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The Army Didn’t Celebrate Rape Month Alone

We’ve been having a jolly old time bagging on the Army for its pathetic display during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, or, in the interests of brevity and clarity, Rape Month. But the sad fact is that the Army is not alone in this particular loopiness.

Behold, the US Air Force Rape Month poster:

Air Force Rape Month poster

About the only difference between the Air Force Social Justice Warriors’ Rape Month cadre and the Army’s is the pattern of their stupid day-glo camouflage uniforms, and their acronym: the USAF calls SHARP “SAPR,” but it’s basically the same the whine in a blue bottle.

We learned this at the John Q. Public blog, which in the course of a comprehensive and worthwhile essay dismantles the Air Force’s pathetic program and lays it out on the ramp for everyone to inspect. It’s pretty ugly to look at, too:

By letting SAPR run the entire conversation, the Air Force has imported the “illiberal liberality” resident in some corners of the social justice movement into its service culture, corrupting teamwork and dissolving the bonds of communication and esprit required to fight and win wars.

Sexual assault a violent crime that deserves a serious law enforcement approach. More investigators, more and better qualified prosecutors, more and better qualified victim counselors and advocates, and better legal education for commanders would be promising policy ideas for addressing this issue.

Instead, the Air Force has adopted an institutional attitude criminalizing and condemning any conduct, real, alleged, or (mostly) hypothetical, carrying even the faintest whiff of sexual impropriety. The results are absurd and pervasive, from confused and poisoned juries who equate fraternization with rape to overzealous and politically jaundiced prosecutors and convening authorities to hog-tied commanders who perceive no meaningful latitude when it comes to deciding whether and how severely to respond to sex-themed allegations of any kind.

John Q. identifies three fundamental sins of the Air Force approach (which is the Army approach with bluer acronyms, is all): issue confusion; constant browbeating; and gimmickry. HE posts this poster, which originated at RAF Lakenheath, as an example of gimmickry, and notes:

After inspiring an avalanche of critical (and in some cases vitriolic) comments reflecting the powder keg this issue has become, it was taken down by 48th Fighter Wing commander Col. Rob Novotny. To his credit, Novotny conceded that the original post missed the mark … but he and his colleagues have a lot of work to do in cultivating a climate where addressing sexual assault doesn’t devolve into a series of weird episodes of social science propaganda theater.

In times of budget restriction, it’s somewhat shameful that we as a nation waste money on such off-mission fripperies as the entire bureaucracies that drive these campaigns. Not a single member of those elements is making a perceptible contribution to national defense — instead, they’re actively undermining it.

Do Read The Whole Thing™ at JQP. It’s kind of depressing to see that the Air Force, which once was unique among the services in valuing its enlisted personnel, has gone as far off the deep end as the Army has on this issue.

Sexual assault is, frankly, about as easy a leadership problem as there is. It’s a crime and the appropriate level of toleration in the ranks for crime is zero. It’s only become such a gray area because the Social Justice Warriors among us want to define everything as assault, if it bruises their gossamer and inconstant feels.

Rape Month. It’s really a thing. And how long before it’s too big a thing to be contained in a mere month, which is, of course, a worthless concept anyway, having been defined by some dead white males a long time before Social Justice Year Zero.

Priorities, Army Style; or Damn, We Missed Rape Month

question markWhat a fine bunch of Army Leadership we have these days!

Here is what the Army thought were the most important events for the just-concluded Month of April, 2016.

Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness Month: Visit SHARP (#SHARP)

Volunteer Appreciation Month (#Volunteer)

Month of the Military Child: Visit Army Families (#MOMC #MilitaryFamilies)

April 5: Gold Star Spouse’s Day (#GoldStar #Spouses #GoldStarPins)

April 22: Earth Day (#EarthDay)

April 23: Army Reserve’s 108th Birthday(Tag and @USArmyReserve on Twitter)

Jeez, the month ended and we didn’t even know it was Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness Month, or, stripped of Alinskyite cant and jargon, Rape Month.

Millions for #SocialJustice, not one cent for training ammo. That’s our Army… concentrating on the important stuff, like painting all the tan vehicles green, because it’s never going back to the Mideast again (good luck with that). Instead, it’s going to fight the “inner jihad” of restraining its men from raping its women for another year, until the next Rape Month. (We’re not sure which sex this assumption demeans more: the men who are all seen as horny, slavering ids, or the women who are all seen as helpless children. Neither stereotype stands up to exposure to real soldiers of either sex, but the SJWs sure have a grip on the Pentagon with this bizarre rape cult).

