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This Valentine’s Day, Help an OG Gun Blogger Out

Before we knew we wanted to do a gun blog, there were other gun bloggers. One of the first to entertain us was Kim Du Toit. Kim is an amazing guy, a South African turned American, a musician, a fighter for freedom and equal rights, and a lover of many things: the written word, guns, freedom, and most of all, his wife, Connie.

Kim remembers:

We were together for twenty years; twenty years where we were seldom more than ten feet apart from each other. For twenty years we worked in the same office, sat on the same couch, slept in the same bed, and in the end, when Connie was dying of Stage 4 cancer, I slept on the couch next to her recliner where she was confined  — and when Connie finally died, my face was six inches from hers as I whispered my love for her.

Words fail.

Some of you may remember Kim’s blog. Some of you may even remember Connie’s, to which Kim occasionally linked. They were partners in all things, and when Kim folded his blogging tent and went radio silent, everyone understood that the big winners in removing the timesuck of a daily blog would be Kim and Connie, who could finally….

Well, the real “finally” came, and you can see how the guy’s taking it. About as well as any of us would in that situation. (A situation Your Humble Blogger has carefully avoided by driving away Plaintiffs like extra neutrons, before he got too attached to any of them).

But, for Kim, the situation is more dire than just that. Like many families beset with Le Grand C, the Du Toits put everything on hold for the big fight — and having lost the fight, look out across a landscape of personal and financial devastation.

This big, tough guy is asking for help.

Now my beloved Conne is gone, and I have to restart my life. This means clearing the debt, leaving the house where we lived together, and learning how to live without the woman who made my life possible. I’m a writer, and I have to write again, because it’s all I know. So I’ll be finishing those long-neglected novels, and yes — I will start blogging again. I just need the funds to make that possible.

via Surviving Life Without Connie by Kim Dutoit – GoFundMe.

Your Humble Blogger has made a humble donation. (Kim has some very generous friends, almost all of whom chose anonymity; if you order the donations by size, we’re way down the list).

May God have mercy on Connie’s soul, may Kim’s find some light, and if any of you remember his blog or just feel inclined to help him out, the link is above.

We apologize to regular readers for the off-topic content, but thought it was appropriate.


Before even going live, we got a personal note of thanks from Kim, and he has posted a more general one to everyone helping him out at the link. He doesn’t know that this post is going live in half an hour, heh.

Friday Tour d’Horizon, 2017 Week 06

Tour d’Horizon is the weekly collection of mildew-crusted open tabs that we’re trying to power-wash off of our monitor array. Some of these are this week’s news; some are older news that we just found this week; and a few of them have been sitting around here wof aiting for us to conduct some de-hoarding operations.


Posting Saturday may be slow as we’re trying to finish up some airplane stuff and move on to the next major set of assemblies.


I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on my gun all day.

How Kalashnikovs Get Built

Here’s a Russia Today (i.e. Russian state-sponsored media) video on the making and testing of the AK.


Note that the pile of AKs on the splash screen are Chinese Type 56s, complete with pigsticker.

We might have used this one before, but we’re just suckers for how-it’s-made video.

Gander to Stock Slovak Grand Powers

While there have been a lot of great Czech gun designers, Jaroslav Kuracina of Grand Power is the only Slovak one we can think of. Their centerfire pistols have a rotating barrel with a unique patented roller action, unlike the Beretta/Obregon/Nickl(CZ) lugs. The DA/SA is very CZ-like (there are other trigger options). We like these things and they should grow some sales legs with the wider exposure they’ll get at Gander Mountain.

Gander Mountain to stock Grand Power pistols in stores, online

A Strange Story of HK, Journalists, and Threats of Jail

Last December, a German court threw out a case (in the equivalent of an American court’s motions stage) charging some anti-weapons-exports journalist/activists with releasing secret documents from a prosecution investigation. The kicker? The prosecutor only had the documents because the journos gave them to her, and when she didn’t take any action for five years, they published:

The documents – which showed German government officials may have colluded with H&K to circumvent weapons export controls – were published in the book “Netzwerk des Todes” (“Network of Death”) and shown in a documentary aired on public broadcaster ARD in September 2015. The investigation won Harrich Germany’s Grimme journalism prize.

Only then did she try to drag someone into court — not the export violators, but the leak publishers. In the end, the court brought her up short with a judicial spanking. These involved the H&K G36 rifles that were supplied to Mexican police, or Mexican cartels… which must have made the cartels’ usual suppliers, the ATF’s Phoenix field office, jealous.

Glock BTF Still Happening

The Freeholder got a G30 Gen 4 and it kept plinking him with the brass. (BTF is Intertubes slang for Brass To Face, the ejection pattern that some random percentage of Glocks seem to have, some with certain ammo and some with all of it). He’s sent it off to Glock for warranty repair, and now it’s on its way back to him. What causes this is unknown, whether you’ll get it with any particular Glock is unknown, and whether sending it back fixes it is pretty much a toss-up. He has a good blog with interesting stuff many of you might like.

Gun Stocks update

As you see, we’re continuing with the chart. We’ve also added something new, though: a graph. (We actually did the graph for last week, originally, and then forgot to plug it in. Eh.)

