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As Air Marshals Lay in Wait to Ambush Hijackers, a Department Exec Ambushed them to Get Laid

Welcome to the Federal Government, where being the kind of woman who boils rabbits is tolerated for years and years — and then, when you take it too far, gets you 15 months (and counting) paid vacation. Of course, the Federal Air Marshals Service is part of what legendarily inept agency?

At the center of the inquiry is Michelle D’Antonio, 48, who worked for the service for more than a decade until she was placed on administrative leave in December 2013. As a program specialist, she was responsible for coordinating delayed, missed or canceled flights and providing other logistical support, giving her access to sensitive government databases.

Instead, current and former employees say, she used her position to look up personnel files, identification photographs and flight schedules to pinpoint air marshals she was interested in meeting and possibly dating.

For some values of the word “dating.” NTTAWWT.

“She’s a ‘badge bunny’ – a woman who likes to date anybody with a badge,” said Lisa Duron, the newlywed wife of a San Diego-based air marshal, Roy B. Duron, who has acknowledged that he had a four-year affair with D’Antonio.

via Air marshals’ flight schedules rearranged for trysts, employees say | Reveal.

Oh, but it gets better. D’Antonio was a problem employee from Day 1, over a dozen years ago. Indeed, she was a litigious employee, suing to demand that she be appointed as an air marshal, even though she was over the Fed’s 37-year-old age cutoff for most armed agent jobs, including the FAMS. She lost that one, but department leadership learned to give her lots of room.  They also learned something about her integrity. The basis of her suit was a claim she was unfairly denied a job that she not only didn’t qualify for, but could not produce any evidence she had applied for. Ever.

Of course, FAMS is part of the TSA. No one good, decent, honest, competent, moral, ethical or intelligent has ever been employed at TSA in any capacity whatsoever. Q.E.D.

Juxtaposition: Who to Trust with Life and Liberty?

Well, with your life, liberty, and a big honkin’ knife?

In New York, a local pol, one Tony Avella, says: “Trust no one.” Avella wants to ban big knives and machetes, since the gun bans already imposed by guys like him have ended all firearms crime in the back alleys of Newburgh and Schenectady, or something.


So, really, why does he want to do this thing? The New York Daily News (which provides the hilarious picture of him vogueing with the two el cheapo machetes) says:

“The fact that anyone can easily purchase this potentially lethal tool is just crazy,” he said.

Under Avella’s proposed legislation, the mere possession of a machete could lead to a year behind bars.

OK. The ever popular, “Restore sanity by banning stuff I dislike.” We bet he’d have been strong for the Volstead Act. But, don’t let him see the statistics for baseball bats, or his constituents might just have to become fans of the Newark Yankees. But still, why?

… Avella’s push comes in response to an attack last summer on Long Island in which, according to authorities, a man hacked a teenager to death.

On his way to being arraigned, the suspect, David Sadler, 45, told reporters he’d bought the weapon on Craigslist.

Police say Sadler slashed Terrance Grier, 17, in the neck with the massive blade during an argument down the block from Sadler’s Hempstead home in July.

“I didn’t even know it was possible to buy a machete online,” Terrance’s mother, Greta Price, told the Daily News…. “He’d still be alive today if it wasn’t for a machete.”

Yeah, that’ll work. The next guy inclined to “hack a teenager to death” instead will think, “Oh, snap, better not do that! Possession of this-here machete is against the law. Why, I could get in trouble. I guess I’ll just have to give up my little scheme of murdering this kid that irritates me, or use some weapon it’s legal to murder him with.”

What percent of murderers were deterred by the fear of getting in trouble? Exactly, zero. That’s why they’re murderers, for the love of God.

Meanwhile, an old Ranger buddy (tab-Rangers, us, not regiment-Rangers who are the “real” Rangers in our book) sends the following under the title, Waiting for ISIS:

Ranger Ready for ISIL


From the inscription on his knife — which is decidedly NSFW if you’re Russian — looks like he’s ready for Little Green Men, too.

The knife is a Cold Steel repop of the OSS Smatchet. Sort of a gladius for the modern age.

So who’s safer, the people who trust their lives and liberty to Wielder #1, or the ones who rely on Wielder #2?

Science on the Army’s Failed UCP

Quick, spot the soldiers (One is in ACU. Two more in Ghillie suit over MultiCam).

Quick, spot the soldiers (One is in ACU. Two more in Ghillie suit over MultiCam).

Today, most US Army soldiers still wear the Army Combat Uniform in the spectacularly failed Uniform Camouflage Pattern, despite the fact that its poor performance across the board reduces soldier concealment and increases soldier exposure. The problems of concealment and exposure are why armies issue camouflage materials in the first place, and ineffective concealment, such as the day-glo UCP, is worse than no attempt at camouflage at all.

