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Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week: Winter Soldier

winter_soldier_dot_com2In early 1971, a series of strange gatherings were held by the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and allied and fellow-traveler groups. In case you were curious about the orientation of these groups, they tended to include such broad-based elements as the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and were sponsored by such broad-based entities as a radical Unitarian church in LA.

OK, so maybe not so broad-based.

Although they did try to bring out active duty GIs by promising free beer and loose women, on the theory that having real draftees among them boosted their authenticity.

Their gatherings included mock “attacks” and good old Marxist/Leninist “street theater,” but the flagship enterprise of the VVAW was the Winter Soldier Investigation, an imitation court-martial in which ragged, scruffy, long-haired veterans vied with one another to tell the most over-the-top tales of atrocities and misconduct in Vietnam.

In 2004, interest in the VVAW (which still existed, in true Communist fashion, as two bitterly feuding factions, which we recall as the VVAW-Marxist/Leninist and the VVAW-Anti-Imperialist, but we might have the lefty cant wrong) rose again because of the Presidential candidacy of former VVAW figurehead John Kerry. Kerry had used the VVAW to launch himself on the trajectory that would bring him into the Senate in the Watergate Class of 1974.


At the time, Vietnam veterans and historians went looking for the original Winter Soldier documents, only to find there were very few to be found — Kerry’s minions had been buying 30-year-old copies of the Daily World and Daily Worker, and a book that was published with photographs of the young soi-disant Heroes who Spake Truth to Power.

In 2004, Scott Swett and a small team assembled all obtainable VVAW documents and records into a website, and Scott was instrumental in inspiring the formation of the Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth (later, the Swift Boat Veterans and POWs for the Truth). Mostly, this is all a footnote to history now, but the archive that Scott so painstakingly gathered over 10 years ago remains on line at

It is full of fascinating findings. The Army commissioned an actual investigation of the atrocity claims from Winter Soldier and was able to establish only one. 

More of the claims smelled bad, then and now. One SF weasel, a guy named Don Pugsley who had never deployed to combat because he was seriously injured in a helicopter crash during in-country reconnaissance training, told a story of a helicopter machine-gunning water buffalo. Placed under oath, his story withered away like the state was supposed to do under Marxism: no, he’d heard a guy talking about some U/I LTC ordering a chopper crew to shoot waterboos, which the crew then did not do. That wasn’t the way he’d told the story in Detroit, but, he wasn’t under a real oath in Detroit.

(Pugsley, the anti-military protester, would reinvent himself later as a gung-ho SF guy and join 19th Group in California, where he rose to be a company sergeant major, and, we are not making this up, a guy who consulted for Hollywood on combat. But he was still a weasel).

Another SF-claiming guy, Paul Withers, threw his medals down and said he had won:

…the Silver Star, the Distinguished [Service] Cross, nine (!) Purple Hearts, the Bronze Star, the Army Commendation Medal for heroism, the Air Medal, and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

Search of an admittedly incomplete Vietnam SF database comes up blank on Withers. Search of a complete VIetnam Army DSC database at includes no recipient named Withers.

The year after Winter Soldier Withers appeared in a Communist newspaper, making outlandish claims about his Vietnam service, he was featured in a booklet called Trail of the Poppy claiming that he’d been a drug buyer for the CIA in Laos in 1966. (The booklet was published by another Communist group; that the US was, as a matter of official policy, involved in drug trade in Vietnam was a major propaganda theme of the Soviet KGB in the 1970s).

We’re willing to take one of Withers’s statements at face value: he probably really was a drug buyer.

The exaggerated claims of evil Vietnam vets that were to become a journalism, media and entertainment staple, drew extensively on the nonsense purveyed at Winter Soldier. And Swett and others have done historians a great boon by collecting the available records, publishing them online, and leaving them up for posterity.

Cautious Optimism on the Ikesore

This is a classy memorial to Ike. Naturally, it wasn't what Gehry had in mind. (It's in a traffic circle in Bayeux).

This is a classy memorial to Ike. Naturally, it wasn’t what Gehry had in mind. (It’s in a traffic circle in Bayeux).

You remember the Ikesore? The tacky post-modern monument, allegedly to Eisenhower, that we have mentioned before? The gaudy Ikesore, the Eisenhorror, perpetrated by society architect Frank Gehry and the society swells who chose him blindly (almost literally “blindly,” judging from their aesthetic sense?)

Yep, we have written about it before. For example:

As we noted in 2013:

The Post, which is very fond of Gehry because (as the Post forms all its editorial policies) all the Right People are, is being a little bit dishonest here [in praising the Ikesore]. Gehry’s design would have shown only the 8-year-old farm boy; the “metal tapestries” originally resembled chain-link fence deployed to control the escape of balls from a driving range. Parts of the design seem to be recycled from a previous Gehry “masterpiece,” a now-torn-down parking garage. The design was a calculated insult to Eisenhower’s memory and to his family, who have expressed revulsion.

Well, there is a tide in the affairs of men, and sometime after we wrote those words (we have never been more desirous of indulging the post hoc ergo propter hoc logical fallacy) Congress pulled the plug on the memorial. Barbara Hollingsworth writes at CNS News:

[Justin] Shubow, [president of the D.C.-based non-profit National Civic Art Society], also said that it is increasingly unlikely that the controversial Frank Gehry-designed memorial to honor former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, which his group and some members of the Eisenhower family oppose, will be built in the District despite getting final approval from the National Capital Planning Commission last year.

