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GIs in Red Heels: Cadet Command Responds

Nope, not to us. To, where they knew a friendly reporter (one Bryant Jordan) would spin it as best as could be done. And he complied. Still, there’s more than a whiff of Combs’s CYA in this statement.

While ROTC command acknowledged that units were told to take part in the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, it “did not direct how the units would participate,” command spokesman Lt. Col. Paul Haverstick said in a statement.

“We are currently gathering facts in order to review how local ROTC units implemented their participation in these events designed to raise awareness on the issue of sexual assault,” he said.

1347531Cadets with Arizona State University’s ROTC unit also took part in the walk/run there, many donning heels but not their uniforms.

Photos from the ASU ROTC Facebook page show that that last sentence/paragraph above is a falsehood, as two minutes on the net would have told Bryant Jordan. So he had the story pre-written and/or didn’t spend those two minutes fact-checking it, and neither did his “layers and layers of editors,” or the high-heels-in-uniform pictured of Sun Devil battalion cadre and cadets would, one hopes, have caught his eye.

This statement from the mouthpiece Haverstick tells you where the Command is going with this: they’re going to deny, deny, deny and throw the commanders of the individual cadet battalions under the bus.

(Aside: thanks for sending us the names and numbers of the Cadet Command SHARP commissars. You know who you are. Although the temptation to turn those numbers and email addresses loose on the Internet is strong, we don’t think our side wins by flooding the inboxes of low-level flunkies. They already know we don’t like them: that’s why they’re trying to destroy us).

It’s Not Just Army Morale Circling the Drain

Looking for DHS, ICE, etc., morale?

Looking for DHS, ICE, etc., morale? Good place to start.

In some parts of the government, like the FCC and the IRS, morale is soaring. They’ve never had more power to drive us before them and hear the lamentations of their women. And then, there’s the parts that defend America from enemies foreign and domestic. We’ve already covered how the Army’s morale is under the outhouse, and from time to time we’ve mentioned organizations like ICE, CBP, and in fact all of DHS, where workers are squeezed between an important mission and abominable leaders who are deeply committed to giving the mission lip service — and lip service only.

That’s how you get things like the 2014 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS), conducted by the Office of Personnel Management, which puts DHS in the very caboose of the civilian employee morale train, a place that DHS has practically had a lock on since its establishment just over a decade back. As Kelley Beaucar Vlahos reported at Fox:

Based on overall positive responses by its employees, DHS got a 44 percent score, the lowest since it was established following the 9/11 attacks. Putting that into context, the cabinet agency with the highest ranking in 2014 was NASA, and it got 74 percent.

That DHS has gotten consistently bad scores from its own employees based on morale, leadership, compensation and more, was of particularly interest in Thursday’s “Worst Places to Work in the Federal Government” hearing by the Government Operations Subcommittee headed by Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C.

“The Department of Homeland Security rests as the worst place to work among cabinet agencies, and saw its scores drop by nearly three points from 2013,” he pointed out in his opening statement. It scored lowest on leadership, fairness, empowerment and skills to match the mission, he pointed out.

“Are agency leaders doing enough?” he said. The results, he answered himself, “suggest that not enough has been done.”

Of course, DHS is just the bottom of the heap, it’s not all alone down there. The DVA and the Department of the Army are also in the low numbers, along with the Nuclear Defense Facilities Safety Board, all agencies that have been punitively deprioritized since 2009.

While DHS itself scored a lowest-of-large-agencies 44 percent, some of its sub-agencies scored even lower:

Among the 314 agency subcomponents ranked in the survey, two DHS departments come in dead last: ICE (35 percent) and the Office of the Under Secretary for Science and Technology (35 percent). The Transportation Security Administration did a little better with 39 percent.

Jeh Johnson has the Solution

The Homeland Security head, widely seen as a man who has ridden affirmative-action preferment far beyond his optimum level of incompetence, didn’t testify at the Congressional hearing — he was there, but he had a flunky, Catherine Emerson, DHS’s Chief Human Capital Officer, read a prepared statement and stumble over questions for him.

Prior to the hearing, Johnson explained that the problem wasn’t his men having low morale, it was things like the survey and the hearing telling the agents that their morale was for $#!+. If he could just get the Congress to stop hearings, and the press to stop reporting unhappy agents, why, all would be rosy in his world. Per Federal News Radio (which, yes, is really a think in the Beltway, where nobody works but everybody reports to a government job, usually one interfering with the guys and gals in the field who do government’s actual work):

DHS’ morale problems also have been duly noted by the department’s leader, but he suggested that he was sick of hearing about them from outside sources.

“One of the ways that you improve morale is to stop continually telling my workforce that you have lousy morale,” Secretary Jeh Johnson said he told committee members in a meeting before the hearing began.

That, and his unicorn.

(Actually, one of the ways that you improve morale is to stop continually saddling his workforce with crappy leadership).

It’s unlikely a leader like Johnson, himself the product of a tee-ball entitlement culture, could improve a poisoned command climate whatever he did, but what he’s actually doing is a top-down headquarters initiative that has, not a low probability but a  zero probability of improving the embattled department:

DHS has embarked on a … campaign, which it calls the “Building-The-Department-You-Deserve” initiative, Emerson said. It has revived an awards program for employees that was dormant for six years. It is also making the hiring process more transparent, because employees have requested it. That includes posting notices in more prominent locations and training hiring managers, she said. In addition, the agency is focused on improving its Senior Executive Service corps, with which Johnson has met twice.

There’s a lot of verbiage about process there, and not one word about measurable, quantifiable results. But that’s how the beltway game is played.