We’re currently reading Animal Weapons: The Evolution of Battle by University of Montana biologist Douglas J. Emlen. We were attracted to the book by its title and cover, which promises a lively read with illustrations of a saber-toothed cat and a knight on an armored and caparisoned horse. But a quick skim brought up two disturbing facts. First, it’s largely based on extrapolation from Emlen’s career as a ground-breaking student of dung beetles, somewhat the opposite end of the animal glamour scale from prehistoric tigers. Second, he concludes with a pointy-headed academic’s ambivalent condemnation of the US side of the Cold War and a feeble complaint that “weapons of mass destruction change the stakes… we’re not likely to survive another arms race,” without proposing an alternative. (The implication seems to be some kind of unilateral or negotiated disarmament. Yet he knows, from his studies, how that works out for humans as well as for animals. The conclusion has the feel of something pasted on to justify his crimethink to his academic peers).

Nonetheless, we are slogging our way through the book. (We’ve mentioned before the SF curse/blessing of persistence to the point of perseverance). And it turns out to be full of many insights, like this one:

Over and over, night after night, Donald [Kaufman] released dark mice and white mice into cages side-by-side. Each time the owl snatched one of the mice, Kaufman recorded which one died, and which survived. He showed that both soil color and mouse color mattered. When the mouse dashed across dark soil, the white mouse was most often taken. When the soil was pale, the pattern was reversed. Owls snatched the darker mouse.NOTE1

Obviously, blending in with backgrounds is essential for soldier survival for precisely the same reasons that it is in mice (imagine conducting a night operation wearing white winter camo). In fact, in 2003 the US Army used a process not unlike Kaufman’s experiment with owls to determine the most effective camouflage patterns for our troops. More than a dozen color and pattern types were assessed against urban, desert, and would want environments, to identify uniforms least likely to stand out.

Ideally, the uniform selection process should have unfolded just like owls selecting for mismatched mice, with the population – in this case the Army – evolving towards the best camouflage possible. Unfortunately, politics in the economics of mass production intervened. Rather than to several different types of uniforms, each the best available for a particular habitat, the army opted for a single Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP).

This may have solved logistical problems of production and distribution, but it also caused our troops to sometimes stand out when they were supposed to be blending in. After all, the solution with mice was two colors, not one, and the reality of diverse combat habitats is that no one pattern blends well in all places.

It didn’t take long for our troops to complain, and by 2009 it was obvious to everyone that the UCP was performing terribly in Afghanistan. The Army then rushed to develop a new pattern called “Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern” (OCP) for soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, which it began issuing in 2010.

We’ve covered the UCP debacle to the death here, before, but it’s interesting to see our views validated, and to see the description of the Kaufman experiments, which we were unaware of (they date to the 1960s), and of more recent findings that confirm Kaufman’s, and that explain the genetic functioning of this natural-selection experiment at the genetic and even molecular level.

Newsmen, We Know Snipers. This Clown Was No Sniper

USMC Sniper scope3In Lake Worth, Florida, the media scared the crap out of the public with sensationalistic headlines.

Report: SWAT Teams Responding to Possible Naked Sniper Situation in Lake Worth

via SWAT Teams in Lake Worth Respond to Possible Sniper Situation | New Times Broward-Palm Beach.

That seems weird. Normally we associate “sniper” with many things, but “naked” isn’t one of them. There’s a pretty substantial difference between one’s ghillie suit and his birthday suit, and most people smarter than a journalist wouldn’t mistake one for the other.

There’s apparently a naked man on a building rooftop on a sniper perch, with a gun. This according to a Facebook and Twitter account called Palm Beach County Alerts.

According to the alert, numerous Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and Palm Beach Fire Rescue units are surrounding the area of 1700 S. Federal Highway in Lake Worth. That is the address for the Shangri-La Hotel. The area has been evacuated, according to the report.

A guy listening to the public-safety stations on a scanner — something that’s apparently beyond credentialed “reporters” these days — had an interesting fact or two.

He says police are saying the man is naked and rolling around atop the roof of the building. The man also reportedly has a gun and at least at one point placed the weapon in his mouth.

The man is acting extremely psychotic, according to the report.

Ever try to put an M-24 in your mouth, let alone an M82A1? Would. Not. Go.

They never did correct the headline. As the news outlet later admitted they knew at the time, he only had a handgun, and had actually asked someone to call the police, because “I feel delusional, and I’m hallucinating!”

Handgun != sniper. Also, drugs and a handgun and acting out in public != sniper.

Leroy Strothers, 33, put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger when police approached him. It didn’t fire, and he never threatened the cops or anyone but himself. The Palm Beach (County) Sheriff’s Office SWAT team ultimately talked him into giving up the gun. In the follow-up story, the paper suggests that Strothers might have fired one shot in the air before the police came.

He also told the officers that he was under the influence of flakka, a designer drug that is vaped with an e-cigarette (not to be confused with “Budder,” another designer street drug which is a wax form of marijuana). Flakka is made with similar ingredients used to make bath salts, the recreational designer drug that’s made headlines recently and is linked to dangerous hallucinations and maybe even responsible for the face-eating incident in Miami, though that’s still being debated.

