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Crooked VA Officials Take The Fifth

VA-veterans-affairsTwo crooked VA senior executives took the Fifth when questioned on how they made off with $400k in relocation bonuses to which they were not entitled.

The VA being the VA, they still have the money, they still have their near-no-show jobs, and they still have their six-figure salaries and matching benefits worth another six figures each.  They came with scowls to Congress, annoyed and dismissive of the idea that they had to answer to anybody for anything, and secure in the comfort of the $400k, and all the contempt for veterans that can be stuffed into a humanoid phisiognomy.

Lisa Rein at The Washington Post:

Congress is investigating the executives for allegedly abusing their positions to get plum jobs and perks, part of a pattern of unjustified moving incentives and transfers identified by VA’s watchdog. The committee subpoenaed [Danny] Pummill [acting undersecretary for benefits], the executives and the two lower-ranking regional benefits managers they forced to accept job transfers against their will, according to investigators.

But the executives, Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves, refused to testify, telling the committee they were asserting their Fifth Amendment rights under the Constitution to protect themselves against self-incrimination.

Rubens, director of the Philadelphia regional office for the Veterans Benefits Administration, and Graves, director of the St. Paul, Minn., regional office for the VBA, face possible criminal prosecution.

Pummill replaced, pro tem, Allison Hickey. Name ring a bell? She resigned, unpunished and uncharged, in the corruption scandal, which poured millions of dollars into the pockets of a cabal of two dozen senior officials — during a freeze on pay raises. (Not to mention all the other scandals Hickey ignored, or participated in, as she single-mindedly pursued lining her own pockets, just like all the other VA payroll patriots).

Rubens and Graves managed to award themselves some $400k and pay raises for moving to jobs they sought, replacing lower-ranking and lower-paid VA officials (who were, in turn, forced to move to other jobs by being “bumped” by their corrupt seniors). Meanwhile, the managers that replaced them in their old jobs got raises and bonuses.

Pummill said their punishment for administrative misconduct will be one of the first cases handled under a new law that speeds up dismissals and other discipline against VA senior executives, who now have far fewer appeal rights than they once did.

via After VA payment scheme is uncovered, top official admits, ‘We weren’t paying attention to everything we should have’ – The Washington Post.

“It’s devastating that the senior leaders are not held as accountable as the lowest people in the organization,” [Pummill] said, acknowledging VA’s persistent problems with morale. He said Sloan Gibson, the agency’s second in command, “understands that we have an accountability problem.”

However, he wouldn’t say what, if anything, was being contemplated for the two crooked managers, or the 21 others who gamed the system to award themselves fat raises. So in the end, he, too, took the Fifth. He’s part of the accountability problem.

The conclusion is inescapable that they’re all crooks. After your term of service, you’re on your own, because the VA runs for the sole and exclusive benefit of its managers. Why not just enroll vets in Medicare and shut down the costly, inefficient, self-serving VA bureaucracy, and send its so-called workers to sink or swim in the Dreaded Private Sector?

Because that would defeat what has become the purpose of the VA.

“VA exists for veterans, not for itself or the unjust enrichment of its senior employees,” one of the Congressmen, who clearly doesn’t get it, said. And Rubens, Graves, and Pummill sat in front of him, smugly contemptuous of him, the Congress, and most especially the veterans, proving him wrong.

Fort Bragg MPs — Zero to Full Retard in About Two Seconds

hp_SauceCNN Reports on a case of extreme HP at Fort Bragg. It resulted in this post being made — and jeered extensively — on the Fort Bragg facebook page.

Last evening a Soldier attempted to gain access to Fort Bragg through one of our access control points.

“Access Control Point” is self-important MP talk for a “gate.” They hate being reminded they’re gate guards, so they inflate the terminology. In plain English, then, they’re saying,” A soldier tried to come in the gate.”

The Soldier was dressed as a suicide bomber with simulated explosive vest. The incident resulted in an emergency response, EOD clearing the entire scene and an extended closure of a gate. Although the incident remains under investigation, initial reports indicate it was a Halloween costume.

For certain people in the military, it’s always April 1st, and they’re always That Guy that doesn’t get the joke.

The incident is under investigation, according to CNN affiliate WTVD.

via Suicide bomber costume at Fort Bragg creates alert –

suicide-bomber-schoolNow, the other side of the coin is the guy who rolled up to the gate in this get-up, knowing he was about to face both rent-a-cops (or are they Federal Protective Service? No matter. Same thing) backed up by the MPs, who are legendary for their robust humor and sharp intellects — not. No doubt the powers that be are looking for some way to fry him. Monday morning, some Staff Judge Advocate was stuck explaining to a colonel or general — you know the type, his mind hasn’t been tasked much since he had to memorize the playbook while majoring in football at Central Flyover Cow College — that no, you can’t prosecute PFC Joe Tentpeg for violating a regulation or order you emplaced in reaction to him doing S2 (as in D2S2, the usual SJA advice to the troops).

