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Why the New York Times Hates Soldiers and Marines

newspaper-fishwrapAn elite New England prep school is where successful men send their weak, effete sons to develop an aesthetic approach to coasting through life. And it’s where the Times’s loathing of soldiers and Marines comes from.

This forgotten anecdote from 1999 demonstrates where the rot at the Times comes from: straight down from its inherited, nepotistic head.

Sulzberger, nicknamed “Pinch” (in comparison to his Times predecessor and father, Arthur “Punch” Sulzberger), traveled a familiar path for the children of the Eastern elite in the 1960s and 1970s:

“He had been something of a political activist in high school — he had been suspended briefly from Browning for trying to organize a shutdown of the school following the National Guard’s shooting of students at Kent State — and at Tufts he eagerly embraced the antiwar movement. His first arrest for civil disobedience took place outside the Raytheon Comapny, a defense and space contractor; there, dressed in an old Marine jacket of Punch’s, he joined other demonstrators who were blocking the entrance to the company’s gates. He was soon arrested again, in an antiwar sit-in at the J.F.K. Federal Building in Boston.

Why wasn’t he subject to the draft? Well, he was rich, Jewish, cowardly, and from New York, a demographic that found ways to manipulate the system to send poor, goyish, brave, flyover-country kids in their place. (Meanwhile, there were other rich, Jewish, New York kids who volunteered: they were missing the most defining component of young Sulzberger’s make-up, “cowardly”). His cowardice extended far beyond not wanting to risk death or injury in a war; it was moral as well as physical. Not for him was resisting the draft; serious civil disobedience has consequences beyond a radical-chic-authenticity-polishing disorderly-person arrest, and principled draft resisters went to prison. Unprincipled, cowardly draft evaders walked free, comfortable in the knowledge that someone else was at war in their place. And contemptuous of that chump, whoever he might be.

“Punch had shown little reaction after the first arrest, but when he got word of the second one he flew to Boston. Over dinner, he asked his son why he was involved with the protests and what kind of behavior the family might expect of him in the future. Arthur assured his father he was not planning on a career of getting himself arrested. After dinner, as the two men walked in the Boston Common, Punch asked what his son later characterized as ‘the dumbest question I’ve ever heard in my life': ‘If a young American soldier comes upon a young North Vietnamese soldier, which one do you want to see get shot?’ Arthur answered, ‘I would want to see the American get shot.'”

There you have it — the morals and values of the New York Times. This despicable whelp not only reveled in American deaths, he though that seeing it any other way — as his father, a veteran unlike him, did — was “dumb.”

via CyberAlert — 08/11/1999 — “Pious, Sex-Crazed” Starr; Pinch Favored U.S. Deaths | Media Research Center.

Remember, many of the Vietnam War protesters, including the entire Baby Boomer staff of the Times, were never against the war. They were against victory. They were on the other side.

And you see the same behavior from them today in reference to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, you name it. And you wonder why? They hate you. They want you dead. It comes from the very top, where a self-loathing rich kid enjoys almost immeasurable wealth, whilst knowing in his weak, crabbed and corrupt soul that he did nothing for it and is not worthy of it.

Assclown of the Ides: Nicholas George

Wow, this guy sounds like a story from right out of the movies:

With his chest full of ribbons, his arms full of stripes and the iconic green beret atop his head, it was hard not to notice Nicholas George at the Memorial Day observances in Oxford and Addison. [Mississippi — Ed.]

Pride. Respect. Loss. Pain.

The 54-year-old Oxford resident’s facial expressions showed the range and depth of his feelings as he watched the ceremonies with a certain reverence that can only come from a soldier who’s felt the sting of battle and fully understands the sacrifices that have been made.

“I’m here. My brothers aren’t,” said George, a sergeant major, the highest enlisted rank, who retired from the U.S. Army last year following 28 years of service.

via A Green Beret in our midst.

Right out of the movies, of course, because some extremely large percentage of it is bullshit. Bullshit worthy of its own Penn & Teller episode. But Mssrs. Gillette and Teller are not SF guys, so we’ll have to pick up their slack on this one, which is a pity, because they could probably take this guy down with much higher entertainment value. We lack their talent, but that’s OK, because a lot of this guy’s shtick is, to an SF vet or any vet, self-refuting.

Let’s start with his uniform.

Several claims staked by the uniform are obviously bogus. The first, two stars on a CIB: that means he’d have to be a WWII, Korea and Vietnam vet. He’d be 90 freakin’ years old. He’s 55. The Army has no record of him being awarded even one CIB, let alone three, and they’re quite certain he was not in WWII, which wrapped up about 15 years before he was born. Zug.

Then, there’s the beret. Green beret with a generic US Army flash? Thanks for playing, but this just might not be your game, kid. Zug.

Then, what’s an SF guy doing with an Infantry blue cord? Zug.

Finally, enlisted men always remember what side to put the branch brass on our collars with this handy acronym: USSR. “US” on side, right. He’s got it on his left side collar. Zug.

Sometimes reporters are so invested in their stories that they defend these guys. That didn’t happen in this case. The reporter, CJ Carnacchio, contacted by the SF Poser Patrol (which is apparently a real thing, and not a moment too soon), made an extensive effort, resulting in a new story featuring a bunch of new reporting, none of which seems to indicate George’s claims are true.

Special Forces Poser Patrol has a contact at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (SWCS) at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Special Forces training and education occurs there.

“They checked records and there’s no record of him having graduated the Q Course in 1996 as he claims,” said Ole Senn, a former Special Forces soldier.

For example, George said he earned two Silver Stars, a Bronze Star and six Purple Hearts. If that’s true, all those medals will be listed on his DD-214.

