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How Spree Killers Get Their Weapons

An anti-gun group has placed stories in several newspapers describing how a select group of murderers — recent high-profile spree killers — got their guns. The point of the exercise seems to be to (1) suggest that murderers buy their guns the same was as millions of peaceable people do, and therefore (2) justify the gun-control billionaires’ long-term goal of disarming said peaceable people.

The identical story with identical photographs appears in different papers under different bylines, telling you that (1) these outlets don’t have a problem with third parties writing their stories; (2) these bylined reporters don’t have a problem with claiming to have done someone else’s work, and (3) the third parties actually preparing these stories, for which mainstream media reporters are taking credit (and pay), are not doing it for the credit (or the money, at least not directly. They’re certainly being paid for their work).

Of course, if you know anything about the media or reporters, that won’t surprise you. A very high percentage of stories in your local paper are more-or-less-rewritten press releases from various parties with time to spare and an axe to grind — as long as they’re grinding an axe that fits The Narrative™.

nyt_gun_control_spin_storyHere is the story as it ran in the New York Times, credited to no less than eleven reporters and staff members:  

The covered the weapons used and purchased by a carefully selected subset of killers. Unlike the bylined reporters at Times or Slate, we’re not interested in promoting these creeps, so we’ll identify the location, number slain, date, date of firearms acquisition, and comments. (This is a good time to ask, again, if anybody knows of a decent table plug-in for WordPress. We’d like to improve the look and feel of these tables)

Location Killed Wounded (if known) Date Date(s) of Firearm Acquisition Time to Crime (days) Firearm(s) Background Checks?
Umpqua CC, Roseburg, OR 9 10 10/1/15 unknown unknown Del-Ton AR-15; Glock, S&W and Taurus auto pistols Passed
Roanoke VA 2 1 8/26/15 6/1/15 86 Glock pistol 9mm Passed
Lafayette, LA 2 9 7/23/15 1/1/14 568 cheap .40 Passed
Charleston, SC 9 0 6/17/15 4/1/15 77 Glock pistol .45 ACP Passed
Marysville, WA 4 1 10/24/14 1/1/13 661 Beretta PX4 Stolen
Fort Hood, TX 3 16 4/2/14 3/1/14 32 Smith & Wesson M&P Passed
Washington Navy Yard 12 8 9/16/13 9/1/13 15 Remington 870 Passed
School, Newtown, CT 27 2 12/14/12 unknown unknown Bushmaster AR-15; Savage Mark II .22; Glock .40; SiG 226 9mm Stolen
Sikh Temple, Oak Creek, WI 6 4 8/5/12 7/1/12 35 Springfield Armory XD pistol Passed
Aurora, CO 12 70 7/20/12 5/22/12 59 Smith & Wesson AR-15, Remington 870, Glock .40 Passed
Oikos Univ., Oakland, CA 7 3 4/2/12 1/1/12 92 Springfield Armory XD pistol Passed
Tucson, AZ 6 13 1/8/11 11/30/10 39 Glock pistol 9mm Passed
Fort Hood, TX 12 43 11/5/09 7/31/09 97 FN Five-seveN pistol Passed
Immigration Center, Bighamton, NY 13 2 4/3/09 3/1/09 33 Beretta 92FS; Beretta PX4 Storm. Passed

These represent 14 separate homicidal sprees in which a staggering 124 people were killed and 182 injured (not all by gunfire). Note that sometimes we do not have the date of gun purchase on hand, but we know the month or the year; in that case we note the date as being the first of the month or the first of the year. Assume that any date with a 1 in it is only an approximation!

Time to crime statistics are important, and we’ll have more to say about them in a minute.

slate_gun_control_spin_storySlate’s nearly identical list was assembled, or plagiarized, by a single reporter (Christina Cauteruscci) and one intern (Greta Weber). (Slate also published a piece self-righteously defending the outlet’s voyeuristic tendency to promote these murderers. That one was penned by Justin Peters; you can see its headline in the sidebar of the Slate story).