Anyone want to bet on this guy’s rank, MOS and unit of assignment? We’re going with SP4, one of the electronic warfare MI MOSes (like Bradley Manning), and Support Company of one of the SF Groups; we’re going to put that marker down before ringing anybody up.

Still, as foolish as Joe Tentpeg was to pull this stunt, what about the organizational overreaction.  MPs closed the gate for a Halloween costume. On Halloween, for Pete’s sake.

If you came as a Walking Dead zombie, would they put the whole post in MOPP 4? Never mind; forget we said that. It’s never good to beam an idea into the cavernous spaces in an Provost Marshal’s skull.

WTVD-11 reports, actually, that the HP went far beyond the MPs and provoked a stern jeremiad from the Garrison Commander (generally a position filled by a man or woman who must be given some make-work assignment, to prevent interference with actual operational units).

“The Fort Bragg Garrison Commander wants the community to have a safe and fun Halloween; however costumes of this sort are not allowed on Fort Bragg,” a statement read. “All costumes should be appropriate in dress and tasteful.”

The statement goes on to say soldiers, families and civilian government employees should not dress in distasteful costumes off post, either.

Who decides what’s distasteful? Some window-licker who can’t tell a suicide bomber from a Halloween costume at zero paces?

The Fayetteville Observer noted that:

An explosive ordnance disposal team was called and the gate was closed for an extended period of time, according to the post, which was put up Saturday afternoon.

EOD. Really. What’s EOD going to do with a Halloween costume? On the bright side, the render safe procedure is a slam dunk.

And the same newspaper pointed out that the Garrison Commander’s Facebook post said this, verbatim, after explicitly banning suicide bomber costumes:

The senior commander of Fort Bragg further directs that soldiers not wear costumes of this sort off post and strongly encourages soldiers, DA civilians and family members to follow the same guidance to prevent similar issues within our neighboring communities.

A couple of hours later, that Facebook post had gone the way of the Lusitania. A couple of hours after that, the Lusitania resurfaced with an even funnier post (although all the humor still remained unintentional).

Yesterday, Fort Bragg posted a message about appropriate and safe costumes for Soldiers and their families. The message was required because of an individual who tried to come on post wearing a suicide bomber costume. Residents of Fort Bragg were instructed not to wear costumes of such a nature and theme, and the leadership requested that anyone traveling off post use the same guidelines.

Unfortunately, we had to remove the entire post because comments on it were either profane, sophomoric, or did not treat the subject seriously. Please take note that this is a family-friendly website meant to inform and keep our families safe, many of whom have directly felt the effects of real – not costumed – suicide bombers.

We could digress for hours on the idea of a website to “keep our families safe,” which, if that’s how Fort Bragg does it, suggests that “our families” had better be prepared to shift for themselves.

Bottom line: US Army Garrison Fort Bragg — still retarded. Who’s really being sophomoric here, the garrison commander staining his pants over a Halloween costume, or the non-fools out here jeering at him?

Why Isn’t Europe Defending Itself?

We asked this question, but came up with no answers. There is, however, this:

Female defence ministers pledge to break Europe’s old boys’ network
Dutch politician tweets image of Norwegian, Swedish and German counterparts from Munich summit, saying ‘things are changing’


via Female defence ministers pledge to break Europe’s old boys’ network | World news | The Guardian.

From left to right, the defense ministers of Sweden, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany: Ine Eriksen Søreide, Karin Enström, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, and Ursula von der Leyen, respectively. No doubt the jihadis and wannabe shaheeds of the so-called Islamic State are quaking in their plastic sandals. What says the Grauniad?

Hennis-Plasschaert told the Guardian: “[The Dutch politician] Neelie Kroes once said to me that old boys’ networks are the oldest form of cartels we have in Europe. She was right, but things are changing, and women can do similar things now.”

Her tweet with the photograph soon went viral. To many, the image heralded a new era in which even the last bastions of male privilege were no longer closed to talented women. Sweden’s foreign minister, Carl Bildt, retweeted it with the comment “True Power Girls” (and was widely criticised for the condescending tone).

“That’s how global peace can be reached,” read another comment. Others felt the photograph was less indicative of a smashed glass ceiling than the diminished importance of the defence ministry in the post-cold-war era.

We’re not saying having a lady defense official is a bad thing in itself. What’s alarming, though, is the degree to which crowing about the vibrant diversity of one’s defense officials has overshadowed utterly any metrics of performance from those same officials. If your focus in on “breaking up the old boys’ network” rather than preparing your national assets to defend national sovereignty and project national influence, you’re going to have problems.

How many hours did Vladimir Vladimirovich spend plotting the overthrow of the Russian old boys’ network? As he is an exemplar of just that, Old Boys’ Network, Sword And Shield of the Party division, we’re guessing zero. To a first approximation. Instead, he seems to think about how to advance his nation’s interests. Some of the West Europeans ought to try it sometime.

