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Pennsylvania’s Crazy Knife Laws

commando knifeA few days ago, we used this picture of a Fairbairn-Sykes dagger to illustrate a knife attack story. (Turns out our doer used a kitchen knife, not anything so military as this Deadly Assault Knife, the Preferred Weapon of Screenwriters). But Andrew Branca, author of the Law of Self Defense and a no-kidding MA self-defense lawyer, pointed out that possession of the F-S commando dagger was in itself banned in the wacky state of Massachusetts.

A bud from Pennsylvania suggests that the Keystone State has seen Massachusetts’s madness and raised it. Here’s the PA state law:

§ 908. Prohibited offensive weapons.

(a) Offense defined. –A person commits a misdemeanor of the first degree if, except as authorized by law, he makes repairs, sells, or otherwise deals in, uses, or possesses any offensive weapon….

“Offensive weapons.” –Any bomb, grenade, machine gun, sawed- off shotgun with a barrel less than 18 inches, firearm specially made or specially adapted for concealment or silent discharge, any blackjack, sandbag, metal knuckles, dagger, knife, razor or cutting instrument, the blade of which is exposed in an automatic way by switch, push-button, spring mechanism, or otherwise…… or other implement for the infliction of serious bodily injury which serves no common lawful purpose…..

Machetes, friends. We’ve seen Christ knows how many machete homicides, mostly among the recently-immigrated wing of The Diversity, and what lawful purpose is there for a jungle tool in freaking Pennsylvania?  But you can bet your last Benjamin that the state that gave us the original Benjamin has never prosecuted a violent criminal under this code. Laws like this are “catch-me, ****-me” laws meant to be deployed against non-criminals who have run afoul of officialdom.

If Pennsylvania is an outlier, Philadelphia’s city ordinance is somewhere out by the asteroid belt.

§10-820. Cutting Weapons in Public Places. [180]
(1) Definition.

Cutting Weapon. Any knife or other cutting instrument which can be used as a weapon that has a cutting edge similar to that of a knife. No tool or instrument commonly or ordinarily used in a trade, profession or calling shall be considered a cutting weapon while actually being used in the active exercise of that trade, profession or calling.

(2) Prohibited Conduct. No person shall use or possess any cutting weapon upon the public streets or upon any public property at any time.

(3) Penalty. The penalty for violation of this section shall be a fine of not less than three hundred (300) dollars and imprisonment of not less than ninety days.

Laws like this are not designed for even-handed enforcement. They are designed to empower officers with great discretion, and produce selective enforcement.

Selective enforcement, once enabled, always leads inexorably to corruption.

Pennsylvania also bans body armor — and that one, 18 PA 907(c) is a felony.

(Why no links to the PA code? We’re not making this up: they deliberately don’t put it online. Cripes, can’t have the peasants learning the law).

The sad thing is that a knife is a handy tool and an effective defensive weapon against anything but a gun, and situationally useful against an assailant with a gun, at contact range. You are better armed with a knife than with nothing at all. (And indeed, with a knife like that F-S, a V-42, or an old Applegate-Fairbairn, you can be positively hazardous to anyone except a gun wielder who keeps a distance from you).

Want your kids to hate America? Michigan has a school for that

"Lucky us, we're dead. At least we were spared this!"

“Lucky us, we’re dead. At least we were spared this!”

The Detroit suburb of Rochester Hills is very protective of its young charges. It doesn’t want its students to see any of the wrong things. Such as American soldiers.

When Lt. Colonel Sherwood Baker tried to meet his daughter, who was sitting in the counseling office at her high school, the Army officer was denied entrance by school security. When Baker asked why he couldn’t enter the office building, security told him that the school’s policy does not allow military uniforms because it may ‘offend students.’

The security officer claimed that men and women dressed in uniform were not allowed on the campus

…”So they gave him a choice, told him he could phone in to the office or go home and change his clothes,” said [his wife, who was outside in a car while all this was going on].

Baker was told of the same policy by four individual staff members at the school.

Baker and his wife arrived at Rochester during normal school hours to settle a dispute in regards to their daughter’s class schedule.

Rochester Hills is the home of the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit, which, unlike an Army officer, is always welcome in the schools. Imagine that.

After the publicity hit, of course, the superintendent of schools backpedaled. Hey, he’s a veteran himself. Who is Baker supposed to believe, him or his lyin’ ears?

Rochester superintendent Robert Shaner, himself a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, has since issued an apology to Baker and his family.

