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Brown Deer Matter!

Recently, this unlucky yearling was gunned down from the road in West-by-God-Virgina. And the Natural Resources Police (i.e., game wardens) posted this image on their Facebook page. There were a mass of violations here: the deer was shot out of season, in somebody’s private yard, from a motor vehicle on a public road, and its carcass was just left there to rot.  (In most cases, if wardens get to an animal in time, the department donates the meat to homeless shelters or other nonprofits, and some game butcher usually donates his  time and skill to prepare the carcass. We don’t know if that was done in this case).


No, you’re not An Operator because you can blast Albinobambi from a moving pick-up. You’re just a sphincter muscle in vaguely humanoid form.

The albino deer was well-known to locals, who were incensed by the drive-by, reckless shooting of the animal.

About Albinism

Albinism in deer, like in humans or any other mammal, results from a recessive gene that makes the recipient offspring unable to express melanin, the only pigment mammals have. Individuals who inherit a single albinism gene from one parent are “carriers”; individuals who inherit the gene from both parents are albinistic. This has consequences for the animal, as it has less protection from predators (deer depend on freezing in place and relying on camouflage as a first response to predators), certainly including poachers. And albinistic individuals lack the melanin defense against ultraviolet light; evolutionary biologists think that we humans evolved colored skin as our ancestors shed their ape hair (our nearest primate cousins, the chimps, have near-albinistic white skin, but colored hair), and that albinos are a genetic allele that’s a throwback to humans’ earliest days.

Could that ever be Fair Chase?

It may be sporting to shoot an albinistic deer. We probably wouldn’t, just on general principles — Platinum Bambi’s got it hard enough out there. But it’s absolutely not sporting to shoot it the way these jerks shot this animal. From a truck? A moving truck? In a residential area? Without any regard for where the bullet is going post-Bambi?

Crime and, if not Punishment, at least, Apprehension

On 27 Sep 15, the NRP posted:

West Virginia Natural Resources Police are asking the public for assistance in locating two men in a grey truck who shot this albino deer from their truck on Rt. 17 in Boone County at approximately 5:00 p.m yesterday.
Please call the District 5 office … message us on Facebook, or click the link to report online.

Between witness descriptions of the poachers’ truck, a small gray pickup, and tips received by the DNR cops, they had their three yahoos charged two days after making the first post:

NRP Officers in Boone County have solved the poaching case of the albino deer, charging three individuals.
West Virginia Natural Resources Police would like to say thank you to Boone County 911 and the West Virginia State Police Intelligence Unit for their help.
Most of all we would like to thank the public for their assistance in solving this case!

A neighbor of the landowner noted:

This happened right up the road from where I live. The people drove by and shot it right out of someone’s yard. The owner of the property was in his garage and he saw the people drive by and shoot it, but he couldn’t see the license plate on the truck.

This is the first year the NRP have had their Facebook page up, and it’s already paying dividends. While we can’t pretend to understand the yahoos that shoot deer from trucks, the cops can catch them by activating their social networks. Somewhere, someone that’s not a fan of poaching intersects with someone who heard these trigger-happy bozos boast, and whammy! Albinobambi is avenged.

Naturally, wags have to comment: “Brown Deer Matter!” and “They only do this for big bucks and albino deer!” but the cops vehemently disagree. And a cursory look at their page shows that they put up a picture of just about every poached deer they come across, and enough details to jog a guilty conscience, or at least, to get people listening to truckborne nimrods’ boasts.

Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week: SIGAR

sigar_logoDo you want to understand the war in Afghanistan?

If so, good luck.

But one part of it that can be understood is the amount of resources that we have poured like sand down that rathole. Indeed, as of 30 July, the number spent on the Afghan government alone was about $109 billion. That is to say, not counting all the troops launching bullets and executing the actual war part of the war.

That number comes from a quarterly report of the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). The Special IG maintains a website that, apart from promoting the Great Man his ownself, one John F Sopko, provides a pretty good guide to the corruption of Afghanistan, the nation which pretty much owns the World Cup of Corruption.

The stories here are depressing. For example, the US spent a fortune to have Afghan contractors install grates to keep taliban bombers out of culverts… and the contractors just pocketed the money and left the culverts wide open for IED planters.

There are many more like that, the bleached bones of nation building baking in the Afghan sun. Tht’s why the site of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction is our Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week.