And the morale problem is not in the overpaid, underworked SES corps, the only part of the agency that Jeh Heh Heh seems to have any affinity for. The best thing DHS could do with its SES corps is to send them all back to FLETC and, in the unlikely event that any of them pass, put them on the street as GS-9 1811 investigators to learn the job and people skills that a champagne diet seems to have flushed from their braincases.

One last note: The Veterans subgroup of the FEMS survey population were considerably more cynical about the probability of the survey achieving anything. Wonder if vets are overrepresented in DHS, too?


Or maybe they just got infected with cynicism and low morale serving under BG Peggy Combs in the Army?


See, this is the kind of thing that sinks Army morale

Yesterday, we discussed a couple dozen things that bad leadership does to produce morale lower than a boil on a bushmaster’s belly. The kind of morale that the Army has right now.

But that was before we saw the latest in imbecilic social-engineering from these losers who couldn’t lead feces down a drainpipe to a septic tank. We are not making this up:

Mandatory high-heel march:

Location unknown.

Location unknown. In some places the organizers provided the shoes; in others, the cadets were made to buy them.

Mandatory high heels march at Temple U.

Mandatory high heels march at Temple U.

Peggy Combs -- hates the men under her command.

BG Peggy Combs — hates the men under her command.

And no, despite the date, it was not April Fools. Well, not officially; it was April, and the fool in question is one BG Peggy Combs (.pdf bio), a “woman in sensible shoes” who sees the essential function of her command, the Army ROTC Cadet Command, as humiliating and shaming the men unfortunate enough to be in her passive-aggressive power.

And yes, it was “a date with Amanda, Amanda Tory” event for the unfortunate cadets. You could opt not to go, but if you didn’t, Combs hissed, you didn’t “support the command’s SHARP/EO program,” and you might as well just change your name tape to Rapey McRaperson. While some schools simply provided detail support to (i.e. warm bodies to set up/break down) these events, and others (including West Point, where the Corps of Cadets thank their lucky stars they are not in Combs’s purview) were truly voluntary, other cadet battalions made the event “voluntold” or “volunandatory,” with the example below, using threats against a cadet’s potential commission, from ASU-Tempe:

Yes it is mandatory - and punitive

All we can say to that cadet is, it’s only the stupidest thing you’ve ever done so far because you’re still a cadet. Wait till you see how dysfunctional your basic branch training and actual troop units are. Remember, that’s where Peggy Combs kept getting promotion after promotion.

This one was in the real Army, at Grafenwoehr.

This one was in the real Army, at Grafenwoehr.

Mandatory at Temple, mandatory at ASU where the Cadet BN Cadre sent the following text:

This text reminded ASU cadets that the march was mandatory.

This text reminded ASU cadets that the march was mandatory.

(We're assuming he's a "guy" because of the 'stache, but we may just be displaying cisgendered heteronormative privilege or something).

The ASU ROTC logo.

Hmmm… so where’s the heels on this guy? It seems like the least that they could have done, is to humiliate their mascot the way they humiliate the cadets.

(Note: we’re assuming he’s a “guy” because of the ‘stache, but we may just be displaying cisgendered heteronormative privilege or some other microagression. He might not be a guy. He might be GLBTQWERTY or some other flavor of Unique and Special Snowflake™. He might be a gal, and the ‘stache is explained because he’s a Latina. In Arizona, that’s not as improbable as it sounds, right?)

More images of idiocy follow.

Temple U marchers

Temple U ROTC cadre at least set the example by humiliating themselves, along with their troops.

“No, we don’t use the military for social engineering,” say various Beltway potentates and Acela Corridor made-guys. “It’s all your imagination.”

Location unknown

Not sure where this bit of mandatory fun is (ASU again?), but these guys’ faces show that it is indeed mandatory fun.

This is just pathetic. This whole thing is the Olympics of assclownery.

On the bright side, as the old joke goes, we joined an Army where cross-dressing was prohibited; survived an era where if you did it, you were expected to keep it to yourself; and were able to retire, fortunately, before it was mandatory.

Flogging Will Continue Until Army Morale Improves

Army LogoWhen the budget gets tight, the Army always finds money for its leaders’ real priorities. If you’re of a certain vintage, you might remember the scores of millions that were blown on the COO or “Consideration Of Others” program, developed by then-First Lady Hillary Clinton’s “favorite general,” Claudia Kennedy, and force-fed to the unwilling troops. The idea was to make the Army less warlike and more welcoming to women and girly-men; it was forged where the rabidly ambitious Kennedy spent her whole career, amid the delicate Unique And Special Snowflakes™ of Military Intelligence.

But that was then, and this is now. The current boondoggle is an Optimism Program (we are not making that up), which is intended to make the troops sappily happy despite being led by self-serving suits and too many generals who have made the Blue Falcon the lodestar of their ambition.

So over the past six years, the time that Obama has been in office, the taxpayer has forked out $287 million in an “optimism” program for the army.  This is the same army that ignored dangerous warning signs that Nidal Hasan was a terrorist-in-waiting, the same army that then declared the Fort Hood terror attack “workplace violence,” and the same army that also refused–for six years–to pay benefits to those injured or to the families of those lost?

Soldiers waste time in Army Master Resilience Training in Korea in 2013. US Army photo by Mark Abueg.

Soldiers waste 10 training days each in Army Master Resilience Training in Korea in 2013. US Army photo by Mark Abueg.

There have been numerous reports of top army commanders being “culled” from the military for everything from being “too cautious and conventionally minded” to “being too hawkish about Iran.