Gun Stocks since the Election
11/8/16 (pre-election) 64.40 28.45 38.94
11/18/16 53.20 24.13 40.02
11/25/16 52.50 23.82 41.05
12/2/16 50.25 21.10 39.66
12/9/16 51.90 21.07 38.62
12/16/16 53.45 21.59 36.81
12/23/16 54.05 22.11 38.03
12/30/16 52.70 21.08 36.90
1/6/17 54.15 21.00 38.08
1/13/17 51.35 20.60 28.70
1/20/17 50.65 20.13 27.78
1/27/17 51.90 20.58 28.33
2/3/17 50.05 20.12 26.18
2/10/17 50.15 21.08 21.58

Ruger and Smith were essentially flat, although that reflects a Friday rally (they were both down Thursday’s closing).  They got caught in the shrapnel of VSTO financials blowing up again this week. Vista CEO Mark De Young issued a warning on earnings for the year (cut to about $2/share, down from around $3) and reported slow sales and high inventory, especially in the hunting and shooting accessories lines (this is being widely misreported as a collapse of gun sales, but that’s not what De Young said). With VSTO having lost nearly half its market capitalization in two months, dozens of class action suits have been filed, and the ambulance chasers have pumped out so many press releases it takes some doing to find the actual company release — which is, of course, just the way the lawyers like it.

The lawyers will beat it down further, but the Price/Earnings ratio is already down to about 9.4.

Disclaimer: Your Humble Blogger holds RGR, bought at about 56.40 on 9 Nov 16. It bottomed in the 40s later that day. We still think it has longterm growth potential, and we like the dividend. (We’d better really like the dividend, eh. Well, it’s in the income part of our portfolio).

Gun Poly-Ticks

Where The Second Amendment Goes to Say Aloha

You might think Californians have it bad on the gun rights scale (and they do!), but imagine the condition of the poor Hawaiians. The 2nd Amendment is such a dead letter there, that exactly zero pistol permits were issued in 2016. Indeed, it appears that rounds-to-zero have been issued since 2000.

There’s a Lot of Licensees Out There

John Lott has some interesting data on licenses and crime by state. Just from the abstract of his paper, three states have over 1,000,000 permit holders, 6.06% of the whole population has a permit, and in ten states, more than 10% of adults have permits. Permits are up 190% 2007-2015, in aggregate nationwide.

So why’s all the murderin’ taking place among prohibited persons in gun-control enclaves?


Usage and Employment

 The hardware takes you only half way. Nothing this week. 

Cops ‘n’ Crims

Cops bein’ cops, crims bein’ crims. The endless Tom and Jerry show of crime and (sometimes instantaneous) punishment.

According to court documents, Shannon Keoni Gaillard, 32, was driving a Nissan Pulsar with stolen plates in Everett, Washington, just north of Seattle, around 3:30 in the morning on Oct. 29. When police tried to pull him over, he led them on a chase, “driving dangerously and evasively at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.” Gaillard eventually lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a cement barrier before fleeing on foot. Officers arrested him at the scene.

When police searched his car, they found M16 and AR-15 parts, instructions for turning an AR-15 into an M16, nearly 200 rounds of ammunition, unregistered homemade silencers, 3.71 grams of crystal methamphetamine, two pipes, empty vials of testosterone steroids, documentation of previous DUI’s in Utah and Tennessee, tactical gear and a U.S. Border Patrol badge.

The University of California, Berkely, has a well-staffed police department with, largely, professional officers… and dreadful leadership. Jack Dunphy (pseud.) takes down their feckless Chief’s stand-down order in the face of a violent riot.

Hundreds of rioters committed thousands of crimes, and the police were not only forbidden to make any arrests, but they were even forbidden to identify the criminals. Because the Chief sympathized with the rioters.

Napoleon said, “There are no bad regiments, only bad colonels,” and while he wasn’t referring to police leadership, he really was. 

When the Cop was a Crim, II

He was a North Randall, OH, police officer. Now he’s serving another role in the justice system: inmate.

Kevin Lumpkin, 30, was found guilty in December 2015 of selling rifles, pistols and a ballistic vest to felons Calvin Kelly and Michelle Devine. Lumpkin’s deeds were first discovered in 2013 when Cleveland police found boxes for two of the guns while investigating a domestic violence complaint between Kelly and Devine.

This was only one of several incidents of arming felons; he was a one-cop crime wave, even getting nailed for tax fraud. Lumpkin was already lumped in to gen pop in the Club Fed in Lisbon, OH, but an appeal came up lately. He lost.

A felon named Jericho Gunter, a serial cop impersonator, won a contract to manage a prison. Other cops became suspicious, and when his bona fides were belatedly checked, he wound up back in prison for for over five years — not as the management, this time.

The teen snatched the purse off a woman about 8 p.m. Tuesday after she disembarked a bus at 145th Road and Springfield Blvd. and placed it on a bench for a moment.

The teen dashed into nearby Springfield Park, only to be chased by a stray pit bull and German shepherd, officials said.

The two ferocious dogs tackled the teen to the ground.

The cops had difficulty prying the dogs off the worthless little thief. He’s going to need skin grafts where they were gnawing on him. The lady got her purse back. The dogs were tranquilized by ESD and given to Animal Control, and we want to adopt those precocious pooches. Read The Whole Thing™.

Law, Order, and Cashing In in LA

This happened first:

Ford reportedly spun around, knocked [Officer] Wampler to the ground and tried to grab his gun during a struggle, police said.

Wampler shot Ford once in the back, prosecutors said. His partner Antonio Villegas fired two additional shots at Ford.

And you’ll never believe what happened next. Because Ford’s family says he should be allowed to attack cops, because he was black and crazy, the LA city government bought them off with $1.5 million of the taxpayers’ money.

Called the Cops What?

A gerrymandered-black-district Congressman named William Lacy Clay displayed this artwork in the Capitol, showing cops as pigs. An intra-Congressional dispute over the value and accuracy of the art led to it being voted out on party lines, despite Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi standing up for this depiction of police.

The Perils of Kathleen: She’s Almost Gone

But not yet, dammit.