Again, after the publicity hit. True, that’s probably better than trying to brazen it out. As far as the slack we should cut Shaner for having once been a Marine, does that excuse Lee H. Oswald?

Shaner said that there is no district policy banning those in uniform, and believes the incident occurred because of staff’s misunderstanding of current policy.

People have asked, “What could that public policy be, the one hiding behind the superintendent’s and/or the friendly reporter’s telling elision, that the policy could be misinterpreted so readily in such a way?” Really, even to be misinterpreted like that, and so completely misrepresented that none of four employees had it remotely right, it has to be a pretty poorly drafted policy, right?

Well, you’ll never get a straight answer out of shifty superintendent Shaner, the ex-Marine (ex- used advisedly). But our guess is that the policy bans military recruiters, a common pose among educators on the troop-hating fringe of the left. And it probably was described to the non-astrophysicists serving as school clerks and security officers as a ban on uniformed military. Good luck getting these anti-American weasels to admit it, though.

Exit question: what’s the difference between sending your kid to a bad public school like Rochester Hills, and child abuse?

via Army officer denied entry to his daughter’s high school for wearing his uniform |

PS. We’re not anti-public-school. Kid is in public high school. But we do have to pay careful attention to what he’s being told, and sometimes he needs a near-cult-victim level of deprogramming from some of the bullshit they feed him.

The neighbor kids who attend private schools, and other acquaintances who’ve attended prep schools, have needed different kinds of deprogramming.

But as an exit image for the administrators of Rochester Hills, take this:

soldier with M1




This is what passes for an assignment in the DC public schools, which are the most expensive per-student, and arguably the worst in outcomes, in the United States, possibly the world.

Real DC homework 9-9-14

Kiddie Diddler to be Released on Technicality

Timothy McKenna, admitted child rapist, 2010 mugshot.  Coming soon to a day care center near you.

Timothy McKenna, admitted child rapist. 2010 mugshot. Coming soon to a day care center near you.

Miranda, the man, came to the usual bleak end of those who choose a life of crime, but Miranda the <i>decision</i>, and its progeny, have gladdened the heart of many a violent criminal. Take Timothy McKenna, who admitted raping a five-year-old girl. But he didn’t stop there — he kept raping her. And raping her. Until she was ten, and getting too old for him. (In the way of these creatures, he no doubt moved on to another child).

He raped her just about daily — somewhere between hundreds and two thousand times.

But when the cops came to talk to McKenna, they were too hard on him, the NH Supreme Court just ruled. (Alternate link).

McKenna was at the Errol campground and restaurant he owned when two Newmarket officers and a state trooper arrived in October 2010 to question him about a report of sexual assaults. They asked him to get into the cruiser to talk, but McKenna asked whether they could walk and talk instead.

The uniformed trooper remained in his cruiser as the two Newmarket officers walked around asking him about the allegations. McKenna walked toward the woods, but the officers stopped him, saying they wanted to stay in the trooper’s line of sight. After about 75 minutes and several admissions by McKenna, police say, he was placed under arrest.

The majority said the officers’ insistence that McKenna not enter the woods and remain in view of the trooper was a “significant factor” in the court’s ruling that McKenna was in custody and should have been read his Miranda rights. The three justices said the officers’ polite manner and calm voices do not diminish the accusatory nature of their questions and their assertions that they thought he’d committed the sexual assaults.

But hey, he’s all but a hero, to his fans. He’s the Jerry Sandusky of the ACLU set: sexually transgressive, and he didn’t use one of those icky guns. Well, in a manner of speaking.

The judges ruled that the confession, the arrest, and everything that flowed from it was tainted. McKenna must be released, and stricken from the register of sex offenders, lest the decisions of those cops crimp the perv’s ability to target his future victims.

But here’s a little fact, from the Supreme Court’s own opinion, that the media hasn’t picked up:

The officers had an arrest warrant in their possession, and it was their intention to arrest the defendant that day, unless the defendant provided the officers information that established that he could not have committed the crime — for example, if the defendant had evidence that he had been outside of the country during the alleged incidents.

In other words, nothing McKenna could have said (since, as we know now, he did rape the child) would have prevented his arrest that day. But criminal-loving judges can erase it and turn him loose. Q.E.D.

The prosecutor from this case believes that there are other victims out there, who didn’t come forward.

In one of the bizarre turns the case took, the judges ruled that McKenna must walk because the police told him they had evidence of his guilt: “confronting the defendant with evidence of guilt,” they said, “weighs in favor” of him being under arrest and subject to a Miranda warning.