The army has sadly become famous for its attacks on Christianity and its Christian soldiers.  For example, the army labeled Christian Ministries “domestic hate groups,” Bibles were banned from Walter Reed Army Medical Center (a decision that was later rescinded), chaplains have been ordered not to quote the Bible or pray in Jesus’ name, and when that resulted in public outrage, the Army simply announced plans to disband its Chaplain corps.

And then there’s the Bergdahl travesty and the fact that our veterans are dying due to VA corruption, incompetence, and deception and are repeatedly put on hold when they call the VA suicide prevention hotline.  Veterans’ deaths were lied about and covered up by the VA, and whistle-blowers are still being unlawfully targeted for retribution.

It’s been a year since the VA scandal, but nothing has changed:

Lives were lost and forever changed to make strides in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and our military sees their commander in chief not only preside over the loss of those hard-won gains but brag about it and announce plans to “shrink” the army to “pre-World War II levels.”

via Army morale | Optimism program.

Army Morale USA Today

The Army study escaped from its close confinement and was also seen by USA Today, who noted inter alia these results:

The effort produced startlingly negative results. In addition to low optimism and job satisfaction, more than half reported poor nutrition and sleep, and only 14% said they are eating right and getting enough rest.

More than half of some 770,000 soldiers are pessimistic about their future in the military

403,564 soldiers, or 52%, scored badly in the area of optimism, agreeing with statements such as “I rarely count on good things happening to me.”

Forty-eight percent or about 370,000 soldiers showed a lack of commitment to their job or would have chosen another if they had it to do over again. Only 28% felt good about what they do.

About 300,000 soldiers or nearly 40% didn’t trust their immediate supervisor or fellow soldiers in their unit or didn’t feel respected or valued. Thirty-two percent felt good about about bosses and peers.

In one positive trend, more than 400,000 soldiers or 53% said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their marriage, personal relationship or family. About 240,000 expressed dissatisfaction.

For physical fitness, nearly 40% were in good shape, 28% were borderline, and 33% did poorly.

So, it’s official: Army morale sucks.

Psychobabble "Resilience Training", shown here from this link, punishes enlisted soldiers and NCOs annually. Officers are exempt from this punitive $1/3B waste of time. so far.

Psychobabble “Resilience Training”, shown here from this link, punishes enlisted soldiers and NCOs annually. Officers are exempt from this punitive $1/3B waste of time. so far.

Gee, why might Army morale suck? Let us, as the other Browning says, count the ways.

  1. Social engineering;
  2. SHARP training that lectures and belittles male troops;
  3. Suicide prevention training that makes you want to kill yourself, just to make the Death by Powerpoint stop;
  4. Reflective belts. Every retard who ever signed a reflective-belt memo should be turned over to ISIL with a dotted “cut here” line tattooed around his neck;
  5. Millions for boondoggles like this (So far, they’ve blown a third of a billion on this alone), versus pennies for readiness and training;
  6. When some Joe screws up, anything from DUI to serious crimes like rape, the zero-defects careerist leader’s natural reaction: mass punishment for everyone who didn’t F up in the form of scolding “awareness” classes, videos, and of course, inevitably: PowerPoints;
  7. Piss-poor leadership from NCA on down;
  8. Mandatory fun days, usually some form of fun beloved by a commander that he thinks the troops ought to find just as much fun, too;
  9. Unilateral disarmament;
  10. Unilateral withdrawals bugouts;
  11. Valuing terror states over our troops;
  12. Lionizing Blue Falcon Supreme Bowe Bergdahl as a hero;
  13. More concern for Nidal Hasan than for the victims of his Sudden Jihad Syndrome outbreak, who only got the Purple Heart because Congress force-fed it to an anti-soldier Secretary of Defense;
  14. Freeing the Gitmo terrs, who return to terrorism in most cases;
  15. Abandoning the Iraqi and Afghan leaders who threw in with us to their fates;
  16. Abandoning Israel to suck up to the mullahs who get their mobs chanting “Marg Bar Amrika!” every Friday;
  17. Letting one of those same mullahs chant a mohammedan victory prayer over our dead men, in one instance, none of whom was a mohammedan;
  18. Cutting .mil benefits, especially health care;
  19. Cutting .mil pay;
  20. Threatening pensions;
  21. A Veterans Health Administration that wouldn’t even measure up as a Veteranarians activity;
  22. The fact that they’ve been making soldiers waste time taking these stupid “resiliency assessments” for six years now and are only now getting around to reading the data.
  23. The fact that the Army wastes resources on a Resiliency Center run by a waste of skin named Sharyn Saunders, who first lied to USA Today about the data and then changed the thresholds to produce better-looking Potemkin data.

So of course the sphinctroids that produced this state of affairs can’t figure out why morale is in the tank (and that’s tank, septic, not tank, main battle). And of course they can’t think of a way to resolve the problem, other than more of the same.

In other words, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

Real Men of Criminal Genius #031: Burglar Chris Wallace

burglarThere are basically two kinds of criminals in the world: TV criminals, who act like they’re staggering geniuses, and real criminals, who act like they’re severely retarded.

Chris Wallace (not the TV newsman, but the rural Maine criminal), come on down!

Wallace was wanted by the sheriff’s office on burglary charges stemming from the January theft of propane and wood stoves in Pierce Pond Township.

In late February, the sheriff’s office asked for help from the public to find Wallace after recovering the propane stove at his home.

But it turns out the cops got help from an unexpected source: Wallace himself.

Wallace, wanted by the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office in connection with a Pierce Pond Township burglary, made two mistakes Sunday night.

The first one was posting a message on Snapchat saying he was back in his Norridgwock Road home after the department made it public several weeks ago they were looking for him.

