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LA Times ID’s Afghanistan’s Problem: Toy Guns!

There are some ideas that are so retarded you just about need to have a Columbia J-School ticket for your brain housing group to contain them. That includes the idea that the ultima causa of mayhem in Afghanistan is that Afghan kids, unlike, say, LA Times reporters’ precious, coddled Unique and Special Snowflakes™, have mamas that let them play with war toys.

Yeah, that’s it.

Afghan boys with toy guns

It certainly can’t have anything to do with the unrelenting warfare kicked off by a Communist overthrow of King Zahir Shah in 1973, and the unstable state of war that has flowed like a red tide across the landlocked and desperately poor country ever since. It can’t have anything to do with a nation that, after successive governments by wooly-headed Commies, actual Soviet puppets, bloodthirsty mujahideen, and the Bat Guano Crazy Taliban dropped clean off the UN Development Index in 1996, and that therefore for about four generations on the Afghan scale has had nothing to offer an Afghan boy but the prospect of growing up to be killed or crippled in intramural combat like his male ancestors all have been.

(Well, he could be a chai bacha, an Afghan euphemism for a professional catamite, at least until he’s too old. That’s a role that LA Times reporters could probably aspire to).

Anyway, it can’t be any of that. 

Nope, gotta be the toy guns. So cue up the latest masterstroke that will fer-sure-this-time-forget-them-fortyleven-other-times erase the bloodshed that’s been part of Afghan life since before Afghan was a word, and get your ban on, and in 5-4-3-2-1 Afghans will start behaving just like Swiss.

Or not.

Finally, after years of outcry by politicians, parents and civil society groups, the Interior Ministry announced last month that it was officially enacting a ban on the sale of plastic firearms in Afghanistan.

At a news conference in Kabul, Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said: “After this, there is a ban on the sale and use of plastic guns…. The interior minister directed police in all provinces to collect these toys and prevent their sale.”

Sediqqi said the ministry would work alongside the Ministry of Commerce and the nation’s various trade groups to prevent the import of such toys, mainly from nearby Pakistan and China.

The news comes as a welcome relief to a growing number of parents who for years have refused to buy plastic guns for their children.

“Why should I buy them weapons rather than something that would teach them something positive,” said Geran Popal, a teacher, who has repeatedly denied requests by her three children to buy them fake weapons for the Muslim holiday.

Zuhra Bahman, who last month had started an online petition calling for a ban on the “the manufacturing, import, advertising and sales of imitation weapons in Afghanistan,” also welcomed the news.

Yeah, online petitions. A major factor in Afghan power politics, especially petitions started by women community organizers, the traditional bedrock of Afghan society. Amazing thing is, the guy writing this article has an Afghan name. Did he get a complete cultural brainwashing at UC Irvine or something?

“I am very pleased, this is people power at work,” said Bahman, the mother of a 3-year-old girl.

Bahman, who has studied child development, said that further legislation or a presidential decree should be directed at other imitation weapons, such as plastic knives and hand grenades.

Calls for such a ban have met with resistance, mainly from other parents, she said.

via Afghanistan’s growing toy gun problem has gotten so bad the government finally acted – LA Times.

At an age when most American kids are still being driven to school by mommy and are completely unable to solve personal problems without helicopter-parental intervention, many Afghans are engaging in the national pastime, mayhem. We’re not entirely sure one childhood pathology is superior to the other.

The LA Times, on the other hand, is.

And by the end of the article they’ve tied it to their real agenda: a ban on real guns.

“I find it pathetic that Afghanistan has banned toy guns but not disarmed 99% who shouldn’t own real ones,” tweeted Roya Aziz, an Afghan American who spent eight years in Kabul.

A U.S. raid in June on a weapons cache belonging to Jan Ahmad, a strongman in the northern province of Parwan, stirred a debate in the nation.

Those who supported Jan Ahmad, including Abdullah Abdullah, the chief executive of the Afghan government, said the raid, conducted by a foreign army, violated civil rights and the sovereignty of the Kabul government.

Critics of the anti-Soviet, anti-Taliban strongman saw it as the first step in the disarming of militiamen and other powerful figures maintaining illegal arms stashes.

They’ll never figure it out: arms are downstream from culture. In Afghanistan, it’s logical and even necessary to band together with those of your family, tribe, race or ethnicity is a necessity in the absence of a strong national government (and the absence of a strong national government is guaranteed by the preference of Afghanistan’s powerful neighbors, and by the lack of a strong national identity compared to those ties of family, tribe, race an ethnicity).

This isn’t the first rodeo with banning toy guns. This link is to a photo with a caption indicating that the Germans, who probably have more national experience with gun confiscation that anybody, having at one time done it from the Pyrenees to the Crimea and everywhere in between, were confiscating toy guns in Kabul in 2003. To “prevent children to get used to playing war games.” How’s that working out?

The US has wasted, now, 15 years of effort in building cross-family/tribe/racial/ethnic institutions, including mad efforts like trying to build an Afghan National Army organized by American diversicrats to “perfectly represent Afghanistan” by counting ethnic beans. “Oh, that kandak is short Hazaras, transfer some Hazaras in from this one.” The third-raters that become American personnel officers can’t manage American personnel effectively, so you can imagine how their failure-prone policies do when imposed on a radically different culture and set of motivations.

Telling an Afghan who lives in a village that is his because its previous owners were ethnically cleansed out of there in 1998 or 1987 or 1898 under the Taliban or Soviets or Abdurrahman Khan, that Diversity is Strength, and getting him fired up about the American national pastime of racial beancounting, is about as effective as telling him his sons ought not to have toy guns, when a couple of years from now they will be firing real ones in actual combat — regardless of what overall trends occur in Afghan history.

