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When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have bleach

Charles Cortright Mugshot“Things that one ought not to do” is a very long list, and one most of us don’t dwell on overmuch, because it would never occur to us to do something like this:

Charles S. Cortright III, 46, now of Westbrook, pleaded guilty to domestic violence assault with a dangerous weapon (the bleach), reckless conduct and two counts each of assault and criminal mischief.

He was sentenced to three years in jail, with all but 160 days suspended, and two years’ probation and was fined $600.

At the time of the offense, police said they went on March 11, 2013 to Pine View Estates on Capitol Street in Augusta, where they found a [60-year-old] woman doused with bleach as well as a 56-year-old man who apparently had been punched by Cortright.

How did she let him do it? He pretended to be a cop, and she opened the door to him.

They said Cortright and the woman had argued earlier that night and then Cortright left. When he returned shortly afterward, he knocked on the woman’s apartment door and identified himself as a police officer in order to get her to open it so he could heave bleach into her face, police said.

via Westbrook man pleads guilty in bleach attack – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.

You gotta wonder what Charles S. Cortrights Numbers I and II would think of this.

He’s already out, on receipt of sentence, because he had spent the entire sentence in pretrial confinement already, unable to make bail. A condition of his release is that he receive mental health counseling or treatment. They should also make him do without whiter whites and brighter colors.

Some guys just can’t be trusted with a bottle of Clorox.

The [Criminal] was a…

Here’s a few stories of people indulging in behavior not normally associated with their professions.

The Shoplifter was a Lawyer

Sandra LM Gosser's December Shoplifting Mugshot

Sandra LM Gosser’s December Shoplifting Mugshot

Look, crooked lawyers are basically a stereotype, but usually not this kind of crooked. We’ve heard that the lawyer glut was having an effect on their finances, but this is ridiculous.

Sandra Gosser, 45, of 260 Marcy St., was most recently arrested on Dec. 15 at 4:34 p.m. when staff at the Woodbury Avenue Market Basket reported she was being detained for theft, according to the public police log. Police Sgt. Kuffer Kaltenborn said that when officers arrived, they were told that Gosser had attempted to steal a rib roast, avocados and pet food by concealing them in a bag and leaving without paying.
Following her arrest, Gosser was released on personal recognizance bail and she is under a court order to stay away from Market Basket, according to police.
Last month Gosser was arrested by Rye police on a misdemeanor count of theft that alleges she stole a pair of $348 boots. According to a complaint by Rye Police Corporal Mark Webster, Gosser stole a pair of brown Frye boots from Christine’s Crossing on Washington Road by placing them inside a bag she was carrying.

via Lawyer arrested second time for theft – News – – Portsmouth, NH.

Sandra LM Gosser's November mugshot.

Sandra LM Gosser’s November mugshot.

You know that there’s going to be an interesting article when they ID the perp as a lawyer in the headline, and then in one of the early grafs they talk about her “most recent arrest.” Here’s the previous one (she looks a little more together in this mugshot). This one-woman crime wave advertises herself as a general practice attorney. (What? She looks more like a criminal lawyer to us. ‘Cause nothing says “officer of the court” like your own rap sheet).

But it gets better — according to her LinkedIn, she was a cum laude grad of Tulane Law (Ranked 46th) and an bachelor’s grad of Vassar (US News #11 liberal arts college).

One can’t help but wonder how someone starts off at a near-top-ten undergrad and a tail-end-of-top-tier law school and winds up shoplifting clothing and groceries within a couple decades of graduation.

One also wonders what other disasters and calamities reign in Ms Gosser’s life these days.

Supposedly there are moral turpitude requirements for lawyers, but they’re either never enforced, or they run backwards from how non-lawyers define the term.

The Gunrunner was a Cop

Tyler kinney

Tyler Kinney in happier times.

According to ATF and court documents, Detective Corporal Tyler Kinney of Colchester, VT, supplied “a Smith and Wesson .38 caliber Airweight revolver, serial number DCE9574,” to a friend (boyfriend?), Pete Burnett, who happened to be a convicted felon with a 30-entry rap sheet. The gun was stolen from the police department’s evidence room; it had been seized in an investigation.

KINNEY stated that he had used opiates for approximately a year, and was attempting to recover from opiate addiction. He met Burnett in his official capacity
as a CPD Detective, and a friendship developed between the two. KINNEY said that for about a year he and Burnett had used heroin together, obtaining it in several ways.