“In its budget for the 2016 fiscal year, Congress for the third year in a row zeroed all construction funds for the memorial. In other words, they are completely halting the design yet again, and they are keeping the Eisenhower Memorial Commission on life support,” he said, adding that the commission has been unsuccessful in raising private donations.

“It’s a battle of attrition, and every day it appears that Gehry’s design is likely to finally be killed,” he said.

 92-year-old Senator Bob Dole is trying to assemble a team of DC lobbyists and insiders to build the Gehry Eisenhorror. One of them is another one of those guys who parlays a stint in the Senate into untold millions of wealth: Christopher “Corrupt Chris” Dodd.

We were going to ask if anybody knew who was paying Dodd for this, but then we remembered the famous old saying about taxpayer poker: “If you’re at the table with the crooks and you don’t know who the mark is — it’s you.”

My Life on the Terrorist Watch List

tsa-bozoThis will be a rare post written in the first person, because it is personal. It’s the story of my stint on the Terrorist Watch List, one of several secret lists kept by government agencies, including the TSA. As is well known, no one good, decent, honest, competent, moral, ethical or intelligent has ever been employed at TSA in any capacity whatsoever. But they have the power to add you to this list, which is not entirely life-altering, but is an embuggerance of the next order below that.

I’m not alone in being on one of these lists for bogus reasons. Senator Ted Kennedy, whose name was Edward M. Kennedy, was put on the list because an IRA terrorist had used the name Theodore Kennedy as an alias once. (The terrorist in question was ultimately pardoned in a peace deal, and the actual terrorist used to fly with no problems). Kennedy was able to resolve his problem, but only because he was a powerful, senior Senator. Dr. Patrick S. Hackett, a Knoxville veterinarian, has been on the no-fly list for over ten years, not because of his Taliban beard, but because he also shares the name of some IRA crumb.

Hackett found out he was on the no-fly list in 2004 when he accompanied his son, who was attending the Air Force Academy, to McGhee Tyson Airport. He asked for a pass to allow him to accompany his son to the gate.

“They said I couldn’t go to the gate because I was on their list. They gave me a number to call,” he said.

Hackett said he filled out, signed and mailed forms to the TSA to try to straighten the situation out. About a year and a half later, he received a letter from the TSA offering him a “letter of duress” that he could present whenever he was questioned.

When Hackett subsequently used the letter to travel, gate attendants would mark his boarding pass. He would then be subjected to thorough and sometimes invasive searches before being allowed to board.

TSA officials won’t discuss Hackett’s travel status.

“It’s a secret list,” said a TSA customer services representative, who wouldn’t give his name.

via Right name, wrong man: Knoxville veterinarian can’t get off no-fly list.

Liberty TSA scanConcept fail: “TSA customer services representative.” They’re kidding, right? You can almost hear the sneer in that TSA bum’s voice, can’t you? Remember, no one good, decent, honest, competent, moral, ethical or intelligent has ever been employed at TSA in any capacity whatsoever. And having met every level of that organization from Director down to gloved groin-grabbing groper, I can say that with authority.

It gets better for Hackett: his terrorist namesake is out of prison after having done his time forty years ago, but is trivially easy to distinguish from the Tennessee dog doctor:

The difference should be easy to spot. The terrorist is missing an arm and a leg — blown off when a bomb exploded prematurely — while the Knoxville veterinarian has all his limbs intact.

That’s “easy to spot” for you and me. Not for the TSA, who have a median IQ so low they couldn’t be executed for murder in this country, which nobly refrains from putting down the retarded. Hey, maybe Ernst Stavro Blofeld — he’s on the list, with me an’ Ted and Dr Hackett, even though Blofeld’s a fictional character and Ted’s dead — could magically regrow naughty-Hackett’s limbs like a lizard’s, for some nefarious purpose.

If, you know, Blofeld wasn’t a fictional character.

We know how Hackett, Ted, and Blofeld got on the list: the TSA is staffed entirely by drooling imbeciles. So, how did Hognose get on the list?

Turns out, they’re drooling, vindictive imbeciles.

It began with a day job writing aviation news for a trade-press web publication. That put me in a press conference at the National Business Aviation Association somewhere. (Tampa? Anaheim? Dunno. It was a plane and a hotel and a convention center…). The press conference was a rare attempt to put then-TSA head, Admiral Stone, in front of the press.

TSA PervMost of the press (remember, this would have been mostly aviation trade press) were fairly deferential. I wasn’t, although I referred to him (as he made clear was his preference) as “Admiral Stone” and “sir”.

I asked Stone a couple of hard questions. I can’t remember the questions now, but I seem to recall one was about the low quality of his staff, and the other was about whether or not the whole agency was “eyewash” — or what Bruce Schneier was starting to call “security theater,” given that by midday on 11 September 2001, passengers would never again would allow a hijacking.  I do remember his reaction to the questions:

  • He praised the excellence of his people, so he was either lying or out of touch (although you can’t rule out some combination of the two, can you?).
  • He was offended by the suggestion that his security theater was security theater.

