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Breaking: Senator Loses War College Degree for Fraud

Face of a Thesis Thief

Face of a Thesis Thief — appointed Senator, and disgraced officer,  John Walsh.

Remember John Walsh? No, not the anti-gun TV celebrity who turned a dead kid into fame and fortune, but the anti-gun appointed Senator from Montana, Dishonest John Walsh, who was going to save Big Sky for his party because of his “great military career?”

If the name rings a bell, maybe it’s because we covered the Thesis Thief back in July as part of an omnibus on military phonies in Congress, noted that political appointees sidetracked an investigation into his plagiarism later that month, and followed up with news of his withdrawal from the increasingly lopsided race. As we wrote that last time:

Walsh copied large portions of his Master’s paper at the Army War College from a variety of published, academic and think-tank works. He is expected to lose his USAWC degree of Master of Strategic Studies when an enquiry is complete. The exposure of Walsh’s plagiarism caused reporters to look at his checkered military record, and torpedoed a candidacy that was entirely dependent on the legend of Walsh as military leader.

(Walsh had been reprimanded for corruption and denied Federal recognition of his promotion to two-star general in the MT Army National Guard, forcing him to retire as a colonel).

Well, Dishonest John gets the last of his fifteen minutes of fame today, as the USAWC did indeed revoke his fraudulently-obtained degree and his status as a graduate.

The board of the Carlisle, Pennsylvania-based college took less than a day to hear the case and make its findings Aug. 22. But the process of appeal and review wasn’t completed until Friday.

“The board found that then Colonel John Walsh did commit the offense of plagiarism and thus his Master’s Degree and status as graduate of the U.S. Army War College should be revoked,” War College spokeswoman Carol Kerr said in a statement.

The review board’s report found the plagiarism “egregious.” A review of Walsh’s paper by the school’s director of communicative arts found little, if any, original language or research and that it was “primarily composed of verbatim liftings from other sources” presented as if they were Walsh’s own work.

“In short, the paper was plagiarized and … the plagiarism was intentional,” the review board said in its report.

Walsh didn’t do much fighting in his Army career, but he sure fought the inquiry board.

Walsh spoke to members of the review board by phone the day before it convened in August. He admitted that he plagiarized the paper, but he said it was a mistake. Walsh also said he was taking medication for PTSD and that one of the soldiers he commanded in Iraq in 2005 had committed suicide in March 2007.

The review board noted Walsh submitted several drafts of his paper, including before the suicide, and later submitted a version of the same paper for another class with the plagiarized passages intact.

The board said in its findings that other students have had similar or more serious issues during their time at the war college, but they were able to do the work “without resorting to plagiarism or other cheating.”

In other words, a REMF playing the PTSD card is probably in the wrong AO to get sympathy, with the officers of the War College.

He still didn’t give up, and had to be shot down again last week.

Walsh appealed the decision on Oct. 6. War College Commandant Major Gen. William Rapp rejected the appeal in a letter dated Friday.

But plagiarist, fraud, corrupt officer… whatever. He still has his friends in politics!

Former Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who appointed Walsh adjutant general, was among those who wrote a letter of support to the college’s review board. Schweitzer told The Associated Press on Friday that Walsh should be judged on “a lifetime of leadership” based on his three-decade rise through the National Guard and service in Iraq.

“That was the John Walsh I selected, not the John Walsh that was a literary scholar or a person who understood the nuances of grammar and putting things in quotations,” Schweitzer said.

Just for the record, Walsh didn’t choke on some arcane and minute peccadillo of the secret rules of graduate-level scholarship. He copied the whole goddamned thing without attribution, which gets you a zero anywhere from middle school on up, except maybe among politicians and unethical crooks — pardon the repetition. And then he put the bogus paper in again for another class. 