Flakka, or “Gravel,” which is an a-PVP (or, methylenedioxypyrovalerone) — a hodgepodge mix of chemicals, like sort of a cross between crack cocaine and meth — is becoming widely popular throughout South Florida. It’s cheap, easy to get and reportedly induces behavior in smokers similar to that of meth.

Police have not confirmed if Strothers was on flakka, but he says he was. When PBSO SWAT was able to calm him down and talk him off the roof, Smothers was arrested and transported to JFK Hospital by Palm Beach Fire Rescue for evaluation.

When officers recovered the gun, they found that it was loaded with eight bullets. Police also found a bullet casing on the roof. Some witnesses had reported on social media seeing Strothers firing the gun into the air before police arrived.

Oh, and how do you think the paper described this buck-naked, pistol-wielding druggie? You know it, “Lake Worth Sniper.”

PTSD claim in 5… 4… 3…

“Ding-dong! A bomb calling!”

That’s been the message that ISIL forces around Kobani have received from the US Air Force’s 9th Bombardment squadron, which is bombing enemy targets before the Kurds, using a plan that seems designed to impose as much friction and Fog of War as possible between the fighters on the ground and the guys toggling off the JDAMs and SDBs.


The Wall Street Journal:

The U.S. had established close communications with the People’s Defense Units, or YPG, a Kurdish secularist group that led the fight to defend Kobani. YPG fighters communicated with liaisons and air controllers in the operations centers set up by the U.S.

The Combined Air Operation Center in Qatar then took that information and sent bomb coordinates to the B-1s flying over Kobani.

June 26 airpower summary: B-1Bs bomb enemy vehicles

During as much as eight hours flying over Kobani, the 9th Bomb Squadron would get targets called in to the air operations center from air controllers working with the Kurds. The B-1 crew would get the target, drop a weapon and then get confirmation from the fighters on the ground.

Get that? There’s some JTAC or some individual somehow insulated from being Boots On The Ground™ as designated by the Bugger-Outer-In-Chief. (Probably a non-US person who is employed by a non-DOD agency). He gets on the satcom horn and makes a call for fire, that includes his identity, and the famous “9 lines”:

  1. the initial point/battle position (something identifiable to the aircrew)
  2. heading from that IP/BP to the target or and/or offset;
  3. distance from that IP/BP to the target;
  4. target elevation in feet above Mean Sea Level;
  5. target description (“four enemy technicals in laager”);
  6. target location;
  7. type of target marking, and code if encoded;
  8. location of friendlies;
  9. egress (aircraft’s safest route out after weapons release).

That call arrives at the Combined Air Operations Center in Qatar. It’s received, and logged, and a checklist is run on it to make sure it’s not going to bomb friendlies, or otherwise cause embarrassment to Beltway princelings.

Then, the CAOC in Qatar transmits the targets to the bomber. The crew of the bomber (usually the Offensive Systems operator) transmits the target’s coordinates to the bomb, and the bomb is released to do its thing.


Now, this is better than doing nothing. Although not by great leaps and bounds. (In Afghanistan it worked like this: we called the aircraft. The fighter, for fighter-bombers, or offensive systems operator, for bombers, read back the coordinates. And the bomb landed on it within, really, two minutes).

But the guys are out there flying, and trying. We all know what risks the guys making these calls are taking: ISIL has no Gitmo. And the risks that the B-1B crews are taking are very real, making them rather unlike the Beltway princelings who award each other as Profiles in Courage for following the crowd. And the bomber crews’ story is worth telling — read the whole Wall Street Journal Thing™ — but this is not going to beat ISIL or win the war.

In all history, there has never been a war or campaign won by air power alone. Air power has never even degraded an enemy to the point where he was unable to fight, and every promise to do so — Italy in ’43, France in ’44, Korea in ’50-’53, Vietnam, Kosovo, Desert Storm — beat him up pretty good but certainly didn’t take the fight out of him. Using air power alone says one thing out loud: nobody on our side is really trying to beat ISIL or win the war.

Lesser Battles in the Press Offensive

Promoting the 9th Bombardment Squadron, which will dutifully bomb the grid coordinates given them, and has no doubt manufactured vast quantities of dust and smoke, and some amount of terror and death among the deserving, is one thing. Other parts of the Administration’s press offensive to rehabilitate the battered reputation of Strategic Simpering or whatever they’re hashtagging it this week haven’t gone so well. Spokeswoman Marie Harf, who peaked a couple of years ago as an undergrad when she was measured solely by her ability to replay professors’ shibboleths on demand, looks callow, shallow, and stupid every time she faces a real interviewer.

Probably because she’s actually callow, shallow, and stupid.