Both of them leave off murders that don’t fit The Narrative, like some Sudden Jihad Syndrome attacks. For example, the Times deliberately excludes the Charleston, SC military-office shootings. A guy named Abdulazeez with an AK that perhaps didn’t come from your corner gunshop does violence to The Narrative™, and so must suffer the heavy hand of media deletion. (The Fort Hood Sudden Jihad Syndrome shooter is included because the media remains committed to the myth that it was “workplace violence”). A California spree killer was left off, perhaps because he used an automobile as well as a firearm in his murders. (But we can only go so far in psychoanalyzing the Guardians of The Narrative™, who are in their own way as obsessive and loopy as the murderers themselves).

slates_dimbulb_idea_of_an_ak-47As is customary in media stories about guns, they make many laughable errors. You’ll find them if you look at the stories, but the prizewinner is probably Slate’s note that one shooter used an “AK-47 style semiautomatic rifle,” which they illustrate with an oddball SKS, which looks like one of the cut-downs marketed by Century a dozen or so years ago. Sure, that’s an AK. And call me Caitlyn.

That’s typical of the lack of care and integrity displayed by dishonest reporters like these while retyping their assignments from Bloomberg’s copy desk.

How These Killers Differ From “Normal” Criminals

We’re not big fans of scare quotes, but criminal behavior is by definition deviant. and so criminals are only “normal” by reference to other criminals. After looking at thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of criminal gun acquisitions, certain things stand out about, say, your typical murderer versus these going-postal types.

  1. For a career criminal, a homicide or homicides is not an entry level crime, but a culmination of a life of increasing legal deviancy.
  2. Ergo, most murderers have one of more prior felonies, permanent restraining orders (or equivalent), or other disqualifying entries on their records, and can’t buy guns in shops.
  3. Criminals take the path of least resistance to an even greater extent than the normal exemplar of Homo sapiens. Therefore, they go for firearms the same place you might go to for, say, lawn care advice, to their normal informal social networks.
  4. Most crime guns are acquired by purchase or barter from friends or family. Criminals’ girlfriends are a particularly fruitful source; except for some pockets of check-kiting and insurance fraud, they tend not to be as criminal as their men.
  5. Before being acquired by their ultimate criminal who will lose them when murdered, at a crime scene, or in a police search, the bulk of  crime guns circulate for some time in a black market.
  6. Our best guesstimate is that about 80% of murder weapons come from this black market, about 15-18% are straw-purchased to order for criminals (although seldom with a specific planned crime in mind), and the balance are stolen to order or acquired by the end-user criminal directly from the thieves.
  7. ATF’s median time-to-crime figures for most states support this analysis. We’ll look into this in depth below.

Meanwhile, the spree killer is a different animal entirely.

  1. Murderers are, in the main, career criminals. Spree killers have seldom been in serious legal trouble. (Lots of them were weird or creeped people out, but the vast majority of weirdos never kill anybody, so weird is not a useful indicator any more than buying a gun is).
  2. Murders are conventionally the nexus between something inconsequential and a violent person with poor impulse control. The spree killer plans his attack for months or years.
  3. The goal of a conventional murderer is to kill somebody. The goal of a spree killer is to make a statement, often stated as, “get on TV.” In this, he’s more like a terrorist.
  4. Murderers tend to be, let’s not sugar-coat this, stupid. They let rage or an ill-thought-out “perfect crime” lead them into a path which never ends well for them, although they don’t usually wind up as dead as their victims — just locked up.  Spree killers may be just as full of rage as your average PO’d crack dealer, but they tend to be above average in intelligence. Many of them are smarter than the cops pursuing them and the reporters writing about them, not that intelligence makes them good people. They are likely to be systematic and plan their crimes for a long time (often, for maximum media impact). It’s commonplace for cops to find plans, spreadsheets, and statements of admiration for previous spree killers, after the fact. Spree killers frequently write self-important manifestoes. For an example of planning, some of them waited out state waiting periods for firearms.
  5. Murderers usually act in the heat of the moment, spree killers plan their crimes in detail, often fantasizing in obsessive detail (based on movies, video games, and the media reporting on the others they emulate).
  6. Murderers expect, however unrealistically, to get away with their crimes. Spree killers have no such illusions and usually plan to kill themselves when confronted by police or armed resistance.
  7. A “regular” murderer is less likely to be socially isolated, so he can do things like have a girlfriend straw-purchase a firearm for him, or acquire one through criminal associates who (however unwisely) trust him. A spree killer is isolated, even in the midst of family, workplace, or school, and never has a girlfriend or anybody who trusts him that much. So he has to keep his nose clean, legally, and acquire his weapon legally; or, as in two of the Times’s cases above, he steals them from someone he knows who owns them — in one case, his father; in the other, his mother, after murdering her with four shots to the head from a .22.

