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Don’t Go Into the Long Grass

It’s generally good advice: “Don’t go into the long grass. There be velociraptors.”

long grass and velociraptors

Unless, you are the velociraptor.

We’re the apex predator, guys. Time we shed the herbivore camouflage (staff, FOBs, SJAs) and started acting like it.

Two Articles on Military Fitness

We’re just going to introduce these briefly, because we’re still busy doggy-daddying and just enjoying some beautiful hint-of-fall weather here.

Item: Energy Availability

We’ve come a long way from the 1980s, when a Group Commander laughed one of his men out of the office for bringing an offer of free service from a top sports doctor to whom the troop had a family/business connection. “We don’t need sports medicine like that guy’s pussy baseball players do!” he said. Eh. Now, SF has a program called THOR-3 that takes fitness theory extremely seriously. This article from Special Warfare magazine (an official professional journal shared by SF and the Psyops and Civil Affairs troops, as well as other SOF and SOF support personnel) describes some the the new thinking.

energy availability article.pdf

We can’t entirely figure it out, so we’re sharing it with our professional trainer to see what he thinks of it. We would caution anyone that the numbers she uses in the article are built on the assumption of young, active troops with a high Base Metabolic Rate. If an average man were to combine this caloric consumption with this amount of training at, say, age 60, he’d probably gain unwanted weight.

Item: Army Physical Unfitness

An Army junior enlisted guy who happens to have degrees in fitness and training takes a look at what the Army teaches about fitness — the good, the bad, and the fifty-years-out-of-date.  (For one thing, it recommends against strength training for most troops. Whaat?)

His comments on the fitness benefits, or lack of them, in rucksack marching are sure to spin up SF traditionalists. We tend to believe that, as much as rucking stinks to high heaven, no exercise on earth prepares you to move long distances in terrain with heavy weights, except gradually walking longer and longer distances in terrain with heavy weights. From his point of view, it’s just asking for injuries. Very interesting article.

Link to the article at Army Times.

What’s the over/under on this bright young soldier getting anything out of this, except abuse from his chain of command (especially on the NCO side)? See, what he’s missing is that the Army needs a fitness training program that can be implemented in austere environments by below-average-IQ NCOs and sergeants major.

And Our Own Progress?

We didn’t post the Sunday wrap-up numbers, in all the excitement about Small Dog Mark II. So here they are:

Week 3 Ending 8/20
wt loss PT miles PT calorie burn
-1.5 47.53 5311

According to the energy availability article, we should be losing energy, but it hasn’t happened, probably because we’re 30-40 years older than the operational soldiers she’s dealing with.

Our weekly (aspirational) objectives are -2.0, 100, and 6000 respectively so we still have plenty of room for improvement.

Small Dog Sunday

Well, we knew it was going to be a long night when the transport guy, Randall, posted this update:

Traffic is crazy this weekend!! We are way behind schedule. Here is the times:

Vince Lombardi – 7:15pm

Danbury – 9pm

Glastonbury – 10:30pm
Cranston – 12am
Westport – 12:30
Kittery – 2:30am
Scarborough – 3:30am.

Sorry again!

That’s three or four hours behind the usual schedule. (They run dogs up the coast from rescues in the South to adopters in the North every two weeks — God bless ’em). Things had been going pear-shaped for poor Randall since just after lunch — it is a glorious summer weekend in the Northeast, and everybody’s heading to the coast, the lake or the mountains, and of course, I-95 is racked with repair work, closing lanes, etc. Then, all it takes is one guy to crash… Randall spent hours on the East Coast’s main north-south artery crawling along at 20 mph.

The dogs, in their crates in the 5th wheel trailer, knew what to do: they slept.

The Blogbrother had planned to join the safari to Kittery to get Zak aka SD II. But that was before he learned it was a time more befitting undergrad boozehounds or rock stars manqués than, say, retired soldiers or software-wrangling family guys. Keith Richard’s lifestyle works, for him; we don’t want it.

We also canc’d the night’s plane-building session, on the theory that Your Humble Blogger would nap. Good luck with that. Too fired up to sleep, threw the organism into extra PT. That ensured we’d be heading to Kittery exhausted.

After a brief call with Randall around midnight, he thought they might be a little earlier than his worst-case 0230 — maybe 0200. We figured on getting there early. We packed the car with the necessities:

  1. Dog harness/leash
  2. Dog treats
  3. A dog toy (he’s supposed to have his favorite food, toy and blanket with him)
  4. A human blanket (poncho liner) in case it’s a long wait.
  5. An audiobook (ditto).
  6. Dr Pepper for caffeine
  7. The necessary paperwork.

Everything went well, considering; we were back in the Manor with a frail and very sleepy poodle at 0310; after some pleasant conversation with two other new dog adopters: a nice mom and daughter from Big City, and a very fit guy and his buddy who had an hour’s drive ahead.  

Mom & Dau had a gigantic Ford Explosion and made room in the way back for their magnificent new bloodhound: Fit Guy had a crossover and had a crate in the back for his ball-of-fire terrier/mutt puppy. 

Meh. We had the Avalon and figured New Small Dog had his pick of the front seats: lap or no lap. 

He went with lap. In fact, it’s been impossible to get enough separation to get a good photo.  We’ll try again: 

OK, he’s not at his most photogenic right now.  

Initial impressions are that he is a sweet and placid dog, affectionate by snuggling, not a licker. He seems a little frail, possibly underweight.  He’s passed on his food so far, but drank some water and accepted some bits of cheese with great enthusiasm.  He doesn’t jump on furniture but begs you to put him there.  And stairs are clearly a challenge to him.  Well house trained  

The Great Emptiness that was on the House of Hognose is at an end.  