It was only after the convention that I realized just how offended he was. That is, when I went to get back on the mailing tube to go home.

tsa checkpointYou would have thought that Osama His Ownself had schlepped his carry-ons into the security line. I was pulled aside; subjected to a pat-down that approached “rub-down,” they should have billed me for a genital massage; had my two carry-ons dumped out and spread out, as one TSA “officer” after another pawed through my stuff. They wrote down and took pictures of the books I was reading; they counted my socks. They started up my computer and did some searches for porn, and seemed disappointed when they didn’t find any. And then they sat me on a chair and told me to wait.

About a half-hour after that, exactly 10 minutes before my plane’s departure time, they told my I could go. I swept the piles of all my stuff off the table into my two carry-on bags, and ran like OJ (in the famous Hertz ad, not from the po-po) through the terminal. They were actually closing the door when I arrived, and they swung it open.

“What held you up?” a stew asked.

“TSA proctoscoping.”

“Yeah, they do that to us sometimes, too.”

Later, I discovered it wasn’t a one-off. Admiral Stone’s vengeance lasted for two or three years. I was able to determine that I had been placed, not on the no-fly list (or I couldn’t have flown at all), but on the Terrorist Watch List, a secret list of, apparently, journalists who pissed off Admiral Stone. When you are on the TWL, or whatever its real name is — the name, too is a secret, unlike, say, NSA code-word programs, or the personally identifiable information of cleared personnel — they do let you fly, but they do what they can to hassle you out of doing it, and subject you to heightened scrutiny. Your moves are also reported, inter alia, to the FBI and to regional interagency Counter Terrorist Task Forces.

The hilarious side of it was that during all of this, I worked, both in my Guard SF gig and in my contract jobs, on anti- and counter-terrorist stuff all the time. I maintained a security clearance, access to Government systems, and an active pilot’s license.

I think the only flights I took during this period that I didn’t fly myself were courtesy of the USAF, Army helicopters, and some guys who had some Mil Mi-8s and didn’t feel like answering questions.  Fortunately, when it was time for my medevac, the California Army National Guard HH-60 crew didn’t check the Watch List, or I might still be out there in the Hindu Kush.

Back in the states, various friends of mine worked in CT task forces here and there, and I’d get calls:

“Nose, I see you’re in town!”

“Yeah, I’m here for Heli-Expo. How’s it going? And how’d you know I was coming?”

“Hey, it’s all great. We got an alert on you at the Task Force. Are you playing for the other team, bro? What’s up with that?”

I’d tell my Admiral Stone story. The cop or agent would laugh. He would explain that they, too, had no idea how someone gets on the Watch List, but most of their “hits” were false positives. Like me and Ted Kennedy, and I’m not too sure about Kennedy. If we both had time, I’d meet my friend and his buddies from the TF in a cop bar somewhere, and over beers we’d share dumb-ass TSA stories. (And the task force officers and agents also had stories that made it clear that, however wrong the TSA is as a response to terrorism, the terrorism itself was real).

And then, next trip, the whole rigamarole would happen again.

For something like two or three years I drove ridiculous distances, took Amtrak, or flew a rented Piper, rumbling through the lower altitudes at 110 knots; I dreaded the transcontinental or international trips that required the human mailing tube, and the extra dose of moronic hassle that came my way from the TSA. Every time.

And then, some time long after Stone left, I showed up at an airport expecting “the usual,” and this happened: nothing. I was off the list, as secretly as I’d gone on; or at least, I was off the part of it that gets one extra scrutiny from the gropers in nitrile gloves.

But we’re sure you felt 100% safer, during the period when I was on the Terrorist Watch List. Because Security Theater isn’t about the security, it’s about the feels. And vis-a-vis the TSA, the public has a bad case of Battered Wife Syndrome.

Can’t They Both Lose?

mad-magazine-trading-private-bergdahlIn the most absurd matchup in an absurd presidential primary season, we have Republican frontrunner Donald Trump going head-to-head with traitorous defector Bowe Bergdahl and his posturing mouthpieces.

Trump has called for Bergdahl to be shot, which we’d be all for, if it were legally possible. (It isn’t. We’re not lawyers, even of the guardhouse variety, but we know that much without even calling our retired-JAG-colonel buddy). Trump may know this and just be playing to the cheap seats (if so, it’s working), or he may not know it. Bergdahl’s lawyers, meanwhile, continue to gild the reputation of their profession as even more abased than that of their thoroughly defamation-proof client, by saying Trump’s mean, contumacious words have ruined their client’s chance of a fair trial — so the military court ought to just let him go.

Nice try, guys, but anyone who still fogs a mirror understands that if you’re Bowe Bergdahl’s consigliere, the last thing on Earth you want for your client is a fair trial. He’d be toast!

In the NY Post, columnist Bob McManus gets it:

Trump says Taliban turncoat Bergdahl, now awaiting a general court-martial after walking away from an Afghanistan outpost in 2009, should face a firing squad of his own. The lawyers say Trump’s polluting the jury pool for Bergdahl’s court-martial, and they want to talk to the GOP presidential front-runner about it.

Both are blowing hard.

Trump, for votes: Surely he knows the Army doesn’t execute military deserters — Slovik being the sole exception in the past century.

The lawyers, for tactical reasons: They know Bergdahl’s jurors will be serving officers in an Army that has so far proceeded with honor in this dismal affair — defying Obama administration ideologues along the way — and are thus unlikely to be influenced by anything The Donald has to say.