What TTC Tells Us

One statistic ATF officers like to monitor is time-to-crime. A short TTC may be an indicator of criminal trafficking, or of guns purchased with intent to commit crime. Although the media myth is that guns move very rapidly through legitimate commercial channels into illicit ones — honoring the media’s belief that crime is best attacked by attacking peaceable gun owners — the actual numbers are different.

ATF is, probably in interests of ensuring their continuing lobbying cooperation with anti-gun groups, somewhat hinky about releasing all of this data. But they do release national numbers (.xls) and a selection of state numbers, from which you can work backwards and try to build your own crosstabs if so inclined.  (These are 2014 data. Previous data may also be found here on ATF’s website).

By using percentages in public releases, ATF elides the fact that many states just don’t see enough guns traced for the law of large numbers to attach and give us faith in the power of statistics; small states have only a few dozen traces. ATF also made powerpoint slides for each state that they use in press conferences and roll into .pdfs; for example, here’s one from New York (where there were almost 5,000 attempted and almost 4,000 successful traces).


We’ll break that out for you (bearing in mind the percentages get more wiggy as the data set gets smaller):

Period Number ATF percentage Cumulative in period
< 3 months 134 3.0% 97.0% with a TTC under 3 months
3 < 7 months 89 2.0% 95.1% with a TTC under 7 months
7 m < 1 year 131 2.9% 92.2% with a TTC under 1 year
1 to < 2 years 313 6.9% 85.3% with a TTC under 2 years
2 to < 3 years 235 5.2% 80.1% with a TTC under 3 years
3 years and up 3632 80.1% 0.0%
4534 100.0%

(Note: this total number doesn’t gibe with NY totals the ATF reports elsewhere. Get used to that).

These numbers should be discouraging to anyone who wants to make a meaningful intervention against crime at the point of legal sale of the firearm.

The ATF national average Time-to-Crime in 2014 was 10.88 years, suggesting that most guns do not move quickly from legal commerce to illicit commerce to police recovery. (New York’s was longer, at over 14 years; and as in all states, most crime guns in New York were last legally sold in New York). Only three jurisdictions (Arizona, Puerto Rico and Wyoming) took less than 9 years (and always over 8.5). Relatively few of these firearms were recovered in homicides, and it’s impossible for us to break out the homicide guns from the others; the ATF could release the data allowing this, but they don’t.

The spree killers are clearly not average. Their time to crime is, on average, less than half a year. Given that spree killers are planners, not improvisers, it seems that they, unlike many other criminals but much like many other suicides, often do acquire the firearms after the idea of the killing has formed, and with specific intent to use the gun.

The difficulty lies in this: how do you tell the spree killer from any other guy buyer without a prior criminal record? Without a Stasi-level surveillance state, you don’t; and if you want to see what a Stasi-level surveillance state looks like, imagine the employees of the TSA or Registry of Motor Vehicles as secret police. And even if we did accept a Stasi and if it was efficient, it would still be stymied by these guys, by them using the simple expedient of keeping their plans to themselves. Which is, you may note, no particular challenge for a socially isolated individual.


Many media reporters are so committed to The Narrative™ that they seem intent on altering the facts to fit. Consider this picture of a recent spree killer, left is as he posted to social media, right as the TV presented him, after a photo-shop “race lift.” (Reportedly on CNN, but CNN’s Brian Stelter hotly denies this).


The Los Angeles Times also presented this particular shooter, who was, like the President, the child of a union between one black and one white parent, as a — we are not making this up — “White Supremacist.”  Because that’s what The Narrative™ says he must be, and working for the LA Times, you are expected to believe twelve impossible things before breakfast. (If the Times wises up and deletes that unsupported statement, there’s a screencap here).

Dead Kids Make the Best Propaganda

Now that the whole world has reacted, emotionally, to the photographs of a drowned kid on a beach, it turns out to be a propaganda photo, much like the misrepresented and tendentiously edited images of Mohammed al-Dura that fabricating French television reporter (and anti-Semite) Charles Enderlin used to promote himself over a decade ago.


Sure, the kid is dead, but his death had nothing to do with the political cause in which his lifeless body has been enlisted. He died for greed, and almost every single thing about the story is a falsehood. That he has been the poster child for a migration of people who, amazingly, hate the places they’re migrating to, is a testament to the power of propaganda, and the mass media’s comfort in being a megaphone for a hostile propaganda effort.

Even his name is a lie: it is not the given, Western-media-friendly Alan Kurdi, but Alyan Shenu. Far from being refugees fleeing from fighting in Kobani (or from ISIL, or from the Syrian Government), his family are economic migrants, fleeing towards streets paved with golden welfare.