The forgotten person in all this legal argy-bargy is, as usual, the victim. It took years for therapists to convince the emotionally shattered child to come forward and testify against her tormentor, which the brave girl, by then a teenager, did.

She’s 20 now, old enough that she might have kids of her own. And it a couple of years, they’ll be just the right age for Timothy McKenna. But hey, the usual suspects are cool with him, because he’s just Doing His Own Thing™, and Who Are We To Judge™?

There was a time when our society would not only convict a monster like McKenna, we’d cheerfully execute him. Yet our law schools, law firms, and courts are full of people who think what McKenna did was no big deal — no doubt, some of them think he can’t be a criminal because he didn’t use a gun.

Random stuff happens in courts all the time. The courts are so mired in verbiage that any occurrence of justice is the purest happenstance. And we grow inured to the lawyers’ toxins and their poisonous effect on society. But this decision is as wrong as raping a child.

Islamic Jihad Propaganda and other Pulitzer Bait

Islamic JihadJournalists wonder why America hates them, and why they poll lower than telemarketers, pedophiles, ebola or even Congress. If any journalists happen to read WeaponsMan, they’ll find out by the end of this post.

ITEM: The website that absorbed the failed news magazine Newsweek has a new lease on life — as a propaganda outlet for Islamic Jihad. IJ supporter and Beast writer Jesse Rosenfeld has been running repeated stories about a supposed Israeli atrocity in the village of Khuzaa, where six of his IJ comrades seeking martyrdom apparently found it.

In previous stories, Rosenfeld tried to sell the six decomposing men, at least one of whom was dressed in a camouflage uniform, as civilians. And if you read his latest story, he seems to have but a single source, a putative IJ fighter. Making Rosenfeld his bitch steno pool, Abu Muhammad dictates:

However, as the ground invasion neared, according to Abu Muhammad, an intense Israeli campaign that included bombing from F-16s and intense artillery fire killed many fighters. Civilians began fleeing as shelling intensified, but real panic came when Israel moved in its tanks, and the civilian exodus began in earnest.

During this phase of the fighting, the Palestinian resistance in the town hunkered down and waited as the Israeli shelling and aerial bombardment laid waste to one building after another in order to clear a path for tanks and jeeps. From the tunnels, the fighters could hear above them Israeli troops carving out the buffer zone that would eat up about 44 percent of Gaza’s territory and leave much of that area reduced to rubble.

“After we had been in the tunnels about a week, with the Israelis firing mortars, they drove in with the tanks,” said Abu Muhammad, who apologized about his uncertain grasp on specific dates. He’d lost track of the days after so much time underground, he said, but he remembered, “There were around 60 tanks.”


Only when Israel had positioned its forces around Khuzaa did the armed Palestinian groups begin their counterattack, according to Abu Muhammad. “First we targeted the tanks and the jeeps with IEDs,” he said mechanically, as if recalling a combat briefing. In the second stage of their effort to bog down and then repel Israeli forces, the three guerrilla factions launched a multi-pronged hit-and-run campaign from all directions.

“Some of our people would come out of the ground, attack the soldiers and then disappear back into a tunnel,” said the combat veteran.  “Others surprised them from empty houses,” he said.

“The guerrillas found themselves in an all-out firefight at the entrance to the tunnel.”
In one of those brazen attacks, says Abu Muhammad, fighters used a shoulder-fired rocket to hit a house the Israeli army had taken over, killing two of the soldiers with sniper fire as they fled the building. He is unable to give an overall estimate of Israeli or Islamic Jihad casualties in Khuzaa, but says 130 fighters from his group were killed during the war. (Israeli intelligence puts that number at 182.)

When I visited Khuzaa on four occasions during and after the war, there were clear signs of an intense battle in the ruins of the town. Incoming and outgoing machine-gun fire covered homes and apartments near positions taken by Israeli soldiers. Israeli bullet casings littered the floors of the entrances to residences that were transformed into stucco barracks.

via Did Israel Execute Jihadists in Gaza? – The Daily Beast.

Abu Muhammad said there was another guy, and describes what the other guy saw, but IJ didn’t make that guy available to their loyal scribe, so the corroboration for Rosenfeld’s single source is the single source’s alleged hearsay from another source.

It’s all Propaganda

tonguebathThe rest of the Beast is similarly slanted Scheissdreck. We’ll just describe one more ITEM: There’s a story about Chuck Todd’s debut as host of Meet The Press – a slavering tongue bath of Todd’s reproductive tackle to the same extent that Todd’s fawning, servile “interview” of the President was a slavering tongue bath, in turn, of Todd’s President Boyfriend. It’s getting pretty meta in the Washington press corps.