They got the heroin from the evidence locker, or when the evidence locker had no heroin to steal, by stealing other drugs and swapping them for heroin. Kinney had responsibility for the evidence locker. God knows how many cases he’s screwed up, now.

This is causing some ructions in Vermont law enforcement circles. The ATF and FBI agents who investigated the case are outraged, and want to see Kinney hung by his thumbs, or as near an approximation as American jurisprudence can accomplish. The Chief of the Colchester department says it’s “the darkest day in CPD’s history” and she has “never been so
disappointed,” but Kinney’s not fired yet, just suspended (albeit without pay). The Governor has been careful not to criticize the cop, it’s all the addiction’s fault. “It’s a terrible, terrible disease.”

The Other Gunrunner Was Another Cop

He looks a little like a younger, fitter SF/Ranger phony John Giduck, but this is John Nyunt.

He looks a little like a younger, fitter version of notorious SF/Ranger phony John Giduck, but this is John Nyunt.

Hey, didn’t we just have this story? This one’s a different cop and a different fact set, but it still comes back to stealing cop guns. About as far away from Colchester, Vermont as you can go and not hit the cold Pacific, Pacific Grove, CA Police Commander John Nyunt was committing similar crimes on the Monterey Peninsula — although his motivation was greed, not addiction.

Nyunt stole a large quantity of firearms from a closing police academy, and sold them off. He did sell them through an FFL, which increases the likelihood that the stolen property can be recovered, and makes it much less likely they’ll wind up in felons’ hands.

Nyunt’s life has been collapsing for months now, as he was already jammed up over having a worker in his side private investigator business use bogus credentials to access cop databases.

Hat tip,, which has the charging documents from both cases..

What Paying the Dane-Geld Has Bought

connect-the-dotsLet’s get out a straight edge and connect some dots, shall we?

Here are our dots:

  • Sony Pictures Entertainment’s groveling attempt to appease North Korea, by canceling the movie The Interview.
  • North Korean cyber attacks, to which Sony’s and the US Government’s responses have been identical in one important way: completely ineffective.
  • Over 140 people, mostly children, murdered by the Taliban in a school in Pakistan.
  • The USA’s swap of 5 Taliban leaders for deserter Bowe Bergdahl.
  • The USA’s swap of diplomatic recognition and five Cuban spies and criminals, including a multiple murderer, for an American aid worker taken hostage in Cuba.
  • Repeated attempts to pay ISIL and the Taliban cash ransoms for American and allied hostages.
  • Russian neo-Soviet saber rattling and aggression, even as their economy totters.
  • Years of groveling and submission to Russia on ballistic missile defense and our own relations with such allies as the former Soviet slave states Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, among others.
  • Iranian progress on nuclear armament.
  • Years of negotiation that takes the form of Foggy Bottom FSOs wringing their hands and begging on behalf of the USA.

You may connect them any way you like, but what we see are repeated attempts to pay Danegeld, and the results that go with appeasement from time immemorial, which Kipling explained thus:

It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,
To puff and look important and to say: —
“Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.
We will therefore pay you cash to go away.”

And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
But we’ve proved it again and again,
That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
You never get rid of the Dane.

Viking Dragonship

Kipling wraps his poem up in this manner:

So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
You will find it better policy to say: —

“We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
No matter how trifling the cost;
For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
And the nation that pays it is lost!”

He is, of course, writing before both of the cataclysmic wars of the 20th Century1, and almost 30 years before Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain would fail to take his counsel, with results well recorded by history.

Exercise for the reader: when Chechen islamists blew up airliners, took hostages in Moscow, suicide-bombed the Stalingrad train station, did Vladimir Vladimirovich:

  1. Seek to understand the root causes of their social alienation?
  2. Convene a blue-ribbon Presidential Commission on the Chechen Question?
  3. Work within the system to address their grievances and integrate their values into society?
  4. Send hard men to blow them to hell and gone?

This is one of the tests that’s like the great Test of Life: it’s an IQ test, and it’s not graded on a curve.