Like any good propaganda campaign, there are islands of truth in the sea of falsehood. For example, unlike most of the “Syrian” refugees, they were actually Syrian.

The parents of the kid, heartless wretches who let him drown and saved themselves, weren’t fleeing oppression in Syria, but the lack of a welfare state in Turkey, where the father of the family had to work to make a living. That is, in fact, whatis driving all the current crop of migrants and refugees, who have learned the ritual phrases to mouth to credulous officials.

They had lived in Turkey for three years. They tried to get to Europe or North America not in search of freedom or safety, but of free $#!+ — specifically, free dental work for Dad, who would have had to pay for it, in Turkey. But it wasn’t just toothache that drove them to attempt the risky trip: they seem to have paid more to a criminal smuggler gang than Dad’s dentistry would have cost. They were just looking to lay back in the hammock of Western social benefits.

Maybe the problem is not that we have too little compassion to the freeloaders of Asia Minor, but that we have too much for our own.


Collection of Debunking Details #1: Kerry Picket at The Daily Caller

Collection of Debunking Details #2: James Delingpole at Breitbart.

Collection of Debunking Details #3: The Guardian (which thinks it’s supporting the story, but is full of inconsistencies that went unnoticed by their reporter):

Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week: SIGAR

sigar_logoDo you want to understand the war in Afghanistan?

If so, good luck.

But one part of it that can be understood is the amount of resources that we have poured like sand down that rathole. Indeed, as of 30 July, the number spent on the Afghan government alone was about $109 billion. That is to say, not counting all the troops launching bullets and executing the actual war part of the war.

That number comes from a quarterly report of the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). The Special IG maintains a website that, apart from promoting the Great Man his ownself, one John F Sopko, provides a pretty good guide to the corruption of Afghanistan, the nation which pretty much owns the World Cup of Corruption.

The stories here are depressing. For example, the US spent a fortune to have Afghan contractors install grates to keep taliban bombers out of culverts… and the contractors just pocketed the money and left the culverts wide open for IED planters.

There are many more like that, the bleached bones of nation building baking in the Afghan sun. Tht’s why the site of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction is our Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week.

Link: Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction

PETA Extremists Want to Rip Off Photographer

David Slater's monkey photo, as ripped off by PETA lawyers.

David Slater’s monkey photo, as ripped off by PETA lawyers.

The so-called People for the Ethical Treatent of Animals, an “animal rights” extremist group that may be best known as the overt “front” of the Earth Liberation Front,  and the “animal shelter” that comes nearest to a 100% euthanasia rate, has its heart — and its lawyers, a particularly slimy subset of Crotalus Americanus — set on seizing the copyright of a monkey picture, the famous “monkey selfie,” that’s currently owned by the human being David Slater, a wildlife photographer who set up the camera trap on Sulawesi Island in the Indonesian archipelago.

PETA’s Jeffrey Kerr, fresh from unhinging his jaw and swallowing a puppy whole, argues that the photo belongs to the monkey, and as the representatives of Hanuman the Monkey God on the fallen planet of Earth, PETA (and not incidentally, its lawyers, like Kerr), ought to expropriate Slater of the money.

Strictly for the benefit of the monkey, of course. The monkey wants Kerr to have steak dinners (well, maybe tofu dinners, considering his extremism) and fine cigars, and to have a slush fund for covering the expenses of fugitive ELF arsonists and lab vandals.

Surely, if you were a monkey, that’s what you’d want, too.

The suit was filed in federal court in San Francisco by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. It seeks a court order allowing PETA to administer all proceeds from the photos for the benefit of the monkey, which it identified as 6-year-old Naruto, and other crested macaques living in a reserve on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

The photos were taken during a 2011 trip to Sulawesi by British nature photographer David Slater. Through San Francisco-based self-publishing company Blurb, he has published a book called “Wildlife Personalities” that includes the “monkey selfie” photos.

via Animal-rights lawyers sue to give macaque monkey the copyright of disputed selfie photos | Fox News.

This is probably a good place to remember Chesterton’s, “Where animals are worshiped, humans are sacrificed.”

It’s pretty neat that Dr. Doolittle of PETA was able to get the monkey to tell him his name. We can’t ever get anything out of monkeys except chatter and laughter — and howls, if they’re Panamanian howler monkeys.