Confirming our view that nobody in the Beltway is actually trying to beat ISIL or win the war, Harf spouted endless, ill-formed nonsense about creating jobs and inspiring them to move on from jihad and similar rubbish, nonsense that does our sworn enemies the discourtesy of assuming that they are as callow, shallow and stupid as, for example, Marie Harf.

There is a conspiracy theory that Harf was added to the State Department payroll as a whipping child, to make the callow, shallow and stupid Jennifer Psaki seem statesmanlike. It’s just a reminder that A players hire A players, and John Kerry hires ZZZ players. (And it doesn’t say much for the cat that hired him, either).

But the Administration’s foreign policy rehab offensive, like Lindsey Lohan’s, has many twists and turns on its Nantucket sleighride to the depths of irrelevancy. This morning we caught a report from Iran by the state-controlled media outlet, NPR. NPR is doing a series about how wonderful Iran is, in order to pre-sell the upcoming Chamberlain deal with Iran to the last constituency still starry-eyed over President Selfie’s statesmanship: NPR listeners.

The subject of this installment? How good the Jews have it in Iran. They’re not all oppressed like they are in other countries, like the Zionist Entity. Lord love a duck.

HSI-ICE: Bosses Behaving Badly

Live from New York, It’s Saturday Night…

hsi_badgeAs we indicated, SAC New York James T. Hayes Jr is out. Another SAC (New Orleans, LA)  is getting an extremely well-paid, long term TDY to the Big Apple while the HQ types are vying to outdo one another at the prodigious levels of suckuppery required to land one of the agency’s plum assignments, with a lot of headcount and a lot of TV exposure for the guy or gal that wants it.

By taking the position on a TDY basis, the NOLA guy signals that he’s not interested in it permanently, and prevents a second feeding-frenzy for his position.

And Then There’s the Friday the 13th Free Agent…

ICE Director Sarah R. Saldaña, who sees her job as turning it into the US Immigrations and Customs Non-Enforcement Agency, sent all hands the following message:

A Message from Director Saldaña
To all ICE employees
February 13, 2015

A.T. Smith Coming to ICE as Senior Advisor for Cybercrime

I am pleased to welcome A.T. Smith as Senior Advisor for Cybercrime within U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Previously, Mr. Smith served as the Deputy Director of the United States Secret Service, where he executed oversight of the agency’s daily operations. In his new role as Senior Advisor for Cybercrime, Mr. Smith will bring his expertise to ICE’s fight against transnational cyber criminals.

Before his service as Deputy Director, Mr. Smith served in numerous offices and senior leadership posts in the Secret Service, including: Assistant Director – Investigations 2010-2012; Assistant Director – Human Resources and Training 2008-2010; Deputy Assistant Director – Office of Investigations 2006-2008; Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Office 2003–2006; Special Agent in Charge of the Secret Service training academy; Executive Assistant to the Director; and Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge of the Presidential Protective Division.

Mr. Smith began his law enforcement career in 1978 as a communications dispatcher for the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Smith also held the positions of uniformed Deputy, Sergeant and Lieutenant, within the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. He joined the Secret Service on 1986 as a special agent assigned to the Miami Field Office.

Mr. Smith received his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina, and holds Master of Science degrees from the University of Alabama and from the Johns Hopkins University School of Business.

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Smith to ICE.

Sarah R. Saldaña
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Why is this man scowling? He just got fired, and landed in a bucket of money, all because of Clinton nepotism.

Why is this man scowling? He just got fired, and landed in a bucket of money, all because of Clinton nepotism. Hr should be cackling maniacally.

Notice anything missing from the résumé of one Alvin “A.T.” Smith, who brings “his expertise to ICE’s fight against transnational cyber criminals,” in the words of the very Red Queen of  Amnesty-by-Non-Enforcement? What’s missing?

Like, any previous involvement in cyber investigations or enforcement? What “expertise”? This is management by the “one waivered beltway drone is just as good as any other waivered beltway drone” standard.

But wait… “waivered”? Why did this paragon of Beltway managerial excellence, who knows less of cyber than our Aunt Mildred (and she’s dead), cross the street from USSS to ICE?

It seems he departed from the Secret Service earlier this week, on account of ill health: they got sick of him. Every senior executive around him bit the dust after a series of protection and investigative fumbles exposed a culture of incompetence in the agency’s top ranks. The AP reported:

Amid the upheaval at the Secret Service, lawmakers, including House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, criticized Smith, saying he was at the center of bad decisions made in a series of Secret Service scandals.

Chaffetz and Ranking Member Elijah Cummings both identified Smith as a dud and a problem child, and, according to Democrat activist Lauren French, writing at Politico:

Chaffetz, now the committee’s Republican chairman, began investigating misconduct. Just this week, he and Cummings — the committee’s top Democrat — helped shove much-maligned Secret Service Deputy Director Alvin “A.T.” Smith to the exit.

Chaffetz said he repeatedly argued during meetings with [new Secret Service Director] Clancy, DHS officials and senior White House officials that Smith, a 28-year-agency veteran, was a major drag on the agency’s morale and operations.