This is not to say that these women are bad people or that they couldn’t be good defense managers. It’s a managerial job as much as a leadership one, after all. And Karin Enström, the Swede, is actually also a reserve officer in her nation’s Marines. The others have no military experience, but are career politicians.In this, they are like almost all West European defense ministers recently.

Sure, these days Europe couldn’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag, but’s not the ladies’ fault. Most of their nations don’t take defense very seriously. They struggle to spend 1% of GDP on defense, and struggle to interoperate with NATO’s technologically leading armed forces because they’ve neglected procurement. In Germany, Von der Leyen has struggled with readiness and maintenance issues that have beached three of four submarines, grounded almost all its naval helicopters, stranded a training mission to the Kurds in Bulgaria last year when their ancient cargo plane broke down and forced a precautionary landing. And that’s even before she came to the debacle of the G36. Most of these problems were not of her making, but they are hers to fix, now. If she can.

It remains to be seen if this photograph of four heads of four relatively toothless defense ministries is seen, one day, as the high water mark of diversity over performance, or simply as the high water mark of Europe, full stop.


This post has been corrected. Due to failure to check source material and editing oversight, the nationalities of the first two DMs in the photo were reversed: Leftmost is Ms. Søreide of Norway, then Ms. Enström of Sweden. We regret the error.

Naval Aviation Command Board — Worse than we Thought

aircraft_carrier USS_Carl_Vinson_(CVN_70)It looks like the whiners have won, and perhaps lost in the winning; according to a couple of much-better-wired-than-us-rifle-operator Navy bloggers, the Navy has completely overthrown the way command selections are done. There will still be a board, but the board results will then be reshuffled, to the demand of Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, by the officer convening the board, the Commander of Naval Air Forces (COMNAVAIRFOR), or the “Air Boss,” in Navy parlance. The blogs don’t name him, but he’s easily Googled as VADM Mike Shoemaker — a guy with a good reputation as a commander, at least, until he rose to a position where the choice was “please the politicians,” or, “take your integrity and retire.” So now he’s personally going to be the wind beneath the wings of the dung beetles of the political leaders.

That’s not what his email — which Skipper reproduces in full — says, but that’s what seems to be driving the results — that, and Mabus’s singleminded pursuit of diversity over competence. While the Air Boss says it starts with this board, there is evidence it began with the last board, and he’s quite open that the thumb-on-the-scales will be a part of all command selection boards going forward.

Here’s Ask the Skipper:

The Aviation Major Command Screen Board – When Poisonous Fruit Falls from a Virtuous Tree

and here’s Commander Salamander:

The Intentional Tainting of the Board Process

If you’re interested in this subject, read them both in toto, and the comments. Skipper has been deleting the name of one of the beneficiaries of this corruption — because corruption is what it is — when equally irate commenters post it.

Hey, lower-quality Naval commanders! And more suck-ups and sycophants! Mahon’s got nothing on Mabus in terms of legacy. Wait, big-l Legacy. Of course, it’s a bad Legacy, unless you believe the United States will never fight another naval action, the Navy is nought but a jobs program for political patronage, and the only human quality worth measuring is skin-tone “diversity.” But if you believe all those impossible things before breakfast — Ray Mabus, why are your reading our blog?

Not everybody thinks this is bad; one of the initial “I wanna be CAG someday” whiners, an E-2 Hawkeye backroom guy — and currently “speechwriter at the Pentagon” for persons unknown, a suck-up’s dream job — is all for giving corruption a chance over at the USNI Blog.

Finally… here’s what Ray Hath Wrought. In 1858, as we’ve seen here recently, we sent 19 ships to give what-for to tiny Paraguay, a force the Paraguayans had no option but to treat with. This week, we’re sending one ship on its lonesome to show the Chinese we are not impressed with their new territorial claims in the South China Sea. That one ship is being shadowed by a Chinese ship of broadly comparable capability. Think we’re going to get the treaty we got out of el Presidente López?

Fortunately, we didn’t send a Littoral Combat Ship, which could sail boldly (or at least vibrantlyinto harm’s way and disseminate the command master chief’s Power-Points about the latest diversity initiatives from Big Haze Gray — and that’s pretty much the alpha and omega of its offensive and defensive capability.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are building something that’s bigger than an LHA (Assault Landing Ship) and smaller than a current US Carrier — but about the displacement of the carriers we built before the Forrestal, and three times the displacement of the British carriers of the Falklands War thirty-three years ago.

Naval aviation is not something impossible to learn. Indeed, it’s seldom taken a nation more than twenty years to fully get the hang of it, and under wartime pressure it’s been pulled off in a couple of years (Royal Canadian Navy). But after a century, it seems like we’re losing the knack, from the top down.

Here’s hoping the Chinese don’t teach us.