  • ITEM 10 Feb: Another Crooked Prosecutor Bows OutSeth Williams, who was the Philadelphia prosecutor who sometimes competed with Kane for the loyalty of black Philadelphians, and who tangled with Kane over the prosecution of corrupt black Philly politicians (Kane took a dive on the case) will not stand for reelection after paying a $63,000 fine to settle corruption charges.

There’s really no overestimating the moral turpitude of gun control proponents.


Unconventional (and current) Warfare

What goes on in the battlezones of the world — and preparation of the future battlefields. 

Quick, Who Said This about the Terrorist Travel Ban:

Can you ID the author of this quote? He’s in the picture; a serving SEAL is blanked out.

Look, these countries don’t have a database that keeps track of its citizens. And we can’t depend on a government database in countries that do, because if they have one it has a political agenda behind it.

It wouldn’t be hard for someone to get into the U.S. whose loyalty lies with ISIS or a militia aligned with Iran. While the militia isn’t necessarily our enemy right now, they don’t have loyalty to the U.S., they are loyal to the interests of the government that funds them. And that government says “Death to America.”

“Johnny Walker,” Chris Kyle’s Iraqi interpreter. Yes, he’s a moslem. But he’s an American first. This is what that sounds like, if you haven’t heard it before.

War Crime Charges Were Bought and Paid For

A shady British lawyer and his firm sued the British Government on behalf of many Iraqi “war crime victims.” Where did they find the victims? They paid an Iraqi agent to generate them. The charges were all bogus. The lawyer will be “struck off,” which is Brit-speak for what is called “disbarred” in Yankistan. So where does Tommy Atkins go to get his reputation back?

Snowden Return Rumors

Edward Snowden is in a tough position: kept by a foreign intelligence service that has pumped him dry, they have no real use for him except as an example for other turncoats of how well they treat spies and defectors. He has no access (and no prospect of any, should he live to 100), so apart from that, he has no practical use. If he becomes a greater liability than that small benefit, or if he is more useful to Russia as a gift to their negotiating counterparties in the United States, his vacation in sunny Moscow will come to an end in handcuffs on whatever the 21st Century equivalent of the Glienecker Bridge is. And there’s a rumor that it’s in the works.

Veterans’ Issues

Is it time to o disband this thing yet, and letting all its bloatoverhead seek its own level in the Dreaded Private Sector™? 

Shulkin Nomination Advances

The nomination of Dr David Shulkin to head the DVA passed committee Thursday, unanimously, and is expected to be approved by a bipartisan majority of the full Senate on Monday.

Phoenix VAMC Still a Mess

You want us to define “Mess”? How about 7 different leaders in the last couple of years, “each with more baggage than the last,” a facility still given the lowest internal rating, the phalanx of whistleblowers — the only ones punished, ultimately, for the Phoenix mess — who swear the place is still a disaster, and the fact that, as one puts it, “vets are continuing to die” due to neglect. Read The Whole Thing™. Dr Shulkin has already defended the current director, who failed at previous jobs (one had such poor sterile conditions that vets in dental and surgical treatment contracted HIV and Hepatitis C). He’s got his job cut out for him, and Congress has to give him the hiring and firing authority he had when he ran a real hospital.

Or just do the right thing, and disband the whole thing. However, Shulkin has signaled that he isn’t going to do that, pretty much guaranteeing that we’ll be writing VA horror stories for the next four years.

Fake News about VA Transition

In the Gannett-owned Military Times, Leo Shane writes this headline: Trump held his first VA listening session without veterans advocates. But if you read deep into the story, this meeting was with health care experts and other advisors; a future meeting will be held with the VFW, American Legion, and DAV. So what President Trump actually did was hold a meeting with advisors on VA subjects, without having a 360º representation of stakeholders. And that’s certainly not the way that President Leo Shane would have done it.

Health & Fitness (NEW Category!)

Nothing this week, sorry.

Lord Love a Duck!

The weird and wonderful (or creepy) that we didn’t otherwise get to.

Archaeologists Finally Do Something Practical

A group of them unearthed (literally) an ancient Chinese brewery from circa 3,000 BC (yes, that’s 5,000 years ago) complete with enough residue to try to decode the ancient Chinese brewmaster’s recipes.

And then they brewed some. And drank it. Because, science.

[Stanford Professor Li] Liu taught her students to recreate the recipe as part of her archaeology course. “We include two different kinds of beer making – one is by chewing, and the other one is by sprouting the cereals.”

Madeleine Ota, an undergraduate student, tried both methods. For her first drink, she adopted the sprouting method and used red wheat as her core ingredient. The university quoted her as saying the beverage had a pleasant fruity smell and citrus taste, similar to a cider.

Ota also recreated another beer by using a vegetable root called manioc, which required chewing and spitting out manioc before boiling and fermenting the mixture. The end result smelled like funky cheese and Ota herself had no desire to check how it tasted, the university quoted her as saying.

Ota said the beers the students created had “sort of a sour taste” in general. Students had to use straws to drink them, which ancient would have done as the ingredients used for fermentation were not filtered out.

How much of that sour taste was the ancient Han process, and how much of it was first-time undergrad brewmasters, we leave as an exercise for the reader.

Life in the ‘Shire

Annoying autoplay video, but this is one of the most ate-up domestics we’ve ever heard of. She flipped out him because he said the dinner she made was “OK.” No, this din’t happen anywhere near Hog Manor or even Big City… but still. Lord love a duck. Hat tip, Stacy McCain.

NYC Dopers Poisoning Their Dogs

What’s going through a druggie’s mind? Well, apart from the chemicals and the urgent desire for more? In New York City, a bunch of them think it’s funny to get their dogs high… which occasionally kills the dog, and other times makes Fido deathly ill. The New York Times had to do a typically stuffy public-service type article to warn their readers not to do that. And yet these people are absolutely convinced that they are a natural aristocracy, born to rule you.