For the Army, it’s all about honor — which, along with tradition, dedication to duty and courage, is what separates professional soldiery from an armed mob.

via Bowe Bergdahl’s lame Trump gambit prompts more profound questions | New York Post.

Do Read The Whole Thing™, because McManus makes many more points. About the Army, about Mr Trump, and about PFC Bergdahl (now SGT Bergdahl, the Administration having declared him a hero, and the men he betrayed, by inference, the traitors; McManus has a Susan Rice quote about the traitorous crapweasel’s awesomeness).

Oh, what traitorous crapweasel? We’ll be specific: Bergdahl. That traitorous crapweasel.

It’s Never Just Being a Military Phony

Joe Weeks -- Nobody's idea of an elite trooper.

Joe Weeks — Nobody’s idea of an elite trooper. Dressed in his own proper uniform, this time.

Consider Joe Weeks, phony PJ, Embezzler, and Suspected Murderer.

The same thing that drove Joe Weeks to pretend to be an Air Force PJ (pararescueman, one of the most selective and challenging specialties in the USAF), fake being a Silver Star recipient, and steal from his employer, apparently drove him to embezzle from a charity, and he also is suspected of whacking, of all people, his mother.

Joe was an EMT and he used to brag to his wife that he knew how to mix a toxic cocktail that wouldn’t be suspected in his intended victims and apparently, the sheriff thinks there’s enough evidence to suspect him of his mother’s death.

via Joe Weeks’ mother’s body exhumed : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here.

The sheriff’s department in Kalamazoo, Michigan, thinks they’ve got a solid case against Weeks, including a near-confession made to his then-wife, and, well, the whole totality of his character, which is pretty lousy:

“According to Chelsea Weeks, Joseph Weeks had told her in December of 2012 that he had killed in the past and gotten away with it,” sheriff’s detectives said in a court petition. “During the course of their marriage, Joseph Weeks had told his wife Chelsea Weeks, on more than one occasion that he knew how to cook up his EMT meds and give them to someone by putting them in a person’s tea, coffee, or food and that the medication would put the person to sleep permanently.”

Sheriff’s investigators reported that Weeks admitted stealing drugs from his former employer where he worked as an EMT, but, they say, he denied giving them to his mother.

Weeks says that the embezzling and phony business is a fair cop, but he dindu nuffin to his mom:

Weeks said he believes that situation [stealing money from his charity, pretending to be something that he’s not] is part of why he’s under investigation now — in combination with a nasty divorce and being estranged from his brother.

“I made some enemies,” Weeks said.

He also denies stealing the drugs in the first place.

Dude, your problem is not your “enemies.” Look in the mirror… your first problem is that you can do that without shame.

This is what we say when someone asks why we are so furious about military impersonators. So this guy faked being an Air Force elite trooper — why should we care? Not our circus, not our monkey, right? Wrong. Military impersonation is a marker of deep-seated and threatening personality disorder that almost always manifests itself in multiple kinds of antisocial and criminal behavior.

Of course, the Supreme Court, nine superannuated Yarvard snobs who never had a minute for the military or anyone in it, don’t see that. As far as they’re concerned, losers like Weeks are just exercising their First Amendment rights.

Killing your mom, though, is not a form of expression those otherwise out-of-touch elders are willing to sanction.


To date, Joe hasn’t been charged with that, although he has been charged with embezzlement — because, he admits, he did;

Joseph Weeks pleaded guilty to felony embezzlement, felony embezzlement from a charity and felon in possession of a firearm.

Having been duly found guilty, he’ll be sentenced next month, and the killing Mom thing is still hanging over him. These are state charges so he isn’t facing the decade plus that Federal felon-in-possession charges would bring him. Our experience is that ATF and AUSAs are reluctant to bring those charges against real, actual, felons, preferring “test cases” with paperwork violators.

Of course, because the Supreme Court ruled that pretending to be a trooper — even if you’re Joe Weeks, doing it to scam people — is merely a First Amendment right, Joe Weeks will never face charges for being a military phony.

But in our experience, the guy is never just a military phony. Case in point.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Lousy Bodyguards

Mark Zuckerberg, a harmless and very fortunate geek who apparently is loathed by enough unstable people to need protection, has done what most celebrities do: he went and hired goons. 

This’ll end well.

Sources told us that Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg has 16 bodyguards now working at his home.

“He has guards over at his place,” said a Palo Alto, Calif., insider, adding that tech moguls around town are all quietly upping security.

We hear that Zuckerberg’s 16-person detail are not all on the scene at the same time, but work in shifts.

Of course they do. Do the math on what 16 guys buys you (with 8 hour shifts, weekends, vacations and sick/personal time) and you’ll see how deep the security really is. As a further exercise, how many warm bodies would you need to staff a 16-man guardmount 24/7?

Our source also pointed out that Facebook’s become a reported leading reason for romantic breakups and divorces, which can cultivate angry users who would unfairly blame the site.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has said, “Facebook holds the distinction of being the unrivaled leader for online divorce evidence.”

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg’s security detail has annoyed locals at his $10 million San Francisco “pied-à-terre.”

Neighbors last month accused his detail of “permanently . . . illegally” taking up two prime parking spots in the area.