Cummings and Chaffetz met with Clancy during a classified meeting Tuesday, which followed two private meetings in February with the White House and Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The lawmakers have two more meetings in 2015 on the Secret Service’s response to the White House jumper and a shooting outside Vice President Joe Biden’s Delaware home.

Chaffetz “specifically said Smith needs to go [during these meetings], and the fact that ranking member Cummings went hand and hand with him only made it stronger,” said an Oversight investigator familiar with the conversations.

Smith also drew criticism for approving changes to how new recruits and officers are trained that lawmakers have complained leave the agency short of well-trained officers ready to respond to security problems. Last year, Smith also took criticism after revelations that he had diverted agents from the White House to check in on a Secret Service administrative assistant who was involved in a dispute with a neighbor.

More than two dozen whistleblowers contacted Chaffetz during the two years he’s run point on the Secret Service investigation for the House — and nearly all of them complained about Smith’s role, he said.

But Smith, a highly political (and partisan) animal always willing to bend the agency’s rules to please his political-appointee superiors, was a favorite of DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. (He is also closely tied to Hillary Clinton, whose patronage enabled his rise from Special Agent to Deputy Director; while he was on Hillary’s detail he married into the Clinton family).

Seven other Secret Service senior executive service managers have been forced out by the 2012 prostitution scandal, a training-failure scandal, and protective failures at the White House and Blair House, the official residence of the Vice President. Smith was involved in all those failures, but he was the only one not held to account.

So Johnson played a game of 3-card Monte with Smith, shuffling him to HSI and directing Saldaña to create a do-nothing sincecure for him.  He was the only one of the top 8 at Secret Service to “fail upward.” Per the AP story above:

DHS initially refused to disclose what Smith would do at ICE, saying only that he was transferring to that agency’s Homeland Security Investigations unit.

Of course, they didn’t disclose it because they didn’t really want the guy and didn’t have any earthly idea Apart from necessity, a reason for his jump may be money: rumor is, they’re paying him more than the $183k (plus a car, a bodyguard team –why? What enemy would attack a guy who does nothing but screw our side up?, and a guaranteed-never-audited expense account) that he had at Secret Service. His overall compensation package costs the taxpayers over a half million dollars a year, accounted the way businesses have to account for personnel costs.

The lateral move or promotion — which it is, is not clear — came so rapidly that Smith’s bio is still up at Secret Service as this blog post goes live.

Is he worth it? Not to the United States. But apparently he is to Sarah Saldaña and Jeh Johnson.

And it’s not like they’re spending the money on immigration and customs enforcement anyway.

Breaking: The Sack for an HSI SAC?

james t hayes jrEarly this morning, Homeland Security Investigations was thrown into a tizzy by a rumor that the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the agency’s second-largest office, New York, had been walked out. As agents checked in to their offices, dropped off suspects for detention, or took a break from testifying in court, the rumor spread like wildfire. But this just raised more questions:

  • Is the rumor true? (It seems to be).
  • Was he just escorted out, or arrested? (Unknown).
  • Who walked the man out? (Unknown, again).
  • Does it have anything to do with a rather large settlement he won in a recent lawsuit? (Unknown).
  • Is it payback? (Unknown. If so, what are the odds we’ll find out?)

The SAC, James T. Hayes Jr., was paid $175,000 in November, 2012 to drop a lawsuit that charged that HSI higher-ups were prone to sexual harassment. Specifically, the suit charged that former DHS secretary Janet Napolitano and her alleged girlfriend, Dora Schriro, harassed women agents, and that ICE Chief of Staff Suzanne Barr, a Napolitano crony, harassed male agents. (Debbie Schlussel, who has excellent ICE/HSI sources, had the details of Hayes’s suit and its danegeld dismissal. Indeed she has a whole bunch of Hayes stories, including the affidavits and Barr’s shamefaced resignation on Labor Day Weekend, 2012, but not this one, yet).

Hayes was reportedly a master of the passive-aggressive fine art of the EEO complaint as a fulcrum to lever himself to higher offices, but was understood to be terminal at SAC even before his Napolitano suit.

hsi_badgeAgents and former agents on the HSI Delphi Forum are arguing about whether Hayes’s situation is “just another rumor” or whether this time, it’s really, as the thread title suggests, “buh-bye for Jimmy.” (His other nick is, heh, “Purple Hayes.”) Hayes has been the subject of frequent rumors — last summer he was moving to San Diego.

One unpopular Hayes decision was to remove the M4s from individual agents and secure them in the office, making them inaccessible on short notice, especially after hours.

The shaven-headed Hayes has built, as SACs are wont to do, a coterie of loyalists around him, and they’re not saying nothing, as the expression goes. Speculation on and off the Delphi forum includes him receiving a target letter (which would lead to him being suspended for months at full pay while he stays home and lawyers up), or him being questioned about travel-card anomalies.