Friday Tour d’Horizon, Week 33

This week’s Tour d’Horizon is where we dispose of a week’s worth of open tabs, or try to. It’s gun-light this week.


I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on my gun all day.

Kalashnikov to Open Shop… in Moscow Airport

The shop at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport will offer Kalashnikov-branded souvenirs and chachkas… and even fake AKs.

The Russian gunmaking company announced Friday that it will soon open a souvenir shop at Sheremetyevo International Airport, where T-shirts, pens, umbrellas, and, yes, fake AK-47s will be available for purchase. There will also be “I Love AK” T-shirts for sale, because, hey, why not? Some 31 million people passed through the major airport last year.

In Russia, airport secures you.

Usage and Employment

The hardware takes you only half way. (Nothing this week, or this post’d be even later).

Sometimes the Right Thing is Not to Shoot

This guy, who is not named in Jennifer Cruz’s write-up at, used his superior judgment so as not to have to make a vulgar display of his superior skills.

The argument restarted and Langley pulled out a revolver and opened fire on the ex-boyfriend. The ex, who was also carrying a gun, chose not to fire back at Langley for one simple reason – his child was in the car driven by Langley and Martin.

Instead of grabbing his gun, the ex-boyfriend grabbed his phone and dialed 911. As he was dialing, Langley fired off his last round from his revolver, then fled on foot, ditching his gun somewhere along the way.

Guess which of them had a license? Yep, the guy who didn’t start nothing, and who didn’t fire when he couldn’t be sure it was safe. The cops noticed:

“It does appear that he used a lot of good, common sense and wisdom by choosing not to fire,” said Evansville Police Captain Andy Chandler. “Even after the shots were fired and the suspect took off running, the [victim] that had a legal carry permit once again chose not to fire at the suspect because he felt like he was no longer in danger because the suspect was running from the scene.”

Evansville, huh. What’s up with Indiana these days? Is it aiming for a reputation as the version of Florida, for those who can’t live without lousy lake effect weather?

And Sometimes the Right Thing is To Shoot

When he ran out of other options, Robert Padgett shot the man attacking him, Gary Durham — and then tried to save him.

Padgett apparently warned Durham to back off. Durham, however, failed to heed the warning and as the argument escalated further, at some point, Padgett pulled a gun and shot Durham.

When police arrived on the scene, Padgett was administering CPR to Durham as he waited for first responders, but efforts to save him failed and Durham died.

It was only after Durham was pronounced dead that Padgett learned about Durham’s history of violent crime, including  the shocking fact that he beat a man to death in a similar road-rage incident in 2001, and had only just gotten out of the Florida prison system after doing 11 years for manslaughter.

Cops ‘n’ Crims

Cops bein’ cops, crims bein’ crims. The endless Tom and Jerry show of crime and (sometimes instantaneous) punishment.

The Cop was a Crim, DEA & Secret Service Edition

handcuffs_1DEA guys are always coming up dirty — it’s a dirty business they’re in, and if an agent is morally weak, well, some of the folks they deal with are skilled at exploiting that. But this case is interesting, as a DEA Agent and a Secret Service Agent working on the same task force both appear to have been stealing from the target of the investigation, unknown to one another. Ars Technica has a fascinating and deep report on the crime and the investigation.

The Cop was Cleaned Out by the Crim

joseph-twifford-suttonPolice chief Kelly McMillin of the agricultural and recreational pharmaceutical city of Salinas, CA, locked his AR-15 with a “gun lock” in his unmarked g-ride. This ordinary looking cat, one Joseph Twiford Sutton, made off with the AR, gun lock and all. He also scored ammunition, and the cop chief’s protective vest.

Sutton was a no-go at the evasion and escape phase of the exercise, you might say. He will now spend the next few years experiencing a milder version of the Resistance Training Lab.

All in all, the hunt for McMillin’s missing AR yielded not only that AR but 19 further firearms, including one other Salinas PD firearm.

She Thought Her Sister Was Gonna Throw Her Out, So She…

…you know this is going to be good. First, Jennifer Lampe loaded up on multiple kinds of Judgment Juice™: whisky, amaretto, beer. Then, she got the munchies — enough to eat the heads of her sister’s two pet snakes, a boa constrictor and a “bull python” (sic).

“When her sister saw the defendant in her bedroom she had a boa constrictor under her top and was covered in blood.”

“About three-quarters of the snake could be seen. The defendant was hysterical.”

The defendant’s sister called the police, and officers found her with the headless – albeit still-moving – body of a boa constrictor around her neck.

Lampe had “vomited up” the heads and placed both in her trouser pockets as she “wanted to keep them”.

The snakes experienced “prolonged and painful” suffering, said Mr Price, adding that reptiles’ heads “can remain operable up to an hour after decapitation.”

OK, here, he’s selling snake oil — they’re reptiles, for Christ’s sake.

No word on whether her sister threw her out, but what do you think?

Minnesota Court Says No to Sharia, Women Remain People There

The brother of dead taxi driver Nadir Ombabi, Hosameldin Imbabi, was outraged that a wrongful-death settlement was paid to Ombabi’s widow, one Nariman Khalil. In Imbabi’s viewpoint, kufr law has no standing, and the money should be paid out according to sharia — that is, among other provisions, primarily to male heirs.

Alas for Imbabi, the panel of kafrs at the Minnesota Court of Appeals were unimpressed with his legal maneuvers — he acted as his own lawyer, the chump — and with his source of law. In Minnesota, at least, women are still human beings and not, as under sharia, half of one.

Eugene Volokh has the story, although the link to the appeal in his story didn’t work.