This reporter contacted George on Monday about Special Forces Poser Patrol being unable to find his SFQC records.

“I’m battling this again,” he said.

According to George, “this isn’t the first time” someone’s been unable to locate his military records. He said he “ran into the same problem” dealing with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs before his records were located.

“No one’s able to track down my records for some reason,” George said. “It’s aggravating the hell out of me.”

This reporter requested to view a copy of his DD-214.

“I don’t have one on me today. It’s all packed up (with) my stuff,” George said.

Aww. But fortunately, his graduation certificate… packed up, too. (He told the American Legion a different sob story). Then, there’s the badges and awards:

The National Infantry Museum in Columbus, Georgia has housed an exhibit since 2012 featuring a list of all the soldiers who have been awarded three CIBs. A plaque with the exhibit states, “The CIB Third Award is the most prestigious combat badge in the U.S. Army and one that is among the least presented.”

According to museum spokesperson Cyndy Cerbin, the list contained 325 names until last month, when it was updated and three more were added.

“Nicholas George is not among them, nor is he among the original 325,” she said. “We’re very confident our list is complete and official.”

Given George said he’s going to turn 55 next month, Cerbin said it’s “not likely” he could have earned a triple CIB.

“To have a triple CIB, you have to have served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam,” she said. “The only triple CIBs that are recognized in the museum are from World War II, Korea and Vietnam.”

With regard to George’s claim to have earned two Silver Stars, his name does not appear on an on-line list of all Silver Star recipients since Sept. 11, 2001. The site is maintained by the U.S. Department of Defense.

When asked when he earned the two silver stars he claims, George replied, “I can’t remember.”

We’re not making this up. He got two Silver Stars. For what? Beats him with a stick.

Oh, yeah, that sounds genuine. Like an $8 Rolex.

Guys, you do not want to lie to a reporter who knows how to do basic shoe leather reporting and telephone research. The guy will hand you your head, as happened in this case. So he’s a sergeant major? The Army has a school for that. It’s a lot bigger than SF school, having turned 120,000 police-call-area experts and reflective-belt inspectors loose on the Army over the years. And it has a record of every single one. And it has a public-affairs staff that answers the phone. Guess who hasn’t been to their school?

But that’s because he wasn’t doing the nonresident version of the course: records prove he didn’t do that, either.

And then, for the coup de grâce, the reporter asked George’s mother. Says Mom:

He’s lying. One hundred percent.

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about Nicholas George, SF legend — in his own mind. (Well, one more thing: his family remembers him spending a year or two in the Army but leaving with less than an honorable discharge).

Read The Whole Thing™, because Carnacchio tracked down not just George’s mother, but his brother and his estranged son, and each of them says in some colorful way that Nicholas George is as full of $#!+ as a septic service truck. In fact, read all three of CJ’s stories to see (1) how easy it is for a bullshit artist with a slick story to con a newspaperman, and (2) how a righteous reporter reacts when he finds out he’s been conned.

What’s the Acronym for Thuggish Simple Airheads?

tsa-security-theaterCan you say TSA? We knew you could. We haven’t beaten on them since they advertised on pizza boxes for future traveler-gropers last month. (What’s next, Thunderbird bottles?)

And in the interests of fairness, we’ll give first point to the TSA. They make the utterly reasonable suggestion that we gun owners out to pull our heads out of the region of our anatomy we’ve been using as a head holster, and stop forgetting we’re carrying guns and breezing into the machines.

In 2005, 660 guns were confiscated nationwide. Last year, the number rose to 2,212 – nearly a four-fold increase.
“I think there’s a personal responsibility for any gun owner, that they ought be aware of the rules, where they can and can’t take it,” McCarthy says.

We can’t really argue with that. TSA 1: Humanity 0.

From here it goes downhill for the gropers.

Yes, They’re Gropers

TSA PervLast month, CBS discovered a gay TSA goon and his female enablers were doing what the TSA has always denied its gropers do, singling out attractive people for a lascivious groping that crossed the line into sexual assault. TSA Denver agent Chris Higgins watched a groping live, and he and higher-ups reviewed others on tape, and the groper and enablers admitted it, but the TSA bosses and Denver Deputy DA Bonnie Benedetti simply fired the perv and one of his lookouts (the other wasn’t punished at all). It’s not even the first time the Denver prosecutor has given a wink-and-a-nod to a TSA sexual assault perp. It’s funny how prosecutors lose interest in pursuing sexual assault when the perv is a fellow payroll patriots, eh?

Across the country other passengers have raised concerns over the years about TSA pat downs. But the recent case uncovered by CBS4 is more problematic for TSA since its own employee blew the whistle on the practice, a supervisor observed it happening, the agency fired the employees, and the female screener who was fired admitted to the fondling conspiracy.

No one was held accountable. At TSA, no one ever is held accountable. It gives a whole new meaning to the expression, “Your ass is mine.”

TechDirt has the details on how they did it.

The plan involved him signalling to a colleague who was working the scanning computer. That agent would tell the computer that the individual being scanned was female, which apparently would set off an “anomaly” alert for the groin area, allowing the male TSA agent to conduct a “pat down” of that area. Leaving aside the fact that these computers even have “male” and “female” settings and it can determine an “anomaly in the genital area” if they don’t match — this kind of thing was exactlywhat many insisted was going to happen when the TSA put in place these advanced screening procedures.