A bitter Walsh made a statement to the Missoulian newspaper (of Missoula, MT, naturally) that he “disagree[d] with the findings made by the War College,” and he apologized for “the plagiarism in my 2007 paper,” which he seemed to think got there without agency on his part. (That is possible. Perhaps he assigned some underling to write his papers for him. Not at all rare among state AGs, who tend to be — like Walsh — political figures conditioned to life above the law).

Oddly enough, the caning of the Thesis Thief hasn’t shown up on the Official Happy Talk Page USAWC In the News official page.

Be the Guy who Kicked Jesse Ventura’s Ass

Pred suit3No, not Chris Kyle. The other guy. Dude in Kirkwall, Scotland is selling a complete Predator suit for £4,800. We know some of you retired frogs working PSD have the money for the ultimate party suit.

If you don’t want to go to SEAL conventions and see Jesse leave by the back door, you could always stuff and mount it, in between your grizzly and lion mounts. From the ad:

Here I have an original Pete Mander AVP Predator suit, I am selling this as I really need the money for moving house.

The suit was fully custom made by Pete Mander and is unbelievably realistic, the suit is perfect down to the last detail.

The suit consists of (from the head down) :-

1- A set of latex and rubber dreadlocks.

2- Very real looking predator face mask.

3- The Scar & Celtic Biomasks.

4- Adjustable shoulder cannon.

5- 2x shoulder armour.

Pred suit4The ad, on the British sales website Gumtree, goes on and on in the sort of detail you’d expect from some cat in Scotland whose proudest possession is an $8,000 Predator costume. (What odds he works in the software industry?)

Technically, this is the later Predator from the movie AVP: Alien vs. Predator, but it’s definitely close enough for Hollywood. It’s got to be close enough to ruin Ventura’s day.

And you could probably make the money back PDQ in free drinks from frogmen.

Jesse Ventura Summons the Streisand Effect

Jesse Ventura says he sued Chris, and then after Chris’s death, Taya, Kyle to protect his reputation. Two words: “Streisand Effect.” Even if Kyle’s story wasn’t true (and the testimony was certainly contradictory), it was probably better for him to be known as Glass Jaw Janos than to get the grief he’s getting now, as SOF guys and SEALS pile on him and make him out to be the King of the Blue Falcons. Here’s one image rocketing around the net:

Jesse Ventura widow suit


Keep it up, Jesse. “It’s only a flesh wound!” Yeah, that’ll buff right out. Here’s another:

Jesse Ventura hit me

That’s completely unfair, because Jesse sued Chris while he was still among us, and just persisted in his suit after Chris’s murder gave him the chance to make a statesmanlike exit. But that’s the nature of the Streisand Effect: the whole Intertubes piles on. The internet is not where you go to find fairness, or kindness, or restraint. But it is where you find your real reputation, for good or for ill.

Marcus Luttrell, who’s the kind of nobody that doesn’t act in movies but has movies made about him, got his licks in on his Facebook page. At press time, “Tim Ritter, Joseph Burch, Sebastian Smith and 72,344 others like this.” Ventura may not care: before paying a third to a half of it to his attorneys, he’s got $24.88 per “like” of Marcus’s Facebook slam of him. And, as Jesse’s noted, it’s not like he’s going to be blowing it on booze at SEAL conventions any time soon.

That SEAL/UDT “Never Quit” can work against a guy, as Ventura seems doomed to learn. But he has doubled down, saying he’s now going to sue the publisher and more people, because all those people are besmirching his stellar reputation. How can you besmirch a reputation like Ventura’s?

Jonn Lilyea at TAH:

As soon as he left the courtroom, Jimmy went straight to Russia Today studios for his first interview. During that interview, he told the audience that they shouldn’t be mad at him, they should be mad at the jury for finding in his favor and awarding him $1.8 million. Of course, he could have dropped the law suit when Chris Kyle was murdered. He does some more whining…

“I’m already damaged…. I can’t go to a SEAL reunion anymore. That was the one place where I always felt safe. I can’t go there anymore without looking over my shoulder now wondering who is going to come after me next.”