Thanks for visiting this week, and we can’t wait for all next week’s posts!

OT: Untranslatable Emotions

Completely off topic tonight, here’s a linguist’s search for words that express complex, positive emotions. Whereupon his hope seems to be to kidnap them into our amazingly hybrid language, English. English after all began as a series of dialects of northern Germanic tribes, that was then overlaid with Latin (Roman occupation for several hundred years) and French (centuries of fighting in France, with a Norman Conquest thrown in to disrupt the Anglo-Saxon nobility and their native language), and that since then has made off with words from aardvark to zaibatsu. The BBC:

if Tim Lomas at the University of East London has his way, they might soon become much more familiar.

Lomas’s Positive Lexicography Project aims to capture the many flavours of good feelings (some of which are distinctly bittersweet) found across the world, in the hope that we might start to incorporate them all into our daily lives. We have already borrowed many emotion words from other languages, after all – think “frisson”, from French, or “schadenfreude”, from German – but there are many more that have not yet wormed their way into our vocabulary. Lomas has found hundreds of these “untranslatable” experiences so far – and he’s only just begun.
Learning these words, he hopes, will offer us all a richer and more nuanced understanding of ourselves. “They offer a very different way of seeing the world.”

via BBC – Future – The ‘untranslatable’ emotions you never knew you had.

It was one word and its lack of a single-word peer in English that set Lomas off:

Lomas says he was first inspired after hearing a talk on the Finnish concept of sisu, which is a sort of “extraordinary determination in the face of adversity”. According to Finnish speakers, the English ideas of “grit”, “perseverance” or “resilience” do not come close to describing the inner strength encapsulated in their native term. It was “untranslatable” in the sense that there was no direct or easy equivalent encoded within the English vocabulary that could capture that deep resonance.

We’re mixing our Scandinavians, but we always think of Jan Baalsrud when the term sisu comes up. Here’s another word that struck close to home:

  • Natsukashii (Japanese) – a nostalgic longing for the past, with happiness for the fond memory, yet sadness that it is no longer

Funny, we knew a couple of words on his list, like sisu and orenda (the latter because it’s a Canadian aero-engine maker that made a certified 600-750 hp V8(.pdf)x; after 9/11, the engine went to Trace Engines of Midland, Texas, where the website if not the company is now defunct).

The whole BBC article is worth reading. We’ll be following Lomas’s project with interest. Because it’s not good shooting foreigners in the face, if you don’t take their stuff, right?

In Mosul, Evidence of ISIL’s Light Fingers

In public, they play the austere, upright, Islamic extremists. In private, they’re stealing everything that’s not nailed down, including the national patrimony — the archaeological treasures of the Fertile Crescent — that they disdain as un-moslem.

They might disdain it, but they’re not above stealing it and selling it for money.

They’re the leaders of ISIL. The Telegraph:

Iraqi authorities have found more than 100 “priceless” Assyrian artefacts plundered from ancient ruins hidden in an Islamic State leader’s house in Mosul.

The discovery was made in the Az-Zirai neighbourhood in eastern Mosul, which the special forces troops recently recaptured from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

Photographs released by the National Security Service on Thursday show more than a dozen clay pots, a handful of large vases, “Palace Ware” pottery and a hand mill, among other smaller pieces.

Historians and archaeologists have confirmed the objects date back thousands of years to the Assyrian Empire.<

Wait, we thought the great jihadis were going to destroy all that stuff, not cash it in?

Then again, we also thought they’d stand and do the martyrdom they urge their followers to pursue, and not bug out down the road towards Raqqa.

“During a tour of homes in the former Christian area of Mosul, the army received a tip off from a local resident,” Talib al-Maa’mari, an Iraqi parliament member, told reporters.

“When the special forces searched this one house, which was being used by an ISIS emir, we were surprised to find many priceless artefacts. But one in particular is very special – it was quite an incredible find.”

Commenting on the haul, Prof Eleanor Robson, chair of the British Institute for the Study of Iraq, told the Telegraph: “They are genuine Assyrian antiquities. Now we can be confident that excellent staff are on the case.”

But maybe the throat-cutting specialists were just lining the stuff up to destroy, and not planning to convert it into gold teeth in their Swiss vaults? Er, no:

Isil documents found in the abandoned house show the Islamist group kept a record of each of the items, along with an estimated price each relic could reach.

The presumption is the jihadists intended to sell the pieces but were interrupted before they could do so.

One wonders why they bother, and didn’t do the SF thing and set a gang of locals to making instant “antique artifacts” to sell to, say, the Air Force, along with enemy flags freshly sewn and “aged” with chicken blood?

For years Isil has been smuggling genuine, as well as fake, artefacts out of Iraq through their territory in Syria and out through the Turkish border at the Bab al-Hawa crossing.

Since its capture of Mosul in 2014, Isil is thought to have made tens of millions of dollars off black market sales of antiquities throughout both Iraq and Syria, while at the same time destroying numerous archaeological treasures from places such as Nimrud and Palmyra.

There’s really no overestimating the contemptibility of ISIL, but where do the guys who buy stolen art from them fit on the scale?

That Was the Week that Was: 2017 Week 05

That was the week that was TW3Hey, we’re only a day late (and a dollar short) this time.

We’re trying really hard to think of something clever to say here. That’s not cerebrospinal fluid in the vapor state coming out of our ears, it’s just steam.