And also, the details on how the TSA was able to torpedo the criminal investigation, as they routinely do:

Specifically, the TSA was first told about this scheme on November 18th of 2014. First, it took nearly two months for the TSA to do anything about it, and it did not contact the police during this time. Instead, on Feburary 9th, TSA investigator Chris Higgins observed the screening area and saw the signal/button push/grope of the genitals. Higgins made no attempt to speak with or identify the victim of this assault (this is important). Instead, he just spoke with the two TSA agents who were terminated at some later time (exact date not clearly indicated). The Denver police were not told about any of this until over a month later, on March 19th, 2015, at which point they noted that without a named “victim” there wasn’t much they could do.

In other words, the soi-disant “investigator,” Higgins, deliberately set the whole thing up so his groping buddy was de facto immune to prosecution. Even though there were at least three actively involved in the groping conspiracy, and several layers of enablers who got the perv off, we’ll be ultra-charitable and just count this as 1. TSA 1, Humanity 1.

Really, Gropers

tsa checkpointThe TSA Watch blog (if there were no such thing, it would have to be invented) notes that Judicial Watch has received a partial FOIA response (for which JW had to sue the TSA, who dragged their feet for almost a year before producing these public records). These records mostly document incidents of TSA groping and sexual assault, which is very common and seldom if ever punished. The partial response ran to 58 pages of TSA Pervs, with most substantive data redacted. The TSA has redacted the names of its sexual assault perps, including the one that hit a man so hard in the testicle (“testical” in TSA 70-IQ spelling) that he cried out, and the one that groped an elderly cancer patient and her colostomy bag. Sick, sick, sick people homunculi, all of them.

Even though there are 58 pp. of secret (and unpunished! TSA means never having to say you’re sorry) gropers, we’ll be charitable again: TSA 1, Humanity 2.

And They Lose their IDs in Atlanta, and Dallas-Fort Worth

NBC 5 in DFW found a few… thousand… missing badges (along with TSA uniforms, FFDO credentials, and all kinds of stuff lost, strayed or stolen at various airports).

An exclusive NBC 5 investigation found hundreds and perhaps even thousands of airport security badges, known as Secure Identification Display Area (SIDA) badges, are unaccounted for across the country.
NBC 5 Investigates requested records from some of the nation’s largest airports asking how many SIDA badges are unaccounted for.
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport sent a response saying more than 1,400 badges were lost or stolen over approximately two years.

So, the TSA moved quickly to follow up, right? Ha, ha. This is the TSA we’re talking about. It moved quickly to cover up.

TSA blocks access to missing badge records after NBC 5 Investigates’ request….

Before NBC 5 Investigates could get missing ID badge information from other airports, like Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the Transportation Security Administration stepped in and said we couldn’t have those numbers.

The TSA said it is security sensitive information and they don’t want to say just how often airport ID’s go missing at each airport.

Note that TSA management didn’t find the lost, strayed or stolen badges, a news agency did, after TSA management neglected the absentee badges for years. 

We’ve established a precedent of only counting all the wrongdoing in one story as 1, so: TSA 1, Humanity 2.

OK, so the DFW TSA droids are reckless with their IDs, but it surely isn’t happening elsewhere, is it?

And They Lose their IDs in San Diego

Says the national NBC site and NBC San Diego, following up on the DFW story.

[M]ore than 270 badges went missing at the San Diego International Airport in the last two years.

And some of those wayward badges were not reported for weeks or months — meaning they were not quickly deactivated.

Workers are supposed to report a missing badge within 24 hours, and the San Diego airport authority said it plans to do more to ensure that rule is followed.

Gee, but we’re sure that’s not happening anywhere else, because TSA supervision and management is made up of the members of this outfit singled out by .gov for promotion! TSA 1, Humanity 3.

And They Swear By Their Machines, But Don’t Know if They Work

During the controversy over what TSA calls Advanced Imaging Technology and what the rest of us know as nekkid scanners (like the one made by the British pioneer of the technology, Rapescan), you couldn’t crack a newspaper without some TSA panjandrum of perversity standing by the machines with unqualified statements of support. Based on? It turns out, zip. The Washington Times:

TSA cannot adequately oversee the maintenance of equipment routinely used to screen passengers and their baggage as they travel to and from various airports throughout the country, the report states.

“Because TSA does not adequately oversee equipment maintenance, it cannot be assured that routine preventative maintenance is performed or that equipment is repaired and ready for operational use,” the report said. “Without diligent oversight … TSA risks shortening equipment life and incurring costs to replace equipment.”

Hey, sophisticated digital gear don’t need no stinkin’ PM, does it? Well, not in TSA-land.

That makes it: TSA 1, Humanity 4.

And the GAO Finds Plenty of Fail

Let’s consider some of this year’s GAO reports. The first is the one the Washington Times keys on above.

GAO 15-559 T published 13 May 15

Errors in screening system, errors in personnel performance, no concrete plan to address them.  And there’s this:

GAO found that TSA performance assessments of certain full-body scanners used to screen passengers at airports did not account for all factors affecting the systems.

Meaning? The TSA “tested” the systems without the software that de-pervs the body images turned on, and without evaluating the operators’ skills (or, being TSA, lack of the same). In plain English, the tests of the Rapescan and backscatter machines are fraudulent.

GAO-15-465 T published 25 Mar 15

TSA implemented it’s “Managed Inclusion” and “TSA Pre√” programs with no plan for evaluating them, and no scientific rigor in the evaluation; so-called testing of the Behavioral Detection Officer witch-doctors and TSA canines is similarly flawed, or as GAO puts it, doesn’t “adhere to established evaluation design practices”. Of course not: the results are command-defined a priori; they can’t have data screwing up their program.