Link: Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction

The Eloi Walk Among Us

The Time Machine CoverThis guy also meant this piece, perhaps, to be taken a little tongue-in-cheek, as a wry commentary on his initial lack of killer instinct, and how his long combat with a bat in his upstairs revealed a side of him he wasn’t expecting — an atavistic wild rodent-slayer. But really, we read this and thought we’d ridden our Time Machine too far forward, and were among the Eloi.

We squared off. I unclipped the dustpan and brandished the broom, aiming its thousand bristles at the bat.

I lunged; it crawled an inch higher. I had tickled it. I lunged again, with feeling. The bat fluttered, then plummeted to the floor and lay still. As I approached, it resurrected and darted toward my wife’s nightstand, where it fell again.

I beat at it clumsily. It shot upward, madly circling the room below the spinning ceiling fan, by turns approaching the open window before veering off, each time eluding my broom with its sonar.

At last I landed a high and outside blow, synchronized with a kamikaze scream. The creature careened into the wall, dropped, and appeared to die.

I found the paper bag and dustpan, and edged closer until I loomed over the intruder. I exhaled long. Then—I laughed, involuntarily, without smiling.

I lowered the bag.The careful touch of paper fibers was epinephrine for its rubbery wings. Inches from my hands and face, the bat came alive. It clambered, flapped, and darted toward a corner as I fell upon it with the bag, my hands, bloodlust, and profanity. I reached behind me with my strong hand, catching the broom handle and raising its bristles nearly into the fan. With its lance end, I stabbed at the bat through the bag over and over and over.I do not know how long this went on.

Some time later, I carried its lifeless tissue downstairs.

“Is it done?” quoth my wife.

“It’s done.”

via We Killed a Bat in Our House Last Night. Here’s the Awful Truth We Learned About Ourselves | Parenting.

At least the bat guy finally reached way back down in his trousers and found something. Still, this was appalling.

The differences between Morlocks and Zombies? There's a rational explanation for Morlocks, and no one has any qualms about fighting them.

The differences between Morlocks and Zombies? There’s a rational explanation for Morlocks, and no one has any qualms about fighting them.

We recently watched the first three episodes of the new AMC series Fear The Walking Dead, and were amazed and shocked that the main characters were less realistic than the zombies that are the central antagonists of the series.

There is, of course, a Ferguson Riot as society collapses, with many condemning the police for shooting the zombies (that part rings true, especially in LA).

We were less amazed and shocked that almost none of the characters were likeable. Spoiled children, drug addicts, a father faced with the pending annihilation of his family who whines, “You know how I feel about guns!” as if it were more noble to have your face eaten off by your former next door neighbor.

In a case like that, how can you not root for the zombie neighbor, even if he has irritated you by eating a harmless dog?

The only barely tolerable character was a Salvadoran barber. (And you know he’s going to turn out to be FMLN, because Hollywood. Funny how all the refugees from Communist utopia, lost or won, seem to settle amidst their capitalist enemies. And yes, the spoiled, stupid and drug-addled kids get in a few gratuitous swipes at capitalism, because social justice). The barber, Salazar, dismisses his hand-wringing Anglo hosts in a word: “Débil.” (“Weak.”) That’s also the essential word you need for any review of the series — or the urban culture that spawned it.

Where are we, when killing a bat with a broom is traumatizing, and Hollywood thinks you’re going to believe characters who’d rather not shoot zombies because, “You know how I feel about guns”?


Miguel turns out to have reviewed Fear the Walking Dead at GunFreeZone and we are, despite our disparate backgrounds, in firm agreement on this TV suckfest. He does point out that Salazar’s block of shotgun instruction is generally pretty good, something we didn’t initially mention.

TSA Agent of the Month

TSA Margo Louree-GrantMeet Margo Louree-Grant, who stole a $7,000-$7,500 watch from a passenger as he passed through security at JFK Airport in New York City. If she’d been caught by the TSA, she would just have been quietly dismissed, but unfortunately for her, she was caught by the Port Authority Police, who don’t share the TSA senior management’s carefree attitude to grand larceny.

Tranportation Security Administration screener Margo Louree-Grant was caught on security camera swiping the men’s luxury watch about 3 p.m. Aug. 26.

The watch, completely covered in white diamonds, had been placed in a plastic bin for screening by passenger Bindoo Ahluwalia.

When Ahluwalia walked away without the watch after passing through security at Terminal 7, Louree-Grant snatched it and took it to a bathroom, prosecutors said.