The media wonders, sometimes, why their stock is so low with the public. Jesse Rosenfeld, the Jake Lingle of the Islamic Jihad, is one reason. The Chuck Todd tongue baths — incoming and outgoing — are two more reasons.

bettercallsaulAnd then – ITEM. There’s William Langewiesche, the Vanity Fair writer who in 2007 worked with a plaintiff’s attorney to craft a one-sided, partly fabricated and the remainder slanted, story in that mostly celeb-gossip magazine, to help advance the lawsuit.

“You and I are now firmly on the same side,” he told [the ambulance chaser] in one of his emails. “But actually we were about an hour after I met you.”

Footnote: I emailed Langewiesche, asking if this is the way he approaches all his stories and if there was some explanation of how his conduct constituted fair journalism that I was failing to understand. He didn’t reply.

Gee, that’s special. (Well, not really. That’s typical, that’s what they learn at J-School). Langewiesche has written a defense of his so-called ethics that is mostly heat, not light; it amounts to, “sure I was on the side of the ambulance chasers, because they were right, and the oil company was eeevil.” In his words:

As to my being on Donziger’s side: yes, and openly so, but only to this degree—after weeks of fieldwork, and an even longer time being stonewalled by Chevron, I concluded, quite explicitly in the piece, that the plaintiffs were essentially right…

So here we have a professional journalist, the Miami Herald’s Glenn Garvin, crucifying another pro, Langewiesche, for the sort of underhanded misreporting that’s characteristic of the entire profession. Journalists come to their desks with a Manichean worldview, and every story is a B-western with good guys in white hats and bad guys in black hats. They make the decision early on, select the Narrative they’re going for, and from then on, the facts are cut to size, beaten to fit, and painted to match.

We have discharged our duty to our readers by linking, above, the takedown and the reponse. Personally, we’re amused by the outraged bleat that how dare a fellow ink-stained wretch treat a member of the Guild like the Guild treats the Muggles.

This is no less than Carnegie’s maxim about talent in generations, playing out on the public stage. Langewiesche’s father wrote a book on airmanship, published 70 years ago, that’s still cherished by new generations of pilots — at least, by those who aspire to mastery of the craft. The son inherited the skill with words, but that’s the extent of it.

Rather like a gun, verbal facility can be used for good or for ill. Q.E.D.

And then, again, ITEM: there’s the Guardian’s Damian Walter, who wanted his readers to loathe a book editor and publisher, one Toni Weisskopf, as much as he loathes her himself. Since she hasn’t done anything loathsome, he just made up a bunch of quotes and stuff. Novelist Larry Correia (author of the great HK: Because You Suck. And We Hate You meme) finally wrung an admission to the fabrication out of Walter, who is not very bright and perseverates like an autistic kid. (We just gave you the tl;dr version because we don’t have Larry’s patience for putting up with this scrote).

Perhaps Damian is striking for a job at Vanity Fair.

Bottom line: we can’t imagine why people don’t trust the media. Can you?

Breaking: Scruff Face out to Solve 911 “Mystery.”

Ex- (not “former,” he’s definitely “ex” these days) SEAL Jesse Ventura has some show we’ve never watched on some cable channel we’re not going to waste time trying to find. And he’s going to find out who weally weally blew up the World Trade Center, how fire melted steel for the first time (Mr Bessemer, call your office), and what planet the passengers on the plane that he’s sure didn’t hit the Pentagon are being held captive on. Or maybe it’s one of NASA’s sound-stages where they faked moon landings — ol’ Glass Jaw Scruff Face is kind of hard to follow these days.


Jesse’s new show (of which he hopes to get the 14 retweeters and the 17 who “favorited” that tweet as viewers, which would give him a viewership that still rounds to zero) is called, we are not making this up, Off the Grid. Fortunately there is no law, regulation, convention or moré requiring “Truth in Television.” Or it would have to be Off his Rocker, or maybe, Off his Meds. 



Here’s what we want you to investigate, Scruff (as fellow special operators we feel like we’re on a first name basis with you, eh?): “How the ethics of truth telling as practiced in, say, the SEALs, raised to a standard in Rogers’s Rangers Standing Orders (“Don’t Never Lie to a Ranger or Officer”), or customary among the various sorts of first responders who went into the smoking buildings, and the history books, on 9/11 — how do those ethics of bald truth square with the ethics of lies, deceptions and misrepresentations that’s the norm in fake Pro Wrestling, Hollywood, and television in general?”