New Frontiers in Navy Affirmative Action: Everybody for CAG!

waahmbulanceSome Naval Academy grads has a sad because they didn’t choose, or get chosen for, the path to CAG. (The old acronym for Commander of the Air Group, still used for a Carrier Air Wing commander). They want the path opened to them.

Call them the vehicle herein illustrated.

Today, the Aviation Major Command Screen Board (AMCSB) convenes in Millington, Tennessee. It is the annual gathering to determine the future of Naval Aviation’s most promising leaders, and plays a large role in setting the strategic direction of our enterprise.

As we alluded to in our August 2015 Proceedings article “On Becoming CAG,” the fates of aspiring leaders were determined years prior to this week. FITREPs, joint jobs, and other career assignments funnel COs into competitive tracks for leadership positions, including Carrier Air Wing Commander, or CAG.

However, as the current AMCSB convenes, one troubling trend remains: Naval Aviation has gone five years since a non-VFA CAG was selected.

VFA is the Navy acronym for Aviation Fighter Attack. Because the Navy no longer has any attack aircraft, its fighter squadrons are now all F/A squadrons; indeed, many of the specialist types that once graced American flight decks have been replaced by cheap pods, add-ons and gimcracks that can strap onto an F-18 and do a half-assed job of reconnaissance, inflight refueling and electronic warfare.

What’s left besides VFA are helicopters and EW aircraft.

After publishing “On Becoming CAG,” the authors received intense positive and negative feedback about our arguments. Notably, at the annual Tailhook Reunion in Reno, Nevada this year, PERS-43 addressed the debate in an open forum (you can watch it here).

He pointed out that CAGs are responsible for the mentorship of squadron COs, with the ultimate goal of cultivating leaders who are able to replace him or her as CAG.

Reflecting on the past five years, it appears as though CAGs have failed their non-VFA Commanding Officers in this essential mentoring. All else being equal, if zero COs from outside the VFA community have been selected, we arrive at one of two conclusions:
1) VAQ, VAW, HSM, and HSC squadron COs have been inadequate leaders compared to their VFA contemporaries. If this is true, it points to a huge, unspoken problem in these communities that Naval Aviation has not addressed.
2) VAQ, VAW, HSM, and HSC squadron COs are not viewed as equally qualified leaders by CAG when FITREP time comes. If this is true, it points to a problematic culture within our ranks that Naval Aviation has not addressed.

via USNI Blog » Blog Archive » “On Becoming CAG” Feedback, Part I.

Really, this is nothing but people who opted for or were assigned to secondary and support missions complaining they don’t get equal consideration for the combat lead job. It’s even clearer if you read their underlying article.

Hey, why stop there? Why do you have to be an aviator to be CAG? What about all the black shoes, it’s not faaaaaiiiiir to them either. For that matter, why does CAG need to be an officer? Think about all the great chiefs who will never get the chance to be CAG! They wuz robbed.

And really, why does the CAG need to come from the Navy? If someone who flew log helicopter flights between the usual Academy grad tours brownnosing as an aide or in the Pentagon or staff is CAG material, why not just open the competition to all talent in the country? There’s probably a lawyer or barista somewhere just waiting for a chance to shine! We could open it to everyone, the whole rainbow cistransabledGLBTQWERTY panoply.

You could make it a reality show. “The Next American Combat Leader!” Simon Cowell would be a great judge. “Oh, 1 wire. Ghastly.

Then again, why limit ourselves? The last five CAG selectees were all Americans. There are two hundred other countries out there, people. Why can’t CAG be from Burkina Faso or Suriname?

After all, it’s only fair.

Bug-Out Barry Hangs On in Afghanistan

The messgae this decision sends: "Not until 1/21/17, please."

The messgae this decision sends: “Not until 1/21/17, please.”

Well, the Gröfaz has announced a new Afghanistan policy, and it will make no one happy. His own constituents, who were unhappy with the bugout’s pace, will be unhappy it will not be fully completed. And anyone serious about defense knows that he created this problem, in part, by his constant timelines and pronouncements of imminent departure. That he has sworn to remove half of the 10k troops remaining by the time he’s term-limited into the Dreaded Private Sector, will certainly be seen by the Taliban, al-Q, and ISIL, all of whom want a piece of Afghanistan, as more buggoutery, split-and-trimming, and peace-at-any-price groveling. It will only encourage them, and in 5-4-3-2-1 you can expect them to enact some enormity as their way of responding to President Peace Prize, Participation Trophy League.

Even as he commits troops to stay there, he doesn’t back them; he has vowed to veto the National Defense Authorization Act because it provides funding for them (and the troops he has out on a similar limb in Iraq).