1. Dane-Geld is from CRL Fletcher’s A History of England, a 1911 children’s book of history “illustrated” by a collection of historical poems by Kipling running chronologically from prehistoric to modern days, each assigned a date or a date range. (Dane-Geld is so “dated” A.D. 980-1016 in poetry anthologies, but did not have a dateline in Fletcher’s book).

Gunwalker Docs: AP, CBS, NBC Reporters in ATF’s Pocket

newspaper-fishwrapWe’ve long suspected that some reporters, including Pete Yost of the Associated Press, Carrie Johnson of Narodniy Politichesky Radio, and Sari Horwitz of the LA Times, were in the pocket of the Holder DOJ and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. But information in documents pried out of the DOJ by a Judicial Watch lawsuit expose the extent to which the government agents actually dictate the stories to those, and other, reporters.

We only took one journalism class in long-ago undergrad days, so we may not have made it to the upper-division or graduate level where you learn to put a slight verbal polish and your own byline on government-issue propaganda points, but Horwitz and Yost are clearly there.

Here’s an example that Sharyl Attkisson found in the DOJ election-day document dump, and reported on 22 November (yeah, some of this stuff hangs around a while before we go live with it):

You don’t want to call a press conference on this because it will blow things out perspective, but if you have any events in the next few days (preferably tomorrow), you could find a way to take two or three questions on it afterwards. Or if that’s not easily doable, you could find a way to “run into” a couple of reporters on your way to something. Maybe Pete Williams, Carrie [Johnson], Pete Yost — that part can be managed.

That document came from a spin consultant, Matthew Miller, who was briefed on what reporters were available to DOJ as, in effect, propaganda channels, and was trying to help AG Eric Holder spin the revelations that the ATF had been systematically arming the Sinaloa Cartel in an attempt to run up gun crime numbers.

Miller knows who among the reporters are willing to slant a story for a politician that they support. Like Holder. He knows that Williams, Johnson and Yost are party loyalists above any loyalty they have to the news profession — a group that includes CBS’s Bob Schieffer, too, as we’ll see.

Attkisson reports that Yost came through with Miller’s talking points:

Pete Yost of AP wrote article on Bush-era gunwalking case that seemed to so impress Holder, he wrote ” WOW!” p. 539 AP presented the story as if it were “new”…

Using, if you needed any other indicators of Pete Yost’s integrity as a journalist (stop laughing! Stop laughing, what’s so funny about using “integrity” with “journalist”?), Attkisson’s previous reporting without crediting her, and presenting it — with the ATF/DOJ-dictated spin — as a Yost “scoop.”

Tracy Schmaler — the DOJ spokesdollie who’s famous for losing her $#!+ and screaming at reporters who weren’t Yost/Horwitz/etc.-style lapdogs — has a long exchange with White House spin doc Eric Schultz on the problem, noting that some reporters are on board with the ATF/DOJ talking points, and some are not. Worst of all, Attkisson has published memos exposing lies in Holder testimony to Congress. Here’s Attkisson, quoting Judicial Watch:

On October 4, 2011, Holder’s top press aide Tracy Schmaler tells White House Deputy Press Sectary Eric Schultz, “I’m also calling Sharryl’s [sic] editor and reaching out to Scheiffer. She’s out of control”

Schultz responded, “Good. Her piece was really bad for the AG.”

Schmaler to Holder, noting one reporter who dropped the facts of the case, and obliging ran with Schmaler’s talking points instead:

Sari (WaPo reporter) [Horwitz] was good – pointed out Issa previous briefing, that weekly reports didn’t reveal tactics and noted previous op in Bush Admin

Screamin’ Schmaler has left DOJ (where she was about to lose her top-cover, with Holder’s resignation) and is employed at ASGK, a Public Relations (i.e. damage control) firm for dishonest, corrupt and all-around no-good firms, organizations, and above all people. She’ll fit right in.

The corruption of the soi-disant Ruling Class of America certainly extends to the sunken-chested, shadow-dwelling Media Wing of same.

They’re not reporters. They’re activists with bylines.

If nothing else comes out of this, you could establish a list of reporters who willingly wrote false information at the request of Miller, Schmaler, and other officials, or who suppressed or tried to suppress stories for the White House and DOJ. Or you could just do like we do, and trust none of them. (Along with the others mentioned in this article, the LA Times’s Richard Serrano, Victoria Kim, and Kathleen Hennessey are also bylines available to spin for The Party).

Party on, reporters.