When the phone doesn’t ring, we’ll know it’s Glass Jaw Scruff Face not calling. He’s probably on the phone with Sly saying, “No hard feelings about you not calling for Expendables w/Various Roman Numerals. I’m totes too busy with this 9/11 conspiracy gig on a tv station that’s so lost in the high numbers even Comcast doesn’t bother screwing with its reception.”

But hey, he’s just asking questions!


Yeah, we had a teammate who died there and then, and there were others who had hairy, pure-luck escapes, but remain shaken by the experience – even 13 years later. Hell, we went to war in middle age because of that, so guys who are push half-assed conspiracy tales (like you do) don’t impress us. You know, you guys who haven’t read the voluminous and credible reports, and instead prefer to slur various Americans based on the say-so of internet poseurs who couldn’t find their asses with both hands and a telescope. But you’ll tell us you’re not really putting down the people you’re putting down: no, you’re just asking questions. 

So, in that spirit, we’ll close by just asking a question. We notice that you, Scruff, wear a turtleneck lots of the time. Is that an homage to the sixties, or did your circumcision leave a really bad scar?

Deep off the Grid, Two Years Later

Two years and four months ago, Weaponsman featured a guy we called, “the rural Maine equivalent of the Japanese soldiers who stayed off the grid in the Philippines and Guam for ridiculous lengths of time.” He lived in a rude, camouflaged, and solitary camp and survived on what he could steal from others’ empty vacation homes. And then spirited his booty back to his rural G-Camp.

Chris Knight’s concealed hermitage near Rome, Maine. GQ Illustration.

Michael Finkel was fascinated by Christopher Knight. He visited, and befriended, him in prison (Knight served seven months in prison, and is still on seven years’ probation). While the story Finkel penned for GQ has some insights into Knight’s survival methods (so do the links in our original post. We just checked the Portland Press-Herald repop of the Kennebec Journal link by Craig Cros, and it’s still live). We could share some of the insights into Knight’s long survival off the grid, but as another PPH story points out that, “[he] didn’t hunt, fish or forage,” just stole what he needed, we reckon you can read our original post, Finkel’s GQ update, or the news stories to see how Knight managed it.

Instead, we’ll leave you with the incomplete philosophical end of the Chris Knight story, as told to Finkel:

Anyone who reveals what he’s learned, Chris told me, is not by his definition a true hermit. Chris had come around on the idea of himself as a hermit, and eventually embraced it. When I mentioned Thoreau, who spent two years at Walden, Chris dismissed him with a single word: “dilettante.”

True hermits, according to Chris, do not write books, do not have friends, and do not answer questions. I asked why he didn’t at least keep a journal in the woods. Chris scoffed. “I expected to die out there. Who would read my journal? You? I’d rather take it to my grave.” The only reason he was talking to me now, he said, is because he was locked in jail and needed practice interacting with others.

“But you must have thought about things,” I said. “About your life, about the human condition.”

Chris became surprisingly introspective. “I did examine myself,” he said. “Solitude did increase my perception. But here’s the tricky thing—when I applied my increased perception to myself, I lost my identity. With no audience, no one to perform for, I was just there. There was no need to define myself; I became irrelevant. The moon was the minute hand, the seasons the hour hand. I didn’t even have a name. I never felt lonely. To put it romantically: I was completely free.”

That was nice. But still, I pressed on, there must have been some grand insight revealed to him in the wild.

He returned to silence. Whether he was thinking or fuming or both, I couldn’t tell. Though he did arrive at an answer. I felt like some great mystic was about to reveal the Meaning of Life.

“Get enough sleep.”

He set his jaw in a way that conveyed he wouldn’t be saying more. This is what he’d learned. I accepted it as truth.

“What I miss most,” he eventually continued, “is somewhere between quiet and solitude. What I miss most is stillness.” He said he’d watched for years as a shelf mushroom grew on the trunk of a Douglas fir in his camp. I’d noticed the mushroom when I visited—it was enormous—and he asked me with evident concern if anyone had knocked it down. I assured him it was still there. In the height of summer, he said, he’d sometimes sneak down to the lake at night. “I’d stretch out in the water, float on my back, and look at the stars.”

via The Strange Tale of the North Pond Hermit.