The department was tipped off about the post, and that’s when Wallace, 24, made his second mistake.

Actual mugshot of actual wannabe burglar.

Actual mugshot of actual criminal mastermind..

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. This criminal mastermind was using Snapchat to communicate with friends, and, unbeknown to himself, and indirectly, with the very officers tasked to apprehend him.

The sheriff’s office received a phone call about the first Snapchat post about 6:30 p.m. Snapchat is a messaging service that automatically deletes messages seconds after a user posts them.

Cpl. Ritchie Putnam, Deputy Ron Blodgett and two Fairfield police officers went to the residence at 336 Norridgewock Road and found Erika Hall, 20, of Waterville, at the home, Lancaster said.

Hall allowed officers to search the home after they told her they had information that Wallace was there, Lancaster said.

But they didn’t find Wallace. That’s when Mistake #2 came into play.

During the course of the search Sunday night, Wallace posted the second message on Snapchat, saying that police were looking for him in the house and he was hiding in a cabinet, according to the posting. The new message prompted more phone calls to department dispatchers.

“A search of the kitchen cabinets turned up some food, some pots and pans, and also a pair of feet,” the [Police] Facebook post said. “The pair of feet just so happened to be attached to a person, and that person was Christopher Wallace. He was removed from the cabinet and placed under arrest.”

megamind-movie-posterNow everyone can take a lesson or two away from that, and it’s even possible that Wallace did. (He’s going to have time to think about it, where he’s going, at least). But the Portland Press-Herald’s Pete McGuire took this one:

Wallace learned the hard way that if you live by social media, there is more than one way to die by social media.

And the police? They suggested a somewhat different one:

[T]he sheriff’s office said that Wallace had become cocky after the department asked for help from the public to locate him.

“All of that brings me to the moral of the story. Always remain humble, my friends.”

Chris Wallace, small-time burglar of camp stoves, would seem like a fellow who has a great deal to be humble about.

“Scary Ivan” Fail

Newspapers these days pride themselves on excluding anyone that knows weapons, and especially veterans, from their airtight newsroom monoculture. So you get things like this illustration, which ran in the UK Telegraph with the caption: Alarming: Putin is positioning tanks across Europe. 


If you’re alarmed by those tanks, you’re either a very old Nazi, or a complete bozo. It looks like a V-E Day parade by “living history” World War II vintage armor. The four leading vehicles are T-34/85 tanks, and the following vehicles are SU assault guns, probably SU-122s, all of wartime origin and obsolete for over 50 years.

The slogan partially visible on the Red Star in the left background is “SSSR Pobeda” meaning, “USSR Victory.” Again, history, not threat.

(It’s made worse by the fact that the metadata for the picture, taken by Sergei Chirikov for the European Press Agency, accurately if generally identifies these tanks).

It speaks well of Russian official interest in history that they are able to generate a parade of 70-year-old armor and run it in front of God, the media, and everybody. Anyone who has ever worked with armor can tell you it could benefit from some modern Japanese Kaizen continuous improvement in reliability engineering.

The article itself is a rather good — once you get past the stuff they emphasize — interview with American NATO commander, GEN Ben Hodges.

Women in Combat Update: USMC/Ranger School

rangerette-benjaminThe Army and Marines took different approaches to the orders to integrate women into ground combat units. The Marines resolved to test it, and see if it was feasible.

The Army declared it feasible, and resolved to remove any obstacles in the way of it happening.

In the end, of course, both of them are going to do what their civilian masters tell them to do, and their civilian masters have formed their opinion of what is possible on the battlefield from watching “lady ninja” movies.

The Marine Women-in-IOC Experiment is Over… for now

USMC EGA eagle globe and anchorThe Marines ran a test for 2½ years on women in their most prestigious combat positions. The results are all in: they couldn’t get all the 100 volunteers they wanted, and of the nearly 30 volunteers they got, all failed. 26 or 27 of them failed the first day on the first event, the fitness test.

The way the USMC tested the waters, you see, was by allowing volunteer women into the Infantry Officer Course, but requiring them to meet the existing standards. The Marines see their existing officer standards as perfectly satisfactory: the proof is in the combat success of the Corps’ infantry units, and the generally high regard that enlisted Marines, They now consider the experiment over, but for reduction of the data, but these data send no subtle message. Here are the results as seen by a media booster of women in combat, Gannett’s Marine Corps Times:

The testing period ends with just 27 female volunteers having attempted the course. Two other female officers also attempted the course as part of required ground intelligence officer training. The 0203 ground intelligence officer military occupational specialty was opened to female officers in late 2013, with IOC as a qualification requirement for applicants. None of the 29 female officers made it to the end of the course.

While IOC is closing to volunteers, female applicants for ground intelligence officer positions will continue to attend the course in the future, Krebs said.

Officials have said that ongoing research will consider many aspects of temporarily integrating IOC, including the number of volunteers, their pass rate, and performance in the course. That data will be taken alongside other research points, including the much higher success rate for enlisted female Marines in passing the Infantry Training Battalion course at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. As of February, 358 women had attempted the course, with 122 graduates, for a pass rate of 34 percent.

Tentative conclusion: the Marines probably could tighten things up at the ITB course. Either that, or the Marines are deliberately maintaining a large delta in difficulty, between their enlisted and leadership courses. It’s almost like they wanted their leaders to be good, or something un-American like that.


It’s unlikely that the DACOWITS commissioners, the media pundits, and various other ex-officio members of the lesbo-feminist Sisterhood will be happy with the Marines’ likely conclusions. The question then becomes, will the Administration, and zero-time-under-rucksack SecDef Ashton Carter, a plush Beltway insider, order the Marines to change their conclusions?