Secret Service: We’ve Got This, Sorta

After a stage-rusher approached Donald Trump (Trump looked like he was going to pop the guy!) the Secret Service was on CNN denying that they’re under any strain.

But that’s not what the USSS told other agencies when it was poor-mouthing its way into borrowing thousands of bodies for campaign support and the UN General Assembly — over a thousand of them from ICE alone. (Which is okay, because under this administration they just get in trouble if they do the job that’s the title of their agency). Moreover, the budget’s tight enough that the poor bastards supporting UNGA.. well, here’s how one of them put it:

Agents in NYC will not get lodging yet will be expected to show up on time for a 12+ hour shift and then have an hour or more drive to and from work in a city that is virtually shut down during that time.  

It’s not all making up the foursome behind the president, you know.

The agent notes that:

The media should be aware of this for sure.

If it doesn’t reflect luminously on their Supreme Personality of Godhead, don’t expect the media to notice it, pal.

 The Perils of Kathleen: Rubble Bouncing Edition

Here’s where we chronicle ongoing meltdown of the paranoid, vengeful and extremely anti-gun now-former Pennsylvania attorney general, Kathleen Kane. This week she was convicted by a lightning-fast jury on all counts, and finally reigned. We did previously post on that, and expect this to be our last regular update on Kane.

The Cop was a Gun Crim

In California, building an AR-15 is a felony — even, it turns out, when a cop does it. Officer Thomas Abrahamsen of the San Francisco PD may be the first one charged under Jerry Brown’s new “Gunpocalypse” gun bans signed on 1 July 2016. He has been under investigation for over a year, apparently, but his “bullet button” AR-15 wasn’t illegal until now.

According to the San Francisco ExaminerAbrahamsen was dimed out by brother(?) officers.

Thomas Abrahamsen, 50, surrendered himself Tuesday and was booked into San Francisco County Jail on one felony count of manufacture of an assault weapon and one felony count of possession of an assault weapon, police spokesperson Sgt. Michael Andraychak said.

The investigation allegedly revealed that Abrahamsen, a Berkeley resident, had manufactured and possessed a prohibited AR-15 assault rifle and AR-15 components, Andraychak said.

Abrahamsen has entered a plea of Not Guilty.

It’s a good thing that this crackdown has eliminated homicide from the streets of San Francisco, and that the cops have solved — oh, wait. The red ones are the ones they haven’t solved. Not a priority. Damn it, man, there are guns at large!

The Crim was a Blockhead

handcuffs_1Some crook selling fake english-language certificates and other documents was spamming forums with stuff like:

Real and Novelty quality documents such as passports,drivers license,id cards,stamps,visas,diplomas of very high quality and other products for all countries:

USA, Australia,UK, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Italian, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland,

Buy Passports,Drivers license,id cards,visas,counterfeit money.

Buy original travel documents passport,drivers license,visas.

(it goes on… that’s just a sample). And he chose to spam this forum.

Unconventional (and current) Warfare

What goes on in the battlezones of the world — and preparation of the future battlefields.

Uh, That’s a Definite No

whiteflagAsked whether, if he were Prime Minister and a NATO ally was attacked by Russia, he’d honor the treaty obligation, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn “refused to say.”

That’s not a non-answer, Jer. That’s definitely an answer.

But what do you expect? He’s the only guy left that misses the USSR more than Bernie and Vladimir Vladimirovich. His hard left group, Momentum, are the Bolsheviks to Labor’s Mensheviks (or maybe Social Revolutionaries).

Interview with a Vampire

A three part article at Foreign Policy purports to be based on hundreds of hours of interviews with an ISIL fighter from Syria. Part 1 begins here.

Veterans’ Issues

Is it time to disband this thing yet, and letting all its bloatoverhead seek its own level in the Dreaded Private Sector™?

Oklahoma Veterans’ Affairs Investigator was a Fraud

This guy was hired as a criminal investigator. That was half true! The Tulsa (OK) World:

A former Oklahoma Veterans Affairs Department chief investigator who faked his credentials and was actually a convicted felon has been sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to get a psychological evaluation.

Steven Pancoast Jr., 43, was also sentenced to 10 years of probation on Tuesday, The Oklahoman reported. He had pleaded guilty in February to 24 criminal counts, including forgery and perjury.

Was any of his resume true? Apparently not:

Authorities said Pancoast carried a counterfeit badge and forged law enforcement credentials, business cards and diplomas from Oklahoma State University and Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Wow. Turns out he was not a law enforcement officer at all, but a felon. And what was he a felon for?

Court records show Pancoast spent almost three years in prison in New Jersey after two arrests for larceny and a weapons offense.

And it turned out he made himself an investigator in the internal affairs bureau. One small problem: there is no IAB. The Oklahoman:

Pancoast was employed at the Oklahoma Veterans Affairs Department as a safety programs administrator. He had printed up business cards, though, identifying himself as a special agent in charge of the internal affairs bureau, which didn’t actually exist.

He ended up working alongside federal Homeland Security agents and investigators with the attorney general’s office. With them, he carried a gun and conducted searches and interviewed witnesses. He became known as a hard worker.

And it never occurred to anyone to check him out.

Among his lies was that he had been a New York City police officer. To further his ruse, he kept a photograph of himself in his office dressed in a New York City police officer’s uniform.

Pancoast pleaded guilty in February to 24 crimes, mostly perjury and forgery.

He admitted in his guilty plea that he had lied about his background repeatedly and that he had forged documents, including an Oklahoma State University diploma “in the furtherance” of his criminal wrongdoing.

Canadian County District Judge Gary Miller decided Pancoast’s punishment — five years in prison followed by 10 years on probation.