But she became nervous when she returned to her post and found co-workers searching for the timepiece. …. She quit her job soon afterward.

Louree-Grant, of Brooklyn, was arrested Wednesday night and charged with grand larceny and official misconduct. She faces up to seven years in prison if convicted, officials said.

“This kind of thievery will not be tolerated at our airports,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Friday.

via TSA agent at JFK busted for swiping passenger’s $7K watch – NY Daily News.

Like we said, it is tolerated if it’s the TSA and not an external agency that catches the thief.

At last Mr Ahluwalia got his watch back, right? Right? Bueller? 

Well, not right. Actually, wrong.  Louree-Grant’s story is that she “destroyed” it. (How does a 100-lb addict-lookin’ woman destroy diamonds, with which the watch was encrusted?) And that was the end of that; the payroll patriots of the TSA congratulated themselves on a job well done, stopped looking for the watch, and made two announcements:

  1. A job opening, which they posted where they usually hire people — the homeless shelters, halfway houses and transitional incarceration facilities in the Tri-State area.
  2. A more general statement of principle, to the American public:

“You bleeped up. You trusted us.” And that’s the TSA in a nutshell. No one good, decent, moral, ethical, competent or intelligent has ever been employed by TSA in any capacity whatsoever.



NYPD Officer Fired 14 Shots, Got Record 6 Hits (4/2014 incident, back in the news)

Joe Felice was the lucky (?) recipient of the six hits. If Patrolman Cronin's reason for firing him up has surfaced, NYPD and Westchester County prosecutors are not talking about it.

Joe Felice was the lucky (?) recipient of the six hits. If Patrolman Cronin’s reason for firing him up has surfaced, NYPD and Westchester County prosecutors are not talking about it.

“Only the Police Can Be Trusted With Guns®.” A lot of people in New York say that. Like Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-Five Families), Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-Leftistan) and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton (D-Ineffectual), to name a few.

But the record of the NYPD is not encouraging. Every gunfight is an opportunity to launch a single bullet with an armed felon’s name on it, but the Department instead produces officers who conduct a Mad Minute of spray-and-pray reconnaissance by fire.

Training issue? Certainly. Weapons issue (the crappy NY trigger, which some shooters actually do like?) Maybe. But a leadership issue? Absolutely.

“There are no bad regiments, only bad colonels.” — Napoleon.

New York has tens of thousands of cops; inevitably, some of them are going to be d-bags. Others might be good guys who screw up big “that one time.” But when the whole department shoots as if their guns have no sights and they learned basic pistol marksmanship from rap videos, they’re going to continue to have problems, and they’re doing that because command emphasis has not been placed on marksmanship. At least, not real command emphasis, which includes taskings, resources, and evaluation/inspection. Speeches about command emphasis, which were Bratton’s specialty in LA, Boston and his last rodeo in New York, don’t count .

Being a leader means, among other things, setting and upholding standards, and dealing appropriately with those subordinates who fail to achieve them. Civil Service protections and strong police unions make that functionally impossible. How can you raise the standard for marksmanship (say, from horrifying, to merely atrocious) when you can’t do anything to those who can’t or won’t meet the standard?

With this officer, though, the marksmanship is the least of his problems. Indeed, if his marksmanship had been any better, the jam he’s in would be substantially worse — and it’s pretty bad.

Two men who say they were shot at by a drunken, off-duty cop for no apparent reason sued the city Monday for the near-deadly debacle.

Joseph Felice and Robert Borrelli were driving home from a hockey game in Pelham, Westchester County, when NYPD officer Brendan Cronin “stepped out of the shadows” and fired 14 times at their ride in April 2014, documents charge. Felice was shot six times and narrowly escaped death.

Papers charge that Cronin and other officers had hit a bar on City Island in the Bronx before the shooting.

Are you getting the feeling that there’s more to this story than meets the eye so far? We sure are. Any time somebody tells us that Sumdood decked, or bent a tire iron on his head, or broke a volley of rounds in his direction, all “for no reason,” our bullshit detector redlines. It’s right up there with “minding my own business, when…” and the ever popular “dindu nuffin.” Most of the people who do that kind of thing with a fist/tire iron/handgun have really lousy reasons, but there’s seldom no reason.

Robert Borrelli was driving the car when it was struck by the bullets.
Cronin is awaiting a criminal trial in Westchester and has been suspended from the NYPD.

via Drunk cop fired 14 rounds at men as they drove home: suit – NY Daily News.