Does Prison Look Better, if You Can’t See It?

behind barsIt began with a typical 21st Century stroke of criminal genius, and ended with a bullet to the brain, although the denouement is still playing out in the courts.

at about 9 p.m. June 26, 2011, [Mark] Sanders, [Chancier] McFarland and a third man drove to Green Street near 40th in Powelton. As part of the robbery plan, the third man responded to a Craigslist ad to buy a Suzuki dirt bike and agreed to meet the seller on Green Street. McFarland acted as a lookout as Sanders and the third man approached the seller.

After the third man pretended to inspect the dirt bike on the porch of a home, Sanders drew a gun from his waistband and pointed it at the seller and two of the seller’s relatives. Sanders’ co-conspirator, who was inspecting the bike, then drove it away.

Meanwhile, another relative of the seller saw what was going on and took out his legally owned firearm and pointed it at Sanders, telling him to stop.

Sanders instead pointed his gun at that man, who then fired in self-defense, hitting Sanders in the right temple. After Sanders collapsed, the man who shot him called police.

via Blind defendant sentenced to 10-plus years behind bars.

Coached by his sleazebag attorney, one Rocco “Consiglieri” Cipparone, Sanders threw out all the usual mouthpiece-says-I-gotta phony stuff: he’s now found Jesus, he’s sorry he did it (or at least, that he got shot, and caught), and, magnanimously, he’s over being angry at the guy who shot him for just trying to kill him for a motorcycle. Cipparone had all the usual arguments why his current pet pathogen shouldn’t go back in the freezer: he’s already suffering and will suffer for all his life. Don’t put him in jail, argued Cipparone: “[H]e put himself in his own prison of blindness.”

“He will walk blind for the rest of his life. He will eat blind for the rest of his life. He will drink blind for the rest of his life.”

Yeah. Pity this crumb lived. He could have found Jesus before trying to murder somebody for a crap motorbike; but they never do that.

The prosecutor had a few points of argument, too:

Sanders, when he had his gun pointed at the victims, had the gun’s hammer cocked and could easily have fired it.

Sanders has “steadfastly refused” to identify to law enforcement who his accomplices were.

And then, there’s Sanders’s own lengthy violent criminal history. Including this:

In 2010, when Sanders was being arrested for marijuana possession, he grabbed the wire cord of the cop’s radio and wrapped it around the officer’s neck, suffocating him. It wasn’t until the officer was able to grab his gun that Sanders stopped suffocating him and fled.

So he’s not exactly a cherry at the attacking-people gig. And it turns out that there’s another attacked-cop nexus in the case.

Sanders’s accomplice Chancier McFarland and another hood rat named Rafael Jones:

…robbed and killed off-duty Police Officer Moses Walker Jr. on Aug. 18, 2012, in North Philly.

McFarland is now 22 years old; he was twenty when he and Jones (who was 24) murdered Walker.

Rafael Jones’s brother Jerome Jones is suspected (and was indicted, but the prosecutor dropped the case) of being the third man in the motorcycle robbery.

On the bright side, the police seem to have recognized the shooting from the start as an open-and-shut case of self defense, and the defender does  not seem to have been prosecuted.

It was unpossible for any of these guys to get guns, because they were all felons, several were too young to buy in a store, and their state, Pennsylvania, requires all handgun transfers to go through an FFL and has for years.

Yet somehow these four contemptible young wastes of sperm and egg managed to gun up anyway. Imagine that.

You Can Always Trust a Sheriff, Right?

Does your county sheriff have 3 tons of food ratholed in his basement armory? How about blasting caps stored with the C-4? No? Well, has he got one of these?

Acting Sheriff Dwight McNiel of Christian County, Missouri, has (or had) all that stuff. He inherited it from the outgoing sheriff, Joey Kyle — when Kyle went up the river for embezzlement. He also inherited a real financial can of worms.

Since becoming the interim sheriff in May, [Dwight] McNiel said he’s continually found surprising, unnecessary or simply wasteful purchases or acquisitions made by the department. One of his first tasks was sorting through the department’s armory — a closet directly underneath a county courtroom — where C4 was found, he said.

“That’s how I started my first day here — started with the Springfield bomb squad,” McNiel said.

Springfield Fire Marshal Mark Epps said there wasn’t adequate space to safely store explosives. While Epps said it was not a huge safety concern, he noted that the “highly sensitive” blasting caps were stored in proximity to the more inert C4. It’s the blasting caps that are used to detonate the C4.

The explosives are currently being safely stored in Springfield, Epps said.

An unarmed rocket-propelled grenade launcher was also found in the armory. There’s Arabic script on one side of its handle and on the other side is written: “MADE IN IRAQ.”

McNiel said it was taken after deputies responded to a domestic disturbance in which a female caller said a man had a gun. There was a short standoff with the man, the rocket-propelled grenade launcher was confiscated, no charges were filed regarding the launcher and the man is not in police custody.

via Was disgraced sheriff Joey Kyle preparing for Armageddon?.

If the RPG is demilled, it’s not a weapon and not subject to any law that doesn’t apply to a stick or pipe of the same length. In that case, the guy from whom it was confiscated should probably get it back.

If it’s not demilled, it’s an unlicensed Destructive Device and the ATF would probably like to come collect it. In that case, the guy from whom it was confiscated will be lucky if he stays out of Club Fed. It’s not something that a rural police or sheriff’s office has any earthly use for (or any practical way of getting ammunition for).

It’s an ill wind that blows no good: the three tons of food were donated to a local charity, and will be deployed to feed families in crisis.

