company out of the rut they were in, and he was going to start with PT’ing them into the dust.

After two runs, female sniveling was approaching breakdown level. He got accused of humiliating his women officers, and fell all over himself in a Cultural Revolution style self-criticism session.

He considers this to have been a valuable leadership lesson, in communications specifically, and  if he can sustain this level of groveling to his subordinates — particularly the distaff ones — he’ll go far in the game of “Army 2.0: My Career is Everything.” Fortunately, he’s branched MI already, so it’s not like he can do much damage to a performing branch of the Army. Let’s pick up Captain Clueless’s story:

As the new commander of a Military Intelligence Company, I determined to change the culture within my organization. In my estimation, the unit needed to shift more to mental and physical toughness, and move on from a year of reset. To do this, I placed a heavy emphasis on soldiering first, and being an Intelligence professional second.

One of the first actions I took to shake things up was a plan to “smoke” the unit during a Company run. I told the Platoon Leaders and Platoon Sergeants that I would be implementing a Physical Training policy for individuals who fell out of any unit run. Those individuals would be put into the remedial PT program until they completed the same echelon run. I instructed the leaders to pass the word and emphasize the impact of falling out of a Battalion or Brigade run.

When the big day finally came, I took the Company down Battalion Avenue for our first run together. We ran the first mile in seven minutes, and then slowed the run down to allow everyone to catch up. As I looked back on the formation I saw the majority of the formation struggling to keep up, but was pleased that everyone was still pushing.

At the conclusion of the run I addressed the Company. I told them how proud I was that no one quit, and re-emphasized my policy on falling out of runs. I spoke of the importance of physical and mental toughness, and challenged the view that MI professionals needed to be technically proficient more than they needed to be physically tough.

At this point I incorrectly assumed that I had successfully set a new standard for the unit, and that I had adequately articulated my intent.

So he did it again. And what happened?

I ended the PT session with the game of ultimate frisbee, with me on the losing team and my Soldiers seemingly in high spirits after the short run and impromptu sports PT session.

snowflake 2I believed all was right with the world, and it was not until I released the Company that I noticed a talented Platoon Leader visibly upset. I asked her if everything was okay, and thankfully she had the courage to answer.

The Platoon Leader asked me if my intent that morning was “to humiliate every female leader in the Company?” I was floored. She then pointed out that every female Officer and NCO in the Company fell back during the run, and according to my stated policy, would now be part of the remedial PT program.

After an explanation and what certainly sounds like some groveling in response to that ancient all-purpose Leatherman of the manipulative woman’s toolkit, to wit, tears, he realized that he couldn’t just do a Personal Presidential Apology Tour for Little Lieutenant You Go Grrl; instead he had to publicly abase himself before all the unit women, validating their belief that they are all Unique and Special Snowflakes®.

So he did.

I explained this to the Platoon Leader, but immediately realized it was not enough. I gathered all the female leaders later that morning and apologized to them for my carelessness and shortsightedness. I followed this up during the closeout formation by clearly explaining my intent and end state to the Company, and formally apologized to those who I had set up for failure by running at that pace.

And, of course, he never did that again. Because more important than challenging the unit to elevate its game and raise its standards, is the Unwritten Army Law that one must never, ever, inconvenience or bother the sacred Feels of Lieutenant You Go Grrl and her entire playset. When it comes down to unit readiness or Unique and Special Snowflake® Self-Esteems™, you know what’s going to win. Every time.

Update: Four Thoughts

First, leadership of MI troops is a particular challenge because they tend to be intelligent, sarcastic, and profoundly narcissistic. Bradley Manning is not as much of an outlier as you might think. Their training, which often reinforces their belief that they are Incredibly Special, only amplifies the narcissism.

But there is a problem of soldier skills and soldier ethos in these isupport units and the underlying problem is unlikely to be solved by the well-meaning but weak officer’s decision to use PT as a threat and a punishment (which is exactly how the prospect of extra PT was perceived by Lieutenant You Go Grrl). No matter where you serve, some of your troops will love PT and do it extensively on their own, and some will hate it and do as little as possible. Even the fitness fanatics may not enjoy running in formation. Generally, that’s only fun for the ego leading the pack, not for the rest of the sled dogs. Threatening your Joes and Janes with more PT if you don’t like their PT performance just moves soldiers from the “enjoys PT” to the “avoids PT” bin.