A letter posted by residents said, “We’ve spoken to the security guards, and they were cordial but ultimately have been instructed by their supervisors to not move the cars under any circumstances.”

via Mark Zuckerberg hired 16 bodyguards to protect him at home | Page Six.

People who want to throw their weight around have to have several things these days — a sprawling estate, access to private jets (although the in-thing is a “jet card” you put hours on, not a jet of your own), and… so-called “bodyguards,” like these assclowns.

Some years ago, Sir Paul McCartney, who is not exactly a stranger to crazy exes, crazier fans, and risk in general (remember, his most famous writing partner was murdered) had just one guy. One very discreet, very professional high-level guy (he came out of an American LE and CI agency) who had a rolodex of discreet, professional guys worldwide he called on when he needed a plus-up. Unless you, too, were a pro (or intended harm to a member of the family), you never saw this guy or his helpers. In fact, if you intended harm to the artist or his blood, you didn’t see them either, until they had you under their control… maybe until you woke up in the hands of the Metropolitan Police, wondering how you got there. That’s what professional security can do for a high-profile celebrity.

But Hollywood and Silicon Valley nouveaux riches hire Hollywood-style “bodyguards” — goons who are large, spend a lot of time in weight rooms, and whose lips move when they’re reading anything. Goons are adequate for deterring autograph seekers and beating up paparazzi (not that beating up paparazzi isn’t a worthwhile contribution to society in itself), but even when their seen-too-many-Van-Damme-movies behavior doesn’t bring their principals negative publicity, they can’t protect against a serious threat if there were one.

But hey, California already has Der Bloomführer’s complete gun-control wish list, so there can’t be any serious threat there, can there, Golden Staters?

Military Phonies as Instructors

Typical phony SEAL. This clown was busted long ago, but his brethren walk the earth....

Typical phony SEAL. This clown was busted long ago, but his brethren walk the earth….

We don’t know who Dave Spaulding is, which is probably our loss. This epic jeremiad about the Tactical Tommy mindset infecting current firearms training for police and civilians hit like a mighty Mjölnir of Truth. A much abbreviated excerpt, focused on a personal pet peeve, emphasis ours:

Before 9-11, there were just a few training institutions and about 10-12 traveling instructors…I got to them all and had a good handle on what was being taught. Then our country was attacked, two wars began and a large number of folks came out of the military and changed the training industry, I believe forever. Focus shifted from the concealed handgun to the M-4 carbine and if you were not former Special Ops you didn’t know shit. If you weren’t former Special Ops and wanted to instruct, no problem! You just act like you were/are.

Defending the home or what to do in a parking lot attack moved to battlefield tactics. Never mind much of the battlefield stuff was/is inappropriate for law enforcement or the legally armed citizen…it was/is really cool to do! Gear became the primary concern and many felt as long as they looked good, it did not matter if they could shoot good. Many potential students are real gullible, was the thought. They were right…just watch You Tube. What garners the attention of the current shooting community is truly amazing! I recently noted Col. Jeff Cooper’s video on The Combat Mindset had around 27,000 views. However, a young girl in short shorts shooting a rifle had over 3 million! What the hell??

A trend began to start shooting people to the ground with full magazines of ammo instead of shooting for a visual response and then evaluating. Force was no longer judicious, it was terminal! While effective is it wise? Consider the video of the officer shooting the teenage suspect to the ground in Chicago .…

Have you taken the time to look into the backgrounds of some of the “movers and shakers” that “rock” (not my term) the training industry? .…

I never paid attention to what many of the instructors claim, but some of my friends who are now retired from the military and intelligence communities do as it matters to them when someone says they are something they are not! They have the contacts to look into the claims these instructors make about their backgrounds and I admit to being greatly saddened as it hurts an industry I dearly love. Interestingly, the people who are the rudest, boisterous and in your face are the ones with the least background. They are like bullies, the more obnoxious they act, the more people stay clear of them and let them have their way. Expect an “offensive” by these retired professionals sometime in the future as they are getting disgusted.

via Handgun Combatives: What the hell?! My thoughts on current combative firearms training.

Yesterday something remarkable for its rarity happened here. We were sent a typically one-sided news story (where in J-School do they teach that every story has a hero and a villain, and that it is the journalist’s responsibility to assign the white and black hats) that made some accusations against a former SF and SOF soldier, including an insinuation that he was a phony because he was reticent about his background with the reporter. We didn’t know this man personally. With one email we had three replies by guys who knew him in SF or in JSOC, and another buddy wanted to talk on the phone.

That phone call established that, while my friend didn’t know the right or the wrong of the specific situation, he did know the man in question and his background with one or more special mission units, he knew how the man was regarded there, and he confirmed my suspicion that the reticent man in question was acting as a Quiet Professional determined to minimize his contact with a hostile press.

What’s rare about this is that the guy checked out. Most of the guys who came out of SMUs and are training these days say specific factual things that they are allowed to say about where they were and what they did, and demur politely but finally when asked about things they can’t talk about. (You get a thorough debriefing when you out-process, and can always get advice from the staff judge advocate, even after you’re signed out). Most of the guys who are making vague implications, trying to lead you to conclusions about their service, are not. They’re trying to mislead you. On the other hand, watch what, say, Larry Vickers says. Vickers may not be to your taste but notice that, while he is extremely proud of his service (as he should be), and tells everyone the basic facts, he doesn’t tell self-aggrandizing war stories and doesn’t make vague insinuations.