The current chaos in Iraq is certainly a consequence of the US invasion of that country in 2003, but it is more immediately a result of the December 2011 bugout of US forces there. The chaos in Syria follows both from the vacuum that bugout left behind, and from the vacillating, split-and-trimming, halfwit Hamlet decisions made with respect to that nation (Red line on. Red line off). The chaos in Afghanistan follows from the bugout in Iraq, giving jihadis a sense of what is possible, and the promised bugout right there in Afghanistan.

People may have forgotten that the President ran in 2008 on the premise that Iraq was a “bad war” and Afghanistan a “good war.” Why should they remember? Once in office it was clear that he had no regard or respect for the Americans that had gone in to harm’s way in either place, and it was clear that he lacked sufficient wit and experience to understand the consequences of applying his default foreign-policy position, national self-abasement and unilateral surrender. Even those principles, to the extent the man has principles, are subject to alteration as the demands of domestic politics may make expedient.

So there we have it — a few troops will be maintained in Afghanistan indefinitely, in hopes of preventing the complete collapse that he has orchestrated from happening on his watch. And if they fail, dead soldiers never become “domestic extremists,” as his Secretary of Homeland Security defines veterans.

We Were Wrong about Criminal Aliens Yesterday

seiu_message_to_ice-eroThey don’t make up a third of the 10 Most Wanted Violent Crimes list, as we said in our report on the imminent release of swarms of gun-toting drug dealers. We regret the error.

You see, criminaliens are more like half the 10 Most Wanted Murderers. And half to 60% of the 10 Most Wanted Additional Violent Crimes list. And 40% to half of the overall Big Boy Rules 10 Most Wanted List. Let us break it down for you, as of 13 Oct 15.

People didn’t believe us when we used to say immigrants were 1/3 of the Most Wanted violent crimes list, so it was worth doing the math. And it turns out that the crimmigrants are definitely doing more than their share of retail and wholesale mayhem. Here are the FBI’s 10 most wanted murderers as of 13 October (as you see, a Mexican-American gang enforcer is on his way off the list, captured, and a military wife(!) who murdered her baby and fled has just joined). Six of the eleven are identified as American citizens: Maldonado, Morfin, Robles, Carter, Aguilar, and Godbolt-Molder. The remaining five include one Vietnamese, Cao; one Canadian/Somali, Muse; and three Mexicans (Padron, Gonzalez and Mayorga). Since Robles drops off the top ten (have fun in jail, pendejo), replaced by Godbolt-Molder, 10 Most Wanted Murders is at 50% crimmigrants. Some of them, like Cao, are mass murderers. (Cao killed at least three people). They’re human beings too. Just doing the killing of other human beings that Americans won’t do.

But hey, the main Ten Most Wanted isn’t full of “human beings, risking our lives, for our families and future,” is it? Let’s break it out! Americans: Fisher, Brown, Godwin, Bishop, Gerena. Honduran: Flores. Egyptian: Said. Mexican: Ravelo. International Man of Mystery (has Russian, Ukrainian, Israeli and Greek passports, but not US): Mogilevich. No nationality stated, probably Mexican: Urbina. Giving Urbina the benefit of the doubt, that’s definitely better, only 40% of the 10 Most Wanted aren’t Americans.If hecho en Mexico Urbina is actually Mexican, this list too is 50-50.

There’s also an Additional Violent Crimes 10 Most Wanted, which at the same date sat at USA 4, Mexico 3, Thailand 1, Ukraine 1, No nationality, probably Mex 1. Again giving the unidentified nationality guy (born in Mexico) the benefit of the doubt, this one’s 50-50. If he’s a Mexican, it’s 60-40 “human beings, risking their lives, for their families and their future” by doing the violent crimes Americans are slacking off on.

To read the details of these guys’ (and a few girls’) crimes is to wallow in depraved, failed, wasted humanity. Along with the Mexican and Mexican-American gangs who dominate these lists (perhaps because it’s easier for a Mexican than anyone to flee the country) there’s the occasional Yalie and the former Mormon missionary on there. (We didn’t look at the white collar crimes list. There are probably more Yalies on that, but the guy on the Big Boy list bludgeoned his whole family). It’s also instructive how many of these guys are only out because of our revolving door prisons. One guy got out after an 18-month wrist tap for rape and shot a woman within 24 hours of his release. Why let him out at all? Ever? He’s still out there, and you can bet some woman is suffering, cause that’s what he does. 

But, in any event, we were wrong. A third of Most Wanted violent criminals aren’t criminaliens. Half of them are. regrets the error.

Tens Of Thousands of Violent Felons to be Released

handcuffs_1You might want to book some time at the range: up to tens of thousands of violent drug dealers are about to be released, thanks to a “sentencing reform” dope deal cut between the Democratic dopes and the Republican dopes in that dismal dope den of delinquency, the United States Senate.