Third, one is amazed that Captain Clueless here and Lieutenant You Go Grrl and her peers thought that everyone in the unit didn’t know the women couldn’t run a seven minute pace. An eight-minute pace on an it-counts two-minute run gets women within a few points of a max 100 PT score. But it is possible they didn’t know because the pop culture, the academic feminist movement, and careerist Army women officers are all in deep denial about sexual dimorphism in homo sapiens. 

Finally, there are some that insist that standards are not lowered for women. Read this article and the source with a critical eye.

Bubba Mills a Lower

Behold, the mighty power of the drill press and end mill, operated without understanding:

bubba AR lower

If you’re not seeing it, we’re not talking about the toolmarks. Instead, look at the relative thickness of the left and right receiver walls alongside the trigger pocket. Is the trigger opening centered relative to the receiver, or relative to the trigger pocket?

Here’s the original on imgur, with a suitable title. Here’s the thread on Reddit. The guy thinks he didn’t secure the top plate of his jig.

Milled out my first 80% lower the other day and when I got done I noticed my hole is slightly off center. The trigger group fits in it seems to operate fine until I put the selector in. It sits out just enough to hang up. I am planning on filing the groove in the selector switch a bit wider to remedy that problem. My question is does anyone else see any more likely problems I will have after full assembly?

The jig I used had been used to make a few others before so my only two guesses are that either there was some slop in the screw holes for the top plate, or that on one of the previous lowers that the end mill had gotten into the jig and taken some of the material off.

One more game ends with Idiot-Proof Design 0, Idiots 1.

Here’s to never ever making one this bad… and never showing it to anybody if we do!

Note: posting may get light due to a foreign weapons course in a rural area over the weekend. Dunno whether/if we’ll have intertubes.

When Your Kid Goes Bad, What Do You Do?

handcuffs_1Sounds like a question for urban Ms. Nuffin who insists that her little precious Dindu (who is now 6’6″ 260 with prison ink on his cheeks and forehead and a gilt grill) truly dindu nuffin, when the cops have angelic young Dindu in the bag on murder, rape, and mopery with intent to lurk. But in this case, the parents were genteel, granola-crunchy Britons, and their son was a convert to Islam who joined ISIL.

Do you denounce your own flesh and blood — or do you support him, and go to prison? Well, we know what this couple did.

The middle-class parents of a suspected ISIS convert dubbed ‘Jihadi Jack’ have been charged with terrorism offences.

Organic farmer John Letts and wife Sally Lane were arrested earlier this year for allegedly trying to send their son Jack money, and have now been charged with multiple terror offences.

Jack Letts, 20, has been dubbed ‘Jihadi Jack’ after leaving his Oxford home to travel to Syria, where the bearded youngster is suspected of having joined the terror group.

John Letts and wife Sally Lane have been charged with terrorism offences for sending money to their son Jack, who is in Syria and is suspected of having joined ISIS

He has posted pictures of himself in combat clothing posing near what is believed to be the Taqba Dam in war-torn Syria.

John, a leading organic farmer, has appeared on Countryfile and the 55-year-old has also won a Prince Charles grant to help preserve crop biodiversity.

via ISIS Jihadi Jack’s parents charged with TERRORISM offences for ‘sending him money in Syria’ | Daily Mail Online.

What in their background would indicate that they might be less than loyal subjects?

Mr Letts was raised on a small family farm in Ontario, Canada and came to the UK to do a master’s degree in archaeobotany – the study of ancient plant remains – at University College London.

OK, so he’s a Briton for career purposes, and a probable Citizen Of The World®. And she?

Mrs Letts is a former books editor, with a Church of England minister and a baronet among her distant relatives.

Inbreeding in the upper middle class? Well, a few recessive genes would give Jihadi Jack a good head start on being a true mohammedan.