Still, the amazing thing is that an NYPD cop can fire fourteen shots and get six hits. That’s unheard of! (Maybe he was shooting at someone else, some unscathed third party?) Seriously, the days of the crack Stakeout Squad are over. These days, the NYPD only gets that many hits into bystanders, no matter how many shots they fire.

Of course, those cops are usually on duty, and are supposed to be sober. This guy was off duty, and was apparently not sober at all. This is why your daddy told you that alcohol and gunpowder don’t mix.

Now, a novice to the ways of big-city police work would think, “This cat Cronin is screwed, they’re gonna throw him so far in the back corner of Upstate that the screws will have to feed him with a Wrist Rocket.” But the last time NYPD had a guy this irresponsible with firearms, he wound up as Police Commissioner. Of course, he’s Commissioner in Chicago, but still…

Whatever Judgment Juice Cronin was guzzling, Bratton ought to send a case of it to each of his cops. If they can get around the little problem Cronin had with target discrimination, it could open up a whole new era in NYPD marksmanship.

Qatari: “F### America. I have Diplomatic Immunity.”

You will be amused to know that the guy drove with Arab skill, and overheated the engine in the Ferrari.

You will be amused to know that the guy drove with Arab skill, and overheated the engine in the Ferrari.

Ah, yes. “Arab civilization,” an oxymoron that makes “military intelligence” look sensible. Behold, the diplomatic representatives of the Emirate of Qatar:

Neighbors said the drivers were from Qatar and since they moved into area a few months ago, they had seen several sports cars on their driveways.

The people currently living at the 8,895 sqft home in Beverly Hills, which rents for $45,000 a month, where the cars pulled up on Saturday, declined to speak to reporters yesterday.

Video journalist Jacob Rogers said that a man — thought to be the driver — confronted him when he captured the incident on video. He told me verbatim, “I could have you killed and get away with it,” Rogers said.

I told him, “The press is allowed to be here on the sidewalk on a public street.” He said, “F*** America,” and threw a cigarette at me.

via Driver caught in Beverly Hills supercar street race claims diplomatic immunity | Daily Mail Online.

Interesting. “F### America,” but where does this waste of skin, this perfect synthesis of Arab pride — which is enormous, if fragile — and Arab achievement — which is nil, except in the worlds of crime and misconduct — choose to live? Why, in the most satanic precincts of the most satanic state of the Great Satan itself, in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

This clown, whoever he is, also sends a deeper message about Arabs, one that everyone from Lawrence on, including the Soviets who tried to teach their unmotivated students the principles of preventive maintenance back in the 50s and 60s, has already learned: the ability to buy high-tech gear does not bestow the ability to operate it, if you’re too lazy to try to learn. If you watch the video at the link (we were having an Arab moment and were too lazy to embed it), you’ll see that these guys have supercars, but they drive them ineptly, incompetently. They hit things, they overheat engines, and they’re not even really fast — children playing with Daddy’s tools. If you gave an idiot Renoir’s palette, he would not paint a Renoir. Neither would these inbred products of centuries of cousin marriage.

You can have money. You can have a family name, however meaningless a barbarian name is in the civilized world. You can have the resources of a nation-state at your disposal. And you can have all those things and still have no intellect, no refinement, and no breeding. And you take that family name and make it the name of dogs.

Gitmo Terrorist Seeking Love

Girls, here's his profile pic. Don't all IM him at once, let the guy pace himself.

Girls, here’s his profile pic. Don’t all IM him at once, let the guy pace himself.

It’s spring somewhere, and former bin Laden henchman Mohammed Rahim seeks love. And his terror bar attorney describes his suffering: he was exposed in the Ashley Madison hack, put himself out there on, and has been subjected to torture and cruel and unusual punishment, to wit: the evil kuffar screws won’t let him log onto the hook-up site Tinder.

Oh, the humanity! What bestial horrors will those infidels sink to, next?

Muhammad Rahim al-Afghani, who was believed at one time to have close ties to Usama bin Laden, maintained the dating profile for three years, according to his attorney, Carlos Warner.

The prisoner’s location is set to Guantanamo Bay, and his tagline reads, “Detained but ready to mingle.” Still, he reportedly gets matched with other users daily.

A letter published by Al Jazeera reveals how al-Afghani even wrote to his lawyer about the Ashley Madison hack.