As Jonn points out, if whoever’s “next” is really next, doesn’t that suggest Chris Kyle was first?

(Note: references to “Jimmy” or “Janos” refer to Jesse Ventura’s birth name, James Janos, under which he served in the Navy UDT. He later took the stage name “Jesse Ventura” and still later changed his name legally to his stage identity. That’s why you see people mocking him by several names).

Let a Thousand Streisands Bloom

Here’s SF retiree “Uncle Jimbo” Hanson in a brief, profane video that can be summarized as, “Don’t take the money, assclown.” Hanson writes, “I think this is worth some internet torches and pitchforks….” (See comments above about the Streisand Effect, Jim has nailed a perfect analogy).

Laughing Wolf (C. Blake Powers) at Blackfive posted another hilarious picture under the title Janos the Anos. We don’t think he likes him.

Humberto Fontova, one of the wonderful gifts that Castroite oppression gave these United States, collects some dreamy Ventura quotes about Fidel Castro and his Cuba. Essence: better than the USG, says the rassler. Lord love a duck, this guy had a reputation?

As a former editor of a nationally significant newspaper, Robert S. McCain had to learn about libel and defamation law. He explains that that Kyle did something a journalist would (or should) not do:

He asserted private knowledge.
This is a line that no smart journalist would ever cross: To claim to know something bad about somebody, a private fact otherwise unknown, on the basis of information not publicly available.
Any reporter could publish a story about the conflict between Ventura and Kyle — the alleged barroom confrontation at the heart of this lawsuit — and write that Kyle says X, Y and Z happened, including Ventura’s denials that any such confrontation occurred, without fear that his reporting could be construed as libelous.
Kyle’s problem was that, if his altercation with Ventura actually occurred, it was not a matter of public record. Nobody called the cops; there was no police report filed. In fact, it appears that Kyle’s editors at Harper Collins recognized the potential liability involved in publishing that anecdote, so that Kyle’s book referred to Ventura as “scruff face.” It was only in subsequent media interviews that Kyle himself said that Ventura was the subject of the anecdote, and thus the truth or falsehood of Kyle’s version of events — his claim that Ventura said vile things, and that he knocked Ventura down — was central to the defamation lawsuit.

But that importance of truth or untruth suggests that it might not be over for Ventura in another way: given the judge’s remarkable jury instruction that the truth or falsehood of what Kyle said didn’t matter at all, Ventura’s success is at risk if Taya Kyle appeals:

I do not believe this case was correctly decided. In a defamation case, the burden is on the plaintiff to prove that the defendant knowingly or recklessly published a falsehood. Based on what has been reported of the trial, Ventura and his witnesses cast doubt on Kyle’s story, but did not disprove it, as witnesses for the defense testified that Kyle told the truth.
If lawyers for Kyle’s estate appeal the case, I feel they have a good chance to overturn the verdict.

Like McCain, whose expertise in this realm of law we respect, we don’t know what happened that night. We do know that Jesse Ventura is a jerk, and Chris Kyle wasn’t, and that certainly colors our perception of the hostility that arose between the two of them.

If we may be forgiven a display of the other branch’s insignia, for a moment:

Keep Calm and Honor Chris

Our Recommendation:

Let’s take arguendo the claim that Jesse only did this to protect his reputation. It’s possible; he wouldn’t be the first or only guy to have a higher opinion of himself than everyone else does. He still has a possibility for a graceful exit and we’ve already suggested it in a reply to a comment in the previous thread: donate the money to a neutral, SEAL or SOF charity (like the SEAL Foundation or the Special Operations Warrior Foundation). Better yet, do it as a joint donation from Jesse and Taya Kyle, and very, very publicly bury the hatchet. That’s his best, and unless we’re missing something, only, path to reputational recovery. If we were Jesse, we’d be having our expensive lawyers discuss this with Taya’s expensive lawyers already.