Hey, Dude, Where’s My Guns?

burglarThat was the question a Sanford, FL detective was asking when he went back to his Ford Explorer after a softball game and found his back window smashed open — and two guns, his cuff key, body armor and badge gone.

D’oh. The smash-and-grab theft was one of two at the park that day, but the other guy didn’t have guns locked in his car (and if he wasn’t a cop, would have gotten in trouble if he had… since the guy who armed a criminal is a cop, he faces no consequences more serious office mockery). Nope, what the thieves got from the other victim was a diaper bag. (So much for our master plan of hiding our guns inside a diaper bag).

After shattering the window, someone grabbed the detective’s department-issued Sig Sauer pistol, his personally-owned Remington 870 shotgun, body armor, a handcuff key, a stun-gun cartridge, radio microphone and his law-enforcement badge. The items have a combined estimated value of more than $3,400, the report states.

The Orlando Sentinel rounds up other local cop theft victims:

Guns are a popular item among thieves who target law-enforcement officials.

Earlier this month, thieves robbed a retired FBI agent of his credentials and gun while he napped inside his car outside a business in Altamonte Springs. And in a 6-month span last year, there were at least three separate incidents of guns disappearing from law enforcement vehicles in Central Florida.

Two the incidents involved Orange County sheriff’s deputies and the other a Winter Park police officer. It’s unclear if any of the weapons stolen in those cases were found.

Don’t worry about it. They’ll turn up in gang murders. Hopefully it’s only the gang members who get murdered, which is just Evolution in Action® (“Evolution in Action®” is a registered trademark of Niven and Pournelle).

While it’s fun making fun of law enforcement, nothing feels like being ripped off, except perhaps being raped. And the biggest reason we have such a high level of theft, apart from living in a low trust society produced by unassimilated immigration, and racial and ethnic identity politics, is that punishment for the thieves is neither swift, nor sure, nor sufficient. We still think malum in se felony sentences should be simplified to 10-20-Life, with no parole, no probation, no plea bargains. A second arrest while on pretrial release should nullify pretrial release rights for life. Get the pathogens out of the bloodstream, and the patient gets healthy.

Then, there’s this little two-liner from the Sentinel:

How often law enforcement vehicles are burglarized isn’t known, as agencies rarely alert the public.

Sanford police released information about the incident on Saturday as a public safety notice, saying a statement that residents “should be aware of the possibility of police impersonation.”

Good on Sanford for doing the right thing in this case, and really, it’s better to get this kind of news out in public with your own spin on it, and look like you give a damn, rather than look like you’re covering up.

We’ve Heard of “Drug Dogs,” but This is Ridiculous

Bubba the Drug DogLord love a duck! Cops everywhere are used to finding humans out of their mind on drugs, and even humans who have poisoned their own (or someone elses’s) kids in their sick desire to share their self-destructive avocation. But the Tustin, CA police department, while rounding up the usual junkies, found that one parolee had gotten his little puppy Bubba out of his doggy little mind on multiple drugs.

The poor pooch popped positive for heroin, meth and nicotine.

A dog is on the road to recovery after police found the abused pet under the influence of drugs in a California motel room.Bubba was found to have various drugs and nicotine in his system following a drugs bust by the Tustin Police Department in California.His owner Joshua West, 40, who was on parole for drug violations, along with another suspect, was found to be in possession of heroin, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, police say.He now faces additional charges of animal cruelty after officers noticed the terrier mix puppy appeared lethargic and tested the pet for drugs.

via Puppy addicted to heroin and meth found in motel room .

The cops reported on their Fakebook page — with this charming picture of little Bubba, who needs a groomer’s attention to his claws — that things are looking up for the critter, if not for his incarcerated former master. Their statement in full:

In March officers arrested two subjects out of a local motel who were in possession of a large quantity of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia. During the investigation officers took custody of Bubba, a terrier mix puppy, who was showing signs of being under the influence of drugs.

Bubba was released to Orange County Animal Care and treated for his condition. Bubba was found to have heroin, methamphetamine and nicotine in his system due to living with his drug using owners.