Of course, maybe they can’t talk to animals, and Kerr or one of PETA’s other slimy lawyers made that bit up. What are the odds?

Wait, did we say PETA lawyer Jeffrey Kerr was slimy? That may not be technically correct. Herpetologists assure us that his skin is merely cool and smooth to the touch.

The Thais, by the way, have several good recipes for monkey, if you ever find yourself in that splendid nation. Their monkeys assure us that they are all named Jeffrey Kerr and Ingrid Newkirk.

TSA Agent of the Month

TSA Margo Louree-GrantMeet Margo Louree-Grant, who stole a $7,000-$7,500 watch from a passenger as he passed through security at JFK Airport in New York City. If she’d been caught by the TSA, she would just have been quietly dismissed, but unfortunately for her, she was caught by the Port Authority Police, who don’t share the TSA senior management’s carefree attitude to grand larceny.

Tranportation Security Administration screener Margo Louree-Grant was caught on security camera swiping the men’s luxury watch about 3 p.m. Aug. 26.

The watch, completely covered in white diamonds, had been placed in a plastic bin for screening by passenger Bindoo Ahluwalia.

When Ahluwalia walked away without the watch after passing through security at Terminal 7, Louree-Grant snatched it and took it to a bathroom, prosecutors said.

But she became nervous when she returned to her post and found co-workers searching for the timepiece. …. She quit her job soon afterward.

Louree-Grant, of Brooklyn, was arrested Wednesday night and charged with grand larceny and official misconduct. She faces up to seven years in prison if convicted, officials said.

“This kind of thievery will not be tolerated at our airports,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Friday.

via TSA agent at JFK busted for swiping passenger’s $7K watch – NY Daily News.

Like we said, it is tolerated if it’s the TSA and not an external agency that catches the thief.

At last Mr Ahluwalia got his watch back, right? Right? Bueller? 

Well, not right. Actually, wrong.  Louree-Grant’s story is that she “destroyed” it. (How does a 100-lb addict-lookin’ woman destroy diamonds, with which the watch was encrusted?) And that was the end of that; the payroll patriots of the TSA congratulated themselves on a job well done, stopped looking for the watch, and made two announcements:

  1. A job opening, which they posted where they usually hire people — the homeless shelters, halfway houses and transitional incarceration facilities in the Tri-State area.
  2. A more general statement of principle, to the American public:

“You bleeped up. You trusted us.” And that’s the TSA in a nutshell. No one good, decent, moral, ethical, competent or intelligent has ever been employed by TSA in any capacity whatsoever.



When the US Isn’t Serious, Who Is?

Who's running US foreign and defense policy?

Who’s running US foreign and defense policy?

The US isn’t serious, and the fiasco this week where Lloyd Austin stammered in front of a committee, clearly unprepared to answer questions about what his own command is doing, was only one sign. Austin’s sheepish admission that he’s blown a half-billion dollars training a Syrian insurgent force that can be counted on a single hand’s fingers, max, wasn’t even the low point of his testimony, and Austin’s failure isn’t the Army’s only failure this week.

Friday PM — the usual time for a Data Dump of Shame in DC, because all the overpaid, underworked .gov workers are out of the city and into Beltway traffic in the early afternoon — the Army dumped the name and circumstances of the new Secretary of the Army, and he’s a doozy. The youthful-looking Secretary-designee, Acting Undersecretary Eric Fanning comes by his youthful looks honestly: he’s young (46) and callow, a career midrange bureaucrat without significant executive experience (.pdf), or private-sector experience, although he’s been parked in Democratic lobbying firms during Republican administrations. He has never served in the military and has never displayed much respect for those who do and have. They are there to serve him. He has never held a job in the productive economy.

He is also a proponent of the nuclear armament of Iran, also known as the Iran Deal, which should give you an idea of just how he didn’t succeed in one of his previous bureaucratic sinecures, Deputy Director of the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism. He is also a former CBS reporter, in the Dan Rather fabrication days. Hey, but he is an Ivy grad (Dartmouth), where he majored in Not Joining ROTC, and that counts for something.

Why pick him, then? To Send A Message™, to count a valuable bean among people for whom the military exists to enable bean-counting. Fanning is fabulously gay, and his tasking is to increase the social engineering pressure on the Army to make it more friendly to GLBTQWERTY individuals, and more hostile to those who are not, whilst presiding over the readiness and end-strength declines he’s already been managing as Acting Undersecretary. He has said that his highest priorities are to forbid criticism of gay (etc) soldiers and to encourage transgender soldiers.