But then again, if we were Jesse, we wouldn’t be mired in a reputational problem caused by mouthing off in a bar.

The Fix is In on “Dishonest John” Walsh

vote for felonsAccording to the Billings, Montana, Gazettepolitical appointees at the Department of Defense have taken control of the investigation in the War College paper of appointed Senator John Walsh. The bulk of the thesis, including all of its conclusions, previously appeared in other publications under other bylines; not to put too fine a point on it, “Dishonest John” Walsh’s submission, for which he was granted a Master of Science in Strategic Studies degree, was fundamentally not his work. But Dishonest John is an important political ally for the Administration and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. So Hagel has stepped in and seized control of the investigation, apparently intending to prevent any consequences for Dishonest John. From here on out, the “investigation” will be stage-managed by DOD political appointees.

A U.S. Army War College official says the Department of Defense has taken the unusual step of overseeing a plagiarism investigation against Sen. John Walsh of Montana. The Carlisle, Pennsylvania, college began the investigation after a New York Times story showed Walsh used others’ work without attribution in a 2007 research paper required for a master’s degree.

Knowing that this has been taken away from biased, shifty military officers and given to selfless public servants whose mortgage payments and kids’ tuitions depend on staying in the good graces of the politician under investigation and his cronies certainly ought to boost your confidence in the integrity of the investigation. The War College has, in recent years, revoked six degrees for plagiarism. The DOD never stepped in to protect a plagiarist before. Gee, what’s different about Dishonest John? Hat tip, the Chronicle of Higher Education (of all things).

Breaking: Scruff Face Wins

When he was clean-shaven, and had a career (>30 years ago)

When he was clean-shaven, and had a career (30 years ago).

We didn’t see this coming…

Although verdicts in such cases are customarily unanimous, both sides agreed to a split verdict. The verdict of 8 to 2 was reached after more than a week of deliberations. Jurors awarded Mr. Ventura $500,000 for defamation and $1.3 million for what was termed the author’s unjust enrichment.

via Jesse Ventura Wins Defamation Case –

We hope he enjoys the money.

Does he think his reputation was worth it? Because that’s taken a bigger Streisand Effect hit from the suit than it did from the story in American Sniper — and both of those clobberin’s are bigger than the belt he took (or didn’t) to the jaw.

TSA Mongs Reach Deeper in Your Pocket

tsa-security-theaterFor the billions wasted on the Transportation Security Theater Agency (the direct cost of the failed agency is approaching $10B a year), and the complete lack of performance of the agency (the number of terrorists caught and/or terror plots thwarted by TSA is holding at 0), the agency is doing what government agencies do: grabbing more money. Directly from travelers.

A security fee that the government charges airline passengers more than doubled on Monday, from $2.50 to $5.60.

Lawmakers last year approved an increase in the fee, which is tacked onto the cost of airplane tickets, as part of a budget agreement.

Additionally, passengers will be charged twice if they have a layover for a connecting flight….

“Due to new @TSA fee hike, travelers will pay a billion dollars more per year in added taxes/fees thanks to U.S. [government],” Airlines for American President Nick Calio tweeted recently.

via TSA fee on plane tickets more than doubles | TheHill.

There is no limit to the greed of these payroll patriots. And there’s no accountability for their failures. The director who built a multimillion-dollar Xanadu office? No consequences. The hundreds, if not thousands, of TSA agents who steal from travelers? No consequences (in the worst case, they are quietly fired with a neutral reference). The abuses of Behavioral Detection Officer quackery? No consequences. Mismanagement at every level? No consequences.

No one good, decent, honest, competent, moral, ethical or intelligent has ever been employed at TSA in any capacity whatsoever.

Bums do Artist’s Homework for him… how many are Fake Vets?

Willie Baronet is…

…aware he could be getting scammed or funding bad habits.