As a Frog friend is wont to say, “There are secret missions, and sometimes there might be secret units, but there are no secret SEALs.” Same is true in the SF/SOF world.

And you don’t need your instructor to be SF/SEAL/Doorkicker Team Agent Orange to learn from him. Little known “secret” that’s never been kept secret: US special operations forces have often turned to civilians for special skills instruction, from mountaineering and muleskinning, to RF wave propagation, to computer analysis and sensitive site exploitation. And, yes, including shooting. When the Army set up what was then our premier door-kicking hostage rescue unit, they sent guys to learn from the then-unique Los Angeles Police Department and Sheriff’s Office SWAT units, and then adapt their TTPs to military HR operations, which have some differences from police operations. Why learn from “mere” cops? To prevent going down blind alleys they’d already learned not to go down, and to see further by standing on the shoulders of their experience.

They day no one can teach you anything, you’re dead.

And when a phony is the one teaching you? You guessed it: you’re dead, again.

Bradley Manning “feels like a freak and a weirdo.” No $#!+ ?

Bradley Manning Support NetworkIckle Bwadwey is suing the Army because they took away his tranny wank mag and made him cut his hair, even though the delusional traitor is getting hormones because he feels like he’s female. Michael Isikoff1 has the story at Yahoo (Isikoff’s errors in pronouns have been corrected).

“Plaintiff feels like a freak and a weirdo,” Manning asserts in his complaint, “not because having short hair makes a person less of a woman — but because for him, it undermines specifically recommended treatment and sends the message to everyone that he is not a ‘real’ woman.”

via Chelsea Manning ‘feels like a freak’ with 2-inch prison haircut, sues Army.

Er, he’s not a real woman. And he is a freak and a weirdo. (And a traitor, but that doesn’t seem to be in dispute in the instant proceedings).

Well, no matter what rough path he’s tread, the long journey to recovery begins with recognizing you have a problem. This is progress, Bradley.

When you feel like a woman, Brad, that’s not authentic and in harmony with the physical world. When you feel like a freak and a weirdo, we’re getting somewhere.

“I felt gross — like Frankenstein’s monster wandering around the countryside avoiding angry mobs with torches and pitchforks,” he wrote in a blog post from prison. Feeling “humiliated, hurt and rejected,” he felt like “giving up” and said he “cried and cried and cried and sniffled a little bit, and then cried some more.”

Cue Harry Nilsson! (NSFW)

No wait, he’d like that.

The drama-queen drag queen is working with the criminal liberties and al-Qaeda bar on multiple lawsuits.

With the help of a premier civil liberties law firm, he is working on an appeal —likely to be filed early next year — of his 2013 conviction for violations of the Espionage Act. He will argue, among other points, that he was in fact a whistleblower who exposed U.S. government abuses and was never given the opportunity to present his motives during his court martial.

Simultaneously, Manning is pursuing a separate lawsuit challenging his treatment in prison. It is a novel case that could pose an awkward dilemma for the Obama administration, which has publicly championed the rights of transgender individuals, including those in prison, yet now stands accused of violating those rights when it comes to the most high-profile transgender inmate in U.S. custody.

Right out of the Alinsky playbook, that.

It must be rough to be Bradley’s cellmate. Pro: uh, “release.” Con: you gotta get it from Bradley, and it’s the only way to get him to stop caterwauling in dramatic tears, or singing that GD Shania Twain song, “Man, I Feel Like a Woman.” But relax, guy, you’re not stuck with Brad forever.

He gets out in 2047.

Until then, close your eyes and think of some real chick.

Hey — if you’re a Unique and Special Snowflake™ who can’t deal with life in the jug, there are ways to stay out, ways that have been pioneered by 99 repeating percent of society since time immemorial. These prison-avoidance strategies are generally centered on not committing felonies. It’s so easy even most of your fellow mixed-up, tossed-up, never-come-down trannies do it, which is why you’re so ronery and so awfuwwy arone in Castle Leavenwolf.

Isikoff, who is sympathetic to Manning and generally hostile to the military, finds the Leavenworth loser’s predicament “poignant.” He’s missing the vast seam of humor to be mined here.


  1. Isikoff is the guy who at Newsweek initially reported, and then agreed to spike for politics’s sake, the Monica Lewinsky story, losing his scoop to Matt Drudge. He is beloved among journalists for taking one for the team, that way.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have the Secret Service

US-SecretService-StarLogo.svgEver wonder just what the Secret Service is keeping secret? Read on. But you may be sorry you asked.

A Secret Service officer assigned to the White House was arrested after he was caught in a sting sending naked pictures of himself to someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl from Delaware, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Thursday.

Lee Robert Moore turned himself in to the Maryland State Police Barracks on Monday, the same day the complaint was filed against him in the U.S. District Court for Delaware.

The complaint details a series of online chats between Moore, 37, and a Delaware State Police detective posing as a 14-year-old girl from Delaware. Moore is alleged to have sent naked photos of himself to the undercover officer and requested to meet in person to have sex.

via First on CNN: Secret Service officer arrested in child sex sting | Politics – Home.

Don’t these guys know by now that every 14-year-old Lolita on the net’s real first name is invariably “Officer,” “Deputy,” “Trooper,” or “Special Agent?” Something tells us that Moore was not one of the intellectual giants of the US Secret Service. Their chess team will not have to forfeit any matches just ’cause he’s headed to the Big House.