We are happy to report Bubba has been treated for his drug addiction and is doing excellent. Based on Bubba’s toxicology results, additional charges of animal cruelty will be filed against his former owners.

Bubba is still receiving medical care and once he is fully recovered, he will be placed with a rescue organization who can find him a forever home that can provide the proper care he will need in the future.

I understand all the libertarian arguments for legalizing drugs. But these [censored]s didn’t treat their little guy like this because drugs are illegal. They did it because drugs make people stupid. QED.

Legalize drugs, sure, but legalize the rest of us providing 9mm summary euthanasia to all the paralytic opioid sidewalk lumps, confused and stinking marijuana stoners, and drunken park pukers that we run across. Not to mention, the debilitated doggy dopers. After all, that seems to be what they want, to go out in a blaze of stoned glory.

Fail and Flail with the TSA

B1_TSA_deedum_AH1The TSA is failing, and flailng.

It told Congress last month that it was desperate for money, and running out of people; managers have no ideas about why the agency is hemorrhaging its people, except that they must not be paying enough to crony recruiters and advertisers and, probably, pressgangs that find TSA material in the halfway houses and rehab joints of major metro areas. The Daily Caller:

More than 100 of the Transportation Security Administration’s 48,000 airport screeners quit each week, and whistle-blowers told congressional investigators that “we remain an agency in crisis.”

The personnel losses affect airport screening times across the country.

“Many airports are complaining that TSA is getting worse, not better,” said House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz.

Is that even possible? Is Chaffetz trying to suggest that, having hit rock bottom, the TSA bums have started deep-shaft mining?

So is the problem not enough accountability? Some of the line dogs think so.

TSA staffers testified Wednesday that senior employees are often not held accountable for misconduct and the TSA office created a hostile work environment by intimidating personnel by abusing integrity testing.

“These leaders are some of the biggest bullies in government,” Jay Brainard, a TSA security director in Kansas, told committee. “While the new administrator of TSA has made security a much-needed priority once again, make no mistake about it, we remain an agency in crisis.”

No surprises there. Although Brainard would go on to surprise us. We’ll get back to him in a few.

One really bad place right now is Chicago. (Well, it’s a really bad place all the time, but now the airports have made even leaving to go someplace better an ordeal). USA Today:

At Chicago Midway, a flier’s video showing an agonizingly long Thursday line at the checkpoint there has gone viral, racking up more than 2.1 million views since it was posted.

“I got to the end, (and) I was like, holy (expletive), people would probably like to see this,” Sean Hoffman says about his video in a Monday story in the Chicago Tribune.

Hoffman says he barely made his 7:50 p.m. flight, despite arriving nearly 3 hours early.

“People were missing their flights,” he tells the Tribune. “I could see some panicked people who had to be somewhere.”

Midway’s the little airport. It was better at O’Hare, right? Uh, wrong:

American Airlines says it rolled out cots on Sunday night because about 450 of its passengers missed their evening flights after getting stuck in long TSA queues.

“Got here two and a half hours before my flight and security took two to three (hours) to get through,” Kevin Revis, a stranded traveler, tells ABC 7 of Chicago.

Things hadn’t improved much by Monday morning, according to ABC 7. The station says “video shot at 5 a.m. Monday shows hundreds of passengers slowly making their way through an hours-long security line in Terminal 3 at O’Hare.”

He waited so long for TSA

He waited so long for TSA….

Remember, this is not American Airlines delays. This is not Chicago delays. This is exclusively and solely TSA mismanagement delays. And it’s not like you’re even getting any security for the huge waste of time and money. (Imagine the staggering economic cost of tens of thousands of productive people standing waiting for TSA’s mongs to get smart, which is not going  to happen). It’s not just Chicago: in Atlanta, WSB-TV warned travelers to be at least three hours early, because two of them would be spent in the line. The AJC, the local paper, published a Line Delay Survival Guide. In Phoenix, a TSA computer failure sent thousands of passengers on their way without their bags, which TSA then dumped on the tarmac. Even tiny Ketchikan, Alaska has been dealing with three-hour TSA delays.