And here were their key dates for this month, May.

National Asian Pacific Heritage Month

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

National Day of Prayer

May 30: Memorial Day

Notice anything missing?

Update: since we looked at that, they added to the list. In now looks like this:

May 2016

National Asian Pacific Heritage Month (#AsianAmericanHeritageMonth)

May 1- 8: Days of Remembrance for Victims of the Holocaust

May 5: National Day of Prayer (Use #OCCHSOCIAL and tag @USArmy in tweets)

May 6: Military Spouse Appreciation Day (#MilSpouseAppreciation )

May 8: Mother’s Day (#MothersDay)

May 30: Memorial Day (#MyMemorialDay)

A few things that happened in April, that the Army’s relentlessly racist diversity beancounters either don’t think are important, or (more likely) that their modern, shallow college educations focused on the class/race/sex obsessions of their perverted professors never taught them about, include:

  • (19th) the battles of Lexington and Concord.
  • The end of the Civil War with Lee’s surrender at Appomattox (9th), but also…
  • …the start of the CivilWar with the rebel bombardment of Fort Sumter (12th).

We think our list rewards study and remembrance more positively and profoundly. But hey, we don’t run the Army.

Events occurring in May? V-E Day comes to mind. Not that today’s PC Army had anything to do with that. 

Coming soon: June is Tranny Hooker Appreciation Month! Coming to a neon-lit hotel strip outside an Army base near you.


At least one Fort Bragg soldier seems to have taken The Spirit of Rape Month to heart.

Johnathan Simpson, 26, of Moonstone Court, was charged with first-degree rape, first-degree kidnapping and sexual battery, Fayetteville police said in a statement. Simpson allegedly committed the assault on April 25.

Well, he’s innocent until proven guilty, yadda yadda. Rumor control says the rape-ee was a guy.

Don’t Bring a Gun to a Dogfight

043016- Frankie, a five-year-old Belgian Malinois police dog, helped apprehend a man wanted in Springfield for a hit-and-run. (State police photo) ---------- Forwarded message ----------

043016- Frankie, a five-year-old Belgian Malinois police dog, helped apprehend a man wanted in Springfield for a hit-and-run. (State police photo)
———- Forwarded message ———-

Final score: Frankie 1, Mohammed 0. Mohammed, a career violent criminal and illegal alien who has not been deported because of the Administration’s executive-ordered amnesty for criminal aliens, drew down on Mass State Trooper David Stucenski and Stucenski’s K9, Frankie. Mohammed got one shot off, and before Stucenski could punch Mo’s ticket, Frankie was on him like, well, like a high-energy Belgian Malinois on a felon.

Ever wonder why Mohammedans believe that dogs are unclean?

Mohammed Fofanah Jr., 35, of Hartford, who police say is in the country illegally and has been previously charged with a felony in Connecticut, was wanted for hitting three cars on Interstate 91 south about 12:15 a.m. yesterday when he allegedly fired a single shot from his .357 Magnum at trooper David Stucenski and his canine partner, Frankie, after ditching his damaged vehicle and refusing to surrender.

Neither Stucenski nor the dog was hit, police say.

via Man held for firing at trooper, K-9 | Boston Herald.

Well, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Do we know anything else about Mo? Turns out, we do.

Fofanah — who was wearing an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet at the time of his arrest — is from Sierra Leone and had been charged with a previous felony in Connecticut, Procopio said. He may now be subject to deportation. Upon his 
release from the hospital, Fofanah was transported to sheriff’s lockup and held without bail, Procopio said.

Wait, what? Hospital? Why was he in hospital? Please, tell us that Frankie had his way with ‘im!

After being subdued by Frankie, who jarred the weapon from his hand, Fofanah was placed under arrest and rushed by ambulance to nearby Baystate Medical Center to receive treatment for bite wounds, state police said.

Really, there’s only one possible response to that: GOOD DOG.

Breaking: Another Chance for Martland

SFC Charles MartlandSFC Charles Martland, the Special Forces NCO who is being railroaded out of the Army for stopping an Afghan pedophile from continuing to inflict bacha bazi on a young slave boy, has been granted a reprieve to allow him to file another appeal. This news was released in a Friday night data dump, and some of the media are reporting as if Martland has won. According to SF soldiers who have seen the Army ruling, it’s just a temporary delay to let things blow over while a doomed appeal circulates, before pro-pedophile Pentagon personnel people get what they want.