GAO-15-261 published 4 Feb 15

It turns out that when TSA decides to add or remove items from its Prohibited List (the stuff like your bottle of shampoo that’s verboten in the cabin), they don’t actually do a risk assessment most of the time, and when they do, they may ignore it. They also don’t ask mere stakeholders like pilots, flight attendants, airline executives, or actual security professionals for input into these decisions, even though somebody set them up a committee of folks like that. Hey, they are the TSA. Proud holders of GEDs and defenders of the public from anyone they feel like groping and anything they feel like banning.

So here we are with: TSA 1, Humanity 7. (Each GSA report deserves its own number).

The Summing-Up

The employees of the TSA are the sweepings of the gutters, the scum of the earth, the refuse of the prison system. If you see that agency listed on a resume, you can safely assume that the person is a pervert, a thief, a pedophile, or probably all three.

As we have said once or twice before, “No one good, decent, honest, intelligent, competent, moral or ethical has ever been employed by TSA in any capacity whatsoever.”


It’s Never Just a Stolen Valor Case

We’ve been saying this for years: a stolen valor case is never just a stolen valor case. It’s always a marker for a deeper seated pathology, for a complete lack of integrity. A few recent cases show just how wide-ranging the criminality of Stolen Valor punks can be.

Ranger CSM with sunglasses on head... and Korean vintage CIB?

Ranger CSM with sunglasses on head… and Korean vintage CIB? Zug.

Richard Arthur Rahn, a career criminal with felony raps in three states, just went up the river in Minnesnowta. It was Stolen Valor that brought him to police attention, but since the Supreme Court has ruled that veterans and war heroes, unlike, say, lawyers, are OK to impersonate, he didn’t get in trouble for that. But running afoul of vets’ organizations helped grease the skids under him: he’s now doing five as a felon in possession of firearms. He can probably go back to faking; he’s less likely to run into a real Ranger where he is now.

He was nailed in all the usual places: Guardian of Valor, This Ain’t Hell, etc. He’d been snuggling up to a Gold Star family — no one knows what his intentions were, but he doesn’t really deserve the benefit of the doubt, you know?

We’ll see ya in Hell, “sergeant major.”

Then, there’s TV star (well, Discovery Channel, so he’s right up there with the game wardens of Maine and various inbred country bumpkins in various rural states) Joe Teti. Joe replaced another Stolen Valor guy; he himself claims combat service, Combat Diver, and HALO qualifications, none of which he has. (He was dropped from Combat Diver QC, and later got caught cheating on another course).

Joe did serve in the National Guard SF, but his teammates and leaders remember him as an absolute waste of skin. He stole gear and passed bad checks — for which he has a record — to many people, including his own teammates. He quit the unit before the CO could complete paperwork yanking his tab. He briefly deployed as a contractor with Triple Canopy, who fired him.

Actually, we have nothing against Maine’s game wardens, good guys who do an important job. We regret the comparison of them to jitbag Joe Teti.

Rick Dean Starr bullshitThen, there’s Rick Dean Starr, whose secret missions are, color us shocked, not reflected in his ERB. All it says is that he was a cannon-cocker at Fort Ord, who achieved the pinnacle of SP/4 in four years. Geez, he didn’t even make hard-stripe corporal. That’s pathetic; it’s not like the artillery at the division we called the Seventh African Rifles for its general Third World gestalt when we were at DLI  was exactly awash in competition for promotion, you know? As you might expect, TAH and Scotty are on the case.

Then there’s Gregory A Parker, who’s new to us but the usual phony busters busted him a while back — along with the local cops, who have busted him frequently enough that they probably just reuse his old mugshot and keep his toothbrush in a locker for his next visit. Parker forged a DD214 to support his tales of Special Forces (he claimed to be a weapons man! That gets up our nose, personally). His actual papers show that he’s a genuine Iraq veteran — as a motor transport operator and retention NCO, in plain English, a truck driver and unit re-up sergeant. But wait, there’s more! Parker left the Guard with bad paper (General Discharge at Sergeant E-5, not the Command Sergeant Major E-9 he claims) and has an extensive criminal record (what did we tell you about these guys?) with arrests and court appearances for burglary, theft, numerous counts of credit card fraud and bad checks, and failure to appear. TAH has the basics, and Scotty has the mind-numbing depth on this pathetic poser.

We’re not sure we can trust the “statistoid” that says 22 vets commit suicide a day, but maybe if we started giving these assclowns one round each for the Mess Webley, the statistics would become one we could live with.

Canada on Terrorism: “Go, and Kill Some More.”

The Canadian Judiciary has an interesting approach to murderous terrorists: it turns them loose to kill  again.  The bearded sphincter muscle in this picture is one Omar Khadr, who killed a member of a special mission unit, Christopher Speer, and blinded an SF soldier, Layne Morris, in one eye — after feigning surrender. Released from Gitmo by American squishes, he went to Canada, the absolute galactic epicenter of squishdom, where his family, Al-Qaeda and ISIL supporters all, are maintained in upper-middle-class conditions by the Canadian welfare system.

Canadian Premier Steven Harper did what he could to keep Khadr in prison where he belongs, but slimeball lawyers like the little Al-Qaeda hireling with him — one Nate Whitling — managed to get him sprung so that he can kill again.

In the past, we called Omar Khadr “a terrorist asp that suckled at Canada’s breast.” Rather than further reiterate what we’ve already iterated, we’ll send you back to a post from last May that thoroughly describes Khadr’s past, and links (we hope, with live links) to further resources on him, including an excellent report by Canada’s own Ezra Levant.

In a way, Omar Khadr’s crimes are understandable, if not excusable. He was raised in a hothouse of terroristic mohammedanism, and taught the “Koranic truth” that infidels existed only to be killed in any way possible — the crueler the better. He was, and is, brainwashed.

Nate Whitling, conversely, was raised with Canadian respect for civil society, peaceful dispute resolution, and the rule of law. And he threw it all away to sign on with those whose aim is to tear the society down.