One would think that the greatest hazard in working for ICE or HSI would be on the shoulders of street agents, who rub shoulders with sometimes-violent, sometimes-creepy, and always dishonest criminals every day, but being a SAC is not all it’s cracked up to be. They’ve been dropping like flies for the past few years.

  • Miami SAC Anthony Mangione was a member of a kiddie porn ring; he pulled HSI agents from a child porn TF (wonder why?) and was so worried about being caught with kiddie porn on his office computer that he gave the hard drives to the tech guys and told them to secure-wipe them. They did. Just as he was chortling with glee at his brilliance, evidence found on another perv’s computer compromised him. By ratting out some of his fellow pervs, he managed to keep his sentence down to just under 6 years in 2012, and Inmate 97409-004 should be finishing up his stint in Club Fed on 07/28/2017.
  • One had something going with his ASAC, which is not only fraternization, but also criminal if you’re using government resources. Guess who was paying for their hotel-room love nest? Every April 15, the answer is… you. Chump.
  • Richard Padilla Cramer was allowed to retire and still draws his retirement after drawing a two years in Club Fed wrist-tap in 2010. A former RAC and SAC-level attaché in Guadalajara, he went from working part-time for the cartels to full time after his 2007 retirement. He sold the cartels information on informants that allowed them to rub out the informants — and their families.
  • True, we’re going back nearly 10 years on this one, but it’s worth winding up the Time Machine: Tampa Special Agent in Charge Frank Figueroa was caught in a mall, stroking himself and eyeing a 16-year-old. It gets better: he was formerly the head of Operation Predator. And better yet: the whacking SAC was caught by a mall cop. Paul Blart FTW! Unfortunately, you could say Figueroa, er, got off: his sentence was a year’s probation, and he didn’t even get a BOP Inmate Number. Is there something in the water in Federal Buildings in FL? Or is it just in Fed buildings, in general? (Around the same time, the DHS head’s press secretary tried picking up a 14-year-old he’d been having net and phone sex with — who turned out to be, stop us if you have heard this one, a cop. Brian Doyle’s case is often confused with the ICE/HSI perv, Figueroa).
  • In 2012, a Deputy SAC and former acting-jack SAC in LA, Kevin Kozak, was shot and wounded by Ezequiel Garcia, an agent in his office. Garcia was shot dead by another agent, SA Patrick Woo. Other agents say, while Garcia’s crime is inexcusable, “someone had to snap given Kozak’s leadership style.”
  • Kozak was acting-jack because the then-SAC, Frank Johnston, went to prison for corruption (he hired his wife into a no-show job) in 2012. Wifey Taryn got 30 days, and they’re supposed to pay back $500k of her $90k/year salary.

Memo to HSI/ICE: The bit of the mission statement about, “Fight Crime,” is supposed to imply the conjunction against, not for. Just sayin’.

When Guns are Outlawed, only Outlaws will have Limited Intelligence

Bad parenting skills. No $#!+?

Bad parenting skills. No $#!+?

“Limited Intelligence” is one of the things that attorney Saul Goodman Steven Kaplan blames for the death of an infant boy who was so little loved by his beast of a mother — Kaplan’s client, presumably a public defense case — that he was never even given a name, but was abandoned in a garage to freeze to death, and stuffed in a recycling bin. “She did as well as she could!” Kaplan told the Detroit Free Press.

Angela Alexie, 24, had the baby in the unheated detached garage behind a friend’s home, and then went in the house, checking on the baby from time to time, but basically leaving him to die. Her three previous children had been previously removed to foster care, but child welfare workers either didn’t know or didn’t care that she was pregnant. She is charged with felony murder, but her attorney, Kaplan, says her dimness made her do it

Other factors were what the mouthpiece called her “lack of parenting skills” (you think?) and “lack of family support.”

We call bullshit on all of that. Nobody has any parenting skills to start with, and many unfortunate mothers “do their best” without any family support, and “their best” never involves leaving the baby to freeze solid. That takes derangement, apathy, or deranged apathy.

The Detroit area’s homicide detectives are a pretty jaded lot. They’ve seen every kind of gunshot damage a human being can suffer, not to mention the devastation wreaked by application of edged weapons and blunt instruments. But they weren’t prepared for what they found when called to a Roseville, Michigan single-stream recycling center, where workers had been separating recyclables on a conveyor when a frozen baby wrapped in a dirty t-shirt appeared amid the beer cans and milk bottles. The Detroit Freep has the basics:

The baby, unofficially named Henry Alexander Macomb by morgue workers, died Christmas Eve night. His naked body was found bundled in a black torn T-shirt at a Roseville recycling center Jan. 14. Police believe his body was placed in a recycling bin that was picked up at the Eastpointe home Jan. 13.

The crime scene is the garage in back.

The crime scene turns out to have the garage in back (Google maps photo). Alexie admits putting the baby in the recycling bin, but denies putting the bin out for collection, as if that makes a difference.