Knight demonstrated, like the Japanese soldiers did, that the key supply to have for long-term solitary survival is an active intellect. For instance, he never lit a fire, ever, fearing that the signature smoke would lead others to him (he used a propane stove to cook with, and fed it with stolen tanks. In the winter, he simply suffered). He had selected an alternate camp, and had supplies cached in case his first camp was compromised. He used to deliberately pack weight on with carbs — sugar and alcohol — before Maine’s tough winters set in on him. When he sallied on his burglar raids, he jumped from rock to rock, leaving no prints, leaving no trace. (In the end, he left over 1,000 unsolved burglaries behind). He was finally caught, first on camera by a surveillance booby-trap, then physically when a suspicious caretaker wired a camp storeroom with a motion detector and silent alarm.

In fiction, people who live long in the wild become wild, and lose their ability to speak. Knight kept himself clean and clean-shaven (only growing a “wild hermit beard” when he went to prison). He was never ill, despite a dreadful diet of pilfered snacks. When caught, Knight had lost little of his command of English — one of the items he commonly stole was books — but was uncomfortable interacting with people, which is as likely to be due to a mild autism spectrum disorder as it is to being out of practice.

One key to Knight’s long survival was his solitary existence, although that also created risks for him that a group of two or more would not have had. As a rule of thumb, your signature in every detection domain, and therefore your risk of exposure, increases exponentially, to the power of your group size. The solitary man is the stealthiest, but the world’s militaries tend to deploy a team of no fewer than two men for any task, even the most surreptitious, clandestine recons.  (Even SF and SOF, which take great pains to select men who can operate solo, try not to send them out that way).

Knight’s general approach is a poor model for behavior in TEOTWAWKI. It’s true that he was in a survival milieu much more rural than most people imagine. He drove north until he parked his Subaru BRAT (remember those? It was new) and left the keys in it, and started walking. He was out there, off the grid. But he was dependent on, parasitic on, really, human civilization. Theft from remote camps as a lifestyle depends on campers and hunters restocking the camps, and not living there, planning to ambush you.

Chris Knight’s story is one worth reading. You might as well start with Finkel’s update; Read The Whole Thing™. You’ll know then if you want to read the other links in this post.

This explains a lot: Falling IQ. Or does it?

dunce_capThe human race never fails to astound us in its perpetuation, despite the existence of large numbers of people with the terminal dumbs. Life, after all, is an ongoing IQ test, and humans have come up with an incredible range of ways to fail at it. But one news story says that whole populations are getting dumber:

IQs have largely increased since the 1930s thanks to better living conditions and education – a trend known as the Flynn effect. But IQ test results suggest people in the UK, Denmark and Australia have become less intelligent in the past decade.

Opinion is divided as to whether the downwards trend is long-term. Some studies have shown the average IQ of Westerners has plunged 10 points or more since Victorian times and others claim it will keep decreasing. But other experts argue that even if we are becoming more stupid, better healthcare and technology means the ‘problem’ will regulate itself.

via Are we becoming more STUPID? IQ scores are decreasing | Mail Online.

Maybe it’s just the triumph of the Neanderthal genes in us. That’s been in the news, too, lately.

But maybe the original populations are still getting smarter — but smaller, relative to the whole. And a new generation of immigrants is responsible for this turn on Flynn. Maybe the three nations in question are undergoing a demographic shift that is depressing national IQs, given that different populations have different mean IQs and that each individual population appears to have an IQ distribution centered about the mean in a bell-shaped normal curve.

Data points: Most common boy’s name for newborns in the UK is Mohammed. Arab IQs are about 1 SD (10-15 points) below the Eurasian mean (~100). South Asian IQs are not as depressed, but they are still depressed relatively to European or East Asian IQs (most Moslems born in Britain are descended from South Asians).

A generation where many youths have no prospect beyond government or protected clerical and menial work, or the dole, and who lack the impulse control thad keeps higher-IQ people away from violence and crime. What could possibly go wrong? Will declining mean IQ be the cause of a coming dystopia, or merely a comorbid condition?

In Case You’re Looking For Someone to Blame for ISIL

Abu Bakr al-BaghdadiRemember, we had the top ISIL leader under lock and key, until the seas stopped rising and the planet began to heal:

The leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (ISIS,) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was formerly held by the U.S. military at Camp Bucca in southern Iraq from 2005 to his release in 2009.

Hmmm. The US Department of Justice wanted page for Abu Bakr doesn’t mention that, to steal a construction from the Man Who Would Be King, but wound up as Secretary of State: we were for al-Baghdadi before we were against him. But now we’re definitely against him, to the tune of ten million smackers’ reward.

We have always been at war with Eastasia, brother.