Even the “Safe” Jobs in the Military Aren’t Always

We’ve been sitting on this one for a while. It’s a reminder that even a safe job, in the military, may not be, 100% of the time. The US Air Force continues to rely on KC-135 tanker jets as the backbone of its ability to project global airpower. The KC-135 was, and is, a brilliant airplane, but the very newest one in the Air Force inventory dates to 52 years ago, which is a very, very long time for something made by the lowest bidder, especially something made of fatigue-prone aluminum.


It’s a good plane, and a beautiful plane, but it’s an old plane. How old? The KC-135, after successful flight and acceptance by the Air Force, was developed into the long-retired Boeing 707, the jet that’s often remembered mistakenly as the first jet airliner. (It was #2, behind the DeHavilland Comet).

This tanker crew was very lucky. Rather than any of its myriad other failure modes, the landing gear on the KC-135 did the very safest failure mode it has, refusing to unlock and retract. (Wild guess: human error either by crew, leaving ground downlocks in place, or by maintenance). Gear stuck up usually means a successful emergency landing, with the crew surviving and the plane probably being scrapped; the hazardous failure modes involve partial retractions or extensions, which risk loss of control in the emergency landing.

But you don’t think of flying one of the nearest things the USAF has to an airliner, the very model of safe reliability, as something that can set your pucker to 11.

PORTSMOUTH — A KC-135 tanker made a “precautionary” landing Friday morning at Portsmouth International Airport at Pease after the landing gear failed to retract on take off.
“It was stuck down in the normal configuration,” said Maj. Nick Alcocer, a spokesman for the 157th Air Refueling Wing. “About 45 minutes later … the plane landed without incident.”
There were no injuries.

The tanker left Pease on a training mission at about 9 a.m. The three-person crew performed troubleshooting while the plane was airborne and determined a faulty electrical switch likely caused the problem, he said. The gear remained in the locked position throughout the flight.
“That could be for any number of reasons: Old age, weather or some other unknown,” he said Friday.

via Tanker makes ‘precautionary’ landing at Pease – News – – Portsmouth, NH.

“Old age.” The wing at Pease is hoping to get new tankers. As to why these old carthorses weren’t replaced long ago, it’s hard to blame the Air Force. They’ve run contests to replace the old 135s over and over again, and even supplemented tanker shortfalls with converted airliners in the past (the KC-10). The problem has been Congress.

Congress has been unhappy because the winners of previous contests have been Other Than Boeing, and therefore in the wrong senatorial/congressional districts. So they have been making the USAF do their do-over over, and over again, meanwhile requiring American aircrews to take to the air in machines so old they’re from before the time when cars had seatbelts.

Because nobody in Congress is interested in the survival of American flying men and women;  everybody in Congress is interested in the lobbyists that make them rich.

A flying pit stop

Hey, sorry about that, boom operator. If you bought your Senator and Congresswoman a yacht, or maybe gave them rides in your executive jet, or gave their kid or nephew a no-show job, then they’d be concerned about you. You’ve long ago been bid out of the market, so suck it up.

Fog a Mirror, Get a Ph.D.

It used to be that just applied to the Ed.D, but we just saw the following in a report written by a Ph.D.

Moreover, for the first time in many years, [he statistic we’re measuring] is down by over 4% percent.

Four hundredths of a percent! That’s pretty good. Of course, that’s not what she meant.

Now, this was not in a blog post or some throw-away document. It was in a freaking end-of-year report. With her signature on it: “Cathy Innumerate, Ph.D., Director.” (The name has been changed to protect the guilty).

From the Big City Blotter: “Choke me, officer!”

In our neck of the woods, the big city is pop 28k or so. And some of those teeming thousands are a half a bubble or so off plumb.

You can’t make this stuff up. From the blotter, 8 Dec 14:

5:45 a.m.: While transporting a prisoner to the jail, had to pull over and adjust her cuffs. The prisoner also asked the officer to “choke” her.

via Portsmouth police log: Dec. 6-7 – News – – Portsmouth, NH.

Maybe she had recently seen the Boys in Company C and the copper reminded her of Gunny Hartman (NSFW, language):

Here are some more typical call-outs from that same link:

2:48 p.m.: Responded to a supermarket for a call about a woman yelling at her children. They were gone when police arrived.