“This is terrible news about Ashley Madison please remove my profile immediately!!! I’ll stick with … There is no way I can get Tinder in here,” he wrote.

via ‘Detained But Ready to Mingle?’ Somehow, a Gitmo Detainee Was on | Fox News Insider.

The mass-murder insider and his mass-murderers’ mouthpiece are all bent out of shape that being locked up has hindered Mohammed’s self-actualization. You know, the normal islamic guy stuff like keeping sex slaves, having a few wives to beat, and keeping them knocked up whilst one indulges the usual Afghan manly pastimes, like Boy Love Thursdays.

Matt Golsteyn was right. No percentage in taking these scrotes alive.

College Men from LSU…

The LSU poly-sci faculty in action. They thought it was a Phyrgian Cap.

The LSU poly-sci faculty in action. They thought it was a Phyrgian Cap.

College Men from LSU…

…as Randy Newman sang, “Went in dumb, come out dumb, too.” We never understood the line until we read this complete freakout in the WashPost by a couple of second-string LSU academics (an assistant professor and a grad student) in the schools clearly-not-too-rigorous political “science” department. As usual for the breed, they’re very political and not too scientific, and what they’re in a complete state of HP 1 about is… 3D Printing. Because GUNZ!

Yeah. Google “Wooden AR lower”.Perhaps they’re going to recommend registering coping saws next.

But that isn’t even where they stop… governments need to regulate consumer printers because they can print weapons of mass destruction. This indicates that neither of the authors, assistant prof Daniel Tirone and wooly-headed grad student James Gilley, is capable of reason at the high school level, or understands the processes of biological labs or nuclear weapons manufacture at that same level. Here are a couple of gems from their op-ed:

You can print your own guns at home. Next it will be nuclear weapons. Really.

[T]echnology is a bigger obstacle to reducing future gun deaths than either the National Rifle Association or differing interpretations of the Second Amendment.

Yeah, because this asshole named Polo brought back this gunpowder stuff from China and let the cat out of the bag. Before that, the world was a Garden of Eden featuring no gun deaths.

The ability to “print” or manufacture guns privately will allow individuals to bypass background checks, the primary way that guns are regulated today.

Um, people can already “bypass background checks” quite a number of ways, considering that over 90% of gun murders are committed by career criminals who were already prohibited persons. This data is available to anyone who has any science in his political science, which clearly excludes the duds of LSU.

And that challenge will expand exponentially as the technology advances, one day enabling individuals to print chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction at home.

And this gem:

This is not a futuristic speculation; 3-D printed handguns are already on the street. The government is struggling to respond to these guns, which are hard to detect and deadly.

FOOM! (If this does come to the desktop, can they test it  at LSU?)

FOOM! (If this does come to the desktop, can they test it at LSU?)

Number of people killed by 3D printed guns to date? We’re thinking it’s zero. These two dud Political Scientists (Political Science is to science as Christian Science is to open-heart surgery) praise the State Department for trying to ban gun data, and curse the annoying and irritating First and Second Amendments that unfairly restrict the ability of their benevolent Government to crush any dissenters. Because they’ll have nukes next!

The threat of privately printed weapons will soon grow beyond the lethal handguns now in circulation. As we argue in research forthcoming in the October issue of the Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism2, considering expected advances in the technologies, terrorist groups will threaten nations with 3-D printed chemical, biological and nuclear weapons within a couple of decades.

And these ultramaroons are teaching your kids, if you’re dumb enough to send them to LSU.

Randy Newman was right!


  1. HP — “Homosexual Panic”. Old SF term. No insult to any actual gay people who are not in a permanent state of panic is intended.
  2. The Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, gives every appearance of being an academic circle-jerk, pretty well devoid of any perspective by anyone who’s ever conducted any policing, intelligence, or counterterrorism.

Bubba Facit: Scout Rifle Gunsmiting

OK, Frank Goepfert/Midwest Tactical moves a lot of Class III weapons, including a lot of the ugly ducklings that Frank seems to get into the hands of the guys who think they’re swans. But sometimes he has a Title 1 firearm that just defies description. Here is a Mauser rifle that has been ministered to by the Dread Gunsmite Himself, Bubba:

Bubba Mauser 19 right

At first glance it looks strange… a military Mauser, partly sporterized, with the full-length military barrel, and with what looks like a NATO rifle mag (maybe an M14 mag) tacked on (we’ll soon see how literally that can be taken) and what appears at first glance to be a high-magnification, but funny-shaped, Leupold scope (note gold band, a Leupold trademark).