Note that we’re all that against him, like we were in the bad old days of Cowboy Bush. We’re not offering the reward for the head of this clown, FOB Fallujah, in a cooler with some dry ice. Somewhere, old KGB officer Vladimir Vladimirovich is shaking his head at American amateurishness, remembering how his service solved the problem of jihadi kidnappings of a random Russian in Lebanon. (Messy KGB wet-work applied to random jihadi leaders. Message received, jihad out. The Russian captive was released with an apology). No, we’re looking for the guy so that Covington and Burling can pocket millions in Gulf Arab jihad money, to tie the US courts up with him wink-nod “pro bono”.

Yet we had the guy, perfectly neutralized in a small, uncomfortable cell. Hmmm. What happened in early 2009 that led to mass releases of terrorists? We seem to recall some calamity or other that gave rise to this.

Why such a dangerous man was slated for release in 2009, or who made the decision is not known. The Telegraph offers that “one possible explanation is that he was one of thousands of suspected insurgents granted amnesty as the US began its draw down in Iraq.”

In 2010, shortly after his release, al-Baghdadi was announced as a new al-Qaeda leader. When bin Laden was killed in 2011, Baghdadi pledged to revenge his death “with 100 terrorist attacks across Iraq” – but with al Qaeda leaders dropping like flies in Pakistan and Afghanistan, no one took him seriously.

via ISIS Leader in Iraq was Released from U.S. Detention Camp in 2009 | CNS News.

Exercise for the reader: How many Italian POWs from the Desert Campaign were ordered released after Italy sued for peace in 1943? (Hint: it’s the number of White House officials who attended the state funeral of MG Greene. But they sent three to the funeral of the wannabe cop killer who started the Ferguson riots).

How many Japanese POWs from Guadalcanal were let go because the war had moved on to Iwo Jima?

But just about everybody we had in the bag on 20 Jan 09 is back in the jihad business today (if they weren’t so incredibly unlucky as to get whacked in the interim).

The country’s in the very best of hands.

In Red Square he’s on display, but in Berlin Lenin Stays Buried

German Communists nostalgic for the days of Stasi surveillance and torture have failed in an attempt to have a gigantic “socialist realism” statue of Russian dictator Lenin exhumed for display.

The real Lenin statue gets the chop: 1991.

The real Lenin statue gets the hook: 1991. German Communists want him back.

Lenin, creator of the Soviet Union, the lawless government which held the undisputed world record for mass murder until the rise of Mao Tse-Tung, was imposed on East Germany by a massive 22-division Soviet army, the Group of Soviet Forces Germany, and a regime of German quislings. Many of the first-generation Stasi were Gestapo retreads, who served their Soviet masters as ruthlessly as they’d served Nazi ones. Only the uniforms changed.

Curators of an exhibition about the German capital’s monuments had proposed to including the Russian revolutionary’s 1.7-metre (5.6ft) head in their show, scheduled for spring 2015. Between 1970 and 1991, the statue had stood on Lenin Square in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district. After its removal, it was cut into 129 pieces and buried in a pit in Köpenick.

Lenin wasn’t melted down because he was a low-budget stone statue: the Workers’ and Peasants’ proletarian paradise couldn’t afford bronze. (People remember him as metallic because he, or at least his prop version was upgraded to bronze in the Ostalgie flick, Good-bye Lenin). 

Movie Lenin gets the hook: Good-Bye Lenin's prop.

Movie Lenin gets the hook: Good-Bye Lenin’s prop. Communism is the terrorist totalitarian ideology that never gave up, just got tenure at university and dreams of a comeback.

But last week the Berlin senate rejected the curators’ proposal to excavate Lenin’s head, arguing that they didn’t know its precise location and would therefore have to dig up the entire pit, long overgrown with shrubs and trees: too costly an undertaking for the city’s cash-strapped authorities.

Politicians and historians have criticised the decision.

What politicians? What historians?

Members of the leftwing Die Linke went as far as suggesting that the mayor, Klaus Wowereit, was ideologically motivated: “They are even still scared of that stupid old head,” the MP Wolfgang Brauer told the Taz newspaper.

Ah, those politicians. Die Linke is the euphemism for the former Socialistiches Einheitspartie Deutschlands, the guys who brought you the land mines along the Berlin Wall, hundreds of murders,  torture chambers in every city in their dystopian cesspool, and systematic and pervasive surveillance. Brauer is a guy who wants to bring all that back. (Complete with Russians to do his thinking for him? Probably).

via Berlin’s giant Lenin statue may have been lost, say city authorities | World news | The Guardian.