The Army Women in Ranger School Experiment Begins in Days

RangerTabUnlike the Marines, the Army started not with an inviolate standard but with smoke and mirrors designed to obscure a double standard. Rather than just asking for volunteers, the Army has offered many inducements to volunteers and has done everything but scatter roses in their paths. Officers have been assigned to supervise the experiment, and they know their careers hinge on its “success,” as the Beltway Egalitocracy might define “success.” Numerous measures have been taken to prepare the women candidates to succeed. These include but are not limited to:

  • A special “pre-Ranger” course that was set up to address Guard and Reserve attrition levels at Ranger has become the “Women’s Prep” course;
  • A cadre of commissars has been assigned to shadow female candidates, ensure their success, and prevent any “unfairness,” undefined;
  • Women who quit were bucked up and reinserted into training, if at all possible, in the interests of data gathering;
  • Women who failed a requirement, likewise. They did not pass, but unlike the males who failed they were not removed from training.
  • In addition to the commissars, women are being shadowed and encouraged by Army brass and media crews.

The Army has planned to run ran four iterations of the commissar-shadowed, Ranger Assessment Course:

26 women began training.
20 of 26 failed the PT test (push-ups) (5 men did). The women alone remained in training.
1 quit (9 men quit) — removed from training
8 dropped for medical reasons (4 men) — removed from training
1 Women dropped for SOR (1 Male Dropped) — removed from training
16 still present at end of course: 11 failures/ 5 graduates

Total pool of potential RS attendees: 5

17 women began training. 15 failed the PT test (pushups) but remained in training.
5 dropped for failing to meet course standards (36 Males dropped)
3 quit (8 men quit) — removed from training
2 dropped for medical reasons (3 men)
7 still present at end of course: 6 failures/ 1 graduate

Total pool of potential RS attendees: 6
One quit (technically, Voluntarily Withdrew) from Ranger School for unknown reasons.
Total pool of potential RS attendees: 5

RTAC 3 (just concluded)
~28 women began training. 21 failed the PT test but remained in training.
Detailed stats not available yet, but ~15 still present at end of course with 6-7 graduates.

Total pool of potential RS attendees: 11-12?

RTAC 4 (started 10 April)
“Most” of the women failed the first day. They remained in training.

Total pool of potential RS attendees: 13-18?

One thing that the instructors of the course have noted is that the womens’ performance really collapses when they have to conduct training under the rucksack. Ranger School rucksacks and RS loads in general are not heavy by Ranger, SOF or infantry standards, comprising some 65 pounds of combat and survival gear. But they’re very hard on debilitated, malnourished, and sleep-deprived Ranger students.

The first sex-integrated Ranger School class begins, rather appropriately, on April 20. We’ve heard that the Commissars will monitor the peer reporting system to make sure that it is not used to single out females for criticism. Whether that criticism is mere sex-based prejudice or performance-related does not seem to be a factor.

Where the Army’s Worst Duds Go: “Equal Opportunity”

In basic training, we sat through our first EO Lecture® and quickly were mystified. The presenter, a guy with an Afro and Fu well beyond regulation (hey, it was the seventies) and delivered the lecture in an urban patois that would later become known as, “Ebonics.” He told us that everything about white people and black people was different, everything, even their handshakes, and he demonstrated a 30-movement, intensively-choreographed handshake he called a “dap.” It was the duty of all white people to cut all black people slack in everything, because we couldn’t hope to understand each other, even the handshakes.

The white guys looked at the black guys, and the black guys at the white guys. (In those days, we had only a few Hispanic guys, all recent immigrants who couldn’t understand the lecture anyway (¡no habla!) and used the time to try to catch up on their sleep). We looked at each other and thought, whaaa?

“You guys shake hands like that? How come we never see it, is it like a secret handshake?”

Our buddy Phil shook his head. “Man, I’ve never heard of this stupid $#!+. We shake hands like everybody else, for %_@&!’s sake!” Phil, by the way, spoke English like the rest of us.

EOAsPoster31Jan13That was our introduction to a particular species of Army assclown, the Equal Opportunity NCO.

The EO NCO was always a black guy, and in our memory, he was always a fat, stupid, truculent black guy who had landed in EO after failing spectacularly at something substantive. No EO NCO, never one in memory, made even a micrometer-measurable contribution to mission. No, he sat and festered all year until his one annual opportunity to do The EO Lecture® to a room of soporified captives as part of “annual check-the-box training,” the place where units dispose with dispatch (and, usually, contempt) of whatever dumb initiatives someone in the E Ring has demanded deserve a training class. The EO Lecture® changed a good bit over the years, as it was driven by fad-focused academic “grievance studies” goons, but the basic ingredients were, and are, these:

  1. The Army used to be way, wicked racist. (There are many examples to cite here; so far, so true).
  2. The Army got over it, but some people and some parts of society still are.
  3. Different races may have different cultural experiences
  4. So don’t be shocked if someone who doesn’t look like you doesn’t act like you.
  5. But this is the Army, and we treat everybody the same.
  6. Maybe you’re a racist, and the Army can’t control what’s in your mind…
  7. But it can damn well control what comes out of your mouth, and racist expressions and actions will not be tolerated.
This has leaked into the other services, too. Here a USAF EO NCO delivers The Lecture.

This has leaked into the other services, too. Here a USAF EO NCO delivers The Lecture to a room full of eager students poor bastards needing a block checked.

(On #5, One is reminded of USAF General Chappie James’s famous quip that the Marines had no race issues because they treat everybody like black people).