Want the details? Brace yerself:

“May seem like a small thing in the grand scheme, but I would take immense pleasure in pulling those shorts off your hips and down your cute little legs. Be exciting to try I mean id be nervous but still be fun. Just wouldn’t want to bore u,” Moore wrote in the exchange, which was included in the complaint. He then began asking about sex and became more graphic.

On September 1, Moore reached out to the officer again via Meet24. Moore said he had deleted his Kik account to be safe, “do you know how many fake female profiles are out there, a guy needs some reassurance that he is talking to who he thinks he is talking to, and not, I shudder to think.”

secretservice_logoHe thought he was shuddering then? You should see him now. Two words, Moore: “general population.” Kind of puts the lie to the SS slogan, displayed left.

But wait, there’s one more detail that CNN missed… it’s where Moore was when he was pedotexting.

According to the liberal blog Talking Points Memo, Moore sent some of the texts from his duty station at the White House. (He was a uniformed Secret Service officer, not the Men In Black kind).

Yikes. We have our points of difference with the President but it seems to us that he is a proud and dedicated father of two teen daughters… this has got to creep him out, just as a dad. So you have to wonder, as you almost always do with criminals: what in the blue blazes was Moore thinking? Or maybe the question is what was he thinking with? Ewwwwww. For once we could not blame a President if he sicced every form of national retribution on this guy.

Exercise for the reader: imagine some low-level KGB dude doing this in Putin’s Kremlin. The only question is whether he’d enter the food chain: Arctic Siberia? Some barren continental desert? Or the depths of the Sea of Okhotsk?

Meanwhile, the senior managers of the Secret Service took time off from paying themselves and all their worst bad actors bonuses, to deal with the public relations impact of this latest scandal. Responses under consideration include leaking Jason Chaffetz’s 2001 application again.

The Wife-Beating, Non-Shooting, Anti-Gun Sheriff

RossMirkarimiMugshotThere can be no law enforcement officer in the United States like Ross Mirkarimi, the Sheriff of San Francisco. In the first place, for most of his career as an elected sheriff, he hasn’t carried a gun. You see, he can’t carry a gun.

That’s because instead of enforcing the laws, he breaks them. He’s a notorious (and convicted) criminal, a wife-beater, an angry man suffused with hate. He’s unpleasant to be around and really unpleasant to work for, unless you’re a suck-up’s suck-up. Fortunately for Mirkarimi, the headquarters of police offices seldom lack a few such toadies, as we’ll see.

The charges are important, because they’re essential to understanding his character. A bare week before his swearing-in, a neighbor called police because Mirkarimi — already a long-established San Francisco politician — had beaten his wife, Eliana Lopez, not for the first time but as part of “a larger pattern of abuse.” The neighbor took video of Lopez’s bruises and exchanged text messages. On the video, Lopez said it was the second time Mirkarimi had beaten her this badly, and “he wants to take Theo [her two-year-old son, possibly Mirkarimi’s] away from me… he… said… that he is very powerful and can do it.” Like many battered women, Lopez did not cooperate with the police or the investigation.

Then There’s the Other Woman He Beat — “She just.” Whack. “Didn’t.” Whack. “Un-der-stand.” Whack, whack, whack.


Mirkarimi also was accused by a former girlfriend (who was married to an SFPD cop, one sign of Mirkarimi’s contempt for the SFPD, which we’ll get to in a moment), Christina Flores, of beating her, too. (Gee, isn’t there anything exclusive to a wife any more?) The battered girlfriend was talked out of filing charges, bit did file a police report. In an interview, Flores described Mirkarimi in terms that are far from unique to her:

“He’s like a pit bull. He snaps, and he gets mad, and he goes right for the jugular.” … the relationship often had problems stemming from Mirkarimi’s inability to control his temper. “I’m a smart woman. This was a really stupid relationship.”…”he had a bad opinion of the police…” and a “Jekyll-and-Hyde personality,” and could “snap” during arguments. “He can go from very, very sweet to very, very cruel and belittling,” she said. She added that Mirkarimi’s angry spells most often seemed to be directed at women.

“This is somebody who does this primarily to women and takes pride in the fact he’s a big guy,” she said of Mirkarimi, who is 6 feet tall and weighs 203 pounds. “…women need to know that when someone is in your face yelling at you that that’s also violence, and that is not okay.”

Mirkarimi blamed all the charges on his political opponents, naturally. How dare they ask questions of the women he beats? Faaaaascists!

His political opponents, as he defines them, include most of his cops and all the adjacent San Francisco Police Department. He has frequently taken the side of cop-killers and -attackers. Specifically, he has called for amnesty for eight Black Panthers who murdered SFPD Sergeant John V. Young in the Ingleside station in 1971, and opposed the SFPD’s investigation into an Occupy riot that left an SFPD officer with a fractured skull. The assault on the cop was “free speech,” and “the very fabric that made the country great.”

Mirkarimi would probably beat cops the way he beats women, if only they didn’t carry guns.