It’s all about the art and the history, Brauer mumbles (his mouth is full of Brezhnev’s private parts, still). Hey, didn’t Arno Breker sculpt another famous 20th-Century leader? Where’s that sculpture if it’s all about the history?

Of course, if you want to see Lenin, his mausoleum in Red Square welcomes his devotees daily (and worship of the rotted mummy of the syphilitic old goat is expected). Thanks to Vladimir Vladimirovich, the man’s mortal remains have a continued appeal as a tourist attraction that the many monumental statues of him that slave labor erected across half the globe have not done.

Government Corruption — in the National Guard

camp grayling signThis is a Michigan story that hasn’t gone national, but it probably should. An insular, highly political National Guard unit had become so corrupt that mass sackings of leadership and full-timers were required to get it back under control. The Detroit Free Press reported that the investigation found, “widespread theft, moonlighting, destruction of government property and nepotism” at the lakeside Maneuver and Training Equipment Site (MATES) at Camp Grayling (in the north of the state’s lower peninsula). 

The Freep also noted that  the “scandal… extends to the nearby city of Grayling… with allegations of longstanding and too cozy relationships between those who buy supplies and services for the Maneuver and Training Equipment Site (MATES) at the base and vendors and contractors.”

The fix remains in: the criminal investigations the investigating officer recommended never transpired. But the officers and NCOs whose corruption and incompetence wasted millions in Army equipment, supplies, and labor, remain fired.

Of course, some of them are fighting it: a government job of any kind is seen as an entitlement that no misconduct or criminality should shake.

Camp Grayling“Many … employees thought it was allowed to ‘look the other way’ when theft (wood, copper, diesel, time) was occurring, and the majority aimlessly followed direction when told to throw thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment away,” investigating officer Col. Scott Doolittle said in a January memorandum to Gen. Gregory Vadnais, adjutant general of the Michigan Army and Air National Guard.

[The report] referenced a “Grayling mafia” and said the MATES suffered from “toxic leadership” and lack of discipline.

“I am concerned for the safety and well-being of all persons who have come forward and provided detailed accurate statements against persons who are ‘well-connected,’ ” Doolittle said in the memo to Vadnais.

Of the seven “well-connected” Guard members named in Doolittle’s report, two “toxic” lieutenant colonels slunk off into retirement, two NCOs dual-hatted as Guardsmen and civilian employees were dealt a two-week suspension from their jobs, and two more were fired. A fifth NCO was not punished.

The two fired NCOs (who were fired in their capacity as civilian National Guard employees) are fighting for their right to steal from the public. They’re represented by experts at ripping off the public, their union. (Yes, these dual-role Guard pogues have a union).

The findings of the report, per the Freep:

■ MATES personnel threw away “hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of new and used equipment and parts,” including shock absorbers, engine and transmission parts and electronic equipment, on the orders of Golnick and McNamara, so the facility would look better for an April 2013 inspection.

■ Several people who worked at the facility were running businesses on the side using government equipment and time, including a stock trading operation and a lawn care business.

■ Theft was widespread and worsening, and appeared “to have started with nuts/bolts, progressing to tools, progressing to bigger tools, to time, to copper, to diesel (fuel), and to wood.”

■ Theft of time involved abuse of leave time, such as “trash can” leave, in which leave time would be requested and granted but the request would be thrown in the trash so there was no record of it having been used.

■ Lack of discipline, with personnel not wearing proper uniforms and addressing one another by their first names.

■ “Fractured or completely broken” communication, with the mutual animosity between Golnick and McNamara so strong that McNamara told the investigator he only talked to Golnick when he had to.

■ Nepotism in which relatives were hired and, in some cases, reported to relatives.

■ An inappropriate too-close friendship between Golnick and Reed, who are both married to other partners. He spent considerable time in her work area and the two worked out and socialized together. Doolittle’s report said there was no direct evidence they had a sexual relationship, but their closeness made many at the facility uncomfortable and some felt Reed received favored treatment.

■ Doolittle said he heard it was common to give base business to friends who lived in Grayling, and one supplier gave two MATES employees a chartered fishing trip and allowed hunting on his land.

In our experience (in all three components: USA, USAR, and ARNG) the fulltime Guard was very political in both senses of the word. (The M-day guys just wanted to soldier, or for some of them, to play soldier).

The various defenestrated Michigan Guardsmen have an excuse for everything; the bottom line is, since that’s the way Camp Grayling always did it, they don’t see where they did anything wrong.

One of the strengths of National Guard units is that they build strong relationships over time. One of the vulnerabilities of Guard units is the exact same thing.