Here’s the other side, before we close in:

Bubba Mauser 19 left

Nicely shaped, 1960s-70s style sporter stock, but this thing is looking pretty homely. Let’s take a closer look at the mag and how it’s attached.

Bubba Mauser 19 mag welds

Oh. Oh my. Spot welded to a Mauser floorplate, maybe not from this Mauser originally. The crudity of the work is front and center. Maybe it’ll look better flipped over? Allez! Other side:

Bubba Mauser 19 mag welds 2


Lord love a duck.

Frank’s description is, as usual for his high-volume business, laconic:

You are bidding on a German Mauser 19. This is in good condition. There are some welded spots on the mag and scope mount. The caliber for this firearm is 7mm.

As we’ve sees, his idea of “good condition” includes not only monkey-crude gunsmithing, but also plenty of rust.  But the scope mount has to be better, hasn’t it?

Bubba Mauser 19 scope mount 03

Umm, maybe it hasn’t. Looks like a spot-welded mount with an attached Picatinny rail and made-in-China Picatinny mounts.

Bubba Mauser 19 sharpie initials

Note the initials Sharpie’d on to the firearm. Classy, eh? J.B.O. might be a cop’s initial from an evidence tag (for “Molesting a Mauser in the 2nd Degree” maybe)  or it could be Bubba’s marque. So is the nose end of the scope mount better?

Bubba Mauser 19 scope mount 01

No, definitely not. What is going on there where the scope contacts the rear sight?

And of course, the scope isn’t a Leupold at all, but a marque at the other end of the respect scale:

Bubba Mauser 19 cheap barska scope

But there are some unusual markings on the nose end of the scope. Can you make them out? Something Magnum?

Bubba Mauser 19 cheap barska scope 2

What kind of scope is a “Monroe Gas-Magnum”?

We won’t keep you in suspense. This kind:


Yep, it’s Bubba all the way down. A tube from a shock absorber.

There is no such thing as a Mauser 19, so the rifle is probably, given that the barrel looks stock, an M93 or even an M91, which had a homely protruding Mauser-designed magazine, when in factory condition. (91 for 19 would be an easy transposition error by some form-filler somewhere). The DWM name doesn’t narrow it down much, as DWM was created from Ludwig Löwe & Company (by Löwe’s brother Isidor) in 1896 and operated from then onwards (the Löwe family sold out to the Quandt family in 1929).

These early Mausers were important weapons in various South American wars, in the Spanish-American war (where they conclusively demonstrated the Mauser’s superiority to the then-current American service rifle, the .30-40 Krag) and in the Boer War (where the British learned to respect them, at least, for the first time — lessons take some repetition to make an impression on the British military mind). This one, of course, has little value except as an example for the others.

Thanks to commenter 68 Whiskey for the tip.

Montana VA Flies the Rainbow Flag

Behold, what ascends the flagstaff of the Fort Harrison Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in Helena, Montana these days (or at least back in June, GLBTQWERTY Pride Month):

060315 LGBT Flag at Fort Harrison PIC

Yep, that’s their flag: The United States of GLBTQWERTY.

Apparently it went up for the month of June, because June is National Buggery Month or something. According to a local veteran, the embattled Director of the center, Johnny Ginnity, denied any personal NAMBLA values and said, we are not making this up, that his Diversity Committee made him do it.

We blame the Gilberts (GLBT….etc).

That explains why the guys all say the care and the staff at the Fort Harrison, Montana, VAMC is so awful: they’ve been holding it back for the Bradley Mannings. If you didn’t fight under their flag, they got nothing for you, except maybe a complimentary proctoscoping.

We’re not making any of this up. Here’s some of the news stories about the crappy care, delays, and mistreatment that had then-VA Secretary, retired General Rick Shinseki, unable to offer anything but, we are not making this up, “my condolences,” to vets who had been neglected, sometimes fatally so — and their widows.

NBC News, 9 May 2014:

In 2012, the GAO studied patient care at VA hospitals in … Fort Harrison, Mont. The GAO determined that at those facilities “medical appointment wait times were unreliable” …”inadequate oversight … problems with scheduling timely medical appointments.” … poor training, inconsistent procedures, old software and employee turnover

Shorter NBC News: this place sucks. But hey, they fly the rainbow flag. That should be worth a few points to NBC.