Hey, Sheriff McNeil, if you aren’t going to return the RPG to its original owner (maybe he’s in pokey), and it is legally demilled, drop us a line. We can use one as a wall hanger, and will make a market-value contribution to the department or a charity of your choice.

The Rangerette Publicity Machine

The fix, it turned out, was in.

The fix, it turned out, was in.

As everyone who has not been under a rock knows, the two women who have been in Ranger School for six months or so as ambassadors militant for their sex are set to graduate, By Direction of the President, this week. Since the President is coming to the graduation, there can be no question of them not passing or being graded like the real students. They are tabbed out, which requires a definition of this ancient Ranger term (well, it appeared to be of very great antiquity when we contacted it in Ranger school in October, 1982). What is “tabbed out”?

Tabbed Out

It’s an insidious attitude that some Ranger School attendees get when they are confident that they have enough patrols to graduate personally; a certain personality type, a Courtney Massengale if you will, ceases effort beyond the minimum. He’s (and up to now, they’ve all been “he”s) tabbed out.

If not before, our two women were Tabbed Out the moment the phone rang in Building 4, telling someone that the Preident was coming to their graduation. By Direction of the President, they were tabbed out. Nothing they did after that point could have prevented their graduation, probably not even dying — unlike previous deaths on the course, they’d have gotten a posthumous tab.

The Ranger Instructors are alert to this phenomenon and, where they can, administer doses of humility when required. They can’t always.

There have always been a few candidates — sons of serving generals, for instance — for whom Failure Was Not An Option, not because they had no failure in them (we have learned that martial ardor is a more heritable trait than martial ability), but because their success was decreed from On High, usually from the CO or even the Benning CG.

In this case, the men filling those positions are fully-on-board Diversity Is Our Strength social justice warriors.

There’s no Tabbed Out like Tabbed Out By Direction of the President.


Diversity is Strength!

Is diversity strength? It depends, of course. If you left out any of the three ingredients in a structural part made of carbon fiber cloth, epoxy resin, and  epoxy hardener with the latter two reacting in a typically exothermic reaction, well, you would have floppy cloth with goop on it, not a structural part. But if you added to carbon fiber, epoxy resin, and hardener an equal quantity of straw and manure (recognizing, say, the vibrant contributions of Afghan home builders), then that particular diversity would not be strength. Hence, “it depends.”

In the end, “Diversity is Strength” sounds less like a rational statement and more like a hortatory slogan, the kind so acidly skewered in Orwell’s 1984: War is Peace! Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Truth!

Diversity is Strength!

You almost want it to be an antiphonal call-and-response: “Diversity is Strength!” “Amen!”

No, diversity is not strength. Judicious diversity, which is not the sort pursued today, is how the addition of carbon to iron produces steel. Addition of cobalt, of tungsten, chromium or nickel in trace amounts produces all the many structural and mechanical steels that, unseen, make the world work — the real world, the one that the English majors and lawyers simply grow atop like mildew, thinking that they’re in command.

Addition of random ingredients to your melt isn’t likely to produce superior steel — diversity, in that case, is “inclusions.” To burn it down to a slogan, except for very few very defined instances, Diversity saps Strength.

The Lesson of 1974

1974 was a great year for social justice warriors. For the United States, of course, it was a year of chaos, retrenchment and decline, which may or may not be related to that. But in the Army of 1974 — an Army riven by a rocky transition from a narrow, unfair draft, by racial division, and rampant drug use — the Most Important Thing wasn’t solving any of those problems, about which leadership was in deepest denial.

It was (drumroll please) Opportunities for Women.

First, and most important to Academy graduates, at least, the Military Academy prepared to admit its first women, who would be the only members of the Class of 1980 celebrated by the press. (The press, then as now in the grip of its not-antiwar-just-on-the-other-side shame from Vietnam, wishes the Army and all in it ill, so perhaps lionization in the press is not a good marker of martial value). But what we saw was the change imparted to another venerable institution, and one that had rather more to do with victory in WWII than West Point did, to wit, jump school.

Airborne School admitted its first women in 1974. And the first women were carefully selected and prepared female officers (sound familiar?) who were subject to sex-normed “same standards” as the men. By all accounts, that first class actually did their best and met the standards, as long as you only graded them on the female curve.

The problem with carefully selecting women who can almost hang with the guys is this: you run out of freaks of nature and weight-lifting high-T lesbians pretty quickly. So for subsequent classes, the powers that be had to either accept very high female attrition or lower the standards further. In the end, they essentially dropped standards for female attendees and that led to a precipitous drop in standards at the school in general.

It started with the runs. Airborne runs were once “legendary,” as in stories told to both encourage and intimidate the young, but within a few years they were “legendary,” as in “something that took place so long in the past that all that is left is apocryphal oral tradition. At first, women who fell out of runs were yelled at and shamed but they cried and called their Congressmen, so that stopped. Within a very few years, they ran if they wanted, and didn’t run if they didn’t feel like it, and no one said anything. The Army made sure the recruiting brochure for jump school looked like a college catalog: a centrally managed race and sex mix designed to look Inclusive.

True, paratroopers coming out of the course could no longer be expected to have displayed courage, fitness, and commitment, but none of those things were necessary any longer: diversity was our strength!

By 1980, the date of the emergence of that first batch of West Point women from their cocoon on the Hudson, it was functionally impossible to fail jump school. Sure, there was still plenty of pointless hazing and harassment, and this induced people to quit, but by 1980 there were no standards. Fog a mirror, pass the course.

In that case, why have a course? The essence of military parachuting can be taught to a static-line jumper in a day, maybe a half day. But the course is what they’ve always done; for the Army, then 205 years of tradition untainted by progress, better to have a sham course than to admit the Emperor’s hairy butt was showing.