His “investigations” wound up helping one accused murderer get away with a wrist tap:

The judge noted that some criminal cases were damaged because of the wrongdoing.

In one of the most notable case, a former physician assistant at the Claremore Veterans Center was blamed for two veterans’ deaths. The former aide originally was charged, in 2013, with two counts of second-degree murder.

Because of problems in the case, including Pancoast’s involvement, the former aide pleaded guilty this year to misdemeanor assault offenses instead and was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

This guy’s a knucklehead, but he’s a state employee (or was), and we can’t use him as a stick to beat the federal VA with.

Lord Love a Duck!

The weird and wonderful (or creepy) that we didn’t otherwise get to. 

Is this a Crazy Cat Lady Record?

catlady_starter_kitDelores Marti, 78, had 55 cats in her home in Monroe, Indiana — and that’s just the live ones. There was also a freezer full of 35 dead kittens and six dead adult cats, and more dead cats lying around unshriven (and, er, unfrozen). Her home has been condemned.

Thing is: it’s not the first time. She lost a home in 2009 or 2010, and a second one in March, 2010. Both had to be gutted after her then-hoard of cats was removed. She’s been cited for too many cats — a city ordinance limits cat count to three — in her current home, too, at least twice.

If any of you Hoosiers out there want a cat, the Green County Humane Society has got a few — dozen — for adoption.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Dishwashers.

(Evil dishwasher image lifted from this blog, where at least nobody was harmed by the dishwasher rampage).

(Evil dishwasher image lifted from this blog, where at least nobody was harmed by the dishwasher rampage).

Sometimes you get a job even the Maytag repairman can’t fix.

Police are investigating an “untimely death” in the McIntosh Condominium building Tuesday morning that may have resulted from an apparent electrocution.

Deputy Fire Chief Carl Roediger said his department responded to the building at 8:13 a.m. for a call about a man in cardiac arrest. He said the man was deceased and there are “indications” that he may have been electrocuted. The deceased was later identified as David Dufresne Jr., 52, of Rochester. 

“It looked like he was in the process of installing a dishwasher,” Roediger said. 

Dishwasher 1, Human 0.

The deputy fire chief said a state medical examiner was called to the scene and the man’s cause of death is inconclusive until that examiner makes a determination. 

Police Sgt. Rich Webb said the fatality is being investigated by police detectives and preliminary findings indicate that the death was accidental. 

Naturally, the .gov says it’s all because the guy didn’t have the right permit and licenses.

In an email to city councilors Tuesday morning, City Manager John Bohenko said the work being performed by the deceased, “may have involved replacement of an outlet.”

“No building permit was issued for this work, and had one been issued, the work would have been required to be performed by a licensed electrician,” Bohenko wrote.

Yeah, because only a licensed electrician can replace an outlet without frying himself. Riiiiight.

Friday Tour d’Horizon, Week 32

Yeah, we know we used Week 32 for last week’s Tour d’Horizon but we think that was an error, so we’ve changed it and called this Week 32. You’re not actually seeing double.

This is where we dispose of a week’s worth of open tabs, or try to. It’s gun-heavy this week.


I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on my gun all day.

Guy in a Garage Updates the Patrick Songbird

The James R. Patrick design, the Songbird .22 pistol, really comes into its own with a steel barrel liner in an ABS container.

Want a gun? Build one. Totaliarians (Heil Healey!) can’t put this cat back in the bag. (However, it’s no way to save money, if you value your time).

Speaking of 3D Printers

We came across this latelty, if your idea of a large format is 1x1x2 feet (305×305×610 mm): RAIS3D N2 Plus. Does need some practice to get good large prints, but it doesn’t require proprietary filaments, and doesn’t require special environmental conditions. If your application of a 3D printer is for prototyping large parts like rifle receivers or stocks, it’s worth looking in to.

Half an Hour of Kel-Tec .22 Mag Carbine

Yep, that’s the duration — mas o menos — of Hickok45’s take on the curious and ingenious Kel-Tec, which packs a 30-round magazine (shared with Kel-Tec’s .22 WMR pistol) into the grip. The magazine is an interesting one, one of the rare dual-feed mags designed for a pistol. Like us, Hickok can’t figure out what it’s actually good for, apart from having fun plinking. He quiets it considerably with a tiny suppressor — it makes us wonder what a .22LR version would be like.

Kel-Tec firearms are always interesting in their design and execution. Hickok45 has lots of videos coming out all the time; you can find him at YouTube, which occasionally bans him due to their anti-gun corporate feelz, or better yet at the entirely pro-gun Full30.

Remember that 3D Printed Revolver TSA Seized in Reno?

TSA confiscated the revolver (after offering the owner the alternative of checking the bag) and included it in their weekly wrap.  There are a few more details in this Yahoo story.

3D Printed Revolver

We bag on TSA here, but note that they offered the guy the chance to check the bag and keep the revolver and even the ammo. Because that was in line with the state laws of Nevada. When you hear of arrests, it’s because of local gun laws in Constitution Free Zones like New Jersey or Chicongo.

However, the Yahoo story is a mess, containing two howlers about Derwood’s Shuty MP-1 design. The airheaded writer, Kelly Hodgkins, calls it a rifle (it’s a pistol) and describes in detail how the barrel does…

…suffer from a fatal flaw that affects most plastic guns. If you fire too many successive rounds (18 in this case), the gun barrel starts to melt and change its shape, making it more of a novelty than a reliable weapon.

The barrel of the Shuty MP-1 is an OEM or aftermarket Glock barrel. It’s only made of plastic if you’re an fabricator not in the sense of Derwood but in the sense of Yahoo’s Kelly Hodgkins, who apparently just made that bit up.