18th Airborne Ranger

Gee, ya think? This sign claims membership in a unit that doesn’t exist “18th Airborne Rangers.” Maybe in Airsoft World? There is an “18th Airborne Corps” but it’s a congeries of ash-and-trash support elements at Fort Bragg, and if anybody really was injured like that (“broke neck”) in the service, he would have copious VA benefits. (not that those are without problems, but a 100% service disabled vet need not end up in the streets, ever. Therefore, most of the “vet” bums are fakers, mentally ill, serious substance abusers or some combination of these things).

But Willie is the very picture of a modern major artist. He won’t pass no judgment on nobody, no way, nohow.

“I don’t think it’s up to me to pass judgment on somebody for how they make their living and what they do with the money they get,” Baronet said. “It’s fine if people decide that they don’t want to give money. It’s fine if I don’t want to give money. But if I do give money, I don’t give it with strings attached.”

via Artist’s massive homeless sign collection ‘makes some people uncomfortable’ – Yahoo News.

Of course, he’s an  “artist” without a picture to his name, just a collection of bums’ signs; he’s riding high on an MFA, which makes one wonder why anyone expects anything but crap from that kind of credentialed, establishment artist. But this guy does take it a step further, by getting actual bums to make his crap for him. Jackson Pollock, wherever he is, must be dripping with envy.

Willie Baronet does claims an unusual, personal connection to the bums:

They’re me, I’m them, and this is all really just about human beings connecting and resisting putting somebody in a box because of their circumstances.

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together — er. Ahem. No singing in this blog.

Well, since they’re generally bat guano crazy, and Willie is a guy whose career is buying bogus begging billboards from beggars, maybe they really are the same thing.


Exit question: how close did the bum who made this sign ever get to that Asian country?

It’s never just One Thing with Stolen Valor turds

gregory schaffer phony SEALThis New Jersey brownstain was outed as a phony SEAL back in the 2011, but the FBI dismissed the idea of charging or prosecuting him then. Stolen valor, they sniffed, is a victimless crime. Except as we, and everybody else in the community knows, the character deficiencies that lead to some nerdy perv playing Action Guy Dress Up like this, are invariably comorbid with other character flaws and other criminal behavior.

Since Stolen Valor is, pace the FBI, “a victimless crime,” maybe the Bureau should wake up to the fact that it is the veritable lodestone pointing to other crimes, which always have real, human, victims.

In the case of scrawny self-proclaimed “SEAL officer” Gregory Schaffer, the victims were female and underage. In addition to multiple rapes, he also has been indicted for making kiddie porn with some of his victims. Short-Eyes Schaffer told 15- and 16-year-old girls that the employment contracts they’d signed with him obligated them to sexual servitude — and swore them to lifelong secrecy about it. The New York Post, after Monday’s testimony:

Gregory Schaffer, 35, offered the now-18-year-old woman a lingerie shop job in March 2012 and had her sign a flurry of documents.

Schaffer then told the victim that she’d just signed a contract that compelled her to perform a variety of sex acts, prosecutors said at his Brooklyn federal court trial.

“He told me I just signed a document agreeing to do those things with him,” she testified Monday. “I was shocked.”

Schaffer even claimed that he could sue her if she failed to follow the fine print and that she also had unwittingly signed a confidentiality agreement that barred her from discussing the arrangement.

“He said he could sue me for breach of contract and sue my great-grandmother,” she testified, referring to her legal guardian at the time.

Crying and frightened, the woman agreed to have sex with Schaffer. “I was upset,” she recalled of the encounter in a grimy Jersey City office. “I was disgusted.”

The woman testified that she feared for her family and believed that Schaffer could take her to court for not having sex with him.

Prosecutors said his plot developed after he answered her innocent Craigslist ad seeking summer employment in the retail field.

The criminal behavior wasn’t isolated to the shrugged-off Stolen Valor or the sexual peccadilloes, either. Among the facts that came out about Schaffer, when he was finally, belatedly busted:

Agents described Schaffer as a transient with a prison record for theft and several lawsuits against him.