What happened in Airborne School happened across the military. At first, “women just want to compete on the same level playing field.” Then, “the standards are biased against women.” At first, “women don’t want to change the Army, they want to join it.” Then, it was, “the culture is hostile to women.”

From there it was a short step to making mechanics take down Snap-On calendars in the motor pool, because the slinky girls on the calendars, and the fact that the men liked looking at them, were kryptonite to the acidulous Sapphic sadducees of DACOWITS.

It was a short step from the first guy whose career got canc’d because he pointed out the the girls in his motor pool couldn’t lift their toolboxes, to contracts demanding impossible lighter tools, to a motor pool where a guy carries the girl’s toolbox, always, and she thinks she did it herself. Because you go, girl!

From there, it was a short step to where we are today.

The Publicity Campaign

And that brings us to today’s publicity campaign. It has been unprecedented in its breadth: it not only has reached the usual febrile triage plazas of diversity cant, but the PR agency actually got the mother of one of the Rangerettes on the Rush Limbaugh show. And it has been unprecedented in its persistence. They’ve even reached out to blogs hostile to their message, in this format:

From: Cathy Renna <>
Date: Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 2:19 PM
Subject: Expert Availability Re: First Women Graduating Army Ranger School
To: [a well known military blog]

Media Contact: Sue Fulton


Phone: 908.256.xxxx

Expert Availability Re: Women Graduating Army Ranger School

Washington, DC – Two women West Point graduates are poised to become the first women to graduate the Army’s Ranger School.

The following women West Pointers are available to discuss the impact of this historic event:

Donna McAleer, West Point ’87, author of “Porcelain on Steel: Women of West Point’s Long Gray Line,” member of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Service.

Anne MacDonald, Brig. Gen. (ret.), West Point ’80, part of the first West Point class to graduate women, the only class of ’80 woman to reach general officer rank.

Sue Fulton, West Point ’80, part of that first class, first woman graduate Chair of the West Point Board of Visitors.

Targetcue, by the way, is a GLBT advocacy firm closely tied to the administration, that works largely through a network of gay and lesbian reporters. It’s managing partner (and, it seems, chief cook and bottle washer) is Cathy Renna, who sent the above email. (We have removed details of email and phone addresses, because even militant lesbians trying to destroy the Army have a right privacy).

Renna writes:

Everybody wants their “name” in the media, but we’ll get your story told and told well. Target Cue provides premiere services for audience-targeted media outreach at all levels, from mainstream media to more audience specific outlets and social media. With decades of experience and long-term trusted relationships with and access to journalists and bloggers, your story is in good hands at Target Cue. With a full range of services that start with audience targeting and includes message development to placement of stories and opeds/blogs posts, TargetCue will work with you from beginning to end to maximize the impact of your media visibility and leverage media coverage in diverse ways.

You might be inclined to credit her for all the publicity barrage we’re seeing, but Targetcue is just one of scores if not hundreds of PR flack rookeries that have been mobilized not only to sell the public on the idea of Rangerettes, but to make it seem as if the public was always sold, and as if this whole idea originated out there in real America and not around conferences tables of careerist officers and lesbo-feminist activists. Those aren’t equivalent groups but there is a large intersection in the sets.

We’re teaching our young officers that they can have anything they want if they just throw enough of a tantrum. That will be one hell of a military to send into combat.

Of course, they won’t care. By then, they’ll be out. They’ll be “activists.”

What’s Next?

The Navy folded, and CNO Jon Greenert says SEAL standards will drop to meet the available women. (That’s the real subtext of all his bloviating. He knows who signs his paycheck). Where are they going to get SEALettes from? Maybe Cathy Renna has some in her little black book. And mad social justice leader Ray Mabus has set a 25% floor for women in the Navy and Marines — and every job therein. Guided by the wisdom of Comrade Academician Lysenko, we move forwards to the New Soviet Man Nongendered Human Being. Meanwhile, everybody’s racial classification, the bean most lovingly counted by racialist diversicrats, turns out to be remarkably fluid.

How does the Army meet these raised stakes in Diversity Poker? Well, one of the Rangerettes hasn’t been awarded the title of Best Ranger yet. That’s still open! And there’s this ugly guy with lipstick just named to some White House position. Why not make him/her/it Secretary of Defense? It’s not like the guy in the office now would be missed. Heck, there’s the Trans Barrier, and then there’s the Poly Barrier, and then there’s the NAMBLA Barrier. There’s no end to the Diversity that can be our Strength!

Meanwhile, the Army has announced that most soldiers will not be able to trade above squad level this year as the Army regresses to Depression-era end strength. Leadership emphasis is, you see, elsewhere.

Meanwhile, 10k .mil email addresses (6.8k Army) were found on the Ashley Madison hook-up web site, and  the DOD is investigating all for adultery. That will help them get to the new 80k cuts they’re talking about, and a few more to make room  (If you’re counting, 45 DHS emails, 88 Bureau of Prisons, and 10 officials in Philadelphia city government, too). So moral of story: it‘s a really good time for warriors to leave and let the West Point activist types have the Army to themselves.


Tales of the EUloi

wolf attackIf you’ve ever read H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine (or saved some Time of your own and read the Classics Comic Book version, or the 1979 Marvel Classics version, which give you all the plot) you know the story of the Eloi and Morlocks, two species that populate Earth in 802,701 AD, long after the end of the human race.

The Eloi are the nice ones: they are the proto-dumb-blondes of science fiction, easy on the eyes, musical on the ears, and as dumb as a box of rocks.