The Pedersen Device

From Full 30, Ian McCollum drops in to character (and costume!) to brief the Infantryman of 1919 on his new weapon, the US Automatic Pistol Cal. .30 Model of 1918 — aka, the Pedersen Device.

We learned more on the actual employment of the device from this short (<6 minute) video than we did from everything we’ve read previously on the Pedersen Device. “Tell me and I hear; show me and I understand.”

Ian’s Ordnance briefer is fairly convincing, but he needs a backstory to explain how his Indian Scout grooming style got by John Pershing!

Usage and Employment

The hardware takes you only half way. (Nothing this week, or this post’d be even later).

Cops ‘n’ Crims

Cops bein’ cops, crims bein’ crims. The endless Tom and Jerry show of crime and (sometimes instantaneous) punishment.

The Cop was a Crim, ATF Edition

Douglas daCosta was an ATF Special Agent in the San Francisco field office. He was involved in many investigations and prosecutions in his career. He also was a crook, at the end of his career using fake doctor’s notes to pretend to have cancer so he could get tens of thousands of dollars in paid time off. The Department of Justice:

From January 2009 until his retirement in June 2009, daCosta claimed more than 80 days of paid sick leave for which he was not eligible, according to the government’s allegations.  Specifically, the United States alleged that daCosta falsely represented to his supervisors that he was undergoing extensive treatment for cancer, going so far as to provide a forged letter from a physician to support his claims.  The government contends, however, that daCosta did not have cancer and was not undergoing any such treatments.  Additionally, at the same time that daCosta was feigning illness to receive paid sick leave from the government, he was working in the private sector, according to the government’s allegations.

So he’s been fired, right? You’re kidding! He was allowed to retire, there was no attempt to prosecute him. Instead, with a wink and a nod, it was handled as a civil, not criminal, matter; he merely was made to pay back some of the money he scammed. We’re closer every day to Hammurabi’s Code, where the punishment for any crime depended not on objective law but on the caste or social rank of the doer and the victim.

For example, daCosta was a Fed, so he was immune from criminal prosecution (professional courtesy) for his fraud, but he was a low-ranking mere SA, so he had to pay back some of his ill-gotten gains.

Hat tip, Kathryn Watson at the Daily Caller.

 The Perils of Kathleen: Trial by Trial Week

This is our ongoing series where we examine the ongoing meltdown of the paranoid, vengeful and extremely anti-gun Pennsylvania attorney general, Kathleen Kane. This week held the meat of Kane’s perjury trial. Next week will feature

  • Jury Selection began and ended on Monday with 6 men and 6 women empaneled by judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy. Kane is not charged with anything in the matter of the corruption case that she canceled, letting a number of political allies off the hook; nor is she charged with honest services fraud for doing the bidding of generous anti-gun donors; instead, the charges just relate to a grand jury leak and subsequent cover-up:

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele and his team of prosecutors say Kane illegally leaked secret grand jury information in a bid to embarrass Fina, and later lied about it under oath.

  • Kane needed a Mob lawyer: was represented not by (as you’d expect) some connected Philadelphia lawyer, but by Mob lawyer Gerald Shargel, lawyer and confidant to the late Mafia head John Gotti. Unlike many of the other lawyers she’s had to hire in her tumultuous term, she’s paying Shargel hersel.
  • Kane Aide was Groped for Law Enforcement Wires when meeting with her to arrange the leaks, according to unrebutted trial testimony. Her reputation to the contrary notwithstanding, Kane didn’t grope him herself, but had her security detail do it.
  • Kane conspired to frame her Deputy, Adrian King, for the leak, according to unrebutted testimony both by King and by Adrian Morrow, the attorney and former Kane squeeze (isn’t everybody?) with whom Kane conspired.
  • The last witness against Kane was an attorney who defended a crooked judge in a  1999 trial in which Kane, then a prosecutor, testified on the importance of grand jury secrecy. This was because Kane’s mob lawyers had tried claiming that Kane was ignorant of the law, and it gave these prosecutors the chance to put her own previous testimony on the seriousness of the offense she committed into the record of her own trial.
  • Kane’s Defense Rested without presenting a case — at least, without presenting any witnesses. Kane herself did not take the stand. “I don’t believe it’s necessary for me to testify on my own behalf,” she told the judge, but it was never likely that an attorney, even one as vain and inexperienced as Kane, would expose herself to the risk of cross-examination under oath — especially with her own credibility the central issue in the case.

Unconventional (and current) Warfare

What goes on in the battlezones of the world — and preparation of the future battlefields. Nothing this week. 

Veterans’ Issues

Is it time to disband this thing yet, and letting all its bloatoverhead seek its own level in the Dreaded Private Sector™? Nothing this week. 

Lord Love a Duck!

The weird and wonderful (or creepy) that we didn’t otherwise get to. 

We got nothin’, we’re too far behind!

History of the Medal of Honor

American society rejected the idea of medals until the Civil War. They were considered European and monarchical, and therefore un-American.

The Army went no further than issuing a few “Certificates of Merit” during the Mexican War. But in the Civil War, the Navy began to issue a Medal of Honor. Army General Winfield Scott, a Mexican War hero in command refused to have such a thing, and so the Army had no Medal until Scott resigned.

This video talks little about the kinds of acts that are recognized by the Medal. Instead, it is a deep capsule history (about fifty minutes long) of the medal itself.

We found it instructive and enjoyable.

Friday Tour d’Horizon, Week 31

This Tour d’Horizon comes naked into the world, like a newborn baby; its plaintive cries may draw your attention, at least until the 0600 post tomorrow.

This is where we throw a lot of our open tabs.