The name is explained by the fact that the morgue and the recycling center are in Macomb County, Michigan. Alexie has waived her rights to intervene in the burial of the child, which has been arranged by volunteers and supported by mostly anonymous donors.

The kid had a short, cold, lonely life before dying of hypothermia, dehydration, and exposure.

A further Freep story has creeptastic details:

Alexie’s Facebook page is filled with selfies as well as various photos of her and several children, presumably her own. Two of the selfies were posted in the days after authorities believe she gave birth to the boy.

She is listed as a 2005 graduate of East Detroit High School, although it’s unclear whether she graduated from the school, and her work status is “Full Time Mommy! :)”

Lord love a duck. Full Time Mommy to a frozen kid and three in foster care, ages 1, 2 and 4. Words fail.

And you have to wonder who and where the “fathers” (we understand that the new term, in these circles, is “baby daddies”) of the 0-, 1-, 2- and 4-year-olds are.

Further creeptasm:

Alexie’s Facebook page lists her as a member of the “Zombie Survival Tips and common misunderstandings of the undead” Facebook group. The banner photo on her page is of a memorial image for Theresa DeKeyzer, whose decomposed body was found in September in a 55-gallon drum at a Plymouth Township storage facility. The 22-year-old Warren woman’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Scott Wobbe of Westland, is charged with first-degree murder in that case. It’s not clear if the two women knew each other.

Well, it’s not her fault she’s mentally ill, is it? Wait, transmission incoming….

…records in the file indicate that her youngest child, a girl, was suffering withdrawal because of Alexie’s drug use while she was pregnant.

A day after the daughter was born in November 2013, Child Protective Services received a referral alleging the presence of drugs — marijuana — in the baby’s system during a toxicity screen at St. John Hospital, where the records indicate the child was born.

Alexie also tested positive for marijuana and benzodiazepines on or about the birth…The family had prior CPS contacts in March and July 2013 because of allegations of an unfit home, which were substantiated….

If you need even more, the Daily Mail has it in their usual Colonials Acting Not Cricket section. Fair cop, guv. The Mail has lots of pictures of Alexie, looking slackjawed and stupid, in court. See those images, and you’ll definitely buy the “limited intelligence” plea, although maybe not the idea that it should excuse Alexie’s monstrous behavior.

Good luck figuring out whether she’s mentally ill and self-medicating, or whether irresponsible drug use has damaged her mind. Either one seems plausible.

This is the new underclass, these least of Christ’s brothers.

But our tolerance for them is tested by the way they treat their children.

No wonder bad things happen when the people down here in the bottom quintile of the IQ distribution get hold of guns and form a plan of sorts to use them for Asset Redistribution Services. But as this case shows, one doesn’t need a gun to make a depraved killing.

Fortunately, there’s a technical solution. Norplant ‘em all (and invent a male equivalent) at 13. Take it out when they can show a marriage license and an honest job’s pay stub.

If it saves only one life, it’s worth it. Right?

What’s ICE Doing, When they Can’t Deport Criminals?

ICE patchLots of ICE special agents are finding time on their hands, given that the current Administration does not want to deport criminal aliens — or even to arrest or charge them. So what are they doing? Making sure nobody disses their favorite sports teams!

ICE’s resources are also being devoted to suppress critical uses: “The profane debasing of a mascot — and really anything that denigrates a team — is guaranteed to be contraband, said Daniel Modricker, a spokesman for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. That ‘Yankees Suck’ T-shirt you put on for special occasions? If it uses anything that looks like a team or league logo, it probably constitutes trademark infringement.”

Well, that’s about what you’d expect from Modricker, a toady’s toady who believes in the power of positive sucking-up to his political owners and operators. But Law Professor Rebecca Tushnet has a different take on it.

No, it really, really doesn’t.  “Profane debasing”–and when did mascots become sacred?–is not confusing.  I don’t think ICE has authority to seize diluting merchandise, and anyway very few of these will be using the profaned mascots “as a mark,” meaning the dilution exceptions for parody and criticism apply. This is a blatant misunderstanding of the law, being perpetuated by a federal official with only the small reassurance that federal agents won’t come down and rip a previously purchased shirt off your back.

Less annoying, but also sort of funny, is the attempt to answer the question “why are you spending so much time on fake jerseys” by pointing to problems caused by fake cribs and auto parts.  The Superbowl is a good opportunity to highlight the issue!

via Rebecca Tushnet’s 43(B)log: Trademark overreach of the day: ICE says “Yankees Suck” infringes.