Schaffer’s attorney, Michelle Gelernt, is using the “bitch had it coming, and probably liked it,” defense, claiming that her client’s serial rapes of high-school kids were “consensual,” because “they answered his emails.” That’s part of why the girl was being rational when she believed that the court system might have conspired with Schaffer against her — Gelernt, a court officer, has been glad to do so. The other part, later.

The Post, again, after Tuesday’s testimony:

The prosecutors’ table looked more like a sex toy sample sale Tuesday at the trial of a New Jersey man charged with convincing a Brooklyn teen that she was legally bound to have sex with him.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors said Gregory Schaffer offered the girl, whom was 15 at the time, a nonexistent retail job and then told her that she had unwittingly signed a “sex contract” that compelled her to romp with him.

Scared that he was going to sue her and her family for breach of contract, the underage girl complied with his sick demands in March 2012, prosecutors said.

A swarm of agents raided Schaffer’s Jersey City “office” after the incident and found a trove of sex toys including a penis pump, a sex swing, prosthetic genitalia and lubricant, prosecutors said.

via Filthy toy and video trove revealed in ‘teen sex contract’ trial | New York Post.

And now we get to another reason why it’s reasonable for 15- and 16-year-old rape victims to think the New York court system is likely to make common cause against them, with their rapists:

Judge Allyne Ross barred the jury from viewing handcuffs and restraints that were allegedly found at the office because the items were deemed too inflammatory.

Lord love a duck. That makes perfect sense: can’t show the juror’s the perv’s perv tools, lest they form an opinion he’s a perv or something, whilst he’s on trial for being a perv. That’s the other part of why the girl was rational in fearing the courts were against her: at least this court, and this judge, are.

Fortunately, Schaffer’s SEAL imposture, one of the tools he used to bed these kids, is going to be heading upriver for a while.

Hat tip, Jonn at This Ain’t Hell, who’s been on Schaffer like ugly on an ape for years now.

Assclown of the Ides: phony Ranger Bob Bateman

Gun-ban extremist and self-aggrandizing Army desk jockey Bob Bateman is still popular with his press enablers, but in his latest screed he claims to be “a US Army Airborne Infantry Ranger.”

I am coming home. I need to be there and be part of the solution. Moms Demand Action is getting some traction, but they can use the lean-in of a few U.S. Army Airborne Infantry Rangers

via That’s It. I Am Coming Home. – Esquire.

What set off Bateman’s latest tantrum is the shooting of two Las Vegas police officers, Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo, by a couple of nut jobs. Bateman represents the guy and his wife as “typical Tea Partiers” but it turns out that the man of the couple, Jerad Miller, was a career criminal, a convicted felon with a convictions for property, violent and drug crimes dating back to 2000 and continuing essentially nonstop from then on.

Jerad Miller apparently murdered the two cops so that he and his wife, Amanda, could take their guns. Within minutes, he was confronted by Joseph Wilcox, a legal concealed carrier. Unfortunately Wilcox was unaware Amanda was behind him, and she shot him in the head, killing him.

Bateman by his own admission hasn’t been an infantry officer for decades. Like Vietnam phony Joseph Ellis, he found himself a niche teaching at West Point. After that, he moved on to a desk job, and does not appear ever to have returned to troop duty, despite posing for “war tourist” pictures downrange.

He does not have a CIB, fact. He has not served his country as an infantryman in combat, fact. Although these facts are all contrary to the impression this phony tries to give.

And he was never a member of a Ranger Battalion or the Ranger Regiment. Fact. Bateman has a Ranger Tab, a routine ticket-punch for combat arms officers, and went to jump school on the same basis. He does not appear to have been assigned to an airborne unit — ever.

This is a Ranger Tab. Just about everybody gets this, if they’re a combat arms officer or Infantry or SOF NCO. Tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of them, have been awarded. True, not everyone gets it, but most who try do. It’s a personal award that is worn on the left shoulder above the unit patch and below any higher precedence “tabs”. You get it by not quitting at a two month school that uses patrolling as a vehicle to teach low-level (squad and platoon) leadership. Bateman has this, and the five-jump-chump “novice” parachute badge. Fact.