The Washington Post suggests another reason, too:

Fanning’s role as Army secretary would give him influence over the generals the Army selects to rebuild the service….

Let a thousand Austins bloom. Only, GLBTQWERTY ones this time.

So that’s just how serious the US is, Eric Fanning serious. If you felt a vibration on Friday, it was probably al-Baghdadi quivering in fear — or suffused with mirth, perhaps.

But an unserious US is something that has effects far beyond the areas in DC where they’re debating how many sexual minorities can dance in government jobs.

How an Unserious US is Received by Rivals

Soviet era Anti-American Poster, but it fits with Russian reporting on US bombing in Syria.

Soviet era Anti-American Poster, but it fits with Russian reporting on US bombing in Syria.

In Syria, where Austin’s tragicomic ineptitude in Washington was already known to friends (not that we have any) and foes alike within hours, the latest player is Russia, which is about to extend an air-defense umbrella over the forces of Bashar Assad, who have been irritated and inconvenienced by very occasional US air sorties.

On Friday, the same day that the US announced its highest defense priority is gay rights, the US woke up to confirmation of the Russian move1, which had been unimagined by American intelligence analysts and caught US National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who had been as always focusing on how she could crush Israel, completely by surprise.

US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft, a political appointee who essentially bought the ambassadorship with campaign donations (Correction: While Tefft was politically appointed to this position, he’s a career FSO. We had him confused with another hack), called on Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, but was fobbed off on an underling, Mihkail Bogdanov. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter was able to reach his Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoygu, on the phone, during which call Shoygu explained the principle of “honoring commitments made to the Syrian government” to a baffled Carter.

Charles Krauthammer has a field day with this. Read The Whole Thing™, but here’s a taste:

Kerry and Obama are serially surprised because they cannot fathom the hard men in the Kremlin. Yet Putin’s objectives in Syria are blindingly obvious:

1. To assert Russia’s influence in the Middle East and make it the dominant outside power.

2. To sustain Russia’s major and long-standing Arab ally.

3. To expand the reach of Russia’s own military.

4. To push out the Americans. … Putin… is demonstrating whom you can rely on in this very tough neighborhood.

5. To re-legitimize post-Crimea Russia by making it indispensable in Syria.

Russia is not the only geostrategic rival emboldened by American vacillation, hesitation, and unseriousness. Consider China’s push into the Spratly Islands, for example, Iran’s Marg Bar Amrika nuclear-weapons program, the ransoming (and White House celebration) of traitor Bowe Bergdahl, the other ransoms paid, the resulting roughly 30 Americans held hostage around the world while the people who are supposed to be planning their rescue — or scaring the crap out of people who might otherwise take hostages — are held hostage themselves, to SHARP re-retraining or GLBTQWERTY appreciation indoctrination2.

How an Unserious US is Received by Friends

JMSDF Izumo launched in Yokohama Harbor. Now fitting out for commissioning. Kyodo photo.

JMSDF Izumo launched in Yokohama Harbor. Now fitting out for commissioning. Kyodo photo.

The message from DC is: “Don’t bother us, we’re counting beans here. Unless you can send us some more left-handed albino Shiite bisexuals, KMAGYOYO.” The message was sent by the shattered bodies of our few allies in Syria, the car-bombed ruins of those who trusted us in Afghanistan, and the rolling heads of the people who put their faith in us in Iraq.

But hey, we’re going to let RuPaul be a drill sergeant, if it wants. What’s more important? The message, then, to twist an aphorism, is that the desperate peoples at the rim of the Free World have found in today’s US “No worse friend, no better enemy.”

Events in the Japanese Diet this week sent a loud “transmission received” our way: the Japanese rolled back their historic Constitutional prohibition on external military operations. They did it on the same day the US announced its highest defense priority was gay rights with the promotion of Fanning, but that’s strictly coincidental.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Japan needs the legislation to bolster its defense amid China’s growing assertiveness and to share global peacekeeping efforts.

And, of course, he has a weak US with a weak President, weak Secretary of State, and weak Secretary of Defense — a US he cannot trust. Japan must be ready to defend herself.

Well, it’s true a major European power had some trouble with Japanese militarism 110 years ago, but they’ve scarcely been a bother since then.


  1. If you’re paywalled out of the WSJ article, this Google Search should get you in.
  2. The White House official in charge of Counterterrorism (and hostage rescue, or, as she usually decides, Lack Of The Same, is Lisa Monaco, a lawyer and political appointee without CT, defense, or national-security experience, and it shows — she’s way over her small head. (She was an in-house counsel at FBI).