I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on my gun all day.

Need to Load a Tommy Gun?

This guy’s got a mag loader that takes the drudgery out of it, and looks neat too.

He’ll also custom build one for you.

A Gun Banner’s Nightmare

This 3D printed firearm uses common Glock mags and barrel, and has been fired… a lot.

Derwood writes:

This latest version has the charging handle moved to the opposite side. The Gluty lower has had over 3000 rounds fired with it. The new upper has had 1200 rounds fired through it.

 We’ve come a long way from the Wilson Liberator.


And What’s Guy in a Garage up to?

Dude’s hard to keep up with. This week, he posted this update on his ultralight 3D printed AR stock.

And a while back, he gave us a shop tour.

And we forget if we showed you this one, but it’s a perfect, practical use of 3DP to make a firearms accessory.

Don’t just wish they made it! Make it yourself. (If you want to print this exact mount, the STL files are here; must have a Sendspace account).

Usage and Employment

The hardware takes you only half way. (We have a lot of that this week).

Cop Uses Restraint and it Nearly Kills Him

This guy was coming to arrest a kiddie diddler as an unregistered sex offender. Generally, pervs are not who you’d expect to be violent resisters.

There’s always the exception to the rule. Perv survived the GSW and will have some time out to contemplate the error of his ways. Next guy to pull this on this cop probably won’t know what hit him.

For the background, has a good write-up.

This happend in Spiro, OK, a town almost famous for its pre-Columbian archeological finds. Yeah, it can happen to small town cops. A couple years ago we had five cops shot, one fatally, serving a warrant on a guy who’d never resisted before, just one town over in rural New Hampster.

Cops ‘n’ Crims

Cops bein’ cops, crims bein’ crims. The endless Tom and Jerry show of crime and (sometimes instantaneous) punishment.

The Agony of Da Fed

Where’s all the Federal Agents going to be next month? At the UN General Assembly, that’s where. A couple of agencies (Secret Service and FBI mostly) have put the arm on our Fed friends for a four-figure quantity of what are going to be, if truth be told, detail bods for the Secret Service. FBI plus-up is mostly other field offices being tasked to provide warm bodies to supplement foreign intelligence and counterintelligence work. Agencies like ICE and CBP, which are essentially without a job these days with the de facto amnesty of most of the crimes they’re primary on, will provide the bulk of the grumbling masses, but no 1811 is safe.

The turf battles between SS and DSS (both of which will have all hands on deck, minus SS’s politician guards) should be interesting, except that SS always wins.

Have fun guarding stairwells and keeping citizens from beating “diplomats” to death for running people over drunk.

The Cop was a Crim

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before (actually, we could have posted this last week or two weeks ago — our accounting is that messy). The convert to Islam shared all his plans, actions and TTPs with a fellow jihadi.

in March 2011, Young said that he hated the FBI and was skilled enough to attack the agency.

According to the affidavit, he said that although firearms are not permitted in Alexandria’s federal courthouse – but described a way to bring multiple guns inside undetected in order to distribute to others.

Affidavit? Yeah, who was he telling this to?

The US Attorney’s Office says that Young met an FBI source on 20 separate occasions in 2014.

The source posed as a U.S. military reservist of Middle Eastern descent who was becoming more religious and eager to leave the U.S. military as a result of having had to fight against Muslims during his deployment to Iraq, according to the affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint.

Young has been under surveillance since 2010 after the transit police sparked a probe into him

During these conversations, Young advised the source on how to evade detection by law enforcement by using specific travel methods and advised the man to watch out for informants and not discuss his plans with others.

In the fall of 2014, the source led Young to believe that he had successfully left the United States and had joined ISIS….

From that point on, Young (notice how the press, determined not to see Islamic terrorism, never list these guys by their jihad names?) thought he was communicating with his jihad buddy, but FBI agents were playing the role. Now he’s on his way to Crowbar Motel, rather than to his beloved jihad. Hey, hadji, sometimes the martyrdom chooses you.

Rather rarely, the department fired Young when he was indicted.

 The Perils of Kathleen: It Never Lets Up

This is our ongoing series where we examine the ongoing meltdown of the paranoid, vengeful and extremely anti-gun Pennsylvania attorney general, Kathleen Kane.

  • “I’m Special, Let Me Out of Trial!” Kane has filed a last-ditch appeal with the State Supreme Court. In it, Kane has asked that she be exempted from criminal law because she was elected AG, which puts her above the law. This bizarre appeal relys on a rarely-invoked Supreme Court power that dates to ancient British common law.

Kane request[s] to have the Supreme Court use its king’s bench powers – the high court’s ability to intervene in any case in a state court.

The state of Pennsylvania has paid hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, to Kane scandal lawyers. They may not be getting value for money.

UPDATE: Friday afternoon, the Supreme Court slapped Kane’s Hail-Mary longshot down. Trial starts Monday. Sucks to be her, but then, we suspect it always has.

  • Kane Paid off an Aide who had filed a whistleblower lawsuit with $150k of state money this week. Kane punitively demoted George Moore for refusing to look the other way on sexual harassment by Kane chief of staff and crony Jonathan Duecker. (She promoted Duecker, after the allegations). Kane could not approve the settlement, as her law license has been suspended, but Kane crony Bruce Castor signed off on it. The state had spent hundreds of thousands on legal work by connected law firms, who advised Kane and Castor that their was a losing case, hence the settlement. Over a quarter of a million in state money went down the rathole on this case alone, but the hornball Duecker faces other allegations as well.
  • Kane’s Hershey Trust settlement was another failureeditorializes the Philadelphia Inquirer, which supported her election in 2012 and has lived to regret it.