For money.

No word on exactly how much soulless traitor Nate Whitling was paid, but we reckon he’s worth 30 pieces of silver.

The Ranger “Short Course” — for Oxygen Thieves

Perry_Mcneill_front_M8t4Sdfnsa-largeThumb_06f0124fSay what you will about the handful of ambitious women currently battling fatigue (to the point of exhaustion) and physical breakdown in the Army’s first co-ed Ranger course, but they are in the jeezly arena. And God bless them for that. Throughout history, many men (and even a few women) have claimed the Ranger Tab without bothering to, you know, attend the course. If any of those young women graduate, they’ll probably feel about these honor thieves much like we do: pretty hostile.

First Ranger-School-less “Ranger” is former Command Sergeant Major Perry T. McNeil.

According to the charges he wore both the Ranger Tab and the Pathfinder Badge wrongfully and without authority on multiple occasions: on or between March 4, 2011, and Feb. 28, 2014.    It also says he submitted an official record to the Centralized Selection List Board for the fiscal year Active Component and U.S. Army Reserve Active Guard Reserve Brigade/Battalion Command Sergeant Major and Key Billet Sergeant Major Board, a falsified enlisted record brief stating he had graduated from Ranger School in 1994.

Perry_Mcneill_right_M8t4Sdfnsa-largeThumb_5683d7b8Charges? Yeah, this honor thief was court-martialed. Unfortunately, he was let off with the lightest of wrist taps… almost:

The CSM was the senior enlisted leader for the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment up until his sentenced was handed down. The judge sentenced Mcneill to receive a letter of reprimand, reduction to the E-7 pay grade and forfeiture of $500 per month for 10 months.

McNeill is vain enough to have scores of pictures out there with the bogus awards. He even had himself imaged in 3D with his phony Pathfinder badge showing. (It’s a great looking badge. Wish  we had one. But don’t wish that bad enough to just put it on. At the only time we checked, SF NCOs were ineligible for Pathfinder School because everything in the school was an SF common skill).

But the Guardian of Valor indicates that there is a lighter wrist tap than McNeill’s for identical behavior — if the valor thief is higher-ranking:

A few months ago, LTC Gerald Green was found doing the same as this CSM, yet he was only relieved of command. Green was also wearing an unearned Ranger tab, along with an unearned Sapper Tab. Green should have also been held accountable for his actions as the CSM is being held accountable for his. This goes to show that rank does have its privileges when it comes to things of this nature, with Green only having “administrative” action taken against him instead of criminal.

via CSM Perry T. Mcneill Found Guilty Of “Stolen Valor”, Sentenced To Reduction In Rank And Pay Forfeiture. – Guardian Of Valor.

Green (left) and McNeill (right). Same crime, entirely different punishments.

Green (left) and McNeill (right). Same crime, entirely different punishments.

Personally, we can’t see how that oxygen thief McNeill escaped a Dishonorable or Bad Conduct discharge, and the same for the even more worthless septic-tank bubble that is Green. (Although the officer version is Resignation in Lieu of Court-Martial, it carries the same Federal-felony weight). But the Army’s a lot like Hammurabi, in the justice department: your punishment depends on your social stratum, not the facts of your misconduct.

In our experience, it’s never just one thing with Stolen Valor cases. There’s always more, and usually worse, criminality in there somewhere. But the stolen valor is bad enough.

We say, fry these guys. Do it for the women in Ranger school!

Breaking: Flashbang GUILTY. Guilty, guilty, guilty!

rolling_stone_dzhokar_flashbang_coverThis isn’t exactly a shock to anyone with brain stem function, but Dzhokar “Flashbang” Tsarnaev was found guilty on the charges that he faced in connection with his mass murder at the Boston Marathon in . There were 17 counts that carry the death penalty. Of those, Flashbang was found guilty of 17. There were 13 counts that do not. Of those, Flashbang was found guilty of 13.

Yep, that means you’re convicted of everything. Lots of good that dream team of lawyers did you, eh? But then, Flashbang, you weren’t paying them, were you?

Rule #1 for freebies: if you’re not paying for the product, my simple self-immolator, you are the product. You just starred in endless hours of lawyer advertising, which you thought was your defense.

Sorry about that.

Nah. Not sorry.

His next date is with the same jury, who get to decide whether he gets life in prison, or just life in prison until his appeals run out, when he’d then get put down like a rabid dog. Dulce et decorum est, eh. The answer would be self-evident but we are talking about a Massachusetts jury here.

As always in an actual terrorism case, media purveyors of false equivalency were hardest hit.

Writers and editors at Rolling Stone, where the entire staff are rabid Dzhokar fans, are so shaken that they had to take a break from fabricating their next rape story.

Some alternate Rolling Stone covers after the jump.

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Where the Army’s Worst Duds Go: “Equal Opportunity”

In basic training, we sat through our first EO Lecture® and quickly were mystified. The presenter, a guy with an Afro and Fu well beyond regulation (hey, it was the seventies) and delivered the lecture in an urban patois that would later become known as, “Ebonics.” He told us that everything about white people and black people was different, everything, even their handshakes, and he demonstrated a 30-movement, intensively-choreographed handshake he called a “dap.” It was the duty of all white people to cut all black people slack in everything, because we couldn’t hope to understand each other, even the handshakes.

The white guys looked at the black guys, and the black guys at the white guys. (In those days, we had only a few Hispanic guys, all recent immigrants who couldn’t understand the lecture anyway (¡no habla!) and used the time to try to catch up on their sleep). We looked at each other and thought, whaaa?

“You guys shake hands like that? How come we never see it, is it like a secret handshake?”