Mirkarimi’s Memo: Demands Sacrifices for Sanctuary

And then there’s his performance over this summer’s incident, when his department, on his standing orders, released a violent career criminal (with seven felony convictions and five deportations), Francisco Sanchez. Why would they do a thing like that? Because when controlling crime conflicts with virtue signalling as a supporter of criminal alien  sanctuary, sanctuary wins with Mirkarimi every time. Within days of being released on Mirkarimi’s orders, Sanchez shot dead Kathryn Steinle, whose life, per Mirkarimi, does not matter. After all, she isn’t a criminal alien.

When he discovered SFSO officers were sneaking violent criminals into the hands of ICE for deportation, Mirkarimi cracked down. The local CBS station learned about it.

KPIX 5 obtained the memo Sheriff Mirkarimi sent to his deputies in March spelling out that he, and only he, can turn over illegal immigrants to Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE).

He sent the memo to all sworn personnel.

Only he could. He just never did. Within months, Mirkarimi’s sanctuary worship claimed its next blood sacrifice. In his world, a Sanchez will always trump a mere citizen like Steinle. He blamed ICE for not deporting the criminals he has been hiding from them.

This specimen not only got elected, but he’s likely to get re-elected, which should give you a sense of just how far around the bend San Francisco is. (How far? Other elected officials struggle against the terror, imperialism and oppression of… the Blue Angels. We are not making this up). His opponent is former Chief Deputy Sheriff Vicki Hennessy; seeing as how it’s San Francisco, she’s nearly as moonbat as he is, but she’s an actual cop who can carry a gun and everything.

The Wife Beater Demands a Gun

Since San Francisco is a rotten borough where everything is for sale, he’s been able to buy himself out of the conviction — they call it “expunged” — and he demanded his gun back. The police rangemaster, Sgt. Matt Heskell (some reports say Haskell), demurred. California imposes a lifetime firearms ban on domestic violence convicts like Mirkarimi — even if the conviction is expunged. And so does Federal law, even for canny operators like Mirkarimi who plea-bargain down to misdemeanor. Trying to CYA, Heskell asked for Internal Affairs and the state DOJ to give rearming Mirkarimi an official blessing — but the bureaucrats there were not going to go out on a limb and issue any such paper. Neither were they going to admit that Mirkarimi, a Made Guy in the state’s uniparty Organization, was forbidden to do something he wanted to do.

So they just never responded to Heskell.

A captain assigned to City Hall did, though, and his message, direct from the top, was this, quote, “Mind your fucking business.” Heskell would not bend, although he knew there would be a cost.

There was. Mirkarimi had a solution for the by-the-book rangemaster. He — through his flunkies —  transferred the rangemaster to jail duty — that’ll show him!

The next rangemaster, perhaps uninterested in a career in corrections, turned a blind eye to the law, the POST (Peace Officer Standards of Training) and DOJ requirements, and let Mirkarimi shoot the qualification course during a scheduled qualification day, 18 September 2015. Like most cop quals, the SFPD’s is not terribly hard. There are degrees of qualification, but the key one is the cutline between “qualified” and “not qualified,” which is 80.

Mirkarimi failed. The guy who likes to get tough with 100-pound women got his ass kicked by a 2-pound pistol, with his retinue of ass-kissers watching in dismay (and limbering up their lips to make it feel better), while the range staff snickered behind his back.

Mirkarimi then had 21 days to retrain and retest. He didn’t do it.

Meanwhile, a line deputy who failed and then failed or didn’t take a retest would be brought before a Review Board — probably terminated, perhaps after one last chance, but the last chance is optional. But at present, in the strange Sheriff’s Office that is Mirkarimistan,  5 other SFSO officers — generally favored princes and princesses assigned to Mirkarimi’s staff or City Hall, including a Chief Deputy, Kathy Gorwood, have also boloed without the consequences that would be visited on any ordinary radio car deputy. Gorwood, in fact, has been “carrying a gun for years, and she’s not qualified,” one SFSO officer told KSFO’s Brian Sussman (audio here, scroll down). It is not clear that Gorwood has ever qualified with a firearm. In the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office, standards are for the little people.

One Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman, a Mirkarimi loyalist named Freya Horne, who (like Mirkarimi) is a politician, not a cop, defended both the attempted end-run around the law that disarms her violent wife-beater boss, and the punitive transfer of the sergeant who questioned it. The transfer, she said,

…was not made by Sheriff Mirkarimi, and he did not provide input into who was being transferred. The transfers had no relationship to any issue involving the range or any internal affairs inquiry.

Hey, the guy disrespected Sheriff Boyfriend. He had it comin’, right, Freya?

Another spokeswoman, Kenya Briggs, who is also not a cop, was caught lying about the failed 18 September range session.

The sheriff, like every other deputy, is entitled to practice at a firing range.

Well, actually, no. Under both California law and the Federal Lautenberg amendment, it’s a felony for a convicted violent domestic abuser — like Mirkarimi — to touch a firearm. But our issue is not just with Briggs’s ignorance of (or lying about) the law.

The other thing Briggs was lying about was the range session — according to union rep Captain Lisette Adams, it was a day the range was closed for practice because it was running quals only.

So here’s a violent, convicted wife-beater who’s got not one, not two, but three women willing to throw their credibility to perdition and lie for him.

Not universal in the sense that a scientific or physical law is, but close: Chicks dig jerks.

By the way, what do you think Ross Mirkarimi’s position on you owning a gun is? We bet you can guess: he’s against it.

Why, you might lose control and hurt somebody. He should know.