The Morlocks eat them.

In Sweden, the coming of the Morlocks is not rapid enough for some, who would like to see the return of the Big Bad Wolf his ownself. Wolves are predators, of course, and their place in nature is to tidy up herds of prey animals, picking off the weak and unwary and ensuring the survival and strength of the species as a whole. Unless, of course, there are farms about.

Wolves, being totally untutored in hunting’s traditions of sportsmanship, have no qualms about, shall we say, preserve hunting, and merrily play Morlock to the Swedish farmers’ Eloi sheep, calves, and dogs.

“Nonsense,” says the EU. “Buck up. Call us when they’re eating people. Until then, let them be.” EUloi.

Sometimes, said Ulf Ekholm, the proximity of wolves leaves farmers in this region of Sweden, called Varmland, feeling as if they are under siege. He even has a nickname for this lush and seemingly idyllic corner of Scandinavian countryside: Predatorland.

Long after dying out here, the wolf is back — and its presence is provoking a bitter dispute, bringing with it the threat of legal action against Sweden from the European Union.

Once hunted remorselessly, the wolf is now a protected species, and its return has provoked unease across Europe, from Finland to France.

In Sweden, the wolf population is still relatively small — about 415, according to the government, which compensates farmers for losses from wolf attacks and subsidizes protective fencing. But farmers argue that the compensation does not cover their full costs or make up for the anxiety and disruption to their lives. Hunters, meanwhile, say that wolves are killing the same kinds of animals that they like to pursue, harming hunting traditions while scaring people who live in the countryside.

They’re not joking about the impact on hunting. In that region, hunters took over 17,000 moose a year, 30 years ago. Last year, they took about 4,000 of a much smaller population — and another 4,000 were taken by the wolves, who, unlike the sportsmen, do not scruple about killing the young and the gravid.

The populations of other game animals, such as roe deer, have suffered even more; killing even a young moose is hard work for a lazy predator.

The issue is important enough to have featured in a TV debate among Swedish leadership contenders before last year’s elections. When Sweden went ahead this year with its most recent cull, of 44 wolves, it received the latest in a series of warning letters from the European Commission, the executive body of the European Union.

Naturally, EU environmental policy is in the hands of people who want to be environmental policy bureaucrats, and dream of an office in Brussels — sickly, prison-pallor, urban, vegan anti-hunting “meat is murder” activists.

European officials say their job is to enforce laws that guarantee the survival of rare species — rules to which Sweden, like other countries, signed up.

They criticize the way Sweden has conducted recent, annual, wolf hunts. They say it has not satisfactorily considered alternatives and that it has failed to show that its culls do not pose a threat to the wolf population’s long-term survival.

via Wolves, Resurgent and Protected, Vex Swedish Farmers – The New York Times.

Meanwhile, the Swedes who live with the wolves aren’t loving it.

Drinking tea on the terrace of a neighbor’s house in the village of Nordmark, Claes Goran Lindberg recalls how he lost a dog while hunting in September 2008, and heard its last cries as it was attacked.

“That is something you never forget when you hear your own dog crying out like this,” Mr. Lindberg said. Two months later, the same thing happened to another dog that had strayed farther while on a moose hunt. “I only found the head and neck — the wolf had eaten the rest,” he added.

Lindberg, like everyone in Predatorland, worries about kids.

Naturally, the Morlock canids of Varmland are not without their defenders, Eloi who live in cities far from Varmland and whose own kids are not at risk.

Per Dunland, a Wolf Rights activist in Stockholm, cries that criticism of wolves is “racism.”

Per Dunberg, a spokesman for the Wolf Association Sweden… accused hunting associations of spreading alarm.

“The hunters are telling Little Red Riding Hood stories; in fact, it is more than 200 years since a human being was killed by a wolf in Sweden,” he said.

 If one were, it’s pretty clear, it wouldn’t bother Dunberg much. After all, it wouldn’t be his kid.

Camilla Bjorkbom, president of Djurens Ratt (Animal Rights Sweden), also opposes the annual hunt of wolves, which she says has caused “immense” suffering.

She thinks Swedes need to “think of other ways to solve the conflict.” We guess her Indian name would be Negotiates With Wolves. Good luck with that.

This seems like a good place for this quote again: “Where animals are worshipped, humans are sacrificed.” — Chesterton.

We dunno. If they’re so evolved that they’re Eloi, are they really humans?


Whatever you do, don’t follow this extremely lame page of advice on wolf attacks. Show submission? When the animal has already marked you as prey? Lord love a duck.

Update II:

Here’s a story with photographs of the aftermath of a wolf-pack attack on the children of two families in British Columbia in 2007. The wolves were intercepted by the family dog, and one dad used a shovel while another ran for his gun (a 10/22). Kids and dog fine, wolves, “fine,” too (from a human point of view). Dead wolves on first page, dog hero on page 4, links to a lot of Canadian news stories on page 10 of the thread.

Russian Ordies Make Joke, Cause International Incident

In a major exercise in and off the coast of Kaliningrad Oblast — occupied Königsberg, East Prussia, ethnically cleansed of Germans by Russians with one hell of a score to settle in 1945 — Russian Naval Aviation (Aviatsiya –VMF) ran an exercise that included live fire exercises by land- and sea-based maritime aircraft and crews from the Baltic, North, Black Sea and Pacific Fleets of the Russian Navy. Mi-24 “Hind” and Ka-27 “Hormone” helicopters fired guns and practice torpedoes, while Su-24 swing-wing bombers and An-26 multirole transports dropped bombs.