The Boring Statistics

This week’s statistics were:

  • Posts: 28 posts — one extra (Saturday’s Breaking: Today’s “Refugees” Being Detained)
  • Word count:  about 16,800 (lower than usual).
  • Central Tendency Measures: Mean and median were low at 600 and 473. What does that mean? We’re writing shorter posts.
  • Posts below 100 words in length: 2. (See?)
  • Posts over 2,000: 2
  • Posts below 500: 15
  • Posts over 1000: 2

Significant milestones: None observed.

Traffic continues to be satisfactory. Too early to call February. January was not just a five-year January-over-January record, but also an all-time record with almost 270,000 uniques for the month.

Comments This Week

Comments: 619 as of 1700 Sunday. (Fewer than last week).

Most commented post: Monday’s Flying With a Gun, with 76.

Second most commented (i.e. runner-up) was Wednesday’s Year of the Pistol-Caliber Carbine? Really?, with 53 comments.

Thank you all for reading and commenting.

The Week in Posts

Here’s the recap of our posts for this week: (If the links are not live, they will be fleshed out later).

Going Forward

Well, we’re probably going to look at what a new SECDEF and new service secretaries mean to the military; we’re definitely going to have more straight dope on the HK433 and the German rifle competition; and we’ve got a great video Monday on what was probably the greatest reverse engineering exploit of all time. Plus, we promise we’ll think of something for the Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week, next week.

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have BB Guns

Funny thing about welfare… in Britain, which lacks the US’s toxic racial history, it produces the same social pathologies as it does among America’s dependent underclass. Like the woman who stood trial for egging her boyfriend on to shoot this little boy, a friend’s son:

Harry was just 18 months old when Jordan Walters pointed the telescopic weapon at him and pulled the trigger in July last year.

[24-year-old Emma] Horseman was accused of telling Walters: “Shoot Harry, just to frighten him, to shut him up, shoot it at Harry.”

Bristol Crown Court heard that Harry was visiting Horseman’s home in Hartcliffe with his mother Amy Allen and older brother Riley when he was shot.

Walters had already admitted unlawfully and maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm on the toddler.

One suspects that the Judgment Juice® (in Britain, Judgement Juice®) was flowing. Horseman was acquitted of inciting Walters, but the whole lot of them seem like beastly human beings. The boy, Harry Studley, survived but received significant brain damage from the BB in his brain.

Yes, you can kill and cripple with an air gun. There isn’t magical property about velocity from chemical energy that a similar velocity from the release of compressed air or other gas can’t match. And it takes so little energy, directed to the “right” spot, to kill and injure a human; it’s amazing.

As an aside, one notes that the biological maturity necessary to bear children is increasingly disconnected, in modern society, from the emotional maturity necessary to raise them.

One also notes, mystified, that one’s fellow Americans tend to assume that a British accent — any British accent! — is an indicator of breeding and refinement, an error widely exploited by rapacious American advertisers. Old Blighty has never lacked for rotters, nor has any other nation under the sun.

HK’s Submission for New German Rifle: HK433

It’s being reported here and there (for instance as Reddit) that this is a done deal, but it is not. It is a submission; the contractor proposes, but the Bundesregierung disposes. Here’s a look at it, beauty shot of the shorty version from the Gray Room or a trade-show display designed to look like it:

Before you ask, no you can’t have one. You know why.

Here’s a picture of two variants on the range. Naturally, Hah und Kah will make any variation on this it takes to cement the contract.

For more information, the always dialed-in Thomas Wiegold has a write-up at Augen Geradeaus. We’ll dispense with the translation and refer you to An Awful Google Translate link if you lack The Awful German Language.

Thomas provides the complete HK Press Release(.pdf) on the subject. We will translate it all if you guys want, but immediately here are some of the technical details.

The HK433 is a modular assault rifle in standard 5.56 x 45 mm NATO caliber that combines the strengths and the outstanding characteristics of the G36 and HK416 assault rifles, and thereby sets a new world standard. Further calibers like 7.62 mm NATO (HK231), .300 Blackout and 7.62 mm z 39 mm Kalashnikov (HK123) have been planned for conceptually, and form the basis of a weapons family. The HK433 has been developed taking into account the ever more complex conditions of asymmetric warfare in the broad combat spectrum of infantry and special operations units. Thereby the HK433 guarantees the unrestricted operational capability and safety.  This is true under all climactic conditions and foreseeable combat situations by intuitive handling, combined with the highest modularity, precision and weapon safety.

The HK433 is an indirect gas-operated with a short-stroke gas system and a fully-locked optimized three-lug bolt. The monolithic upper receiver of forged aluminum has a full-length rail in accordance with NATO STANAG 4694. With the maximal length and limited sighting axis all sighting equipment and night-vision adapters available on the market can be mounted. In addition, a zero-maintenance and tamper-proof shot counter is built in to the receiver. The weapons data can be transmitted and archived wirelessly. The built-in bolt rails in the receiver ensure a constantly high safety and reliability of the weapon. The bolt is based on that of the G36, but has a firing pin safety and self-lubricating rails.

The side-folding, nonreciprocating charging handle is convertible without tools and so bilaterally usable. In addition it has an integrated bolt-closing assist function for reduced-noise chambering of a cartridges. While firing, the charging handle remains fixed in its position. On one hand, this increases the safety of the firer in stressful situations, on the other it opens up unlimited carrying and firing position options for him. By the ergonomically optimal positioning of the charging handle, the weapon can be held on target during reloading, and it can also be operated in the prone position without increasing the body’s exposure.

With the HK433 the shooter has six different barrel lengths at his disposal, so that the weapon can be fitted to any operational requirement. To this end Heckler & Koch offers barrels of 11″, 12,5″, 14,5″, 16,5″, 18,9″ and 20″. (Translator note: these inch values, not metric equivalents, are in the German press release). All barrels can be exchanged at operator or maintenance echelons.