The Army has, like all services do these days, a massive EO/Diversity bureaucracy comprising a large number of officers and NCOs, mostly racial minorities (an unstated requirement for the MOS was, from its creation in the hippy-dippy seventies through the nineties if not to today, that the individual be black), and mostly men who had failed at other specialities for lack of intellect, effort, or moral fibre.

Naturally the Pentagon provides swarms of Good Jobs At Good Wages™ for diversity bureaucrats at all levels to SES, throughout the services. In a strange funhouse reflection of Jim Crow, most of these GS-15s and SESes have no qualifications for their phony baloney jobs except for skin color. Some are graduates of the content-lite racialist Grievance Studies programs whose instructors allow universities to make their “diversity” skin-shade quotas, without bringing substandard teachers and researchers into traditional departments. In Diversity World, scholarship’s requirements are few and inconsequential. Even English orthography is excluded from their topsy-turvy world: to expect correct spelling and grammar is a form of oppression, you see. You raaaaacist!

As you might expect for people whose livelihoods are conditioned on finding racism everywhere, they look at everything through a racialist lens, and are simply a photographic negative of Bull Connor or Lester Maddox. Not surprisingly, if your world is one of all-race-all-the-time, your keenly tuned nose smells traces of latent racism everywhere. If black troops and white troops in a unit form friendships across races, perhaps based on assignment, with, say, a tank crew going pub-crawling together despite being four guys of three different races — there’s two ways they can explain that. (1) The black guys are Uncle Toms (incidentally, you will interrogate a thousand EO NCOs before you find one who has read even the Cliff Notes of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, or know that it was written by a white abolitionist); (2) The white guys are oppressors dividing and conquering the black guys, and preventing them from free association. The idea that a TC, driver, loader and gunner might actually become friends despite widely disparate backgrounds is utterly foreign to EO World. “But… they’re not the same color!”

But that’s not even enough, now that we have tens of thousands of useless people whose job is to conduct Reconstruction, as if that had not been done, already, historically speaking; and who work most often at cross-purposes to institutional goals of unity and solidarity in the ranks. No, in recent years the DOD budget has become a Christmas Tree of handouts to professional Diversity Firms, the noxious product of all those university racialist Grievance Studies departments. So it’s bad enough that your unit must bear the dead weight of an EO NCO who is, most often, a complete waste of skin. But now he doesn’t even have to do his single actual duty, his annual Don’t Be A Racist In My Army brief, because it’s been outsourced to some gang of racial grievance entrepreneurs who are connected to Administration figures. So now, some fat chick from White Guilt Industries® comes in and reads the slides, and gets $20k for the day she goes around from unit to unit telling all the races they should be at loggerheads.

SIG BDE White Privilege Slides

But, remember, if these people were good at anything, they wouldn’t be dong this. So even a simple task like 45 minutes of Death By Powerpoint™, where they already made the Powerpoint deck for you, gets bungled. Which is how we got to the point where the racist EO reps of the 35th Signal Brigade and their contractors wound up presenting a slide show that was, instead, about White Privilege and how evil whites are. And you see, they explained, when you think you (or any white guy, if you’re not white) are not racist, that’s when you’re most racist of all.

So take that, all you raaaaacists out there.


The Army EO Program has decided that they will respond to this. How so? Everyone gets to experience more EO Lectures, and the EO NCOs will get more training on how to teach White Privilege to auditoriums full of privileged PFCs. (Didn’t feel privileged when you were a PFC? That’s the “Luxury of Obliviousness,” Jeff Davis). Firing the racist presenter? Oh, no. That might start a deluge.

And where would such a person find work?

Marathon Bombing Response Report: It’s Ugly

Other pressure cooker (and containing bag) remains of the bomb planted by Tamerlan Tsarnayev. FBI.

Pressure cooker (and containing bag) remains of the bomb planted by Tamerlan Tsarnayev. FBI.

There’s a reason they held this turkey until Friday night — it’s ugly.

The report also clarifies three things about the critical wounding of transit cop Richard “Dic” Donohue, Jr:

  1. Another cop did it;
  2. It’s a miracle he was the only cop wounded; and,
  3. They’re still trying to cover it up, and protect the cop who did it.

The Donohue shooting is probably the single most ate-up thing of the many wretched failures and blunders that took place during the bombing response. The uncontrolled mobbing, panicked lockdown, and contagious firing of the police response stands in stark contrast to the incredible job done on the medical side of things by a seamless combination of professional responders and citizen volunteers.

Indeed, it was a citizen who located the surviving suspect within a half hour of the time the cops gave up on their lockdown and dragnet-search, which found nothing but did delay the finding of the suspect and did impede the medical response by keeping staff away from the hospitals, and actually impeded the ambulance carrying their own guy to the hospital.

Here’s the summary:

A firefight ensued between the suspects and responding officers. As the shooting continued, additional officers arrived on scene from Watertown, BPD, MSP, Cambridge PD, and Transit PD. Over 200 rounds of ammunition were expended between the two sides.

The report talks about the shooting, but the suspects only had one gun and a few magazines. They did, however, have some homemade explosives, including “grenades” (which were mostly ineffective) and at least two more pressure-cooker bombs, which have to be taken seriously. For example, this was embedded in one of the cars on the scene:

watertown shootout bomb in car

Note that it not only tore through the door but it bent the much stronger structural-steel doorsill/rocker panel, typically one of the strongest components of a unibody. These two Up Brothers might seem like harmless buffoons, until you realize that by this point in time, they’ve shot a cop dead at point-blank range and that was after they killed three people with these bombs, and wounded 200-plus more, including 16 who suffered traumatic amputations.