An-26 of the A-VMF

An-26 of the A-VMF

The An-26 is a very interesting aircraft, a real do-anything workhorse from the Soviet era. While the Navy uses it primarily as a transport, it can do maritime patrol and can be armed with a wide variety of weapons, including depth charges, torpedoes, and dumb bombs. An-26s have been widely used as bombers, by the Soviets in Afghanistan and, in the case of export aircraft, in many third world conflicts, but the Russian Navy hadn’t dropped bombs from an An-26 in a long time.

Along with the common transport version, and customizations for everything from air ambulance to electronic warfare, rhe aircraft is readily converted to a bomber by the addition of some bomb racks. The wiring was emplaced in the factory. But bombing is not part of the everyday of most Russian An-26 drivers, so the crews must have been pretty excited to drop some bombs.

Practice bombs like the ones in these pictures are used to save the hassle and fuel burn of using real warshots, while giving the air crew a thorough, testable workout in bombing procedures. Every air force uses them. (Some of ours are little bitty things you can hold in one hand, but they follow the trajectory of big bombs perfectly).

And ordies — ordnancemen — are pretty much the same guys in any armed force on the planet. Their every day grind involves hauling, handling, and accounting for whacking great hunks of explosive that they hardly ever see used, because they’re too expensive to expend routinely, and the real purpose of an air force is to keep the peace by being ready for war. So when a chance comes up to actually load out bombs — even practice bombs like these P-50SH models — and have them dropped, the ordies are in heaven.

As an ordie, you get one privilege: you can scrawl a message on the bomb for its intended recipient. Now, where this tradition began is unknown to us. It’s not like the guy at the loud end has the leisure to read the message before he’s blasted to Kingdom Come, but it’s a venerable tradition. We’ve seen World War I artillery rounds addressed to Kaiser Bill, and American ordies have often sent scatalogical or obscene TNT-grams to our enemies over the years. And patriotic slogans aren’t uncommon. Every once in a while some pearl-clutching old lady (who may be of either sex) gets upset that some boy wrote something naughty on the casing of the TNT we plan to drop on some poor wretch’s head, as if the insult were worse than the injury. For the record, it isn’t.

And that’s just what happened when the Russian ordies had some fun with their bombs, and the slogans were shown in the quasi-official naval magazine Flot (“Fleet”); what interested Flot was that was the first time a Russian An-26 did an actual bomb drop in at least 20 years, but they captured the photos. Here’s what some Ivan wrote on one of the bombs:

P-50SH-bomb-To Berlin

And here’s another:

AN-26-bomb for Stalin 2

Now, anyone who has paid any attention to Russian history should recognize instantly the exact World War II slogans that were often daubed on Soviet tanks, aircraft, and yes, bombs during the formative conflict that Russians still call the Great Patriotic War. The first is To Berlin! and the second, For Stalin! It was an amusing historical reference, and the ordies had a laugh, as, no doubt, did the crews.

Not everybody got the joke. Germans, who counter to stereotype do have a sense of humor, didn’t activate theirs. The daily BILD (“Picture”) condemned the “macabre maneuvers” and explicitly rejected the idea that, well, Ivan’s ordies are just clowning around with a piece of chalk, like every other ordie in every other air force and navy on this spinning spheroid we’re on.

Even the BILD article managed to catch the historical nature of the slogans:

Both sentences were battle cries that were widespread during the campaigns of the Red Army against Nazi Germany.

But they’re still seeing Stalin under the bed.

For the last several years, a glorification of long-past Soviet days has taken place in Putin’s Russia. In it, a cult of Dictator Josef Stalin († 1953) has been created, and parallels between his battle against Fascism and current disagreements between Russia and the West and Ukraine.

Bomb inscriptions like “To Berlin!” and “For Stalin!” are more than pure nostalgia, but show dangerous tendencies in the Russian leadership and Armed Forces.

The last we checked, the diminutive Josef Stalin, like Francisco Franco, is still dead. Vladimir Vladimirovich may be cruel to his opponents domestically, and a royal pain in the neck internationally, but he’s nowhere near deserving equivalence with Stalin, who is the second greatest mass murderer in recorded history. (Hitler barely squeaks in at #3, even if you blame him for all the deaths on all sides in World War II. The champion is Mao Zedong [Tse-tung]).

The story of the Russian “provocation” and the German outrage has made it into Newsweek (what, they still publish that?) and various other press organs where Russian MOD spokesmen try to dismiss it as hijinks (which is almost certainly the case) or deny such a thing happened (a classically Russian response. “What tanks in Prague?”). They should ease up on the denial and let the “so what?” flag fly. It’s a private, sergeant or maybe junior lieutenant with a piece of chalk, it’s not national policy.

And if the Russians are going to pick something from the Stalin era to celebrate, “On to Berlin” is a lot better than some of the things they could choose, like “Assassinate the Polish officers!” or “Purge the International Brigades!” or “Starve the Ukrainian Kulaks,” or, our personal favorite, “Let’s kill Marshal Tukhachevsky and just about all our senior officers with war on the horizon!”

Stalin leaves for Russians a complicated legacy, like Napoleon in France, Cromwell in England, and Ulysses S. Grant in the United States. Centuries later, we’re still assessing the impact of these characters. (Of them, only Cromwell approached Stalin as a murderer, but all are historically reassessed every generation).

But for crying out loud, let’s not get our knickers in a twist over something some ammo handler wrote on a practice bomb.

Hat tip, David Cencotti “The Aviationist.” (If you’re into aviation news, you need to have him bookmarked).

Anybody Have a Really Small Violin?

TVLiesWe need to play a sympathetic dirge for the TV and newspaper cameramen and reporters who keep getting beaten up and robbed, while doing stories celebrating robbers and condemning police.