While it’s impossible to put anything past the current leadership structure, the Fox News story indicated that the toxic “Army Values” determination has been removed from Martland’s records:

An Army spokesman said Thursday that Martland’s status has been changed, allowing him to stay in the Army in a statement to Fox News.

“In SFC Martland’s case, the Army Board for Correction of Military Records determination modified a portion of one of SFC Martland’s evaluation reports and removed him from the QMP list, which will allow him to remain in the Army,” said Lt. Col. Jerry Pionk.

The final outcome is unknowable at the moment.

The history of the case is this: Martland got QMP’d out (that is, dropped by a reduction in force mechanism known by the Orwellian name “Qualitative Management Program”) because of a bad NCO Evaluation Report. The bad NCOER, in turn, came about because he objected to the Afghan sacrament of buggery (now on its way to full sacramental status in the Pentagon, as well). You would think that they’d give a medal to a guy who saved a kid from sex slavery, but not Martland: what they want to give him is two in the hat. And the whole NCOER thing is a uniformed bureaucrat’s way of doing it in such a way that there are no prints on the murder weapon. “Oh, no, we didn’t whack him; it was all just automatic after that old meanie gave him the toxic NCOER.”

You would think that speeches like this stemwinder from a Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas would make a difference:

You’d be wrong. In the mixed-up, tossed-up, never-come-down world of Army Values, buggery trumps integrity every time.

And the Great Buggernaut rolled on. But perhaps it will not roll over Charles Martland. Not yet..


This Ain’t Hell covered Martland’s situation based on the Fox News story linked above. Hondo and Jonn’s and his commenters appear to be more confident than we are, that this reversal is the real thing and Martland’s troubles are over, for now.

Administrative Note

We’ll be late with tonight’s Friday Tour d’Horizon. Meatworld pressures are upon us, everything from cat-sitting an ailing furball to trying to buy property to a non-life-threatening but vexatiously painful medical problem. Yes, that sounds like a lot of sniveling, because it is. There is a post set for 0600 tomorrow and we hope to catch up then, and backfill the missing piece. We regret the delay — Ed.

Didn’t Foom Right The First Time. Or the Second. Or Third….

Two apartment towers in Seaforth near Liverpool were scheduled to be demolished by explosives at 1000 BST Sunday, 24 April. Churchill House and Montgomery House were identical 15-story, 58-unit buildings and the demolitionist was a professional firm, J. Bryan (Victoria) Ltd of Widnes, England.

At the appointed hour the charges went off in sequence… and nothing else happened.

The BBC has the best video of this at this linked story (we couldn’t figure out how to embed it…Britons are certainly getting complexity for their TV taxes, if nothing else).

Engineers checked the buildings and found them, structurally, still sound.

Two hours later, down came Churchill House, unbidden. So much for engineers!

A second attempt to blow Montgomery House on Monday also failed. A third attempt produced some serious structural damage, and one corner of the building came down, the rest of it still stood. We can imagine the shade of Monty, arms akimbo, laughing at the would-be demolitionists. Montgomery, of all generals, would have ensured the operation had been properly prepared for.

It makes one wonder whether demolitions as a practice is quite as scientific as its exponents try to make it sound. We do recall our 12Bs / 18Cs always muttering things that resembled Druidic incantations more than scientific calculations, and always including a factor P (for “Plenty.”) Not to get all up in the business of J. Bryan (Victoria) Ltd. but we’d take odds that their demolitionist is not a graduate of an Armed Forces demo school in which the fundamentality of the foundational P Factor is stressed.

The buildings were erected around 1960 (as seems obvious from the names; if they put them up now, they’d be named for pop singers, legendary sheikhs or imams, or maybe the Kray brothers). That means that entropy was already bringing them down day by day, without any needed assist from J. Bryan or Islamic terrorists. It has to have the would-be destroyers a bit red in the face.

Still, our prediction is that by the time you read this, J. Bryan and company will have gone back to the books and redone the demo, this time with the P factor prominent in their calculations.