Funny that this all crops up around the time they’re begging for more money.

One thing that seems universal in these delay stories, too, is TSA managers lying about how long their lines are.

Airports have had it and are considering firing TSA and reverting to contract security. It can’t be worse. Phoenix, Seattle and and Atlanta are now running the numbers. The reason more haven’t done it is that they will continue to have to support some TSA overhead presence — the retired-on-duty upper layers of management, most of them idle double-dippers retired from another .gov job — as well as the contract people. But unlike TSA’s lazy, thieving, groping human crime wave, the contract folks can be held responsible for what they do.

Back to the Congressional hearings, it seems like what Brainard was complaining about was, actually, agents being held responsible for helping themselves to travelers’ stuff. His point was, and we are not making this up, that if the item a passenger lost or had stolen was some de minimis value,

Brainard explained that integrity testing kicked into high gear after a news story came out regarding TSA employees stealing passengers’ expensive items like iPads. The TSA Office of Inspection would send an investigator out to an airport and send through TSA like cash, credit cards, DVDs, etc., and leave it. The federal security director would later get a call to recover the items that were left.

“One of the items that they are notorious for planting in an airport is a pen. They will throw a pen on the floor, let’s say in cue and TSO picks it up and doesn’t turn it in they will fly back out a couple of investigators and they will literally interrogate them and push for resignation or they will propose a removal for theft for a pen,” Brainard testified, noting there was a Transportation Security Officer who picked up a planted pen and threw it in the garbage.

“He didn’t think it was worth any money. It was a $200 Mont Blanc pen.”

“We’ve got people picking up pens, and they are sending out these criminal investigators for non-criminal matters. Oh, and by the way, it’s commonplace for them to threaten people with criminal prosecution,” Brainard said. “They are doing people for pens while you got people at our headquarters that are abusing their staff members.”

That is, indeed, Brainard’s position: TSA agents shouldn’t be fired for just stealing pens. Is there any wonder none of your stuff is safe when you travel by air?

Meanwhile, a member of the committee investigation this caprine reproductive act of an agency  has a bleak prognosis:

Oversight Committee Member Florida Republican Rep. John Mica again cautioned, “[TSA Director] Neffenger is well-intentioned. He has tried to correct the situation with more training etc., but TSA can’t recruit. They can’t train. They can’t retain. They can’t schedule. They can’t schedule and it can’t manage the huge bureaucracy that’s been created. That’s part of the problem. And it won’t be corrected.”

You know, one might even conclude that no one good, decent, honest, competent, moral, ethical or intelligent has ever been employed at TSA in any capacity whatsoever. Might he not?



So how stupid are TSA mongs? So stupid that they need an iPad with a “randomizer” app to send people randomly left or right. That’s pretty stupid, just about at the level of brain stem function. But not as stupid as TSA managers, who, unaware that there are many free random binary (aka coin toss) generators for download, spent $1.4 million on the randomizer app.

Wait till they get their PowerPoint bill from Microsoft.


The Army and Self-Defense

Army LogoDavid French writes about, among other things, soldiers’ response to the Army’s beyond-lame, canned “anti-terrorist/force-protection” lecture that everyone must waste a training hour or two on per annum. AT/FP joins with SAEDA, SHARP, HR/EO, CYBERSEC and every other buzzword acronym that has been inflicted on the troops by some dullard who had the dumb luck to be the Chief of Staff’s Hudson High classmate or otherwise catch his ear, to form part of the general cacophony of “annual training requirements” which are at best orthogonal to, and more usually in opposition to, actual training for an actual mission.

In the light of Pournelle’s Law, every one of those mandatory annual briefings was emitted by one of the d-bags (or, more realistically, a team of the d-bags) whose focus is the organization, not the mission.

This waste is particularly excruciating in Reserve Component units, because they never scale down the chickenbleep the way they scale down the actual training to fit your lack of 24/7/365 availability. The people who develop, promulgate, assign and promote these mandatory Death By Power Point sessions are probably unaware that there are literally more of these BS training hours assigned than an M-Day reservist or Guardsman has total training hours. So the two means of “compliance” are two forms of Irish Democracy: simply checking the box, or giving all the training in a compressed, fast-forward version (the latter is more common). Both are gestures of contempt to the organization that wastes precious time on specious chickenbleep.