San Francisco Examiner photographer Mike Koozmin was on a routine assignment at the city’s Hall of Justice in the middle of the day when he was robbed of his camera equipment. “They pulled me into an alley and were tugging on my camera strap,” Koozmin said of his two assailants, who ended up with $10,000 worth of equipment last month. “I was resisting at first, but then I saw how desperate they were and gave it to them.” It was the latest of at least a dozen robberies of television news crews and still photographers that has plagued the San Francisco Bay Area in recent years. Camera crews from major Bay Area television stations and photographers from two newspapers have been robbed of their pricey gear. Two have been pistol whipped. An Oakland Tribune photographer lost five cameras in two incidents.

Do Read The Whole Thing™. It may be the most entertaining story you see today. Oddly enough, the police have made little headway in the investigation of the crimes, one of which took place under the dull gaze of cops entering and departing a courthouse.

Assaults on routine assignments in the San Francisco Bay Area have become so commonplace that television stations have hired armed guards to sometimes ride with news crews.

And you’re going to love this — they’re still getting ripped off under the noses of the Trained Professionals®. When they put an armed guard with the reporters, the skells hit the van instead. Guard the van? They hit the reporters. Guard both? They’ll probably hit the guards and take their guns. (Can you imagine their ROE?)

Police on both sides of the San Francisco Bay are investigating the latest robberies and have made no arrests. “We don’t know what the market is for these cameras,” said San Francisco Police Sgt. Michael Andraychuk. Even though the cameras can cost upward of $50,000 each, it is specialized equipment that can’t be easily sold on the black market, Andraychuk said, and none of the stolen cameras have turned up on Craigslist, eBay or any other online marketplace.

Gee, nihilistic criminals have been unable to do anything productive with stuff they steal, stuff that can only really be used to do work. Who is surprised by that, class? While normally we’re all in favor of crime victims, and all opposed to violent criminals, we have to take a moment to laugh at the spectacle of criminal-loving media parasites getting a Ronda Rousey-level beatdown, and tons of electronic newsgathering equipment that’s either in the hands of proto-simians who have no hope of operating it, or corroding at the bottom of San Francisco bay. Of course, there’s a simple solution to strong-arm thefts of camera equipment, but the Sheriff of San Francisco, Ross Mirkarimi, himself a violent criminal who cannot carry a gun because of his domestic-violence past, is unlikely to approve your permit. Why do you guys need a liveshot from the scene anyway? You know, and we know, that you just make most of the stories up to a greater or lesser extent. Why not just shoot your next “Black Lives Matter” advertorial in front of green screen, and add Da Hood in post?

ATF Immunity: Not Just for Mexican Druglords

ATF_at_SHOTThis could be a “when guns are outlawed” story, because it’s about a mass murder you probably haven’t heard about. You haven’t heard about it, because it took place without guns — but with the eager cooperation of America’s famous gun police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Dexter Lewis and three accomplices couldn’t have bought a firearm on the open market — all were career criminals, felons. One of them, Demarea Harris, was also an employee of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and his ATF managers had promised him a get-out-of-jail-free card: just get them someone committing some crime. Harris planned to turn in the others for an armed robbery; ATF would pay him a lot more than what his share of a bar robbery would net him.

Dexter Lewis at Booking; he had a suit and fake glasses in the courtroom.

Dexter Lewis at Booking; he had a suit and fake glasses in the courtroom.

Indeed, they did. The bar robbery produced a mere $170 to be shared four ways, a lousy $42.50 each. And that’s when Lewis, according to Harris, went off script and murdered four women and a man: the bar’s owner, Young Suk Fero, and four patrons who’d stayed late. Not having a gun didn’t inconvenience Lewis: he, possibly with some help from his fellow robbers, stabbed and slashed them to death with a knife.

They killed five people for an average of $34 each.

Here are those five victims:

Young Suk Fero, 63

Young Suk Fero, 63

Tereasa Beesley, 45

Tereasa Beesley, 45

Kellene "Kelly" Fallon, 45

Kellene “Kelly” Fallon, 45

Daria "Dasha" Pohl, 21 (Richter's girlfriend)

Daria “Dasha” Pohl, 21 (Richter’s girlfriend)

Ross Richter, 29

Ross Richter, 29

You never heard about this crime, did you? No gun, no press release from Moms Demand, no urgency to cover the story in the media palaces of Manhattan. The crime didn’t end with the murders, though. These guys were just warming up.

Lewis, Harris, and the other two then set the bar on fire, thinking that would cover up their crime. It didn’t, and firefighters quickly realized that the fire was only one crime that had to be investigated, and that their fire was an arson meant to conceal mass murder. (For any murderers reading this, by the way: that never works. Trust us, they’ll get you anyway).

Demarea Harris, who got away with murder. It's a crappy picture, but then, a Federal agency is backstopping him.

Demarea Harris, who got away with murder. It’s a crappy picture, but then, a Federal agency is backstopping him.

Sure enough, three of the Spastic Four were soon arrested; Harris was the exception, thanks to his ATF handlers.

ATF was as good as their word, ensuring that Harris was not charged or indicted at all for his part in the robbery, murders and cover-up. And Harris was as good as his word, testifying against his criminal pals.

Prosecutors have charged Dexter Lewis with, among other things, five counts of first-degree murder after deliberation for the role they believe he played in a quintuple homicide inside a Denver bar three years ago.

The bodies of Young Fero, Dasha Pohl, Ross Richter, Kellene Fallon and Tereasa Beesley were found inside a burning Fero’s Bar on Oct. 17, 2012. All suffered numerous stab wounds.