One of the brilliant “ideas” in sentencing “reform” is to eliminate the penalty for 18 USC 924(c), armed drug felony. Right now 924(c) specifies a 10-year mandatory minumum for the first offense, and a 25-year man-min on second and subsequent offenses, if the felon didn’t get the message in the first decade up the river (being felons, they usually don’t). This is not a law abused against peaceable people who checked the wrong box an ATF form, or anything like that, but something employed exclusively against violent drug felons. (“Violent?” They’re carrying guns while selling or otherwise distributing drugs. An extremely high percentage of murders today feature both perps and victims who fit that exact profile).

Want some irony? The principal author of this handout to violent felons is Charles Schumer (D-NY), a man who is opposed to non-felons owning firearms for any lawful purpose. But he’s down with drug dealers owning and carrying guns with impunity.

Or course, the President will sign the bill if it comes to him. If he had a son, he would look like these armed dope dealers!

The press is in Full Propaganda Offensive mode on this one, finding the least unpalatable “victims” of 924(c) and whitewashing their wrongdoing.

For example, here’s the Washington Post on a rapper (what else?) who once worked with Snoop Dogg (hey, what happened to him?) and was turning his life around:

The onetime rapper from Utah was sentenced in 2004 to a mandatory 55 years in federal prison after he was arrested for selling a total of about $1,000 worth of marijuana in three separate transactions with a police informant.

“I obviously did something illegal, which was stupid,” said Angelos, now 36, in an interview at the federal prison in Mendota, Calif. “I’ve accepted responsibility for everything and I’ve already served 12 years of my life because of my mistakes. I lost the family I started, my career and my father’s final days. I just want to move on. My main goal in life is to get out and take care of my children.”

So, what did he do? Don’t tell us, “Dindu Nuffin!” The clay tablet with triangular-stick marks that’s our birth certificate is long since dry.

The son of a Greek immigrant, Angelos grew up poor and on food stamps. His escape was music. In his early 20s, Angelos founded a Utah-based rap label, Extravagant Records. Trying to break into the industry, he wrote and produced songs with several well-known artists, including Snoop Dogg.

Ah, now there’s a recommendation to conjure with. Pity he didn’t have the chance to rap with Two-pack Shaker and his brothers Six and Twelve.

“It was really promising,” Angelos said. “But I just didn’t have the financial backing I needed.”

Translation: “Thought I was a rap star but the lousy fans didn’t buy my $#!+!!”

In 2002, when he was 23, Angelos was arrested for selling marijuana to a Salt Lake City police informant.

“It ruined my career and my life,” he said.

Unbelievable! The guy got 55 years for just selling a bag of weed! That’s certainly what the Post article, by Sari Horwitz (yes, one of the ATF leadership’s go-to leakers, that Sari Horwitz) wants you to believe. Of course, it’s not what happened.

Another pro-Angelos web story says this:

Somewhat improbably, Weldon thrived as a rap musician—becoming a part of Snoop Dogg’s coterie, recording several albums, picking up the accoutrements (guns, flashy cars, the tough-guy look) necessary for the gangsta image. And, at the same time, he began dealing marijuana, he says, to buy things for his children that his father never bought for him.

Awww… the guns were just accessories in his play at being a criminal.

One wonders if he ever heard the expression, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes?”

And his little bag of weed….?

he sold three half-pound bags, worth a few hundred dollars a piece, to an informant who was working for the Metro Gang Unit as a way to avoid a long prison sentence on his own drug and gun charges. Weldon was arrested by local officers working in conjunction with federal agents.

The informant said that Angelos had carried a gun on his ankle holster during the transactions, at which point the Feds stepped in for the catch.

He was doing it For The Children®. What does the prosecutor say to that?

Weldon Angelos was a member of a really violent street gang, Vario Loco Town, notorious for violent crimes, shootings, murder, serious assault, and drug distribution. …. [A]rmed crime is one of the biggest problems facing our country, and drug distribution is a huge problem. Epidemic. So Congress has chosen to impose huge penalties to try to deter this form of conduct. Section 924(c) is the law of the land. My obligation is to accept that when someone commits the crimes to prosecute him, and then let the courts impose the penalty that’s required by law.

None of these details — the gang membership, the violent connections, the pound and a half of wholesale dope, the unrebutted gun testimony — made it into Sari Horwitz’s report. Did she know these facts and hide them to better spin her story? Or was she just retyping some activist’s press release? Only she knows — all we know is that she didn’t tell the truth.

She, like most of the pro-criminal activists, makes a great deal out of the fact that the informant’s testimony was not corroborated by photographs or other physical evidence. But she also conceals the fact that, while uncorroborated, the evidence of the snitch testimony was also unrebutted by testimony on Angelos’s side. No one was willing to come forward and say he didn’t carry guns to the sales.

Not even him. (He says it now, that his trial gamble didn’t pay off, and that he’s not under oath or subject to cross-examination any more).