This pattern of spectacle without substance emerged with Kane’s approach to the Hershey Trust.

The following year (2013), Kane absolved Hershey officials of any wrongdoing in a pair of dubious real estate purchases in exchange for vague promises to undertake modest reforms. Much like her failure to prosecute Democratic legislators caught taking cash from an informant, Kane’s latest deal with Hershey is in the same conciliatory spirit.

You say “conciliatory,” anyone who did not start off as a Kane partisan says, “corrupt.”

  • How Kane Used Off-Color Emails  in her fight for political survival is explained by this 2015 New York Times article. Note that Kane partisans call these “pornographic” and “racist” emails, but most of them are the kind of bad and tasteless jokes that some idiot is always sending you.  Philadelphia Magazine also described her rise and fall that year (conclusion: “she was insecure but entitled”. It’s nearly two years since the Times article, and the sudden stop at the end of the fall is almost here.
  • The Trial Begins on 8 August 2016. Or you could sign the petition in favor of her — something fewer than 2,000 people did in the eleven months it’s been up. It would be kind of fun to have Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Hannibal Lecter and Professor Moriarty sign up for America’s most crooked chief law enforcement officer.

Unconventional (and current) Warfare

What goes on in the battlezones of the world — and preparation of the future battlefields. 

F-35 Fudges a Date

1 August was supposed to be Initial Operational Capability for the troubled jet, bought as a low-cost alternative to the much more capable, but cancelled, F-22. Despite 15 years of development, the jet’s armament still isn’t integrated, but the Air Force did declare one squadron operationally ready. The USMC did something similar, declare one squadron ready, last year, in a maneuver to get Congress off the troubled jet’s six.

The problem was, of course, the anti-military leaders who canceled the F-22 could say the F-35 was their alternative. Now, they want the $400 billion budget of the F-35 for domestic programs, but there’s nothing to replace it — it was the low-tech, less-capable, more-vulnerable fallback. There’s nothing beneath the F-35 but trying to fly forty-year-old designs (and in some case, forty-year-old jets) for another couple of decades.

Want the Facts on Iran and Terrorism?

Go here to the Clarion Project. Download the Fact Sheet on Iran and Terrorism. (It’s a .pdf).

One fun fact that the Sunday Morning talking heads are all in denial about:

The Clinton, Bush and Obama Administrations all agreed that Iran supports Al-Qaeda terrorists, despite their ideological differences.

Why would Shia extremists support the Sunni extremists abroad, even as they try to murder them at home? Welcome to the Middle East. “Me and my brother against my cousin.” Or, if you want it put really simply, you can have Islam or you can have civilization. Pick only one.

Veterans’ Issues

Is it time to disband this thing yet, and letting all its bloatoverhead seek its own level in the Dreaded Private Sector™?

Physicians Running for the Exits

VA-veterans-affairsAs we’ve reported before, the VA has hired tens of thousands of new employees, but only a few thousand physicians. Meanwhile, last year over 7,000 physicians quit — as demand for VA services goes up. The Denver Post:

In 2011, 5,897 physicians, registered nurses, physician assistants, psychologists and physical therapists said goodbye. By 2015, that number had grown to 7,734. The rate of loss rose from 7.3 percent to 8.2 percent.

This probably has nothing to do with the fact that at VA, provider salaries have been essentially frozen for five years, while administrator salaries have soared.

But the real shocker of the report, which the Post writer utterly missed, is that the VA is working with — their choice to represent vets on this! — the Paralyzed Veterans of America, a notorious sham/scam “charity” that exists to enrich its entirely non-paralyzed fund-raisers and executives with money misled donors think is going to paralyzed veterans. It scored a remarkable 0.0 at Charity Navigator. That means it’s less beneficial to paralyzed vets that lighting your money on fire and taking a video of the pretty colors for ’em.

Lord Love a Duck!

The weird and wonderful (or creepy) that we didn’t otherwise get to. 

We got nothin’, we’re too far behind!

OT: It’s a Small [Dog] Thing

Yeah, we’re running late on posts (almost a full day late). Analog world intrudes on the digital sometimes. But one thing that’s happening is that we’ve arranged to adopt a new Small Dog. Here’s a picture from the rescue that’s sending him:

small dog II

We’ve spoken to the lady fostering him (and eight other dogs… God bless her) and his personaliy seems like it’ll be a fit around here. He was a stray: matted, sick, infested with every parasite in Christendom and on death’s door from diarrhea.

You never know why a dog becomes a stray. We suspect that a lot of the time there’s a human story that would be even more tragic, if we only knew it.

His first grooming was painful as all the matted, filthy hair had to come off. He’s supposed to be a quiet little guy as small dogs go, but it will make this big old place a little less quiet and that’s a good thing.

Were we picking out a new puppy, white wouldn’t have been our color choice, but everyone (and we do mean everyone) urged us to go with a rescue. We picked this guy because he was listed as local, but it turns out that’s a gimmick that the SC based rescue does — they run a transport up the Eastern Seaboard a couple times a month, and for reasons we don’t pretend to understand, New England is a net dog consumer and the Deep South a net dog producer.

We hate to post on anything that’s supposed to happen in the future. It might not! But right now, the arrival of Small Dog II is tentatively penciled in for the evening of 20 August.

Small Dog is gone. Long live Small Dog!

An Arms Room Story

The ARMY way -- optics off. (This commercial, non-issue rack would support storage optics on).What’s the definition of misery? To be assigned to the Rear Det when the guys go to war, just because you’re at loggerheads with the CO. The duties of the Rear Det are few, so long as nobody gets whacked: push stuff forward to the guys, maintain the building, manage the property book.