It was undoubtedly an undocumented immigrant from Massachusetts that made that call. It’s a place where those beyond the age of majority (we can’t really call them “adults” or “grown-ups”) never heard a critical word in their childhoods — and it shows.

Meanwhile, as the sun goes down, the pace of calls intensifies:

7:19 p.m.: A staff person from the hospital reported phone harassment.

7:30 p.m.: Responded to a residence following a call from a babysitter about being scared. Police determined it was a dispute about “parenting style.”

8:28 p.m.: Assisted the fire department at a motel where the fire alarm was sounding but there was no fire.

9:14 p.m.: Assisted on Broad Street where someone drove into a tree.

10:17 p.m.: Caller complained that a bar doorman took his ID because he thought it was fake.

There’s a story that Sinbad the Sailor, weary of the sea, walked inland with an oar over his shoulder until people began asking him WTF the funny-shaped stick was for. Then he knew he would truly have nothing to remind him of seafaring days.

Likewise, this is a very good area for a soldier to retire to for some peace and quiet.

Some Cool Sources for Tools

binford-tool-time-more-powerLast night’s “Friday Tour d’Horizon” is still hanging fire at the moment, so we’ll pull a little bit about tools out and expand it here.

(Naturally, that took us longer than expected… we kept getting lost in tool catalogs. Scrumptious).

Here are some places you might not have known or thought of for tools

  • bills itself as offering “high performance tools for the fabricator.” However, that does not mean it sells to the staff of the New York Times. It came recommended by John Saunders (of NYC CNC, which will be covered in the Tour d’Horizon), not Walter Duranty. This is metalworkers’ hog heaven.
  • has an automotive bent. Good options for polishing and finishing, especially.
  • Wicks Aircraft Supply and Aircraft Spruce are vendors that sell tools, materials and more to aircraft homebuilders. Lots of cool stuff, may be priced higher than at competitors, because if you’re building an airplane, you gotta be feeeelthy reeech, right?. A third competitor, Dillsburg Aero Works, was always the best for 4130 steel, but has folded, and the link is to a story about since-deceased founder Charlie Vogelsong.
  • just sells tools. And they’re organized the way an airplane mechanic expects to see them, so a gunsmith may find it frustrating. Check out the Steelman Bend-a-Light in the Test & Inspection category for something small but really useful on the bench.

The aircraft homebuilding guys are very inventive, as you might expect, and they’re often inventing something new for sheet metal work, tube fabrication, or composite handling.

Gunsmith Specialty Tools

These are the standbys for gunsmithing tools, everybody should know them

Those links go directly to their Gunsmithing Tools sections.

Which vendor of these two you use seems a matter of personal preference more than anything. Brownell’s may have a better selection (and certainly advertises more), but sometimes Midway has what Brownell’s doesn’t. Both seem to have excellent customer service (we’ve never had a problem with an order or product from either — you only really know customer service quality when you’ve experienced a problem and their resolution).

The best feature of both is, in our opinion, the frank reviews from other users like you. Unlike Amazon (for example), Brownells and Midway both seem tolerant of customers recommending something other than the reviewed product (probably because odds are good that they sell the recommended product, too).

Our Favorite for Metal Cutting Machinery

Little Machine Shop. Look, anyone can sell you a Taig (or their house brand) lathe or mini-mill. LMS will hold your hand more than any of them, and they have add-ons for their version of the Taig that take care of a lot of the things you’d experiment with.

(Not to be confused with Micro Machine Shop, which is a free educational site that’s excellent).

Some people like ToolsNow, which we don’t know anything about, or Grizzly (Grizzly tools go considerably higher-end in both cost and size, but they’re still Chinese imports. NTTAWWT; you just have to know the limitations).

Best for one-use, non-precision tools, but unbeatable on cost:

Harbor Freight Tools: if they had a slogan, it might be “cheap stuff cheap.” There are honest reviews of the products available on the site, though. You can really save on things like tie-down kits where ten-thousandths precision and lifetime durability is not part of the requirement.