The barrels are cold-forged, tempered and internally hard chromed. Through further optimization measures the previously already world-standard longevity of Heckler & Koch barrels has been further significantly increased. The barrels are produced with a further developed gas system, adjustable without tools for suppressor use, as well as a cut for the 40mm grenade launchers HK269 and GLM/GLMA1. Provisions for iron sights and bayonet lugs can optionally be provided on the barrels.

He also has the HK one-pager illustrated right. Our translation of the German-language blurb follows.


The new assault rifle from Heckler & Koch

The HK433 in the standard 5.56 x 45 mm NATO caliber combines the strengths as well as the outstanding characteristics of the G36 and HK416 assault rifles, and thereby sets a new world standard.

  • Modular and light construction. Compact measurements
  • Barrel length individually configurable. Simple barrel change at the end-user echelon
  • Complete ambidextrous operation of the weapon for left- and right-handed shooters
  • Nonreciprocating charging handle with integrated closure assist. Convertible to either side without tools
  • Lower receiver with the ambidextrous controls of the G36 or HK416
  • Drop-safe in accordance with AC225/D14 in on-safe or off-safe condition
  • Upper receiver with a full-length STANAG 4694 rail at 12 o’clock, handguard with HKey interface at 3 and 9 o’clock, Picatinny rail IAW Mil-Std 1913 at 6 o’clock
  • Folding, adjustable-length shoulder stock with a height-adjustable cheekpiece. Operation of the weapon is also possible with the stock folded
  • Optional zero-maintenance shot counter in the receiver
  • Toolless disassembly / assembly of major groups
  • Safing the weapon is possible in all loading conditions
  • Comprehensive suite of accessories
  • 100% “Made in Germany.”

This isn’t the only HK news. They’re also locked in a lawsuit with Orbital ATK. HK management has decided that the XM25 weapon that they’ve been developing with Orbital for twenty-whatever years is now a violation of the Law of Land Warfare, and the sons of the inventors of phosgene gas and Zyklon B are now trying to pretend they’re blond and righteous Scandinavians (again) instead of the somewhat shifty Alpine tribes that trashed Rome. A cynic would say that HK is looking for a way out of a program where their technology proved unequal to their promises, but there are no cynics here, and surely the board of HK are honorable men.


Friday Tour d’Horizon, 2017 Week 05

Tour d’Horizon is the weekly collection of open-tab smegma that clutters our monitors, and that we rilly rilly meant to write about, but din’t, this week. So now we did.


I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on my gun all day.

Chris Kyle Tribute Guns

Cobalt Kinetics of St. George, UT and Allegiant Rifleworks teamed up to make a limited edition series of Chris Kyle tribute guns.

Proceeds to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

They’re some nice looking guns, if you’re into the ultra-current AR style.

The set is extremely expensive ($18-20k a set) and price alone guarantees a degree of exclusivity. Hat tip, Tom R at TFB who has more details.

Son of Bullet Button

California law banned the bullet button — an awkward way of requiring a tool for a magazine change. So California inventors worked around the problem, and with some drill you can probably reload faster with this new gadget than with a bullet button (watch the video at the link). Update: Second link.

Gun Stocks update

In response to comments, we have a new format: a table and chart. Hope this is a little clearer!

Gun Stocks since the Election
11/8/16 (pre-election) 64.40 28.45 38.94
11/18/16 53.20 24.13 40.02
11/25/16 52.50 23.82 41.05
12/2/16 50.25 21.10 39.66
12/9/16 51.90 21.07 38.62
12/16/16 53.45 21.59 36.81
12/23/16 54.05 22.11 38.03
12/30/16 52.70 21.08 36.90
1/6/17 54.15 21.00 38.08
1/13/17 51.35 20.60 28.70
1/20/17 50.65 20.13 27.78
1/27/17 51.90 20.58 28.33
2/3/17 50.05 20.12 26.18

Everybody’s down a little this week, in a general up market that returned the Dow Jones Industrial Average to the over 20,000 level.

Disclaimer: Your Humble Blogger holds RGR, bought at about 56.40 on 9 Nov 16. It bottomed in the 40s later that day. We still think it has longterm growth potential, and we like the dividend. (We’d better really like the dividend, eh. Well, it’s in the income part of our portfolio).

Is Taurus Astroturfing?

That accusation has been lofted out there. Having read some of the thread, we think it’s more likely that there’s just one very active Taurus fanboy and some hypersensitive readers.

Taurus fanboy? Lord love a duck. Hey, their licensed Berettas were good, including their PM12S. Downhill ever since.

Gun Poly-Ticks

Heil Healey Gets High… Salary

Over the veto of the ineffectual cuckold Governor, an empty suit named Charlie Baker, the bicameral but uniparty legislature of Massachusetts has bestowed a huge raise on the state’s national socialist Attorney General, Maura Healey. Healey’s already high $130,583 salary (plus benefits that approximately double that) will soar to over $175k; in addition, her household is going to see another big cash-in, thanks to her “partnership” with one of the state’s legendarily bent judges.

Associate Appeals Court Justice Gabrielle R. Wolohojian, who currently makes $165,087, would see her pay eventually rise to more than $190,000 under the pay hike bill that, after being vetoed by Gov. Charlie Baker, is expected to re-emerge tomorrow in the House and Senate for an override vote.

Wolohojian is Mrs. Healey, or maybe Healey is Mrs. Wolohojian. The more someone preaches socialism, the deeper his (or her) hand is in the till.

Usage and Employment

 The hardware takes you only half way. Nothing this week. 

Cops ‘n’ Crims

Cops bein’ cops, crims bein’ crims. The endless Tom and Jerry show of crime and (sometimes instantaneous) punishment.