In pushing what’s called inside ICE “IPR,” or Intellectual Property Rights, Modricker and his supervisors are currying favor with ICE head John Morton. Morton has a record of accomplishment that’s gauzily thin, but one thing he did do was get the ICE/HSI shield on blu-ray discs along with the FBI’s. He’s spent the last two years, and vast amounts of taxpayer money on charter flights, stroking Hollywood and Big Content in general in hopes of a very rich post-government job, preferably at MPAA in LA. MPAA, run by second-generation crooked Senator, Corrupt Chris Dodd, didn’t think Morton was worth the stratospheric salary and perks he was demanding, but apparently he got his ask from a too-big-to-fail bank instead. At least according to ICE gadfly Debbie Schlussel, who reports Morton’s new job and resignation.

Debbie’s pretty hard on him, but if you were a president who had an agency he didn’t want to be enforcing any laws, you’d beat the bushes for a guy like Morton. A platypus is an ungainly animal, but it fits its evolutionary niche, and so does Morton.

On the other hand, if you have money in Capital One, the bank that hired Morton, now is a really good time to take it out and put it someplace safer — like your mattress, or having Gerry the Gambler hold it for you.

Even with Morton gone, IPR will probably still get more attention from ICE than the “ICE” stuff they’re supposed to be doing does. The NFL, for instance, is owned by fabulously rich people, who want and expect to be fabulously richer. ICE leadership, not just under Morton, responds to people like that. Ordinary citizens? The hundreds of thousands whose lives have been forever changed by criminal alien murderers and rapists? The victims of the half of FBI most-wanted violent criminals who are illegals? Those people aren’t in the 1%, and Morton and his ICE men have no time for that.

But anything that might interfere with using taxpayer resources to make Robert Kraft richer? Modricker and his fellow toadies are going to step on that with hockey skates on. For the benefit of the departing Morton, and whatever stuffed suit replaces him. It’ll still be the agency where the actual job is off limits, where special agents and supervisors have shoot-outs in the Federal Building over assignments, and where the surest way to get on your boss’s shit list is to arrest an actual violent criminal alien.

On the other hand, it’s not like they shipped Mexican cartels thousands of weapons, lost a suit because they mistreated one of their own agents (and PO’d the judge by having their in-house lawyers lie to him), and had one of their SES managers arrested prostituting himself in a New Orleans hotel. That’s the other ate-up agency.

They’re Saying this guy is Aryan Brotherhood, How Come?

Geez, look at how the cops talk about this guy. “Suspected Aryan Brotherhood member.” And they say they think he’s a “member of the white supremacist Aryan Brotherhood.” They’re “working to confirm it.”

Gee whiz. Well, take a look at this angel, who showed up in the local fishwrap after threatening to burn his mom’s house down. (Yes, really):


We don’t know about you, but looking at his face, we had to go check our tackle box for missing lures and spinners. (Nope, we’ve got all our fishing tackle, that’s somebody else’s adorning Herr Unter-runter-führer’s fugly mug). We don’t know where anyone would get the idea he’s in the Aryan Brotherhood, a prison gang fond of Nazi symbology and posturing. You?

OK, well, apart from the three AB tats showing in the mugshot. They do seem to hint that he’s either onboard with them, or very disrespectful of their copyrights.

Story follows.

Suspected Aryan Brotherhood member Stephen Sanders pleaded not guilty to resisting arrest and criminal mischief at his probable cause hearing Jan. 15.
Sanders, of 16 Lita Lane in Newmarket, offered no plea on two counts of criminal threatening. According to court records those counts were dismissed by Judge David LeFrancois.
According to an affidavit signed by Officer Wayne Stevens, on Jan. 8, Sanders’ mother came to the police station telling officers that she had ordered Sanders to move out of her house. He reportedly came angry, telling his mother that “he would have his Aryan brothers burn her house down.”
Sanders also alleged that her son had threatened to stab another family member with a large kitchen knife.
Sgt. Jeremy Hankin responded to the Lita Lane address with the intention of arresting Sanders based on his mother’s information. Hankin and two other officers found Sanders sitting in his vehicle, police said. When asked to step out of the vehicle, Sanders initially refused, but then complied, police said.
Sanders argued with the officers after they informed him that he was under arrest for criminal threatening. Eventually Sanders was subdued on the ground and tasered, according to police.
Sanders is currently in Rockingham County Jail awaiting a trial management conference on Feb. 3.
When reached for comment on Tuesday, Lt. Jeff Simes said police believe Sanders is a member of the white supremacist Aryan Brotherhood and are working to confirm it.

via Alleged Aryan Brotherhood member pleads not guilty – News – – Portsmouth, NH.

We’d just sum up by saying, there is nothing more pathetic than an American seeking to portray himself as a Nazi, the most thoroughly discredited identity since the Romans salted the fields of Carthage and destroyed the human-sacrifice temples of Baal (temples that perfectly prefigured the National Socialist regime’s Final Solution). By the summer of ’45 every Nazi from Ferdinand Porsche to Rudolf Hess was denying he had ever really been on board with the program — so where do these chuckleheads who want to join up with in now come from?

American Nazis. Lord love a duck. Although, we’d grant than an American seeking to play Communist is just about the same pathetic thing.