So what Horwitz, one of the least trustworthy and most dishonest writers working in the media today, does her best to elide is why this scrote Angelos got the sentence he did. Here it is in Horwitz’s spin:

Angelos never used or pulled a gun, but the informant later testified in court that he saw one in Angelos’s car during the first buy. He said that during the second buy, Angelos was wearing an ankle holster holding a firearm. Officers later searched his home and found guns.

Why, that lousy informant! Daring to disagree with an upstanding citizen like Angelos. He was a rapper! He was turning his life around (well, slowly enough that he says he had to sell weed to feed his kids). And he didn’t actually shoot anybody or threaten him directly, he just carried the gun while committing crimes. And now they come and treat him as a gun criminal! O the humanity.

It’s somewhat ironic seeing this from Sari Horwitz, who is usually the first voice speaking out for various bans on guns for people who don’t commit crimes.

The stats tell a different story. The mandatory sentences enacted during the 1990s (in the Presidency of that right-wing fanatic, Bill Clinton) turned violent crime around and it’s now down 50% from its peak. As most criminals are not easily deterred, the sentences must be working by disabling criminals from their preferred profession.

What happens when you let criminals out? It’s not like there’s no data on this. There’s a mountain of data, for example here at the National Instututes for Justice. And what happens? They commit more crimes. On average, 80% are back in the system inside five years, over half of them within a few months. (Why let them out at all?) Interestingly, property criminals reoffended at a higher rate than violent criminals (our theory is that violent criminals get longer sentences, and are more likely to be released when they’re toothless old men. The studies need to control for age).

Of course, California has been here, at the turn-em-loose-Bruce wild-hair stage, long before the Feds started considering springing thousands of homicidal dopers and gang members. Even the Post’s pro-criminal Eli Saslow, who’s got nothing but sympathy for one meth-addled scumbag who threatened a citizen with a knife (a misdemeanor, now, under California’s Prop 47), notes that things haven’t been all brilliant in the Golden State:

But along with the successes have come other consequences, which police departments and prosecutors refer to as the “unintended effects”: Robberies up 23 percent in San Francisco. Property theft up 11 percent in Los Angeles. Certain categories of crime rising 20 percent in Lake Tahoe, 36 percent in La Mirada, 22 percent in Chico and 68percent in Desert Hot Springs.

In fact, more objective reporting shows that violent crime, which is all but rewarded, is on a different trendline in California than it is in states where crime meets punishment.

Glendale, 2015:

Violent and property crimes are up in Glendale by double digits this year compared with the same period last year.
Violent crimes this year so far are listed at 96 cases, up from 87 last year.
Police point the finger at the need for more resources after lawmakers approved AB109 in 2011 and Prop 47 this year.

Decriminalizing crime. And you get more crime. Gee, who could have seen that coming?

Saslow does point out some of the contradictions in CA policy; our favorite was the thief who carried a calculator to make sure he didn’t break the $950 in stolen goods that would get him an arrest instead of a ticket, until this:

There was also the known gang member near Palm Springs who had been caught with a stolen gun valued at $625 and then reacted incredulously when the arresting officer explained that he would not be taken to jail but instead written a citation. “But I had a gun. What is wrong with this country?” the offender said, according to the police report.

If the perps are starting to read the cops’ lines, clemency has already gone too far.


Perfect timing? As we were posting this, The Economist has an editorial thumbsucker on… well, their tweet tells the story.

Reaction about what you would expect, from a variety of tweeters picking up the mantle of Captain Obvious. They’ve got the arrow of causation turned completely around; crime does not cause criminals. The villain in their article: District Attorneys who prosecute criminals.

Fine, we’ll put the next one in a Kelvinator box and mail him to the Fleet Street offices of The Economist. We’ll even try not to forget air holes!

Update II

Words fail. The Chicongo Sun-Times:

Former Illinois Gov. George Ryan on Friday called for legislation that would end the practice of labeling those released from prison as felons for the remainder of their lives.

During a speech before the Coalition to Reduce Recidivism’s 12th annual luncheon in Waukegan, Ryan told attendees the “felon” tag is a deterrent to someone looking for a job.

Well, Ryan would know. The former Republican Governor is also a convicted… felon. Whose lifelong corruption caught up with him in 2006 and sent him inside for five years. He came out of prison as a pro-criminal activist. See, why do we ever let them out?


Due to a brain-dead writer, California was listed as “the Sunshine State.” He says it’s a reasonable error as they are both warm places full of crazy people. The house zombie having been forced to hork up his brains, he has corrected the error. Thanks for the catch in the comments!

Breaking: Message to ICE-ERO

Here’s one act of vandalism that is destined not to be investigated:


(OK, we may have overcompressed it a bit when we were taking the EXIF data out. Sorry ’bout that). This was painted on the road outside the ICE/ERO offices in Philadelphia, PA last night. Why there? Let’s break out the acronyms:

  • ICE stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The people that enforce immigration laws (among others) and hunt human traffickers, international child molestation rings, stuff like that. They are disliked in the Open Borders movement.
  • ERO stands for Enforcement and Removal Operations. Those are the guys and gals whose job it is, when your crime spree is brought to an end in this country (and optionally, you have done your time in Club Fed), to deliver you back to the Third World cesspool whence you came. These days their clientele is almost exclusively violent criminals, and business is booming (about a third of the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted violent criminals at any time are crimmigrants1). ERO agents are absolutely despised in the Open Borders movement.