Cutting tools, etc:

Don’t monkey with imported cutting tools unless you really know what you’re doing (some Chinese tools are great, some are horrible). If you don’t know what you’re doing, and don’t want your education to include things like badly formed cutting edges and tools with enough runout you can see them wobble in your spindle, buy Made in USA from vendors like these:

These guys’ catalogs are huge. (For instance, MSC has 865 items under Milling Machines — over 500 of them machines, not attachments). We use MSC only because Justin Halford at CNC Gunsmithing recommends them in his AR tutorial. For any of them, you can get on a mailing list and receive periodic specials, etc. MSC’s catalog doesn’t seem to load in Safari, nor do their specials brochures.

Wrapping Up

We’re probably missing some good sources. Our problem with tools is that we want one (or more) of each. And we have to know our limitations, which include lacking the skills to operate all of these to best advantage. While it’s fun learning, sometimes it’s a lot faster to pay the guy who’s already mastered the tool. Eh?


Artist Tweaks Mullahs’ Tails

Apart from the Norks, who are in a class by themselves, it’s hard to find a government worldwide that’s less able to laugh at itself than that of the Islamic Revolutionary Republic of Iran. They don’t even like it when we laugh at them.

So you can bet the last copy of the Holy Koran you’re using to hold up a short workbench leg that they don’t like artist Moreshin Allahyari and her 3D printed art, which tends to combine unusual juxtapositions of things the mullahs have banned Iranians from having and using, like a pig and a necktie, a dog and a satellite dish, or the example above, Gun Pig.

(Reminds us of an O&I school buddy who trained a unit in Central America that called themselves the Chonchos de Guerra).

Dark Matter is a series of scathing and critical sculptural objects which she models in Maya and 3D prints. Their often humorous juxtapositions highlight ideas forbidden or frowned upon by the current Iranian government. While she says the objects in the collection, while they often seem familiar to an American audience, would draw ire and possibly contravene Iranian laws . Allahyari says the simple act of  owning objects or items like a dog, a dildo, a gun, a neck tie, or a satellite dish could result in dire consequences like fines, harassment, or even arrest.

via Dark Matter – Artist Morehshin Allahyari Tweaks Iranian Government With 3D Printing –

Of course, because we’re gun guys we show you those, and not the necktie stuff, but the mullah’s social immaturity on those things, too, is noted.

allayahari_art_iiHere’s her other gun sculpture, featuring the guns no totalitarian state ever allows its people, and the thing that really gets fatwas flying from fatheads — the female form.

In the liberal West, artists are often annoying in their deluded claims that they “speak truth to power” — usually banal “truths” to a “power” that is as likely to harm the artist as an indulgent grandparent might. If there’s courage in that, we don’t see it.

Allahyari, on the other hand, is speaking truth to a power that in her home nation has, and in the rest of the world seeks, the power to put her in prison or to death for mocking them. Looks like courage to us.

So, How Low is the Morale at ICE?

ICE_badge_-_Special_AgentMorale at Immigrations and Customs Enforcement is this low. So low it’s gotta look up to see snake bellies. So low it’s measured in degrees Kelvin. So low that Robert Ballard and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute can’t get to it, even with an ROV drilling for cores. That’s how low.

A newly released meta-analysis of three employee surveys at had the agency tied for 314th of 315 agencies (in other words, last; it was tied with the 315th agency). The principal reason? Lack of faith in leadership.

It had scored low in every category in 2013, but sank even lower in every category this year. It scored low with every demographic last year, but sank even lower in every demographic. For example:

  • The agency’s over 300 in rank-order of agency in every single category except Pay and Work-Life Balance. In those, it’s merely poor, not record-setting-awful. (But DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson has dismissed stories of low morale, and claimed it’s a pay and benefits problem — just what the ICE agents and supporters are not saying).
  • It’s last with Indians, Asians, Multi-Racial employees and nearly last with White, Black and Hispanic ones. It’s dead last with Veterans.
  • It scores badly with women, men, employees over 40 and under-40s too.

However, there is one ICE demographic that seems satisfied: members of the Senior Executive Service. (Hey, they got theirs, why are you complaining?) Their job satisfaction is the sole, solitary data point for ICE that breaks out of the 25th percentile.

Among large agencies, ICE’s parent, the Department of Homeland Security was itself last, underscoring such low-lights as the near-bottom, embattled Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Departments of the Army and Air Force, nailed by budget cuts and sequestration, and constantly attacked by insiders.

It’s not money, Secretary Johnson. Its the constant reminders that the potentates in Washington don’t value the people they assign to enforce the laws they themselves write.