Two brothers involved in the crime, Lynell and Joseph Hill, have already pleaded guilty to their roles and are in prison. Another person, Demarea Harris, was a confidential informant and wasn’t charged but was present during the crime. Harris and Lynell Hill say Lewis stabbed all five people. Joseph Hill refused to testify.

via Jury deliberates in Denver death-penalty case.

Colorado is the home to many people who object to the death penalty. One such juror, who judged the life of the Aurora theater gunman to be worth more than that of his victims, successfully prevented the punishment of that shooter last month.

The first phase of Lewis’s trial did conclude with a guilty verdict at 1100 local Monday. The death penalty phase began Tuesday. One juror who thinks that Dexter Lewis’s life “matters” more than  that of Young Fero, Tereasa Beesley, Kellene Fallon,  Daria Pohl, or Ross Richter, is all that it will take to ensure that Lewis, too, gets to live.

After all, the ATF already decided that Demarea Harris’s life and freedom was worth more than the lives of Fero, Beesley, Fallon, Pohl and Richter put together. 

Because hey, this was not a gun crime. ATF, and the Bloomberg elements who pull its managers’ strings, don’t care.

Lewis’s defense attorney is going to play the white guilt card as hard as he can, to try to get his client’s black body off the execution gurney. It may work, especially if the judge doesn’t prevent him from sneaking in sly comparisons to the Aurora theater shooter case. (“A white guy… and he didn’t get the death penalty, but my client, a black man, has been singled out…”).

Meanwhile, somewhere in Denver, Demarea Harris is trying to talk a couple other street criminals into a big score. He knows that whatever happens, ATF has his back.

ATF immunity: it’s not just for Mexican drug lords any more.


burboa_mugshotOne of the Fast & Furious defendants, who was caught at the scene of the murder of Brian Terry with two ATF-furnished AK47 clones, just had his case wrap up — on the QT and away from the public eye.  Rosario Rafael Burboa Alvarez swapped a guilty plea and a promise to hold his silence and protect the ATF, for one count of murder with 27 years prison, max (he can opt to serve his time in Mexico, where he’ll be released much sooner than if he stays under US authority). Another member of Burboa’s “rip crew” who was wounded and captured in the fight that killed Terry, Manuel Osorio-Arellanes,  received a similar sentence in 2012, and ATF’s conduit who delivered the weapons to the rip crew, Jaime Avila Jr., got a wrist tap (5 years and a day).

Burboa was ordered deported due to prior crimes, but his deportation was stayed along with most others as part of national border non-enforcement policy. ATF had nothing to do with his arrest and little to do with the investigation; both Burboa and Osorio were arrested by the CBP.

Update II

An investigation into cross-border arms trafficking has stalled in international acrimony and finger-pointing, as the Mexican equivalent of attorney general (PGR) has refused to let ATF agents question suspects in Mexico, not because they’re inalterably opposed to the idea, but because ATF will not let Mexican PGR agents question suspects that are in custody in the USA. (Spanish language & paywalled).

It’s almost as if the senior managers of ATF and the Department of Justice don’t want anyone investigating cross-border arms trafficking. Guilty knowledge?

Soviet Anti-Gun, Anti-American Propaganda

This is a Soviet animated propaganda short in two parts. Done in an early 1970s style (which was a 1968-72 flash in the pan here, but in use in the USSR right up until the fall of that state), Tir (Shooting Range) tells the story of an unemployed young American, who, after his rickety old car breaks down, takes a job at a shooting range where a fat Capitalist just slightly less hook-nosed than the Der Stürmer version puts him to work resetting targets — then shooting at him.

It takes 20 minutes to tell a three-minute story, and a couple minutes is expended in a very lame start. The music is Soviet, too: dissonant and painful to listen to. Maybe the Soviet failure to grasp jazz stems from their lack of black slave descendants; maybe it’s something deeper, but this short is musically plug-ugly.

The guns the Imperialist has on hand are remarkably similar to what one might have seen in a Soviet museum. Even a Chauchat!

At the end of Part 1 above (an unnatural division, probably caused by YouTube’s old ten-minute limit) our hero tries to quit, but the thousands of starving Americans seeking any job at all drive him back into the arms of his capitalistic exploiter.

There are many good reasons to celebrate the end of the USSR, but the defeat of a culture that would produce this abominable animation is one of them. This was actually one of a series called American Imperialst. We had Looney Toons, they had American Imperialist. Note that many of the targets being shot at are Warner Brothers and Disney cartoons (and Warner is actually namechecked by a sign in Part 1).

Lord love Daffy Duck.

It’s somewhat amusing that this bit of bilious propaganda was produced by aping the techniques of animation developed in free markets.

Propaganda like this is not meant to sway undecided populations, nor to turn enemies towards you. Instead, it’s to reinforce the prejudices of a population that is so steeped in one-sided propaganda that the propaganda producers think they can no longer think for themselves.

1 Parachute + 1 Cable Car +1 Guy with a Foolhardy Idea = ?

We have to admire this guy’s nerve. Next time we need a Frenchman with guts, we’ll be sure to give him a ring.

However, if we need someone to teach Making Prudent Life Decisions we’ll probably give him a pass. Paraglider airmanship? Major positive spot report, there, Ranger. Plus Ten. But, Common Sense? Minus Ten [Bleep]ing Thousand.

This stunt is probably not coming to an action movie in your metroplex next summer, because producers (and directors, and, especially, audiences) nowadays are accustomed to laws-of-physics-bending CGI “stunts”.

But then, anybody can be a hero in green screen. He did this stunt hanging in real space over real man-eating rocks. You’ve got to admire his guts, even as you question his brains.