This is a Ranger Scroll. This is only worn on the left shoulder whilst one is in a Ranger Unit (in this case, the 3rd Battalion; there are scrolls for the battalions, for the Regiment, and for the Ranger training brigade). It’s only worn on the right shoulder if one sees combat with that unit.



Bob Bateman is not entitled to wear a Ranger Scroll on either shoulder, and never has been. Fact. Yet he represents himself as a member of this unit — an Airborne Ranger. Fact.

This Ain’t Hell calls him, and this made us laugh, “The least infantry man in the whole world.” Well, that’s hyperbole, not fact: we’ll grant that he’s more infantry than Bradley Manning, but only just.

Ultimate fact: Bob Bateman is a phony, stealing the valor of better men than himself to try to enlist them in his extremist jihad on the Constitution.

Ironically, Bateman’s childish gun policy prescriptions would not have disarmed Miller, who was already supposed to be disarmed by current law, but they would have disarmed Robert Wilcox.

If you want to make a more positive impact on the world than phony Ranger Bob Bateman, Wilcox’s family is having a hard time paying his funeral expenses. The Las Vegas Review-Journal article at that link has accounts and addresses where those of you who are of better character than the Millers, or Bateman, can donate. There is also a GoFundMe site, 100% of which, minus GoFundMe fees, is pledged to the Wilcox family.

(Assclown of the Ides is an occasional feature that appears on the 15th of the month, or if the 15th falls on a Sunday, early the next week. The winner is invariably a person who has made false claims of service, or who has misrepresented his service as something other that what it really was).

The Terrorist vs the Widow and Kids

Omar Khadr is, nominally, Canadian. The committed al-Qaeda terrorist would tell you, if he were not using his nominal Canadian nationality as a shield to escape consequences for his own criminality, that he’s really a citizen of the worldwide ummah and a global Caliphate that doesn’t exist yet. But it will as soon as he and his fellow terrorists just murder, enslave, and intimidate those who are not on board with this experiment in social organization.

Khadr was, on January 20, 2009, where he belonged: in prison after killing and wounding American Special Operations soldiers after a feigned surrender. Omar pled guilty — with pride — to five specifications of war crimes. Canadian columnist Ezra Levant has a description of Khadr’s capture, in a longer piece on Khadr’s condition and connections excerpted from his book:

Omar Khadr, treated by SF medic (r.), kept asking in English how many infidels he had killed, and begging to be shot so he could be a martyr.

Omar Khadr, treated by SF medic (r.), kept asking in English how many infidels he had killed, and begging to be shot so he could be a martyr. That’s not how we roll.

While Khadr cursed the soldiers with his fading breaths and demanded they make a martyr of him so he could collect his promised reward in the afterlife for dying while murdering a Christian, they acted, instead, only and utterly humanely. At the time, they had no way of knowing that Khadr was a high-value capture, a young man who inherited the networks of his crime family, networks extending all the way to al-Qaeda’s most senior figures. They wouldn’t have known he was a Canadian citizen. This teenager lying in the middle of an Afghan wasteland certainly wouldn’t have looked the part. Complying with his request — to shoot him right there and then, moments after he had blown up Christopher Speer, after he had fought these soldiers so relentlessly in a firefight lasting hours — could have been a very powerful temptation. It must have seemed impossible that anyone would even care. Even just to let him die, to suffocate on his own blood, right there in the Afghan mud, would have been a simple thing to do. It might not even have taken very long for him to succumb to his serious injuries, including two bullets in his thorax.

Instead, U.S. medics rushed to save Omar Khadr’s life, providing him critical medical care right there in the field. “We had two medics that day and he killed the first one,” Sgt. Layne Morris, who lost his eye when Khadr’s al-Qaeda cell attacked him and his fellow troops, told Global News in 2005. “The second one saved his life. He would have bled to death from his injuries in a short amount of time.”