A Pathetic Fake on GunBroker

We’ve seen some blatant fakes, but this one retires the trophy.

fake nazi holster

The auction title: “Nazi Scorpion VZ 61 Holster and Magazine Pouch.” Do you see the problem yet? Here’s the reverse of the holster and pouch:

fake nazi holster reverse

And here’s the proof of its Nazi bona fides, a gen-you-wine Waffenamt marking!

fake holster waffenamt 2

And here’s another Waffenamt. That Hitler SWAT sticker is way, way clearer on this one.

fake holster waffenamt 1

Have you figured out the problem yet?

The holster and pouch are not for any weapon the Nazis would, or could, have used. They are for the Czech Vz61 Škorpion submachine gun / personal defense weapon, a .32 ACP hybrid pistol/SMG used by some military elements but mostly by internal security elements of the Ministry of the Interior.

While some Czech guns were made and used by Nazis during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia 1938-45, the Nazis left after that (as did, at bayonet point, those ethnic Germans who had invited them in); with the exception of a few war criminals in pokey and a quantity of Nazis-made-good in the graveyards. So you will not find authentic Waffenamt markings on anything made after 1945.

(But you can, and these images suggest someone did, find not-so-authentic Waffenamt stamps on eBay).

The abbreviation Vz stands for the Czech (and Slovak, and a couple other Slavic languages) word Vzor, meaning, “model,” as in, “Model of –“, and of course, the Vz refers to a year.

Anyone daring enough to make a guess as to when a firearm called Vz 61 was adopted?

Next question, is 61 > 45? We may be dealing with someone who is not only a faker, but also suffering from bitchy resting face pre-terminal innumeracy.

Let’s look inside the holster and pouch and see what we can learn there. Hey, there’s a stamp inside the holster flap!

fake holster pouch dates 3

In this stamp, K6 is a manufacturer code, the crossed swords are a Czechoslovak Army marking, and 66 is the year of manufacture.

See, there was this one Nazi who refused to believe the war was over, and hid in the mountains… making holsters.

Next up, the marking inside the pouch for the Škorpion’s spare mags.

fake holster pouch dates 1 fake holster pouch dates 2

So to recap: the gun belonging in this holster was designed in 1961, the mag pouch was made in 1965, and the holster itself in 1966.

But the leatherwares somehow acquired marks from the Waffenamt, an inspectorate defunct for 16, 20, and 21 years respectively at the time. While simultaneously bearing the marks of the postwar Czechoslovak People’s Army.

Last interesting facts: He has this priced a lot higher than a generic Škorpion holster; and, a lot of the seller’s other sales are claimed Nazi stuff, mixed in with admitted replicas.

Don’t take any wooden nickels — or time-traveling Nazi holsters for future guns.

Gun, Copper, Thief

It’s kind of like a game of rock paper scissors, with real-life consequences:

Gun arms cop.
Cop stops thief.
Thief steals gun.

This M16A1, stolen in 2013 from the Philadelphia Police Department (or sold by a crooked cop — the means of its departure is not entirely clear, and it doesn’t seem to have been investigated very hard), remains in criminal hands three years later.

Phillys Missing M16A1

Whistling past the graveyard, neither the FBI nor the ATF makes an effort to collect national statistics on stolen police guns.

This story, from the Philadelphia Inquirer, was occasioned by the critical wounding of Philadelphia patrolman Jesse Hartnett by Islamic terrorist and ISIL volunteer Abdul Shaheed, congregant of the Masjid Mujahideen on S. 60th Street in West Philadelphia, whom the ostriches of the press insist on calling by his prehomicidal name Edward Archer. (Shaheed is the Arabic word for martyr. Mujahideen is the Arabic term for holy warriors — or terrorists, in Islam it’s the same thing).

In the instant story, reporter Stephanie Farr pulls out some recent data, by her own efforts, that the Feds are scrupulously collecting, not. 

  • The Philadelphia PD and its 6100 officers have lost 32 issued firearms in the last five years to theft or loss. (If there’s any attempt to track officers’ personally owned firearms, it’s not mentioned).
  • 9 have been recovered, including Abdul Shaheed’s Glock, which was reported stolen in 2013.
  • LAPD’s 9800 officers have lost 7 firearms in the same period, all to theft.
  • The embattled Baltimore PD’s 2400 officers have lost 7 firearms in the same period, all to theft.
  • Chicago’s 12,000 officers have filed 77 theft and loss reports.

These numbers seem suspect to us, because they appear to be the number of theft and loss incidents, and it seems likely that the number of guns lost is higher. Still, this table reveals some interesting variations. Feel free to check our math.