This probably would have fit somewhere else, but it sure fits the “unserious” theme. Also on Friday oops, Thursday, the pop band Insane Clown Posse won an appeal against a court’s dismissal of their lawsuit against the FBI for labeling their fans a criminal gang. Yes, really. Is there any clown posse more insane than the supposedly sober men and women of the FBI and the rest of the US government right now?

Oregon Courts: OK to Drive Drunk, if you Drive Slow

(Editors’ note: this was supposed to fire at 1800 on 17 Sep 15. For whatever reason it didn’t, and it’s been belatedly restored, as of 1000 18 Sep 15. We regret the error — Eds.]

drunk drivingAfter years of seeming to be biased in favor of Oregon’s bumper crop of dopers, and against its native-born drunks, the Oregon Court of Appeals has thrown a bone to Booze-Oregonians, letting a drunk driver off because the cops shouldn’t hassle people for driving too slow.

One wonders if the Court met in its usual haze of alcohol fumes and cannabis smoke.

The court Thursday reversed the conviction of a man accused of drunk driving after a Multnomah County deputy stopped him for failure of a slow driver to drive on the right. The motorist, Rian Murphy, had been traveling 32 mph late at night in a 35-mph zone.

Murphy sought to suppress evidence collected after he was pulled over, arguing the deputy lacked probable cause for the stop.

The Appeals Court agreed, saying 32 mph was not too slow for the left lane. The opinion notes that Murphy was only four mph away from speeding, and says the Department of Motor Vehicles advises motorists to reduce speed at night.

via Court: Slightly slow drivers not required to change lane | News – Home.

Of course, what this means is that deputies will no longer pull motorists based on their speed but will say they crossed the white or yellow lines.

And maybe the drunks of Oregon will slow down a little… hmmm, a sign of the continuing lawyer-led collapse of civilization or a moment of brilliance?

We’ll go with collapse.

Gitmo Terrorist Seeking Love

Girls, here's his profile pic. Don't all IM him at once, let the guy pace himself.

Girls, here’s his profile pic. Don’t all IM him at once, let the guy pace himself.

It’s spring somewhere, and former bin Laden henchman Mohammed Rahim seeks love. And his terror bar attorney describes his suffering: he was exposed in the Ashley Madison hack, put himself out there on, and has been subjected to torture and cruel and unusual punishment, to wit: the evil kuffar screws won’t let him log onto the hook-up site Tinder.

Oh, the humanity! What bestial horrors will those infidels sink to, next?

Muhammad Rahim al-Afghani, who was believed at one time to have close ties to Usama bin Laden, maintained the dating profile for three years, according to his attorney, Carlos Warner.

The prisoner’s location is set to Guantanamo Bay, and his tagline reads, “Detained but ready to mingle.” Still, he reportedly gets matched with other users daily.

A letter published by Al Jazeera reveals how al-Afghani even wrote to his lawyer about the Ashley Madison hack.

“This is terrible news about Ashley Madison please remove my profile immediately!!! I’ll stick with … There is no way I can get Tinder in here,” he wrote.

via ‘Detained But Ready to Mingle?’ Somehow, a Gitmo Detainee Was on | Fox News Insider.

The mass-murder insider and his mass-murderers’ mouthpiece are all bent out of shape that being locked up has hindered Mohammed’s self-actualization. You know, the normal islamic guy stuff like keeping sex slaves, having a few wives to beat, and keeping them knocked up whilst one indulges the usual Afghan manly pastimes, like Boy Love Thursdays.

Matt Golsteyn was right. No percentage in taking these scrotes alive.

Animal-Rights Drone Invades Pigeon Shoot…

It’s time for one more dispatch from the provinces of a nation raised on Barney the Dinosaur and Walt Disney’s urbanite view of “nature.”

An animal-rights extremist group that shares its motivations and ends, if not all its means, with animal-rights terrorists like the Earth Liberation Front, which is so determined to save animals that vandalism, arson, burglary and attempted murder are all part of its standard repertoire, recently took to the air. Alas, it was only to find that the sky is an unforgiving courtroom from those unlettered in the law of cause and effect.

The anti-gun, anti-hunting, anti-meat and anti-leather scolds planned to invade private property and get video of a pigeon shoot fundraiser for a Republican Kansas Senator, which they could then edit for fundraising and political purposes.