But French, somehow, betook himself to an AT/FP briefing that was actually conducted like the idiot tasking demands. And it got ugly:

And when [a counterstrike against the “unrelenting, grinding, one-way campaign of social change, conducted with an air of moral superiority and cultural condescension”] happens, it can be wondrous to see. I remember an Army counter-terror briefing in which a trainer was detailing all the ways soldiers can protect themselves and their families from off-duty, domestic terror threats. Notably missing from the briefing slides was a recommendation that service-members — each of whom is trained in the use of a weapon — obtain concealed-carry permits or use personal weapons in any way.

As the training droned on, a hand shot up. “Sir, why are we not being told to purchase a weapon for self-defense?” The response was instantaneous and politically correct: “Because that weapon is more dangerous to yourself than your attacker.” The room erupted, and within minutes, the trainer had backtracked and admitted that he carried a handgun when off-duty. It was a tiny victory in the grand scheme of things, but cultures are won and lost through tiny victories and defeats, and for a generation, the vast majority of then victories have gone to the left.

via Individual Cowardice Is Killing American Culture | National Review.

Now, that’s one select paragraph out of a longer essay making a larger point, but we carved it out for a specific reason. The AT/FP briefing is now a joint goat grope, but it comes via the Army’s provost marshals — the MPs. Here’s a typical briefing that someone has now put up on SlideShare. It’s 2007’s, but it’s only a few years still being used — and the new one is not much different. It is — we are not making this up — 100 slides long. And never in that 100 slides does it suggest you gun up.

anti_terrorism_brief_sep_07.pptx (5 MB)

Now, between us, the contributors and commenters on this blog have more time matching wits with real no-bleeep terrorists than everybody who ever worked on this lame-ass slide deck. And every one of us would tell you — unless mission demands you go unarmed — maybe you’re under non-official cover, or stuck with some lame UN mission — you’re better off armed.

Of course, the guys who make the slides disagree. But they’re also so out of touch they think you need to worry about the Khmer Rouge, defunct for a generation. Orange arrow and underscore is ours:


(Hey, they must have just edited out the Narodniki and the Black Hand). More likely, they’re just so PC that they can’t face the idea that terrorism today has many names but only one god.

Apart from the galumphing bozosity of the creators of the presentation, or, perhaps, because of it, the Army simply can’t accept the idea that the troops — the most intelligent and carefully selected in the nation’s history — could defend themselves.

The principle error is placing the Anti Terrorist training in harness with Force Protection, a portfolio owned and controlled by the Military Police, a branch whose doctrine is disproportionately influenced by discredited gun control social-science theory from the 1960s.

army_gun_safety_poster_detailThe Army always stresses the downside of personal firearms, and the MP branch has, perhaps, the lowest level of trust in the Army’s soldiery (especially enlisted soldiery). What this all adds up to is that, for soldiers on Army bases, the gun control environment mimics the environment civilians experience in the most backward and crime-soaked Jim Crow gun control jurisdictions. Firearms are registered and storage requirements are strict. Single soldiers assigned to barracks are expected to keep their firearms locked in the unit arms room. No one may carry a personal firearm for self-defense, and the carry of issue firearms for personal self-defense is actively discouraged.

Discussions with a typical MP officer experienced in a Provost Marshal role give rise to the sensation of arguing with an anti-gun extremist from DC or San Francisco.

As a result, American military bases, which have the potential to be the hardest of hard targets, are soft and vulnerable — all in the interests of Force Protection and Safety as those concepts are seen by narrowly ideological officers.

The Army should be the nation’s experts in guns, but the organization seems bound and determined to make them fear the cold steel things, and stay clear of them.

Yes, this means another Fort Hood could be as near as tomorrow. The only thing standing between the terrorist and his objective is going to be those soldiers who are breaking the law by carrying, as a small handful always have.