Police Firearms Lost to Theft

PD Sworn Officers

Thefts (if known) Thefts Per/1000 officers Losses (if known) Losses Per/1000 officers Total Thefts and Losses

Total Per/1000 officers

















Los Angeles
















The original data were in Farr’s article, we just extended her reporting by tabularizing the data and adding the rates for a useful comparison.

Question: Why such stark differences in loss and theft rate? Or, to put it another way, what’s the difference between what LA is doing and the other major urban PDs? Bear in mind that the difference might just be reporting categories or other statistical gamesmanship, something intrinsic to police management in these CompStat days.

All these cities, of course, practice fairly hardcore gun control, making thefts from police an appealing logistical pathway for would-be terrorists like Shaheed seeking arms. One is reminded the Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokar “Flashbang” Tsarnaev and his brother Tamerlan “Speedbump” Tsarnaev murdered MIT Police Officer Sean Collier to try to steal his service pistol. (A second cop, Boston PD’s DJ Simmons, died a year later from injuries received in  the Watertown shootout, something the press usually forgets in their crush on the surviving murderer).

In totalitarian states, theft from the authorities and the euphemistically named “battlefield recovery” have been instrumental in arming resistance groups, also. (Who are, from the viewpoint of the authorities, naturally, criminals). One set of data that has never been systematized is the photographs of European resistance movements in World War II, but certainly the resisters are usually seen with quantities of Nazi as well as prewar and allied-airdropped arms.

Police are not enthusiastic about more rigid control measures on department firearms, or to be held responsible for losing them, administratively speaking. They certainly feel personal responsibility: retired ATF officer Jay Wachtel admitted to Farr that his own service pistol was stolen from him and was missing for years.

I was on pins and needles for three years because I was afraid it would be used in a homicide. When it got recovered, I just had this huge sense of relief.

It seems to be classified in the Homer Simpson File of Life: “Stuff that just happens.” Jim Burch of the Police Foundation thinks that cops shouldn’t be held responsible for their stolen guns:

Preventing the theft of a firearm can be very difficult, particularly when your car and daily attire or uniform essentially advertises to the criminal element that firearms are likely present in your home

So, Burch believes, cops should get a bye on thefts, although he concedes that they have an issue with losses. In Philadelphia, though, neither seems to have career consequences for a cop.

Philadelphia police would not say how many officers had been disciplined over the issue.


The logical inference of that “refusal to say” is that the number is zero. To put it another way, There is no evidence that careless storage of, careless loss of, or even outright corruption in the unlawful transfer of department or personal firearms is a matter of the least concern to Philadelphia PD managers.

Only now are indictments coming in for crooked Philadelphia cops who were apparently dealing in departmental firearms for years. (It could be worse. In New York, cops exposed for taking bribes to sell pistol permits are still reporting to work and being paid, and only the bribe payer has been charged).

At the time the M16 came up missing, Commissioner Charles H Ramsey cut a bold figure. He made a strong statement.

We will get to the bottom of it one way or another, I guarantee that.

Three years later, all the PD has done is issue that statement. Doesn’t look so strong, does it?

Even with the near-murder of Hartnett,

The Floggings Will Continue…

plea for flogging“..until morale improves.” But the US Navy eliminated one of the three legs of the Royal Navy triune tradition, as described by Churchill, flogging, in the 19th Century. As the Navy more than any other service takes pride in a reputation for centuries of high tradition untainted by low progress, this change was not without its opponents. One of them penned a jeremiad, A Plea in Favor of Maintaining Flogging in the Navy, which was printed and circulated as a pamphlet, a copy of which is in the Naval History and Heritage Command archive, bearing two Navy Department Library stamps (2 Jan 1884 and 3 Jul 1885). A handwritten note admits “date and authorship unknown.” The whole thing is reproduced at but we’ll share a couple of excerpts. The intro:

As at the present time a great effort is being made to abolish the law which authorizes flogging in the Navy as one method of punishment, a member of that service desires to express his views upon the subject.

The Navy is the armed police of the country upon the ocean; its purposes are warlike, and its service is that of emergencies, whilst its duties are always rendered precarious by the nature of the element upon which it exists. It is maintained by the Nation, for the protection of its commerce upon the high seas, and in those countries of the globe, whose laws are unequal to as sure the safety of vessels visiting their ports. Thus, the guns of numerous cruizers, keep the ocean a secure highway for traders; and the presence of a man of war, in distant and half civilized ports, is almost the only surety the merchant possesses for the undisturbed prosecution of his business. The ultimate use of the Navy, is of course, as a means of offence and defence afloat in the event of a war.