A Wonderful Kid, Except for One Little Thing

Mathew Borges, 15, attends his arraignment in Lawrence District Court in Lawrence, Mass, Monday, Dec. 5, 2016. Borges was held without bail after pleading not guilty at the brief arraignment Monday on a first-degree murder charge. (Paul Bilodeau/The Eagle-Tribune via AP, Pool)

It’s always amazing to see the degree of forgiveness some people are ready to extend to the misunnerstood and the depraved-on-account-a-he’s-deprived demographic. Like the lawyer for Rivet Head here:

“He’s only 15, he’s an easy client to work with, he’s courteous, polite, he appreciates what I’m doing for him,” Edward L. Hayden told the Herald this morning in Lawrence District Court. “He’s been a very cooperative client. He’s concerned about his future.”

Twenty additional agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) have been deployed to Chicago, where the city saw its highest murder rate of the past 20 years in 2016. ….

The ATF agents were sent in to “beef up” federal presence in the Windy City, bringing the total number to 60 agents. The new agents will form a “Chicago Crime Guns Strike Force” to attack gun violence around the city, according to a CNN report.

Right now, the US Attorney is not bringing the Federal hammer down on felons in possession, so more agents just means more abandoned cases.

What are they going to do? Shoot random dogs? Walk (swim?) guns to Ontario?

William Who? NEW

We’ll just drop this one here:

A fugitive named William Shakespeare has been nabbed for allegedly murdering a man outside a Mattapan barber shop last summer as the victim’s 4-year-old son was inside getting a haircut, according to Boston police and the U.S. Marshals.

William Shakespeare. Well, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and this guy would stink of crime whatever you called him.

Criminal Not Pardoned, Whines

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich can’t do social media — he’s Inmate Number 40892-424 at the Englewood Club Fed. So he sent his daughter to whine and complain that, of all the thousands of criminals and terrorists that President Obama pardoned or commuted sentences for, nobody thought of ol’ Rod.

You would think that President Obama could have slipped the guy who sold the very Senate seat he vacated, onto one of those long lists!

In the Annals of the Kennedy Crime Family

Each new bust is a little more downscale for the Kennedys and their loyal retainers, like this loser.

We think this is a new one — drug dealing. Usually they’re just buying, but three Kennedy hangers-on living in the Shriver house at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport were busted flogging Fentanyl. Lots of Kennedys have been opiate users, including the late unlamented David and constitution-of-Keith-Richard RFK, Jr., both sons of RFK. The Shriver family descend from JFK/RFK/Ted-the-Red’s sister Eunice, who married Sargent Shriver (first head of the Peace Corps, delivering the Mandingo Experience to plump co-eds since 1962). Eunice’s substance was booze, as anyone ever within breath of her can recall.

Brought a Knife to a Fistfight

He didn’t actually get the knife out, but an octogenarian career criminal, imprisoned many times including for attempted murder in 1991, didn’t get a shot at a kidnap victim during a public speaking event. Instead, he wound up in fisticuffs with a campus cop — and lost. The cop had spotted him for a nogoodnik and moved to intercept him as he closed in on the speaker.

El Chapo’s Lawyers Complain

They can’t bring him guns, drugs, money or even a glass of water. It’s not like his stints in Mexican prison.

Hey, don’t do the crime….

The Perils of Kathleen: Not Much this Week

But not nothing, either. .

  • ITEM 2 Feb: State Po-Po Academy Cheating ScandalIt looks as if this investigation was held up during all the Kane drama, but otherwise she wasn’t personally involved.
  • Item 2 Feb: A 64-Charge Indictment Ballyhooed by Kane has CollapsedWhat remains are two misdemeanor charges, and those, too, may not survive. While Kane’s charges against the businessman appear to have been political grandstanding for media attention, the investigation did turn up cheating on the target’s Federal taxes, for which he’s been convicted.
  • ITEM 19 Jan: Kane Driver / Bodyguard AppealsThe crooked ex-cop is claiming that the judge threw the book at him because he was close to Kane, in order to punish Kane, not him.

There’s really no overestimating the moral turpitude of gun control proponents.

Unconventional (and current) Warfare

What goes on in the battlezones of the world — and preparation of the future battlefields. 

Naughty, Naughty Navy SEALs

What did they do? They just flew the flag in transit.

But yeah, it was the Trump flag. On an administrative convoy in the USA.

To paraphrase George Lazenby, this never happened to the other guy.

Those responsible for causing outwage among Democrats, Hillary bitter-enders, and the Staff Judge Advocates (but we three-peat ourselves) are about to be keelhauled, or whetever the UCMJ provides for naughty, naughty frogmen.

Thing is, with throwing the frogmen in the briny deep? They like it.

Still, this was not brilliant, guys. Think grey man.

Of course, this is an improvement on the last administration, where you could get in trouble for flying the American flag on an American military vehicle.

Update: Tam has a remarkably sympathetic and insightful view as to why the frogs, boat guys, or whoever was running that truck might have flown that flag. (Her blog always makes me smarter, and makes me feel guilty about not shooting as much as she does).

There’s a Right Way to Fight Islamic Terror, and There’s What This Guy Did

No, you can’t just go around threatening random mosque members. It’s also stupid to be the one guy who confronts a dozen Islamic types — even if they were lying and this dude was telling the truth, the balance of testimony would go against him. If he did what he pled guilty to, he’s a knucklehead. And if he didn’t do it and just put himself in a position where he had to plead guilty? Yep, knucklehead either way.

Air Force F-35 Contract Renewed, Trump Claims Savings

According to the White House, a new $8.2 billion contract with Lockheed Martin announced today represents $728 million savings over the contract negotiated by the previous administration.