While we reccomend you Read the Whole Thing™ at Canada’s National Post, we actually recommend you Read The Whole Thing™, Levant’s book, The Enemy Within.

Layne Morris. He has a glass eye now and looks better -- but he still can't see with it.

Layne Morris. He has a glass eye now and looks better — but he still can’t see with it. He and Speer’s surviors (and other men Khadr wounded) are suing the now-wealthy terrorist.

Layne Morris was a Special Forces soldier; Khadr’s breach of the laws and usages of war left him retired on disability. The man Khadr killed, Chris Speer, was a member of a JSOC element, and left behind a widow and two young children. Khadr himself was raised in an atmosphere of Islamic terrorism: his heroes the Moslem Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda, with which his father and brothers proudly claimed to align. It was his murderous Mohammedan faith that brought him to Afghanistan, it was his murderous Mohammedan faith that taught him to kill, and it was his murderous Mohammedan faith that initially demanded that the soldiers administer a coup de grâce so that he could complete his murderous Mohammedan martyrdom.

They refused, saving his life, and into custody he went.

What happened on January 20, 2009 that elevated the interests of this curious specimen over the interests of the United States, not to mention the interests of Speer’s survivors? We leave that as an exercise for the reader.

No sooner does Levant, a scourge and target of Canada’s home-grown Islamic terror lobby, lay down the cudgel, than American columnist Michelle Malkin takes it up. Her position is in support of the bereaved victims of Khadr’s perfidy, Tabitha, Taryn and Tanner Speer:

Behold Canada and America. One country supports the efforts of a U.S. special forces soldier’s widow to hold accountable the jihadist who killed her husband and the father of her two young children. The other country helped free that jihadist from Guantanamo Bay in a shady deal that appeased his far-left allies.

Guess which side President Obama’s on.

The widow is Tabitha Speer. Her children are Taryn and Tanner. Their husband and father was an American hero: Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer, a 28-year-old medic with the U.S. Special Forces. As I reported in my syndicated column 11 years ago, Speer died in Afghanistan during an ambush by al-Qaida operatives. The remorseless Islamic zealot who lobbed the fatal grenade that killed Speer in 2002: 15-year-old Omar Khadr.

The conservative Canadian government lent its public support to the Speer family and to Morris on the eve of Memorial Day weekend: “Our government supports the efforts of Tabitha Speer and fellow soldiers to receive compensation for their horrible loss.” Good for them.

How about America’s leaders? AWOL. The reason Khadr is in Canada, in case you didn’t know, is that Obama freed Khadr from Gitmo after intense lobbying from the “compassionate” social justice crowd. He was repatriated to Canada just weeks before America’s November 2012 election. Leading the pressure campaign on Obama: the Center for Constitutional Rights, which also crusaded for the release of former Gitmo jihadist Abu Sufian bin Qumu, a primary suspect in the Benghazi consulate attacks.

…[W]hat does it say when the Canadian government shows more compassion for the fatherless children of a U.S. soldier than their own government? A search for the Speer children on the White House website yielded:

“No results.”

We’d advise you to Read The Whole Thing™. Set free with a stroke of the pen and home in Canada, Omar Khadr is back in the comforting embrace of his terrorist family and a variety of Islamic and left-wing extremists. His family, who have apparently been on welfare as it is practiced in Toronto, have somehow become millionaires, and the Speer family and Layne have a lawsuit that even the tort-bar-unfriendly among us might see as having the potential to deliver justice.

Since the United States officials charged with that responsibility have lain down on the job, we American SF and SOF vets are thankful to PM Steven Harper and Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney for standing up for us. (Of course, Canadians have a diversity of opinions on the issue. Opposition leaders Mulcair of the NDP and Justin Trudeau of the Liberals support Khadr).