One wonders what this 19th Century naval officer might think of Ray Mabus and today’s political admirals. There seems to be no one in a high position of authority that understands, of the Navy, that “its purposes are warlike.”

To prepare ships of war, for the services that may be desired of them, at any moment, they are carefully provided with heavy armaments, comprising the most improved inventions for the whole sale destruction of human life; and they are thronged with men, who are more zealously taught to wield these instruments of death, than they ever were to fear God and obey his commandments.

That certainly has not changed in the rough sequicentury since. What else hasn’t changed?

[T]here is always, in every ship, a knot of abandoned and incorrigible vagabonds, sweepings of the jails and streets, the outcasts of the shore, who herd with the vicious portion of the seamen, and form a turbulent and unruly gang; setting at defiance all moderate attempts to govern them, and having the fixed purpose, so far as in them lies, of shirking duty and of over turning decency, order and law on board.

Hmmm. Maybe that has. One suspects our circa 1840-80 officer would find today’s officers congenial companions, but be quite taken aback by the relative reduction of that fraction of the enlisted crew.

The crew cannot be set to work in solitary cells, neither can they labor in apartments common to those of a certain trade, and be shut up alone for the night. They are not all rogues, and cannot be treated as such; and if they were, the penitentiary system is totally opposed to the duties, and inapplicable to the necessarily gregarious habits of ship board, and to the contracted limits between the decks.

And that brings him to…

It is not contended that flogging on the bare back, with the cat-o’-nine tails, should be the sole and the universal method of punishment on ship board: far from it. An infinite variety of milder forms answers perfectly for the generality of offenders. But there are occasions when such an appeal is necessary, to prevent the spreading of disaffection, which, under milder and more remote measures would disorganize a ship; there are, and ever will be, cases that nothing but the lash will reach, and occasionally, some hardened reprobates who care not for the pain and degradation of the lash, until its repetition, combined with other extremes, brings even them into subjection.

Lenient schemes are of no avail with such characters, and reprimand and persuasion are but mockeries. It is only by carrying into effect the severities of the law, and by having the support of the well-disposed of the crew on such occasions, that order is preserved.

Do Read The Whole Thing™. There are many lessons here, so many we can’t put our fingers on them all. He goes in to some depth about why a system of seeking higher quality volunteers would never work, and yet, since 1972, with some glitches here and there, it has worked. On the other hand, he’s quite right that human nature has not changed. What the Navy did was become more selective about its sailors, a selectivity made possible, perhaps, by automation and improved shipbuilding materials changing what the Navy needed in a sailor from the physical toughs of the 19th Century to the highly skilled enlisted specialists the service needs today.

Incidentally, one of the things the author thought crewmen well flogged for was, “to commit filthy nuisances in improper places,” which is now, in 2016, the only right that the current Secretary of the Navy would extend to them.

How Do You Get a Gun Permit in New York City?

NYPDHaving once been in a Reserve unit based in Beautiful Downtown Newburgh just upriver from what its citizens call The City, and having been privileged to work with some really smart Columbia researchers on a project, Your Humble Blogger has known more than his share of people born to that New York birthright which includes chutzpah, Yankee fandom, and No Earthly Hope of ever getting a pistol permit.

There are people who have the handful of permits issued in the five boroughs. They are sad to be, mostly, celebrities, the obscenely wealthy, the connected, or organized criminals, if not members of several of those classes at once. The conventional wisdom among New Yorkers, who, it turns out, are as interested as defending their lives and families as the rest of the people on the planet, was that to get a license, “you needed to be connected, or bribe somebody.”

We put that down, mostly, to sour grapes. New York is the Matterhorn of urban social justice liberalism, that’s all. Surely the cops aren’t bribe-taking crooked?

Shaya Lichtenstein

Shaya “Alex” Lichtenstein

Well, that was what we thought before we’d heard of Alex Lichtenstein, real name Shaya Lichtenstein. Lichtenstein had one of the rare city permits despite being a resident of Pomona in Rockland County. Moreover, he was “the guy” you went to get your permit.

If, like Lichtenstein, you were an Orthodox Jew. He didn’t do goys.

And if you were willing to pay — Lichtenstein, and through him, the cops. According to prosecutors, 150 New Yorkers were. Lichtenstein reportedly paid crooked cops up to $6,000 for each permit, which not only got his applicants through the “none shall pass” permitting regime, but got Federal and state background checks blown off entirely.