They didn’t do the math on sending an unlicensed drone to trespass on and harass a gathering of practiced wingshooters. 

One word: “Pull!”

Scratch one drone, and the ELF types, and their hand-wringing handmaidens on local TV, noe haz a sad. They wuz robbed — because normal laws apply only to normal people, not social justice weenies  like animal worshippers.

Showing Animals Respect and Kindness is an animal rights group that secretly filmed a fundraiser for Senator Jim Inhofe last year, where guests were shooting tame, banded pigeons that were thrown into the air.

This year, the group said they tried to use a drone to record the event Friday night in Greer County, but they reported the drone was shot down.

A spokesperson for S.H.A.R.K. also said the sheriff refused to investigate the downing, insisting shooting a drone is not illegal.

via Drone shot down at Inhofe fundraiser |

“Where animals are worshiped, humans are sacrificed” — Chesterton>

No word on who got the trophy, or where you take a drone to have it stuffed and mounted. Or is the trophy done German style — just the rotor blades and the top of the skull?

Unlike doves, drones are not good eating — not that Showing Animals Respect and Kindness would have a clue as to what good eating is, with their idea of “omnivorous” meaning tofu and brussels sprouts.

For next year, the organizers have asked the pigeon-huggers to send more drones — the shooting challenge is about the same, and they have to pay for the pigeons.

College Men from LSU…

The LSU poly-sci faculty in action. They thought it was a Phyrgian Cap.

The LSU poly-sci faculty in action. They thought it was a Phyrgian Cap.

College Men from LSU…

…as Randy Newman sang, “Went in dumb, come out dumb, too.” We never understood the line until we read this complete freakout in the WashPost by a couple of second-string LSU academics (an assistant professor and a grad student) in the schools clearly-not-too-rigorous political “science” department. As usual for the breed, they’re very political and not too scientific, and what they’re in a complete state of HP 1 about is… 3D Printing. Because GUNZ!

Yeah. Google “Wooden AR lower”.Perhaps they’re going to recommend registering coping saws next.

But that isn’t even where they stop… governments need to regulate consumer printers because they can print weapons of mass destruction. This indicates that neither of the authors, assistant prof Daniel Tirone and wooly-headed grad student James Gilley, is capable of reason at the high school level, or understands the processes of biological labs or nuclear weapons manufacture at that same level. Here are a couple of gems from their op-ed:

You can print your own guns at home. Next it will be nuclear weapons. Really.

[T]echnology is a bigger obstacle to reducing future gun deaths than either the National Rifle Association or differing interpretations of the Second Amendment.

Yeah, because this asshole named Polo brought back this gunpowder stuff from China and let the cat out of the bag. Before that, the world was a Garden of Eden featuring no gun deaths.

The ability to “print” or manufacture guns privately will allow individuals to bypass background checks, the primary way that guns are regulated today.

Um, people can already “bypass background checks” quite a number of ways, considering that over 90% of gun murders are committed by career criminals who were already prohibited persons. This data is available to anyone who has any science in his political science, which clearly excludes the duds of LSU.

And that challenge will expand exponentially as the technology advances, one day enabling individuals to print chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction at home.

And this gem:

This is not a futuristic speculation; 3-D printed handguns are already on the street. The government is struggling to respond to these guns, which are hard to detect and deadly.

FOOM! (If this does come to the desktop, can they test it  at LSU?)

FOOM! (If this does come to the desktop, can they test it at LSU?)

Number of people killed by 3D printed guns to date? We’re thinking it’s zero. These two dud Political Scientists (Political Science is to science as Christian Science is to open-heart surgery) praise the State Department for trying to ban gun data, and curse the annoying and irritating First and Second Amendments that unfairly restrict the ability of their benevolent Government to crush any dissenters. Because they’ll have nukes next!

The threat of privately printed weapons will soon grow beyond the lethal handguns now in circulation. As we argue in research forthcoming in the October issue of the Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism2, considering expected advances in the technologies, terrorist groups will threaten nations with 3-D printed chemical, biological and nuclear weapons within a couple of decades.

And these ultramaroons are teaching your kids, if you’re dumb enough to send them to LSU.

Randy Newman was right!


  1. HP — “Homosexual Panic”. Old SF term. No insult to any actual gay people who are not in a permanent state of panic is intended.
  2. The Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, gives every appearance of being an academic circle-jerk, pretty well devoid of any perspective by anyone who’s ever conducted any policing, intelligence, or counterterrorism.