The Tsarnaevs were violent criminals, terrorists, and they needed and deserved to go down hard. The police response wasn’t always helpful towards that end, and there are a lot of lessons that a cover-our-hiney approach will prevent from being learned.

In the course of the firefight, the first suspect was wounded. When he ran out of ammunition, he threw his gun and charged at a Watertown officer who subsequently wrestled him to the ground in the street. Meanwhile, the second suspect was able to enter the SUV and put the vehicle in gear. While fleeing the scene in the stolen vehicle, he struck the first suspect and dragged him a short distance with the vehicle, compounding his injuries.

tamerlan skidmark


Above: the scene. Below: Tamerlan, dead. He’s been rolled and searched by this point.

tamerlan dead again

As the second suspect fled the scene, a responding officer from the Transit PD was shot and critically wounded. The officer was transported to Mount Auburn Hospital, where medical professionals resuscitated him and performed life-saving surgery.

Did you notice that? Let us lay out the facts for you:

  1. The two sides of the firefight were the Tsarnaevs (with one black-market, defaced-serial-number Ruger pistol between them)… tamerlans ruger…and in the other corner, an uncoordinated swarm of cops from at least five agencies.
  2. The Tsarnaev with the gun (Speedbump, aka Tamerlan) shot his gun dry and threw it at the cops, and charged the cops. But the firefight, now one-sided, continued. Because the police were arrayed in a 360º Idiot Ambush around the suspects, they all perceived incoming and returned fire. Fortunately, they can’t shoot for $#!+.
  3. A Watertown cop tackled Tamerlan and took him down. But the one-sided, leaderless, uncontrolled “firefight” continued.
  4. Then brother Dzhokar (Flashbang) got in their jacked vehicle and took off… running over Speedbump and mortally injuring him. (Yes, he was killed by his and his brother’s incompetence, not the random, unaimed contagious fire of dozens of cops).
  5. As Flashbang exited, stage left (in Boston, all sides of the stage are left…), the police drumfire finally connected with someone — Dic Donohue, a Transit police officer. Note the passive voice: Donohue “was shot.” No wonder they’re all gun banners here, they never get the word about the people doing the shooting.

The deeper you drill down in the report, the worse it gets. It wasn’t a planned law enforcement response: it was lawless chaos, reminiscent of the Keystone ineptitude of the LAPD Chris Dorner response.

Take the swarms of cops in Watertown:

Thousands of law enforcement officers arrived in Watertown from across Massachusetts, other New England states, and New York. Many of these law enforcement officers did not come in re- sponse to a mutual aid request, but self-deployed to the area once it became widely known that one of the Marathon bombing suspects was at large in the town. These officers staged at the parking lot of the Arsenal Mall in Watertown; although officers received basic logistical support, including food, water, and toileting, few were provided oversight, situational awareness, or guidance. While most officers did not deploy into the field from the staging area on their own, there were a significant number of occasions when officers responded based on information or calls they heard on their radios, at times placing themselves and the officers with the authority to respond at risk.

Realizing that Donohue was critically wounded and exsanguinating, cops (CWCID) started treating him even before paramedics arrived (which was almost momentary). That part of the response went well… until they tried to transport him.

Officers on the scene tended to Officer Donohue to slow the bleeding with pressure and a tourniquet.

Many had already been en route from the Officer Collier murder scene in Cambridge.

At 12:51 a.m., Officer Donohue was loaded into the Watertown Fire ambulance for transport, but egress from the area was challenging given the numerous police vehicles parked in the vicinity and blocking street access. To circumvent the congestion made by the multitude of police vehicles and allow for the two paramedics to remain in the rear of the ambulance with the patient, a Watertown PD officer drove the ambulance to Mount Auburn Hospital, the nearest medical facility. Mount Auburn Hospital was approximately two miles away from the shooting scene, but did not have a trauma center. Nevertheless, the EMTs aiding Officer Donohue believed he would not survive a longer ride to a facility with a trauma center, and directed that he be brought to Mount Auburn. Officer Donohue had to be resuscitated upon arrival at the hospital, but the medical team at Mount Auburn was able to save his life.

That was a good and nervy call by the EMTs. A hospital that might not save him, now, was a better call than bringing his bloodless dead body to a better hospital that could have saved him if it wasn’t so far away. And more police CWCID, a cop took the wheel of the bolance so both EMTs could work on the patient. That probably broke elebbenty-twelve rules, and they ought to give that guy (and the EMTs) their shiniest medal.

The shooting of Donohue was only the first case of uncommanded, indisciplined, contagious fire. They did it again when they mistook other cops for the suspects, even though neither the cops nor the vehicle (a black full-size domestic pickup; the suspect vehicle was a small silver Mercedes SUV) bore any resemblance to the suspects. (Shades of Dorner, again). In this case the cops had, not quite a mad minute, but a number of mad seconds, and fortunately ceased fire before their eyes-wide-shut marksmanship could hit anybody.

An unmarked black MSP pickup truck is incorrectly reported as a stolen vehicle. The occupants of the pickup truck are a MSP Trooper and a BPD officer, both of whom are in plainclothes. As the vehicle drives down Adams Street in Watertown, a few blocks from the scene of the shootout, an officer on scene fired at the vehicle and its occupants. No one is injured.

But the random assemblage of random, ill-assorted, leaderless and unaccountable cops weren’t done. They collapsed into firearms incontinence again again, when they had the unarmed, wounded Flashbang (Dzhokar, nicknamed because he’d burned himself badly with one of his own IEDs) cornered in a boat.