Some applicants found that helpful. At least one, in 2013, had a long criminal history, but cash fixed that for him. The Daily News:

The unnamed full carry license holder had been arrested for forgery and was the subject of at least four domestic violence complaints, “including one in which he was accused of threatening to kill someone,” the complaint said.

The person also had 10 moving violations and three vehicle-related summonses.

In turn, the applicants greased Lichtenstein with at least $5,000 and as much as $25,000 to “expedite” their permits.

If you’re doing the math, the cops took up to $900,000 in bribes, in the last few years alone, to give out these permits, and Lichtenstein may have cleared as much as $3.5 million, cheating both his applicants and his crooked cops at both ends of the deal.

9 members of the Police Department, all members of former members of the License Division,  are suspected of complicity in Lichtenstein’s permit racket.

The crime ring unraveled when Lictenstein approached an officer who played along, but turned him in and wore a recording device or transmitter. Lichtenstein was aware of the threat and used to pat his cop bribe-takers down while doing business, but he missed the wire and that was his undoing.

Shaya Lichtenstein was a member of the Borough Park Shomrim, a sort of Orthodox Jewish muttawa who are best known for hassling Jewish women they think are not dressed modestly enough. Many of the permits went to fellow Shomrim who were tight with the local police precinct. (There appears to have been a situation where they had a free hand with Jewish citizens, but on the condition that they left the goys alone or called the real police to deal with them).

While Lichtenstein is charged with serious felonies, his cop pals have seen few consequences — so far. The License Division’s commander, Deputy Inspector Michael Endall, has been transferred to administrative duty, and Sergeant David Villanueva and Officer Richard Ochetal have been put on “modified duty”. No doubt the three — and the other six suspect cops who haven’t been identified publicly — are at this very moment playing Prisoner’s Dilemma with real proffers to the prosecutors, which may end with some of the being actual prisoners.

After being bailed out, Lichtenstein bulled through a crowd of media behind a flying wedge of Shomrim bodyguards, still armed, apparently. (No permits have been revoked).

In New York, a corrupt city government defines “ethics” as staying bought.

Of course, a Lichtenstein is not an accidental product of a strict “none shall pass” implementation of may-issue licensing. It’s the normal, expected, predictable and inevitable result of such a system. Ask any economist what happens when the supply of something — in this case, the right to self-defense — is artificially restricted by government.

Or to put it another way, name something that the Government knocked out of the open market that is literally unavailable now .


Here’s the affidavit for Lichtenstein’s arrest warrant.

(Stand by. We’re having technical difficulties but have the file here).

Lichtenstein warrant affidavitOCR.pdf

There’s a lot of the inevitable results of may-issue laws in here, but also, this:

In Lichtenstein’s wallet was an NYPD detective shield with the word “Liaison” imprinted on it, even though Lichtenstein has no official role as an NYPD liaison.

Also, the guy mentioned above with the criminal record and the carry license?

In October 2013, a complainant reported to the NYPD that Lichtenstein was able to use his connections to get a gun license for License Holder-1 despite License Holder-1’s history of domestic violence. The NYPD license division was responsible for investigating this report. License Holder-1’s file includes two unsigned letters that appear to be drafts, one in which [his] license was revoked and one, from approximately one week later, in which it was reinstated. The second draft letter suggested that License Holder-1 contact Sergeant-1 with any questions. License Holder-1’s file reflects no further investigation conducted as a result of the complaint, and License Holder-1’s Full Carry License remains active.`

When you give the police arbitrary powers, you also empower characters like this.

Support a Jailed British Hero

We have never asked you to sign a petition before. Odds are we never will again. The petition has little hope of making a dent in the island-wide cranio-rectal inversion that is the British justice system, but sometimes you have to do the right thing: something the British Army has done globally for centuries, and something that British politicians (like those of 200 other countries) wouldn’t even sniff, unless maybe you dusted it with the pheromones of hookers and blow.

In England, where guns are outlawed (at least, some guns), and where police were literally complicit in the Rotherham rape ring because they’re so PC they don’t pursue Muslim violent felons, a staggering miscarriage of justice has sent SAS vet “Pat” Patterson to Her Majesty’s Freakin’ Prison for… this concludes the Dead March, drumroll please…. possession of a war trophy, unloaded, pistol that was a souvenir from the Falklands.

