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Silly Sunday

Running around in circles like the old Marine chant: “Green side out, brown side out, run in circles, scream and shout!” which dates back to the old World War II camouflage that had green and brown blotches on opposite sides of the material. Things like jackets were always green side out, as far as I’ve seen, but the helmet cover was reversible.

The Army issued, in the 60s and 70s, a helmet cover with an interesting forest pattern we’ve never seen used on anything but helmet covers.

Sorry about the Greece thing…

Work has gone a bit nonlinear and the docs weren’t as finished as we thought. We’re catching up. Keep your eye on the blog (or the RSS feed) for updates. Next week promises to be even busier (we’re not sure if that’s better or worse) with some time periods off-net.

There was supposed to be a post here…

About the two submachine guns designed by Dr Marian Jurek while he served with the Free Polish and British Armies 1942-47. But we are in conference, so the time available has scrolled away from us. The good news is the post will get done today, just not till later.

– your Editors.

Sunday Sleeping In

If Putin continues his sit-in in the Empty Chair behind the Resolute Desk, and the world gets nuked, we’re close enough to a KC-135 tanker base that we won’t have to worry about waking up.

If you want to put eyes on what’s happening in the Ukraine, and you can’t get NGA to read you on, this site is pretty good at graphing open-source reports of the locations of the Russian invaders:

Nothing will avail the Ukrainians. We have no talent and no gravitas in foreign policy these days, and they are “a land far away, and a people of whom we know nothing.” Not to mention that the nearest US forces are in the Med, where top-level waffling has left them to observe the extermination of pro-Western Syrian rebels, so all that’s left is Putin’s client Assad, and rebarbative Islamists. If we sound like we’re angry at the Russian leader, we’re not. He’s doing what a Russian president should, looking out for Russian interests. Unfortunately, so is ours. The Presidential failure is entirely on our side of the ocean.

It’s the Sudetenland, or maybe the Rhineland. So we have one to four years before the balloon goes up overall.

That Was the Week that Was: 2014 Week 09

That was the week that was TW3We were expecting this to be a very truncated week, with a lot of posts or words or value for the reader. That’s because we were pressed for time by a real world project.

The good news is we managed to deliver at least an average week; maybe even a better-than-average week. The bad news is, we did that mostly by posting the easy little react-to-headline stories, and not much in the way of real gun contact.

The links will probably be live when the post goes live. If not, they will all be enlivened by Sunday midnight, or we’ll shoot the dog; to find the posts scroll down. Enjoy!

The Boring Statistics

Our article count was 27, but we don’t have a count on last week’s numbers, so there’s no comparisons this week.  Word count was over 23,000, thanks in part to a near-5000 word post from the Ukrainian Church. Six posts were over 1,000 words, none but the church post over 2,000. There was only one double-digit wordcount post, fewer than usual. This was a much more robust week than we expected to accomplish, given our workload.

The mean and median post sizes were 865 and 828 respectively, quite high numbers. There was only one sub-100-word post, and 8 total sub-500-word posts (down from 12). We exceeded our desired objective of 19 posts by 7. The second month of the year ended this week. We had 87,586 hits in the short month of February, and 164,057 for the year. So far this year we’ve had over 230 blog posts, and well over 1000 comments.  

Comments are 126; last week they were 127 as of press time, although last week’s posts have now attracted additional comments (total 139), so that’s about average. There’s always some posts that have a long tail; after some months the system is set to shut commenting off.

We always say this, but it bears repeating: Thanks for commenting!

Most Commented Post of the Week

We had no most commented post but a two-way tie, both with 10 comments, Hickenlooper in Denial over MagPul, etc., departure, and Guess how the VA solved their backlog problem? There’s less of a have/have-not distribution than usual this week with 10 posts having 7 or more comments, although two posts, one Piers Morgan Circles the Drain and the other the Ukrainian Churchman on Events in Ukraine, which we suspect got the tl;dr treatment from most of you. It was an interesting, and hopeful, interview; we suspect the good Metropolitan’s hope has taken a good bash from subsequent events. (President Obama skipped a national security staff meeting on Ukraine today — must have had a higher priority, like a game of shirts vs. skins b-ball, or a tee time — but he did spend 90 minutes on the phone begging Putin to stop taking his lunch money. Putin demurred).

The Week in Posts

Here’s the recap of our posts for this week:

We hope you enjoyed this week’s content. We enjoyed bringing it to you! (We say this every week too, but we mean it).

Here’s how we did on last week’s promises:

Since we didn’t have a last week (as far as a TW3 goes, anyway), we’re starting anew. Year Zero, like the Khmer Rouge, just without the pile of skulls. Well, maybe a little pile.

For Next Week

Our goals are unchanged:

  1. to return to our normal schedule: post minimum three times a day, six days a week, of which:
  2. one gun-tech or -industry post and one SOF, UW, or war-related post up daily.
  3. a WWWW, on Wednesday.
  4. a Saturday Matinee, and a TW3 before the week ends at midnight Saturday.

Some specifics we know we previously promised and did not deliver:

  • Again, we’re starting over.

The draft queue is a porky 235, and the last TW3 we did it was only 210.

See you with a TW3 on Saturday! (Again!)

Might not get to a UW post today, please check Saturday’s

Saturday, we told the story of A Unit Like No Other (or, a little bit of the story). The unit was the 39th Special Forces Company (classsified name) aka Detachment A, Berlin Brigade (cover name) and it existed all but behind enemy lines from 1956 to 1984.

Much of what it did can’t be told, but at least its existence can now be celebrated and memorialized. So there is that.

Saturday, the prepared post didn’t “execute” due to editor error, so we just put it up (backdated) today. Busy busy busy.

Do you want RSS?

A while ago a commenter asked how to access RSS feed of

We didn’t answer because we didn’t actually know how to access our own RSS feed. Since RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, we felt, well, more than just “really” simple. But we hate not understanding something; when we had some downtime we applied our brain stems to the task and think we’ve doped it out.

You may not need RSS to keep up. We try to publish to a schedule, with four posts a work day and one on Sunday. But sometimes the posts are published late and back-slotted to the usual times (0600, 1100, 1400, and 1800 daily, with the last one being the most wobbly).

If you have an RSS reader, you can get all WeaponsMan posts by giving it this link to chew on:


(If you don’t know if you have an RSS reader, clicking on that link ought to bring one up, if you do).

Sunday is for the Family

And so the WeaponsMan will be weaponizing the kitchen, with intent to produce chicken parmagiana and pasta for the crowd… special set-aside for the niece who is turned off by red sauce. We are not exactly that Emerald La Gast dude here. In fact, diners will probably insist on counting the chef’s fingers before digging in to the meat sauce.

O ye of little faith!

After dinner there may be some snowshoeing and skiing in the back 40. (Forty what, we’re not sayin’.) Or we may just sit and catch up. It will be good, “irregardless,” as generations of stolid but non-too-bright NCOs like to put it.

This past week we got a bit nuked by schedule. On the plus side, it is truly good to have work in meatworld picking up. On the minus side, we can work for dollars or continue to entertain ourselves and our dozens of followers worldwide with the blog. We’ve tried to bank a few posts for future tight spots, but they quickly run out. If we have to, we’ll take a hit to the current four-posts-per-workday schedule and roll it back a bit.

But only if we have to.

Hope you are all enjoying your families this fine Sunday.