Ah, the property book. It includes, of course, the arms room, so we did all the usual inspections, but with only two of us (the other guy, Craig, stayed back due to a medical problem), we were on the not-quite-legal side. But it was just a formality, right?

There were not many weapons in the arms room. Most of the M4s had gone forward, as had all the MGs we’d borrowed off infantry units. We had six M16A2s that we’d borrowed from somebody for a flag detail, that they wouldn’t take back for some reason; a few deadlined M4s; and the foreign weapons locker which had about 100 foreign and obsolete weapons in there for mechanical training. (We weren’t supposed to shoot them, without some kind of papal encyclical from Aberdeen that Aberdeen would never bestow on us, but we always did, if they’d headspace. We had tagged the junkers that wouldn’t headspace).

When the unit deployed, the property book (the master list of all the unit’s “stuff” was divided into two separate ones — the stuff that went to war stayed on the unit’s books, and the stuff left behind (like all the wall lockers in the team room, chairs and desks in the office, and those wallflower firearms) were put on the stay-behind property book.

Comes the Inspection Team

So one morning about three weeks into our adventure a colonel and a couple other officers show up, unannounced.

“This is a no-notice inspection!”

We looked with some dismay around the trashed office, and Craig (not his real name) slid his porn magazine into his desk. He was that kind of hornball, and was usually hooking up with barfly women on dating websites (much later, we would discover that, stuck for a nom de jig-a-jig and not being a very imaginative fellow, he was using Your Humble Blogger’s).

“We didn’t know you guys were coming.”

“Yeah, Sarge. No-notice, right?”

It turned out they didn’t care about our scuffed floors or grimy windows — it wasn’t that kind of inspection. They wanted to see all the stuff on our property book.

But they had the original property book and would not be convinced that the only stuff they could find was the stuff on the stay-behind detachment’s book. That took most of an hour, by which time the colonel had concluded that the stay behind det was the two dumbest mo-fos in Special Forces. (When we turned out to be, if dumb, at least right, that did not restore us to his good graces. Quite the contrary!)

Having that figured out, we breezed through most of the unit property. Yep the wall lockers were in the team rooms. All that was left was the commo locker and the arms room, which we’d have to open.

“It’s almost noontime!” Craig said. “Let’s break for lunch.”

“I want to get back to HQ,” the colonel announced. Craig kept insisting. The colonel was getting cross.

“Well, let’s do the commo locker first, get it over with,” Craig said. “And then break for lunch.”

“The arms room is right downstairs,” your humble blogger helpfully announced. “Let’s do it… ” but Craig was making all kinds of cut-off gestures from behind the inspecting officer.

At this point, the colonel got paged by the other unit that shared the armory, and went to take a telephone call, and for a moment Craig and your humble blogger were alone.

We’re missing whaat?

“WTF, dude?”

“We can’t let him in the arms room! We’re short a gun.”

W. T. F-itty F?

“I lent a Swedish K to Ben.” (Also not his real name, Ben was a former unit member who was a senior member of the police department in the city where our unit was based).

“You whaaaaat?”

“Look, he’s going to bring it back when he’s done. He busted a part on his own one and wanted to copy the same part from ours. So I gave him the gun last month. We can’t let these guys into the arms room.”

They were already suspicious as hell of us — with, it turns out, good reason. It was time to lay down the law.

“Call Ben now. Have him bring the Swedish K back, now. Take these [censored] out to lunch and try to get some booze into them. I’ll put the gun back in the arms room if Ben brings it in. Otherwise, all three of us are going to be in Leavenworth.”

Craig hauled the inspection team to a very good local restaurant and proceeded to treat them to a fine lunch (on, naturally, YHB’s money, because he “didn’t have any cash, sorry.”) The colonel’s suspicion meter was pretty much pegged when Craig kept trying to buy rounds. It went right through ALARM and was quivering in the RAMPANT PARANOIA range when he arrived back at the unit to see me walking out of the bay the supply room, and, more to the point, the arms room, was in.

“What are you doing?”

“Craig said you’d be back, so I went ahead and opened the arms room for your inventory.”

The colonel’s face betrayed his disbelief. Over his shoulder Craig mouthed the words, “Did you get it?” and we suppressed the initial reaction, and instead gave him a look of sadness and a shake of the head.

About fifteen minutes later, with the colonel (whose branch we have forgotten, but he couldn’t identify most of the weapons, and was quite astonished that we had everything from BARs to Walther P.38s) sitting in a stack of oddball firearms, he called out the next item on his list:

“Swedish M-forty-five Bravo, two each.”

“Here, and here.”

Craig, who’d been cringing like a whipped puppy, suddenly realized what had happened: Ben had arrived in time (in fact, Ben, outgoing, passed the lunch bunch, incoming, in the parking lot). And we’d just been messing with his head.

At the end of the inspection, the colonel laughed. “I’m getting paranoid in my old age. I was convinced you guys were trying to mislead me, but, you passed the inventory perfectly.”

Little did he know.

Craig, who was hiding (known to all of us) a medical problem (which would have dumped him out of the unit pre-retirement eligibility) was able to stay around to retire, and the inspection team had a memorable lunch and a good inspection. So that would have been the end of it

A few days later, Craig said that Ben had asked to borrow the Swedish K again. It turns out, in the month plus Ben had it he hadn’t actually taken any measurements.

Craig didn’t see why we shouldn’t lend out the K again. His argument did not carry the day. Instead, Ben had to come in to make his measurements here. And there was never any discrepancy in the arms room inventory.

Soon after this incident, the CO was relieved, over in Afghanistan; and your humble blogger was on the next thing smoking in that direction.

War is hell, but Rear Det is really hazardous.