Officers immediately responded to the home. The first officers on scene requested support from tactical teams and EOD units. A large number of law enforcement officers self-deployed to the scene after overhearing radio traffic about the location of the suspect. Within moments, more than 100 officers had gathered in front of and behind the home.

Note that the cops had eyes in the sky, and the eye in the sky had a thermal image of the wounded Flashbang:

dzhokar thermal boat


The boat was engaged from both sides and from dead ahead. However, Dzhokar wasn’t hit.

watertow boat damage

Several moments later, a responding officer fired his weapon without appropriate authority in response to perceived movement in the boat. Other officers then opened fire on the boat under the assumption the initial shot was fired at them by the suspect. Shooting continued for several seconds until a senior officer ordered a ceasefire.

After the MSP Airwing’s infrared camera confirmed that the suspect was alive, law enforcement officials made several attempts to coerce the suspect from the boat.

In both of the last two incidents the report seems to minimize the firing. Audio of the incidents doesn’t sound like one guy or a few guys firing.

One of the findings of the report is, not surprisingly, an absence of weapons discipline:

Weapons discipline was lacking by the multitude of law enforcement officers in the field during both the firefight with the two suspects near Dexter and Laurel Streets, and the standoff with the second suspect who was hiding in a winterized boat in a residential back yard. Although initial responding officers practiced appropriate weapons discipline while they were engaged in the firefight with the suspects, additional officers arriving on scene near the conclusion of the firefight fired weapons toward the vicinity of the suspects, without necessarily having identified and lined up their target or appropriately aimed their weapons. Officers lining both sides of the street also fired upon the second suspect as he fled the scene in a vehicle.

Note what the report said. Cops from both sides of the street shot at the vehicle as Flashbang ka-thump-a-thumped Speedbump and fled. That’s when poor Donohue got shot. But look at this false diagram which was submitted as evidence in the Flashbang trial — it suggests that cops were shooting at Tamerlan when they hit Donohue. Nonsense, they were just firing blindly in the vague direction of a car, and Tamerlan was already down for the long count. This diagram is a complete fraud, yet it was submitted as evidence and widely publicized — that’s how far they’re going to CYA whoever plugged Donohue. A politician’s nephew?



Shortly after the firefight, an unmarked MSP black pickup truck was erroneously reported as stolen. This vehicle, with two occupants in it, was then spotted driving on Adams Street, near the scene of the shootout, and fired upon by an officer. Upon further inspection, it was deter- mined that the occupants of the vehicle were a BPD officer and MSP trooper in plain clothes, both of whom were unhurt.

Weapons discipline was again an issue during the operation to capture the second suspect who was hiding in a boat parked in a residential backyard. An officer fired his weapon without appropriate authority in response to perceived movement in the boat, in turn causing many officers to fire at the boat in the belief that they were being shot at by the suspect. Each of these incidents created dangerous crossfire situations.

Massachusetts police training on firearms is so poor to be nonexistent, or even counterproductive. (Remember Framingham PD, which blew a non-suspect’s head off because they teach keep your finger on the trigger and your M4 off safe?) Mostly, they teach rookies to hate and fear firearms, so it’s not surprising that most of them fail to master them.

Fortunately, their combat marksmanship was even worse than their fire discipline, preventing from doing more than hundreds of thousands of dollars of property damage (which has gone unreimbursed: patch your own bullet holes, peasants) and crippling just one unlucky cop.

The biggest failing is that there are no lessons taken on board from this. Despite the occasional words of self-criticism, the report makes no attempt to identify the irresponsible cop who plugged Donohue, probably because the investigators didn’t really want to know. Overall, the report is saturated in smug self-satisfaction:

Overall, the response to the Boston Marathon bombings must be considered a great success.

You keep using that word….

When Guns are Outlawed, only Outlaws Will have Chainsaws

chainsaw bladeA typical murder-suicide, if there is such a thing, happens when a desperate man shoots his wife (or ex), then himself, usually. So what’s Mr Lonelyhearts to do if he hasn’t got a gun? Mayor Bloomberg will never believe this, but some distraught creeps go straight to Plan B.

The gruesome murder-suicide in Lower Moreland on Tuesday orphaned the couple’s three sons, and shocked a close-knit Montgomery County community that knew Nicole and Christopher Peppelmans as caring and attentive parents.

A middle schooler comes home from playing basketball and finds his parents’ bodies.

If you’re not creeped out yet, here it comes:

Both are dead, both mutilated by a chainsaw.

Nicole Peppelman, 43, had also been choked and stabbed, coroner Walter Hofman said Wednesday. Christopher Peppelman, 48, killed himself, according to autopsy results.

She might have been choked and stabbed, but that’s not what killed her.

Kevin Steele, the Montgomery County first assistant district attorney, said a chainsaw and a knife were recovered at the scene. He declined to discuss the investigation or a possible motive.

Hofman cited “gaping sharp-force injuries” to the stomach as a cause of death for both victims, though he wouldn’t say if the injuries came from the chainsaw. Christopher Peppelman had a similar wound to his right thigh.

“He wouldn’t say if the injuries came from the chainsaw.” Well, cops are always careful not to rule out Smilodon. And vampires. But we can cross off zombies, because all they want to do is eat your brains.

What motivated Christopher Peppelman to kill his ex-wife and himself remained unclear. Those who knew the Peppelmans described them as loving parents whose lives centered on their boys, who are in the third, sixth, and eighth grades.

“This is horribly tragic for the whole family, especially the boys,” said Cheryl Young, an attorney who represented Nicole Peppelman in the couple’s divorce proceedings.

via Coroner: Chainsaw deaths murder, suicide.

You could say that’ll leave a mark.