Marines Expect F-35B and C force to Clear Hurdles

The top Marine aviator thinks that the plane has capabilities the Super Hornet can’t match, and therefore he expects the review not to cancel the costly new plane.

Lt. Gen. Jon Davis, the Marine Corps deputy commandant for aviation, said his office is participating in the review ordered by Mattis that measures how an improved Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet matches up against a Lockheed Martin F-35C. The Marine Corps is mostly buying F-35Bs, which can take off and land vertically, but will have four squadrons of the C variant, which can take off and land on an aircraft carrier.

“It’s probably going to end up validating the need for a fifth generation fighter in the fleet,” Davis said at a Defense Writers Group breakfast Wednesday.

The USMC has already deployed F-35Bs to Japan.

F-16s Bomb Controllers

One man was killed and one man was injured during an accident on the Red Rio bombing range in the Nevada desert. Air to ground ordnance struck the civilian range controller and a 7th Air Support Operation Squadron controller. The civilian was slain. The mishap remains under investigation.


Brought a Machete to a Gunfight

Two machetes, actually. But the mohammedan murderer who was carrying the machetes and a backpack was stopped from entering the Louvre by a French military checkpoint. After wounding one soldier, didn’t even get a second, “Allahu akbar,” out, before French trooper schooled him on the hazards of bringing a knife, even a big one, to a gunfight. The French soldier will be fine. The Islamic terrorist will be worm food. Vive la France!

Veterans’ Issues

Is it time to o disband this thing yet, and letting all its bloatoverhead seek its own level in the Dreaded Private Sector™? Nothing new this week.

Health & Fitness (NEW Category!)

Nothing this week, sorry.

Lord Love a Duck!

The weird and wonderful (or creepy) that we didn’t otherwise get to.

Thanks for visiting this week, and we can’t wait for all next week’s posts!

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Knives (again to the ninety-ninth or so power)

We’ve had a number of Mother of the Year entries already this year. But this mother did nothing wrong — it’s what her son did to her.

Joan Viau was found face-down in a wooded area of Washington Heights on Saturday afternoon, three days after she was reported missing.

Her throat was sliced open.

Before the gruesome discovery, police were questioning the 52-year-old woman’s son, Joseph Garcia, and arrested him for using his mom’s credit card while she was missing.

Gee, what a coincidence that this crumb had her credit cards while she was dead, exsanguinated.

Viau was last seen by her boyfriend outside her home on Carlisle Place in Olinville around 1 p.m. last Monday, just before she left for an unspecified treatment at a Veterans Affairs hospital on Kingsbridge Road.

Cops discovered blood spattered inside Viau’s car Wednesday and the next day in her home.

via Mom found dead after going missing had her throat sliced | New York Post.

Here’s hoping that they can get him a whole new ZIP Code.

You Can Now Buy these Lowers Again — But ATF Says they’re Illegal!

In early 2014, the ATF raided two West Coast businesses, EP Armory and Ares Armor, in an attempt to suppress legal traffic in incomplete AR lowers. We reported that at the time in a story called When your “non-firearm” gets redesignated. The story does describe the process and pitfalls of seeking a determination from the ATF’s Firearms Technology Branch as well as the circumstances of the case.

An EP Armory lower receiver.The contrasting insert made for a visually self-guided lower, and the ATF said, “Verboten!”

One of the firms, EP, just gave up and traded thousands of completed lowers for the ATF backing down from a “the process is the punishment” prosecution, complete with perp walk and high bail. The other firm, Area Armor, was led by an uncompromising fellow named Dimitri Karras, a Marine veteran. Karras didn’t back down and he has his lowers back — even though the ATF still insists they’re unlicensed firearms, they never succeeded in charging him or forcing the destruction of the lowers. Here’s Dimitri:


Here’s what we wrote at the time:

The gimmick of the EP lower was its polymer construction, but also that it was made out of two-tone plastic, showing the builder what parts had to be drilled, milled, or ground away. It was a very clever idea, essentially incorporating a 3D template inside the lower. The ATF’s theory, from looking at one of the receivers, was that Cook of EP Armory was making firearm lowers first, and only then installing the contrasting-color blocks. Therefore, his firm would have a great number of “illegal firearms” in process. So the SAIC or RAIC notified his or her friends in the media, per BATFE SOP, and the raid and the whole attendant circus rolled.

But the media vultures were not rewarded by a perp walk. Because, as anyone familiar with injection molding could have told them, the inserts were molded first, and then positioned inside a mold and the outer parts were molded around them, permanently sealing them in place. There was never a lower until there was a lower with the insert permanently included. In other words, it was exactly like the one covered by that letter above, except for the material used.

But Cook is not out of the woods. FTB is looking for some way to hang him, and they may find one. After all, he never covered his ass with that letter. (Not that it would matter: they may at any time revoke a previous decision with a letter, and you’re an instant felon, and there’s no appeal).

ATF seized and presumably destroyed 3,800 receivers from EP Armory, and seized 6,000 from Karras’s then-firm Ares Armor. After a series of court cases, ATF returned the 6,000 — minus 18 they have lost and cannot account for. 

In related news, the select-fire M4 stolen from an ATF special agent’s car outside the no-tell motel where two married (to other people) ATF agents were making the beast with two backs remains at large. No one in ATF has been held accountable for the loss. Maybe it, and the 18 missing “firearms” (per ATF definition), have their Forever Home with ATF’s favorite Mexican Drug Trafficking Organization, and ATF’s Dave Voth and Hope McAllister will be “giddy” again when ATF-distributed arms kill agents from another agency — again.

Hat tip, Chris Eger at