Ravalli, MT, Republic, 8 Aug 14:

VA leaders… seeking a new director for the second time in less than two years.

After 16 months as director… Christine Gregory announced her retirement at the end of June. Her abrupt departure coincided with a federal investigation….

Within days of Gregory’s announcement, a national audit revealed that patients seeking care through the Fort Harrison Veterans Affairs Medical Center outside Helena are waiting an average of 48 days for their first appointment with a primary care doctor — more than three times longer than the department’s goal.

VA officials have repeatedly declined to answer questions about whether Gregory’s retirement was related to the federal investigation and she has refused to speak to the media.

Gregory was appointed director in February of 2013 to replace the long-embattled Robin Korogi, who was in August 2012 was reportedly reassigned to Denver after a protracted uproar about her inability to lead at the Helena-area hospital.

VA-veterans-affairsShorter Republic: this place sucks. Now, stop us if you’ve heard this before, but the new top dog,  Johnny Ginnity, was the #2 during the ill-fated Korogi and Gregory regimes. Since taking over, all he’s done is put up the rainbow flag, although he modestly disclaims credit even for that.

Ben Krause in Disabled, 31 July 14:

VA’s new audit provides the number of manipulative and lying employees broken down by facility. These liars and fraudsters forced pion employees to do their dirty work while the managers collected bonuses and related perks for having good numbers.

Here is a table of each facility and the percentage of employees at each one who were encouraged to lie and swindle veterans by manipulating their medical appointments. I ranked the facilities by their tendency to falsify appointment data.

The fourth column tells you the percentage of employees aware of the falsification scheme. The fifth column tells you the percentage of employees aware of the secret wait list scam. The sixth column tells you the percentage of employees properly using the electronic wait list program.

Ranking Medical Center Location Told to Falsify Appt Data Track Appts Outside System Proper Use of Wait List
4 VA Montana Health Care System Fort Harrison, Mont. 42.30% 20.60% 47.10%

Shorter this place sucks. Note that it wasn’t #1 (the worst), it was only the fourth worst, but that was out of 141 VA health facilities.

KTVH-TV, 9 April 15

About 1 in 20 patients at the Fort Harrison VA hospital in Helena must wait a month or longer to receive care. That’s nearly twice the national rate.

…there appears to have been little progress since last summer at Fort Harrison….

Shorter KTVH: this place sucks.

AP via Military Times, 31 Mar 15

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs needs to do more to make sure Montana veterans get the health care they need in a timely fashion

Says who?

VA Secretary Robert McDonald

Oh, him.

Well, who’s he waiting for? He’s supposed to be the MMFIC. What’s he doing?

…efforts are underway to hire health care providers

So you’re still shorthanded? Any results? No sane man is impressed by a bureaucrat’s efforts, to the extent bureaucrats even known the meaning of the word.

…a cardiology nurse was recently hired … and several urologists…

Hey, some actual results. Minimal, but something. (Maybe the urologist is more than “minimal” if you’re a vet trying to get an answer to, “Why does it hurt when I pee?” . But it’s not exactly big results). Wanna bet he goes back to talking about efforts and processes now?

…they’re working to recruit and hire primary care doctors and those specializing in mental health….

We bet you’re glad you didn’t take that bet, eh? OK, so he is shorthanded. Bet they’re 100% staffed with managerial bloat, though! Any more words about efforts, divorced from results?

Montana is the 20th state McDonald has visited…

But as we’ve seen, it’s got the 4th most screwed-up VAMC. So why so long to get out there? Well, for one, he isn’t going to do anything but give a stump speech full of platitudes, so who cares when he gets there? For another, Montana is a long way from DC and only has a few electoral votes, so why does anyone in DC give a rip? For a third, by holding off he could tag along on a campaign swing by Senator Jon Tester, D-MT, and thereby catch an Air Force Gulfstream instead of flying commercial like the proles. (The Air Force can barely generate 7 sorties a day against ISIL, but it can fly 100 in support of campaign season. Priorities!)

McDonald said the Montana VA is working to contract with more psychiatrists, in addition to building capability for outpatient surgery services, providing more telemedicine services and developing a service….

All process, no results. So, shorter AP, although it requires reading between the lines: this place sucks.

But hey, if it’s going to suck it might as well fly the GLBTQWERTY flag!