Our buddy Phil shook his head. “Man, I’ve never heard of this stupid $#!+. We shake hands like everybody else, for %_@&!’s sake!” Phil, by the way, spoke English like the rest of us.

EOAsPoster31Jan13That was our introduction to a particular species of Army assclown, the Equal Opportunity NCO.

The EO NCO was always a black guy, and in our memory, he was always a fat, stupid, truculent black guy who had landed in EO after failing spectacularly at something substantive. No EO NCO, never one in memory, made even a micrometer-measurable contribution to mission. No, he sat and festered all year until his one annual opportunity to do The EO Lecture® to a room of soporified captives as part of “annual check-the-box training,” the place where units dispose with dispatch (and, usually, contempt) of whatever dumb initiatives someone in the E Ring has demanded deserve a training class. The EO Lecture® changed a good bit over the years, as it was driven by fad-focused academic “grievance studies” goons, but the basic ingredients were, and are, these:

  1. The Army used to be way, wicked racist. (There are many examples to cite here; so far, so true).
  2. The Army got over it, but some people and some parts of society still are.
  3. Different races may have different cultural experiences
  4. So don’t be shocked if someone who doesn’t look like you doesn’t act like you.
  5. But this is the Army, and we treat everybody the same.
  6. Maybe you’re a racist, and the Army can’t control what’s in your mind…
  7. But it can damn well control what comes out of your mouth, and racist expressions and actions will not be tolerated.
This has leaked into the other services, too. Here a USAF EO NCO delivers The Lecture.

This has leaked into the other services, too. Here a USAF EO NCO delivers The Lecture to a room full of eager students poor bastards needing a block checked.

(On #5, One is reminded of USAF General Chappie James’s famous quip that the Marines had no race issues because they treat everybody like black people).

The Army has, like all services do these days, a massive EO/Diversity bureaucracy comprising a large number of officers and NCOs, mostly racial minorities (an unstated requirement for the MOS was, from its creation in the hippy-dippy seventies through the nineties if not to today, that the individual be black), and mostly men who had failed at other specialities for lack of intellect, effort, or moral fibre.

Naturally the Pentagon provides swarms of Good Jobs At Good Wages™ for diversity bureaucrats at all levels to SES, throughout the services. In a strange funhouse reflection of Jim Crow, most of these GS-15s and SESes have no qualifications for their phony baloney jobs except for skin color. Some are graduates of the content-lite racialist Grievance Studies programs whose instructors allow universities to make their “diversity” skin-shade quotas, without bringing substandard teachers and researchers into traditional departments. In Diversity World, scholarship’s requirements are few and inconsequential. Even English orthography is excluded from their topsy-turvy world: to expect correct spelling and grammar is a form of oppression, you see. You raaaaacist!

As you might expect for people whose livelihoods are conditioned on finding racism everywhere, they look at everything through a racialist lens, and are simply a photographic negative of Bull Connor or Lester Maddox. Not surprisingly, if your world is one of all-race-all-the-time, your keenly tuned nose smells traces of latent racism everywhere. If black troops and white troops in a unit form friendships across races, perhaps based on assignment, with, say, a tank crew going pub-crawling together despite being four guys of three different races — there’s two ways they can explain that. (1) The black guys are Uncle Toms (incidentally, you will interrogate a thousand EO NCOs before you find one who has read even the Cliff Notes of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, or know that it was written by a white abolitionist); (2) The white guys are oppressors dividing and conquering the black guys, and preventing them from free association. The idea that a TC, driver, loader and gunner might actually become friends despite widely disparate backgrounds is utterly foreign to EO World. “But… they’re not the same color!”

But that’s not even enough, now that we have tens of thousands of useless people whose job is to conduct Reconstruction, as if that had not been done, already, historically speaking; and who work most often at cross-purposes to institutional goals of unity and solidarity in the ranks. No, in recent years the DOD budget has become a Christmas Tree of handouts to professional Diversity Firms, the noxious product of all those university racialist Grievance Studies departments. So it’s bad enough that your unit must bear the dead weight of an EO NCO who is, most often, a complete waste of skin. But now he doesn’t even have to do his single actual duty, his annual Don’t Be A Racist In My Army brief, because it’s been outsourced to some gang of racial grievance entrepreneurs who are connected to Administration figures. So now, some fat chick from White Guilt Industries® comes in and reads the slides, and gets $20k for the day she goes around from unit to unit telling all the races they should be at loggerheads.

SIG BDE White Privilege Slides

But, remember, if these people were good at anything, they wouldn’t be dong this. So even a simple task like 45 minutes of Death By Powerpoint™, where they already made the Powerpoint deck for you, gets bungled. Which is how we got to the point where the racist EO reps of the 35th Signal Brigade and their contractors wound up presenting a slide show that was, instead, about White Privilege and how evil whites are. And you see, they explained, when you think you (or any white guy, if you’re not white) are not racist, that’s when you’re most racist of all.

So take that, all you raaaaacists out there.


The Army EO Program has decided that they will respond to this. How so? Everyone gets to experience more EO Lectures, and the EO NCOs will get more training on how to teach White Privilege to auditoriums full of privileged PFCs. (Didn’t feel privileged when you were a PFC? That’s the “Luxury of Obliviousness,” Jeff Davis). Firing the racist presenter? Oh, no. That might start a deluge.

And where would such a person find work?

OT: What Does it Take to Get Fired, if You’re a Professor?

Marco DorfsmanWell, you could ask Marco Dorfsman (amusingly called Draftsman in one place in the story — Damn You Autocorrect!), and he could tell you.