This is just their way of letting the cops know, “We’re watching you, right back.” It’s not quite a threat. Yet. But they feel pretty empowered.

As you can see, the sign-painting was professionally done — most likely with a Philadelphia Public Works truck and paint provided by the chumps taxpayers of the City of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia PD didn’t see nuthin’, don’t know nuthin’. The Federal Protective Service uniforms who were allegedly guarding the building at 1600 Callowhill St. are also in Sergeant Schultz mode, but that’s hardly surprising, given that their duty stations are napping in a chair in the lobby and napping in an SUV outside. If they had seen anything, that would be cause for suspicion — they’re always the dog that doesn’t bark.

seiu_23bj_prioritiesThe most likely culprits are these guys, which is why it’s not going to be investigated — if you visit that page, you’ll see that among SEIU Mid-Atlantic’s highest-priority activities are campaigning for amnesty for criminal aliens, and supporting the Hillary! campaign. We screencapped it in case they broom the evidence.

Nobody’s going to investigate a group that gives lots of money to the politicians who appoint the managers who select who’s getting promoted.

Note that the criminaliens’ signs in the “spontaneous protest” are professionally printed in the same extra-bold typeface used on the programmable line-painting truck.

Probably just a coincidence, right?


ICE asked Philadelphia’s public works, the probable perpetrators, to remove it. The department refused, saying it was “a mural” and “public art.”

Update II

The “mural” stays. SEIU actually got a permit from a friendly city official — not hard to do, the city is one of 330-odd that call themselves “Sanctuary Cities,” meaning they do not prosecute criminal aliens or cooperate with Federal agencies who do so. (As you might expect, cops are not cool with this policy, but they dare not speak out against it or violate it openly).

Oddly enough, neither the Philly papers nor the national media have picked this up. We thought it might be a nationwide initiative by the criminals’ union, but we haven’t heard of anything like this from any other ICE/HSI or ICE/ERO office. If you know different, hognose at network impossible dot com has his ears on.


  1. A future post will explore the prevalence of crimmigrants on 10 Most Wanted lists. Let’s just say for now that we were wrong about it being a third of the “human beings, risking our lives, to kill other people’s families” on those lists.

Mabus’s Navy won’t Fight, except against “male privilege”

The Seal of the United States Navy, Ray Mabus Style

The Seal of the United States Navy, Ray Mabus Style

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, a career politician whose focus has been on making his Navy drop its preparation for every war but the Social Justice War, has a new initiative and it’s a doozy.

It is no less than to implement a lesbo-feminist, man-hating view of marital relationships that would be right at home in a drum circle of hairy-legged Smith professors.

The United States Navy’s Bureau of Medicine and Surgery has issued a warning about “male privilege” and is teaching ways to combat it.

The agency has issued two charts, the “Power and Control Wheel” and the “Equality Wheel,” in a new document posted on the Navy’s website.

via Navy teaching members to combat ‘male privilege’ | The American Mirror.

Since, however, being exposed, the Navy has added this mealy-mouthed not-quite-disclaimer to the document:

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth does not endorse the views expressed by websites external to the U.S. Government that repurposes our content. The content we provide, along with other resources, is meant to help our beneficiaries recognize potential signs

The first, grossly ungrammatical, sentence was written by such a stranger to the English language that we’d expect an ISIL hack, if we didn’t know that bushy-legged Smith-prof types were already involved. If you’ve ever read any Womyn’s Studies cant (or if, like poor Stacy McCain, you’ve read it all and would be barely clinging to sanity by a thread if you didn’t reject it) you’ll recognize the tone and general mode of expression. (Like a stranger to the English language, at least as a means of communication versus distortion).

Frankly, the Navy may not pull out of this dive before test depth. It may have to jettison all Department of the Navy civilians who don’t have a PE or own a welding helmet — just to be sure.

The Power and Control and Equity/Equality (another sign of an SJW, failure to recognize that those are two different words with two different denotations, but we digress) Circles are visible after the jump, and we have ratholed our own copy of this man-bashing hate document before they edit it again.

Ray Mabus doesn’t get this, because as a career politician he’s grasping, greedy and ambitious, rather than bright. But any attempt to “uplift women” by blaming and tearing down men is not going to accomplish much. Imagine Ray Mabus’s Navy if he got the feminized institution he asks for: a seagoing corps somewhat like the modern Anglican clergy: inner-focused, completely ineffectual, and unable to prevent life seeping out of a dying institution.

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