Pat Patterson almost 30 years go

The soi-disant judge that heard the case went all Mr Jobsworth: “Um, hate to do this, ah, actually, but my hands are tied here, I’m not actually a judge with my own independent nervous system, but merely a microprocessor that runs this subroutine out of a law book. I’d like to let him go, but it’s more than my job’s worth.”

It is, indeed. More than your soul is worth, too.

Pat, 65, is locked up in Her Majesty’s Hoosegow Hewell. What kind of place is that for an ex-serviceman?

In January, former paratrooper Craig Jones was “beaten to within an inch of his life” allegedly by an eight-strong gang led by a Muslim convert.

It led to calls for protection for ex-servicemen feared to be targeted by extremists.

A government review revealed many are not revealing their military past for fear of attacks.

Hey, but that’s okay — anything that brings the Diverse Vibrancy that guys like Pat and we have seen across the Middle East.

Pat in the first Gulf War

Not taken amidst the cottages of Wiltshire, circa 1991

And of course, it’s Britain, so they make “calls for protection” and checked the “done” box. What in the name of Niffelheim has happened to those people? Did Wellington make calls for giving Bonaparte what-for? Did Nelson suggest someone ought to consider sailing towards the enemy fleet? Did Kitchener say “Your country needs you, but I couldn’t be bothered, myself”?

Sun front pageDavid Willets, Defence Editor of the UK tab The Sun, has started a Change.Org petition on Pat’s behalf. (Usual disclaimers apply — they will spam you till you opt you, you are giving up your name and facts about yourself to the Obama organization, etc.) but this is a worthwhile one.

Pat is not the first SAS trooper to be nailed to this particular cross. You may remember the case of Danny Nightingale.  (Weaponsman coverage here and here. Subsequent to our second story, he lost his appeal and went to prison. Shorter David Cameron: “Thank you for serving Britain like I never thought about doing. You chumps.”)

It’s the Britons’ country, and on one level, if they want to run it in such a way that murderers walk out of jail in 7 to 14 years, no one dares arrest Muslims for crimes, and they treat their own servicemen with more contempt than they apply to the migrant asp that’s fangs-deep in John Bull’s plush posterior, it’s their funeral. But on another level, every former SOF soldier on the face of the globe has a stake in this.

Personally, we would like to see the British end their century-long rollback of the Rights of Englishmen, but again, it’s not our circus, not our monkeys. It just seems somewhat insane to us to divorce the rather vital what the guy was doing with it from the mundane what the guy had. Her Majesty has had all her life, to give an example, the exact same equipment a streetwalker uses in pursuit of her somewhat downscale trade, but it doesn’t make the former guilty of the crimes of the latter, does it?

Not everyone in Britain has completely lost their mind over guns. According to UK Shooting News, his supporters include SAS celebrity “Andy McNab,” Field Marshal Lord Guthrie, Admiral Lord West and Conservative MP Sir Gerald Howarth. (Hmm. Wonder if Howarth is related to David Howarth, author of SOE history? He is an RAF vet considered a “forces supporter” in Parliament).

UK Shooting News also notes this:

Unlawful possession of a firearm is a strict liability offence. Intent does not enter into the equation as far as the courts are concerned.

Looks like malum prohibitum is as big a problem with Britsh law as it is over here.

The judge’s sentencing was full of nonsense about the menace to police officers posed by Pat’s pistol. Piffle. He actually said, “all sorts of mayhem.”

The “self-loading rifle component” which is part of why they’re throwing the book at him was apparently a detachable rifle magazine. Jurisdictions with restrictive gun laws soon find themselves outlawing components, materials, and trying to outlaw knowledge. What’s next. judge, cutting off their bow fingers?

For more detail on the case of Pat Patterson, see The Sun’s story (worth it for the pictures of Pat’s daughter, who’s fortunately not as grizzled as her Dad), the equally exuberant Daily Mail (which includes a smugshot of the judge), somewhat more restrained view of The Telegraph, which concludes with this comment from former UK Commander in Afghanistan, Col. (Ret.) Richard Kent:

This is another example of our troops being persecuted by a government and courts obsessed with political correctness.

An SAS hero who risked his life to defend our country shouldn’t be treated like a south London drug dealer.

He should be freed immediately. The country should be grateful for what he did.

If you were wondering why Kent retired as a Colonel and didn’t reach the general officer ranks, that may just be an indicator.  Good for him.