In December of 2012, Dorfsman altered the student evaluations of his colleague, French lecturer Emilie Taplin, by lowering her student evaluation scores. Court documents state that Dorfsman changed the average scores for every class Taplin taught that semester, as well as her overall average awarded by students. The tampering made it appear that her performance fell below acceptable limits for her department, court documents state.

Taplin’s contract for re-employment for the 2013 calendar year was still under consideration and had not been renewed as of the time Dorfsman altered her student evaluations. In January, Dorfsman said he came forward with what he had done.

“Last December I had what I can only say was an emotional breakdown and I did a terrible thing,” Dorfsman said in an email sent to colleagues on April 19, 2013. “I lost my judgment and in a moment of great stress I tampered with a colleague’s student evaluations.”
The Professional Standards Committee of the Faculty Senate terminated Dorfsman in May 2013 due to “moral turpitude” after an investigation.

But wait! If you were to, as we’re always saying, Read The Whole Thing™, you’d see that it’s not necessarily over. Dorfsman fought the firing, and an independent arbitrator let him stay — even while noting that his underhanded attack on Prof Taplin’s reputation (the reason for which attack is not stated, but we reckon we can guess) not only jeopardized her job (we can not find her listed as current UNH faculty) but also her work visa, which was contingent on the job.

A judge has, on appeal by the University, reinstated Prof Dorfsman’s firing, and rejected a motion for reconsideration. Dorfsman may now appeal to a higher court.

From time to time we encountered the guy in SF who had all the tools to excel in SF but instead displayed what our society once was not ashamed to call what the university has called it in this case — “moral turpitude” (a term that can be a legal term of art with a very narrow meaning, but we’re using it in its broadest and most general sense). Sometimes he had buddies and teammates and even leaders who would go to bat for him, but these cases never ended well (one such has just been an occasion for an enlightening backchannel discussion with a distinguished retired SF officer). The right answer always is the same: give the guy leave and impetus to go excel elsewhere.

Prof Dorfsman may feel terrible about what he did, and he may be bound and determined never to commit such a misdeed again. But there is a bell he can’t unring here; a change of horizons may give him a chance to rebuild his reputation, but UNH should not.

We note that even Michael A. Bellesiles, stripped of the Bancroft Prize when his book Arming America: Origins of a National Gun Culture was exposed as an academic fraud (Clayton Cramer played a major role in this exposure), has been rehabilitated, sort of: a college unconcerned with academic integrity has given him a job; his original, bogus book has been republished in all its fraudulent glory by a Communist publishing house; a new book published to glowing reviews (and nearly nil sales) by a New York house which loves his ideology enough to overlook his scholarship, and uncritical, slobbering tonguebaths in the New York Times and Chronicle of Higher Education. Even though Bellesiles has been exposed as a fraud againin an article he wrote for his friends at the Times. Even though some writers clearly no longer trust him and don’t accept his supporters’ claims that it’s all because of a “swiftboating campaign by the NRA” (which also forgets that the Swift Boat officers and men had the truth of it, and Secretary/Senator Kerry is the one who has been dishonest about his past).

So Dorfsman has a way forward: emulate Bellesiles by attacking what academics everywhere abjure (like gun owners, in Bellesiles’s case) and praising what they adore (like central government control of things like guns).  Will he do that?


Before we could even take the post live, Dorfsman is activating that exact exit strategy. Here he is on twitter, seeing raaaaacism (with the obligatory 5 a’s) everywhere:


(note, we’re having a hard time getting images to load at the moment. Bear with us).

…and here he is, praising socialism.


Yeah, it just hasn’t been tried hard enough. You know, by all those sissies. Like Mao. And Stalin. No real surprise, that a guy who would falsify documents to injure another teacher at his own university thinks he’s entitled to Other People’s Money.

Breaking: Bergdahl to be Charged with Desertion

mad-magazine-trading-private-bergdahlThe only surprise in this is not that the evidence supported charging the little crapweasel with desertion, but that anybody in the Administration, dedicated as it is to “different spanks for different ranks,” was willing to sign off on the charges.

You may recall that in an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Hillary Clinton (during the initial Taliban negotiations, Secretary of State), said that desertion or not, honorable service or not, it didn’t matter.

CLINTON: [O]ne of our values is we bring everybody home off the battlefield the best we can. It doesn’t matter how they ended up in a prisoner of war situation.

SAWYER (in disbelief): It doesn’t matter?

CLINTON (dismissively): It doesn’t matter.

(Hat tip, Paul Bedard). Of course, given Hillary!’s long-standing disinterest in and contempt for military and foreign service personnel, that shouldn’t be a shocker. (“What difference does it make?”). Stumblebum National Security Advisor Susan Rice, fully briefed on Bergdahl’s betrayal of his mates, pronounced at the time of the swap that he, we are not making this up, “served the United States with honor and distinction.” (We admit, Rice may be using herself as a yardstick, which sets the bar limbo-low).  And the President, in words similar enough to Clinton’s to suggest deliberate messaging, said that he had “absolutely no apologies” for trading the Taliban bigs for the defector. “[W]e don’t condition whether or not we make the effort to get someone back,” on whether the individual was a hostage, a prisoner or, as in Bergdahl’s case, a deserter.

There’s a certain logic to this: their actions make clear that Obama, Clinton and Rice (not to mention junior player in this fiasco, former SecDef Chuck Hagel) don’t view a traitor any differently from any other soldier: even one like Bergdahl who got his buddies killed. In fact, they may prefer the turncoat.

Who Did We Lose for this Putz?

A former soldier who was there when Bergdahl went over the wall breaks it down at, of all places, the generally pro-Administration Daily Beast. Nathan Bethea remembers a friend’s desperate battle against insurgents who seemed to come from nowhere:

[T]he attack would not have happened had his company received its normal complement of intelligence aircraft: drones, planes, and the like. Instead, every intelligence aircraft available in theater had received new instructions: find Bergdahl. My friend blames Bergdahl for his soldiers’ deaths. I know that he is not alone, and that this was not the only instance of it. His soldiers’ names were Private First Class Aaron Fairbairn and Private First Class Justin Casillas.

Not all the casualties were so indirect. Bethea lists six more who actually died looking for the deserting crapweasel.

Though the 2009 Afghan presidential election slowed the search for Bergdahl, it did not stop it. Our battalion suffered six fatalities in a three-week period. On August 18, an IED killed Private First Class Morris Walker and Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen during a reconnaissance mission. On August 26, while conducting a search for a Taliban shadow sub-governor supposedly affiliated with Bergdahl’s captors, Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss was shot in the face and killed. On September 4, during a patrol to a village near the area in which Bergdahl vanished, an insurgent ambush killed Second Lieutenant Darryn Andrews and gravely wounded Private First Class Matthew Martinek, who died of his wounds a week later. On September 5, while conducting a foot movement toward a village also thought affiliated with Bergdahl’s captors, Staff Sergeant Michael Murphrey stepped on an improvised land mine. He died the next day.

Inside the Beltway, that list of names draws a shrug. Those names were mere enlisted swine and expendable junior officers, the sort of people who exist to serve, and to be disposed of, by the Beltway version of Burke’s Peerage.

Who Did We Swap for this Putz?

The five Taliban leaders released for Bergdahl have all returned to war against the USA, one way or another. They’re quite a rogue’s gallery of bad actors, the Weekly Standard’s Thomas Joscelyn called them “Five of the Most Dangerous,” which may be exaggeration, but not by much.  Several of them were wanted by the UN for war crimes, but this decision effectively amnestied them. They are:

kairkhwaKhair Ulla Said Wali Khairkhwa. Why do many Afghans have only one name? Is it because this weasel snapped up five? He’s not funny, though. This fine glowering face was the Ministry of the Interior for the Taliban, was a member since 1994, and was responsible for the secret police. He gave orders for the ethnic cleansing and massacres of Hazara people in central Bamiyan province, in part to get rid of the Hazaras, hated on religious and racial (the TB are Deobandi Sunni, mostly white, and the Hazaras Shia, mostly Asian).

mullah_mohammad_fazlMullah Mohammad Fazl. This scowl just shouts “gentle man of God,” doesn’t it? Well, maybe if your god is allah, and your sacraments are mass murder, slavery, and female genital mutilation, it does. He was a senior Taliban commander — some documents suggest Chief of Staff — and was responsible for integrating Al-Qaeda, Chechen, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and other international terrorists into the Taliban fight against the Northern Alliance and, then, against the US-Afghan-led coalition. He also commanded mass murders of Uzbeks and other ethnic minorities before his capture in 2001.

mullah_norullah_nooriMullah Norullah Nori is another mass murderer, in his case of Uzbeks and Hazaras from his post as emir of north-central Balkh Province. There were few Pashtuns in Balkh, so Nori offered local Tajik leaders the Dari equivalent of plata o plomo; he got enough takers that he was able to use his mostly Tajik militia leaders and sub-mullahs to do the dirty work of exterminating entire villages, and driving others into exile (the Hazaras to Iran or to Bamian city where the local Hazara warlord, Khalili, was strong enough to protect them; the Uzbeks to Northern Alliance territory. Nori was taken alive by Uzbek warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum, and handed over to the SF team accompanying him in late 2011.

mohd_nabi_omariMohammad Nabi Omari ran the Taliban ratline through the Khyber Pass that funneled their top leaders out of harm’s way and into the safe hands of Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence, a Taliban sponsor from the movement’s earliest days. It is believed that he was instrumental in the escape of Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden from Afghanistan into Pakistan, where both were able to plot further terrorism under the benevolent overwatch of the Pakistani service. Omari, though, waited too long to put himself through the ratline, and fell into American hands. Until his fortune fell into the hands of Americans who value the esteem of jihadis over the lives of their own servicemen — lucky for him.

abdul_haq_wasiqAbdul Haq Wasiq was one of the top men in the Taliban’s intelligence service, astride a Golgotha of torture and murder. He had a comprehensive knowledge of and involvement in  Taliban/Al-Qaeda relations. Like many Taliban and al-Qaeda detainees, he was able to maintain communications with both organizations while in Guantanamo through his attorneys, supplied by the pseudo-pro-bono terrorist bar. (The attorneys are actually compensated indirectly by Gulf terror sponsors for wink-and-nod “legal work”).

Now we find ourselves waiting for a court-martial of a guy who gave his best shot at changing sides, only to find his best shot wasn’t good enough to do more than irritate anybody — except, of course, for the eight-plus men who died because of his betrayal. The whole clown circus will be assembling in the center ring soon. Look for the pro bono lawyers, driven by terror-financier cash under the table, or by simple self-aggrandizement. There will be camera-hounds, and cameras aplenty for them to hound. There will be TV “journalists,” blow-dried coifs over empty skulls, wondering If The Boy Hasn’t Suffered Enough. And worst of all, this craven bugout will not be facing the honest end that Eddie Slovik earned in WWII. They’ve already promised not to execute him, no matter what.

Gee, how humanitarian. 

There’s a probably bogus statistic rolling around, that says that 22 GWOT veterans kill themselves every day, week, fortnight, or some other interval. It’s probably a bogus statistic, derived by the usual media mathematic method of anal extraction, but there are some veterans who do off themselves.

What a crying shame that Bergdahl couldn’t be one.